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Top 9 Acupressure Points to Treat Digestive Problems

Modern times have changed almost everything. From fashion to work ethics, from education to eating habits, this modern era has brought a lot of changes in the lifestyle of a man. The modern lifestyle as to work is making the problem of neck and shoulder pain common in the individuals. Earlier, a man used to feed on healthy food. But today, because of the fast food culture, people have forgotten consuming good food and are driving themselves towards some sickening food habits. People mostly prefer packed food over cooked food today. The preservers used in the packed foods are highly injurious to health and they lead to various digestive problems.


The urge and habit of eating packed meals have given rise to some common and chronic diseases. The high risks of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases are serious problems that are caused when we consume the packed and fried foods.

These foods also result in various disturbances in the digestive system of a person, leading to various digestion problems. Health issues like gas, indigestion, constipation, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, sour stomach, etc. are caused on a regular basis to one individual or the other.

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People often go for a quick medication to treat these digestive problems at the earliest. At the same time, some people choose home remedies.

Even though medication and home remedies provide an immediate remedy to the problem; the relief lasts only for a short period.

Repeated medication on the other side is injurious to health. The intake of pills gives rise to various abnormalities in the body. Thus, you must look for other and better ways to treat the problem.

Acupressure points come forth like a ray of hope in this situation. Reflexology and acupressure could be used effectively in order to cure the ill effects and pain of an ill digestive system.

What Causes Digestive Problems?

There are some causes that give rise to digestive problems in people. In most of the cases, these problems work together. Thus, most of the times it becomes very tough as to determine the major or root cause of the disease.

The cause is mainly examined on the basis of the symptoms. However, there are various common causes that give rise to digestive system problems.

Firstly, the poor diet system of an individual affects his stomach very badly. People often choose consuming pizza over sprouts, oily butter chicken over green and nutritious vegetables.

This gives rise to various digestion issues. Ill eating habits are one common cause of digestive issues in man. Stress is yet another common reason for digestion problem in people. People either stop eating or eat too much during stress. This disturbs the digestive cycle which gives rise to various digestion issues.


Excess of nutrition or malnutrition also gives rise to various health issues such as headaches and migraines, digestive system problems and much more.

Dehydration is yet another common cause of the problem of digestion in people. Water shall be religiously consumed by the people. If not, it causes several digestive hiccups such as constipation, diarrhea, etc.

Other causes of digestive problems common in individuals are bacterial infections, chronic medical conditions, and inflammation in the tract of the digestive system.

All these problems of digestion need immediate treatment.

Acupressure to Treat Digestive Problems: –

Reflexology and acupressure have worked wonders in almost all kinds of pains and aches. This ancient science of healing never fails to provide a long-term relief caused out of any kind of a pain in the people.

The concept of acupressure and reflexology was firstly introduced by China. More than 5,000 years have passed ever since the introduction of acupressure and reflexology and this treatment has become widespread ever since its inception.

This theory is based on a simple idea – A disease can be cured and treated by way of balancing the unbalanced energy (qi) in different regions of the body.

A majority of the disorders as to digestion arise as a result of the inflammation caused by the digestive tract. It eventually leads to decreased absorption of nutrients and decreased digestion.

Reflexology as well as acupressure aids in the quick healing of the digestive linings that are inflamed by way of restoration of the balanced flow of energy all over the body.

Try Acupressure for digestion to treat the disorders in the quickest time possible. The treatment with pressure points resolves the issue with permanent effect and zero ill effects.

9 Most Regions of Acupressure To Treat Digestive Problems: –

The body of a human being is a wonderland. Every organ of the human body has something special. Certain points at certain organs of the body when stimulated give big relief from all kinds of pains.

Stimulating these points is nothing but acupressure. Following nine points located on the human body aid in relieving and removing the pain caused as a result of indigestion along with treating various digestion problems like abdominal pain, constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, etc.

1. Union Valley

The Union Valley is considered as one of the best acupressure points for digestive problems.  The Union Valley is situated in the webbing that appears in between the thumb and the index finger.

thumb and the index finger

If this point is regularly stimulated, it will improve all the intestinal functions of the body. Stimulating the union valley also helps in relieving the pain caused as a result of constipation, abdominal pain as well as diarrhea.

2. Crooked Pond


The crooked pond is yet another point that is said to have treated all kinds of digestion issues at the earliest, in the easiest of manner. The crooked pond is situated on the very top of the crease of the elbow.

It is located at the edge of the joint of the elbow. Stimulating and applying pressure on the crooked pond helps in curing the severe pain resulting out of abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea.

3. Outer Gate


Another point that helps to treat all kinds of digestive pain at the earliest, in the easiest manner is the outer gate. The point outer gate is situated at a distance of three fingers width right above the crease of the wrist.

The exact position lies on the outer side of the hand. Applying pressure on the outer gate will aid you quick relief from the regular problem of nausea as well as vomiting. This shall be done on a regular basis to provide you relief for a long term.

4. Inner Gate


Just like the outer gate, the inner gate also treats all kinds of big and small digestive problems at the earliest and in the easiest of manner.

The inner gate is located at a distance of three fingers width right above the crease of the wrist. The inner gate is located exactly in the center of the arm on the side of the palm of the hand.

Applying pressure and stimulating the inner gate helps in relieving various problems of digestion such as indigestion, vomiting, the ache in the stomach, anxiety, etc.

5. Three-point mile


Three-point mile is considered as one of the most effective pressures for digestive problems.  This point is situated on the very outer edge of the leg.

It is located at a distance of three fingers beneath the knee. Applying pressure on the three-point mile aids in the quick relief from the digestive problems like enteritis, ulcer, bloating and gas, nausea, etc.

A regular stimulation of this point will keep your digestive system healthy for a long term.

6. Grandfather – Grandson


The point grandfather-grandson may sound funny to you but it is considered as one of the finest pressure points of acupressure that cures a majority of problems with digestion.

The point grandfather-grandson is situated on the very side of the inner side of the foot. The exact position of this point is at a distance of four fingers from your bigger toe.

Stimulating and applying pressure on the grandfather-grandson helps to harmonize the flow of energy in the stomach. Applying pressure on this point also aids in healing indigestion, nausea, as well as a stomach ache.

It shall be done on a regular basis in order to keep the digestive system healthy for a long period.

7. Three Yin Crossing


The point three yin crossing is an effective treatment for all kinds of digestive problems. The three yin crossing point is situated at a distance of three finger widths right above the inner bone of the ankle.

Applying pressure and stimulating the three yin crossing aids in the overall healing of the lower abdomen.

Thus, whatever digestion pain is suffered at the lower abdomen, it is treated by the three yin crossing. This point also helps in healing the pain related to colitis, flatulence as well as abdominal distention. Acupressure should be applied on a regular basis.

8. Great Rushing


The point of great rushing is one important acupressure point that treats a majority of problems related to digestion.

The great rushing is a point which is located in the webbing which is found in between the second and the big toes of the foot.

Applying pressure or stimulating the great rushing on a regular basis aids in the improvement of the health of the gallbladder. The great rushing point also helps in healing the problems of vomiting, nausea as well as abdominal pain.

9. Middle Cavity

The middle cavity is yet another amazing acupressure points which help in relieving a majority of pains and problems caused as a result of digestion.

The middle cavity is situated half way in between the bone of the breast and the cavity button. If you apply pressure on the middle cavity and stimulate it on a regular basis, it would help in healing the problem of heartburn.

The middle cavity also provides relief against other digestion problems such as indigestion as well as abdominal pain.

Stretching in Order to Open all the Important Digestive Channels of Your Body

Before beginning with the acupressure or reflexology session, it is very important that the entire body shall be stretched fairly in order to open and unblock all the blocked meridians of the body.

Stretching also helps in the swift flow of the ‘qi’ throughout the human body. Stretching, therefore, makes the acupressure sessions more effective.

The following stretching tips shall be considered and taken into action before beginning with an acupressure session for the digestive problems.

  • First of all, you are required to raise your arms up right above your head. Breathe in while doing it. Stretch yourself towards the back as much as you could. You must not hurt yourself while stretching yourself back.
  • Count up to three and get back to the original posture. Exhale slowly while you return.
  • Now, inhale and bend yourself forth just in the position of a rag doll. Exhale slowly.
  • Count up to three again and get back to the first or starting posture. Inhale slowly while you return.
  • Take your arms over your head. Lean your body towards the right side. Exhale while performing this part.
  • Inhale slowly while you get back to the starting position.
  • Lean your body towards the left side. Exhale while performing it.
  • Inhale slowly and get back to the starting position.
  • Repeat this stretching workout for about three times in order to open all the digestive channels of your digestive system.
Tips to Get Rid of Digestive Problems

Acupressure for digestive problems is something that you must give a try but without there won’t be an end to the problem unless you start caring about what you let inside your body and realize the impact of that particular food on your stomach.

  1. Know the exact cause of your digestive problem and try to end the root cause.
  2. Be mindful and learn the importance of each and every food and how it impacts your digestive health.
  3. Consume more foods that are high in fiber so as to get rid of constipation and bowel irregularities.
  4. Keep drinking water at regular intervals. Ensure that you consume 2 litres every day without fail.
  5. Stay away from spicy foods which may otherwise cause irritation to the stomach lining, thereby causing symptoms like diarrhea, heartburn or gastric troubles.
  6. Make Yoga an important aspect of your morning routine. Practicing yoga poses like Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose), Mandookasana (The Frog Pose) Navukasana (The Boat Pose) and Sethu Bandhasana (The Bridge Pose) every day in the morning can keep your digestive system upright!
  7. Avoid the excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol to keep your gut system healthy and safe.
  8. Stress can sometimes disrupt your digestive health. Indulge in recreational activities and keep yourself sane all the time.
  9. Probiotics should be the main inclusion of your daily diet. These are the good bacteria which improve your gut health. Prebiotics (the food sources of probiotics) include Yogurt, Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Asparagus, Tempeh, Kombucha, bananas, oats and flax seeds.
Bottom Line

The above-stated pressure points are really helpful in opening up all the digestive channels of your digestive system. These pressure points benefit all the conditions related to the digestive system in a very effective manner.

Keeping the digestive system healthy is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Acupressure and reflexology is one excellent treatment for all kinds of digestive problems occurring in the adults.

Thus, next time you feel uncomfortable regarding your digestive system, don’t opt for medication or antacid. Instead, try these acupressure procedures and you will gain relief for a long-term from all kinds of big and small digestive problems.

At the same time, you must drive yourself towards healthy eating and follow some best tips every day which can keep your digestive system healthy and sane.

Acupressure For Digestive Problems