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How Do You Lose Fats With Green Tea? Fact or Myth? Find Out!

The desire of Losing Weight has many options to get it done. Out of many, some fat burning treatments work on a natural basis, which is said to be advantageous against any scientific medication. Here we are presenting you one of such kind, Green Tea for weight loss. Matcha Green tea has become a primary application for many health issues these days. And in many treatments, organic green tea takes a prominent part; it’s not a formal, but an essential thing. Even for natural weight loss, green tea has unique solutions with suitable additions and varieties.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

In the current article, we mainly focused on weight loss characteristics of green tea, and some more advantages of green tea are described briefly. You can also find healthy tea recipes in the “types of green tea” header which are most related to the current issue, green tea for weight loss. Let us begin to know about the details of green tea benefits and its weight loss applications.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Organic Green Tea is the most healthy beverage you can find on the Earth. It may sound exaggerating, but it’s not an exaggeration. It contains many nutrient values and medical values like antioxidants, bioactive elements, immunity improving substances, etc. We cal all draw our healthy days back into our life with a single change, i.e., preparing a Green Tea Diet to involve into your daily routine.

Coming to the current problem, the weight loss program, it is the first and foremost benefit that is noted from the list of green tea benefits. Better than any diet, any medication, green tea diet is the simplest and safest(organic) solution. One can follow the diet provided by us in the article if you deeply need antioxidants or natural therapy for any of your health problem. Let us know how best green tea for health is, from the key activities of it for losing weight.

Fat Burning

Green tea extract is basically a potential flavored water. Green tea hot or cold is helpful for fat burning. Green tea leaves give the powerful ingredients into the water when they are added. It is better to eat those leaves along with the tea, recommendable. Catechins, antioxidants are abundant in green tea powder.

fat burning

These bioactive elements give many advantages regarding fitness. Out of all, caffeine is the best stimulant, which is meant for weight control. Exercise performance is enormously improved by caffeine, just with a small share of it, whereas coffee and regular teas contain more caffeine, which is not that effective for anyone.

More caffeine may cause sedation or addiction to such drinks, which is unhealthy over a long period.You can choose green tea for weight loss only without considering its other uses because weight loss is the most effective advantage of it and a special note to mentions, it has no other side effect.

Mobilizing Fat and Remove Cholesterol

Green tea supplements include rich antioxidants, as we know, it is so helpful in fitness management. But to burn fat, green tea does some technical work. Fat should be broken down first, then should be pushed into the blood stream of the body, this action is the healthiest fat burning process, out of many fat burning artificial diets. There are still some natural fat burning diets, which may be useful, but green tea is unique out of all.

Coming to the main point, enzymes are required to pull the fat out of stores in the body. The enzymes and fat burning hormones are emerged by our green tea’s antioxidant EGCG. In any of the green tea recipes for weight loss, there’s no lack of antioxidants, as green tea leaves are the natural sources of caffeine and antioxidants.

The hormone released for weight loss is norepinephrine. This hormone is used to send the signal to fat cells, to make them break down. After the release of norepinephrine, the brain does it all, information is sent to fat cells, they get broken down, mingle into the blood stream. The result is the usage of fat cells as the conventional energy in the blood, thus resulting a healthy fat loss and energizing the body.Upon the information, it could be clearly said that green tea for weight loss could be the best suggestion, out of many treatments and diets.


This section has an interesting note regarding weight loss green tea. Our body cells do great work subconsciously, i.e., our body performs many calorie burning activities unknowingly. Our body, inside part, does all of them. For this, green tea extract burns fat at a faster rate than many other fat burning agents or drugs.


While sleeping, talking, and even sitting idle will burn out the fat/calories, So, a healthy sign is that how much work is done during this physically resting duration. This part is a huge dependent on our conscious managements of food style and workouts, i.e., activities. Our path to living life physically clearly paves the way to healthy maintenance of our energy. To control cholesterol, you must use your energy wisely. So, having green tea is a lot advantageous, which also does this additional work of burning fat at the idle time.

A study says, 3-4% of extra fat is burnt in the bodies of the people who take green tea, over the people who do not take it. So, metabolism uses green tea to make you lose weight fast and also for major activities which are to be done by body hormones and enzymes. Obese people have more advantages in this case. These people are suggested to use green tea for weight loss and protect themselves from heart diseases and hypertension.

Abdominal Section

Along with the fat burn, activated metabolism, there is another thing about which most people are not aware, i.e., abdominal fat. This is the belly fat, and it is different from the other fats like fat under the skin, fat around the muscles, etc. The fat around the belly and around the organs is called visceral fat.This visceral fat around the belly is the culprit for many harmful diseases like heart attack, diabetes(type 2).

Primary effects of abdominal fat are inflammation and insulin resistance.One who wishes a longer life and healthier life should definitely opt for green tea because it is the only medicine which is responsible for a healthy fat loss.

Exercises may burn your calories, improve your muscles, but they hardly show the effect on the belly unless you stretch the body to that extent, where belly has to strain until it becomes fit. Here, green tea comes into the frame.


There are many veggies, fruits which work for detoxification. You may also find many combinations of fruits, vegetables along with some Beverages for Detoxification .


But one single cup of organic green tea can replace them all as it has unique advantages of fat burning, improving metabolism along with detoxification.

Although, the mentioned benefits of green tea are most useful which indirectly aid detoxifying the body cells. This is the key role of green tea, making use of other benefits to serve the primary purpose, i.e., cleansing of the body.

Other Than Weight Loss

Here are some more green tea benefits apart from weight loss. Green tea powder is available in any grocery store nearby, which makes the process of green tea making easy for you.

The article’s main theme is to provide the best green tea for weight loss, so, we mention the other benefits of green tea with brief statements.

  • It’s Anti-Aging

Green tea is known for weight loss and fat burning qualities.

It’s Anti-Aging

It is possible by improving your energy utilization. Thus, while you are on workouts, the performance is more energized by green tea. This causes you to feel that you lose age by the time. You look younger than the previous day with the regular intake of green tea for weight loss.

  • Cancer

Anti-Cancerous Properties

Surprisingly, cancer causing elements are dominated by green tea.

Usually, cancer is caused by our diet patterns and the environment around us. To reduce the effect of pollution and severe health damages due to food style, green tea is highly recommendable.

  • Skin


Skin acquires the major portion of the advantages of green tea. By having green tea 3-4 time a day, you will find a big change in your skin glow.

  • Brain Functioning

Brain functioning

Due to caffeine, green tea has got its specialty to another level. Your brain’s working is shown way better when you have best green tea than you take normal teas.

  • Tooth Decay

Tooth decay

Dental health is assured by green tea usage. By the age, everybody suffers tooth decays, but the effect is reduced to a great extent by green tea diet.

  • Heart Disease and Diabetes

There’s no special mention for diabetes precautionary foods. Green tea fat loss stands first in the list. Heart disease is a consequence of diabetes. Blood pressure is also due to heavy fats, so, the immediate step for such hell like diseases is to start green tea weight loss diet.

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Varieties of Weight Loss Green Tea

This section is about the types of green tea, which are prepared with several other detoxifying drinks, fruits, etc. There is a wide variation in green tea benefits list along with the variations in taste. Each type is one special green tea, which you can try one per day for a long time of 10-12 days.

It is better to take the tea at least 2-3 times a day, which keeps you away from toxins and also burns your fat consistently. Either green tea hot or cold, it doesn’t give many variations in their uses. You can simply go for a green tea which is healthy and related to your taste. All you need is the best green tea for weight loss.

We have cold tea recipes and other healthy tea recipes along with the green tea for weight loss. The combinations make you feel refreshing, and you wouldn’t be getting the feeling of the monotony of single taste.

Top 5 Green Tea Recipes For Weight Loss.

Lemongrass and Ginger Green Tea

There is no special mention for ginger and lemon’s advantages regarding keeping your body energized. Moreover, in the weight loss problem, they have their own hand in the treatment.It is one of the best cold tea recipes, which has this many advantages with its natural effect.

Lemon grass and ginger green tea

Now, in a combination of green tea, it has a very useful change to make. Antioxidants are abundant in the mixture. Caffeine levels are lowered as well. Now let us know the preparation of this green tea for weight loss.


  • Lemongrass 1 stalk
  • Ginger tea 5 bags
  • Fresh ginger 6-7 slices
  • Sugar ½ cup (avoid if you could)


  • Rinse the lemongrass with water and cut them into 2-inch pieces.
  • Take a saucepan and add water, lemon grass, ginger, and sugar in equal proportions and boil the mixture on the stove.
  • After boiling, steep the green tea bags in the mixture for about 5 minutes, wait until your choice of active concentration is achieved.
  • Then cool the tea for 30 minutes, then strain the tea into a pitcher and make the tea chilled by adding ice, wait for up to 2 hours. Otherwise, you can directly pour the tea into the glasses with ice cubes.
Iced Green Tea

This variety of tea is the simplest of all cold tea recipes. It improves the resistance to the diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The pure form of green tea makes it all easier for the body to adapt such tastes and also such medication.Pure green tea improves the metabolism in a better way.It is also commendable in its flavor.

Iced green tea

This iced tea is the easiest way for adoption if you are not good at cooking. Not only that, it is the best and efficient of many healthy tea recipes because it works so straight when you only need the green tea for weight loss.


  • Boiling water 4 cups
  • Cold water 2 cups
  • Green tea bags 6-8
  • Artificial sweeteners ½ cup


  • In a pan, keep the tea bags and pour boiling water and steep it about 5 minutes.
  • In a separate bowl, add the artificial sweeteners to cold water and stir it until sweeteners dissolve.
  • Meanwhile, let the hot tea come to room temperature.
  • Add this water to tea and with few ice cubes.
  • Now it is ready to serve the simplest and best green tea for health.
Almond Blueberry Smoothie

This is the best green tea for weight loss in the waist region. It burns the fat and improves metabolism effectively. This green tea burn fat in a very short time. Almonds in the tea also work to improve your skin health.

Almond Blueberry Smoothie

Its taste is not like pure green tea, but it’s like a smoothie. You can enjoy the taste like any other fruit juice.


  • Blueberries 2 cups
  • Almonds 50grams
  • Vanilla Yogurt 12 ounces (Fat-free)
  • Green Tea bags 2
  • Flaxseeds 2 tbsp
  • Water 1 cup
  • Ice cubes 4


  • Pour the boiling water onto tea bags, let the bags get steeped for 4 minutes.
  • Remove the bags by squeezing, keep the tea cold for throughout the night.
  • Use the freezer for cooling if you are using blueberries.
  • Blend the ingredients into a smooth juice and add tea to the salad.
  • Serve the smoothie into the ice-filled glasses.

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Mint-Green Tea

Out of many green tea recipes for weight loss, this one is the most refreshing and delicious one. For hunger craves, this is the best suitable tea, which saves you from the hormones of digestion and makes use of healthy mint for flavor and health benefits.

Mint-Green Tea

It is the best replacement or soda in all cooking items, which makes the digestion faster and thus improve your fat burn.


  • Green tea bags 3-4
  • Fresh mint leaves 1 cup
  • Honey 1½ tsp


  • Pour boiling water onto green tea bags and add finely chopped mint leaves.
  • Keep this tea in the freezer for 4 hours.
  • Get the tea out of the fridge, add some honey and mix it thoroughly.
  • Add some ice crushes on the top and serve the best detoxifying and healthy tea.
Tulsi-Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea is far ahead of making the body energized and refreshing compared to above teas.Tulsi is the Basil, which is of Indian origin. It controls a cough and cold, and also very efficient in eliminating toxins.

Tulsi-Green Tea

It has abundant antioxidants to neutralize the effect of free radicals.


  • Green tea bags 2
  • Basil leaves 10
  • Honey 1 tsp


  • The preparation method is same as mint green tea, where you replace mint leaves by basil(tulsi) leaves.
  • It other advantage is that the green tea hot or cold, both could work equally efficient.
  • Just do not add ice crushes and keep the tea at room temperature, hot tea is ready.
  • Though there are much more varieties of green tea for losing weight, as of now, we could give you a few, but the best of them all.
  • With any of these teas, you can happily have a bright day and lighten your body up to an entirely new level.

There is a diet with the green tea, which is commonly known as green tea weight loss diet. Let us find out more about it.

Diet with Green Tea

The diet takes green tea as a complete basis. However, you need not disturb the daily routine timings of food which is the special advantage of the diet. You just have to add 4 cups of green tea for each of the four sessions, that’s enough. It brings a lot of changes in the body.

It has no special pattern because it’s a simple track of diet, which requires no food restrictions, no timely changes in food with enormous nutrients available at the same time.It is not a rule that you have to take 4 times the green tea for losing weight per day. You can increase the amount o tea and number of times you take for the better results.

Green tea is like herbal water, with extra nutrients and it does every work as water does. As much green tea you take, that much lesser you take the food, with no cravings for hunger. Do not neglect water, as you cannot depend completely on hot or cold teas, which make temperature changes with more frequency. Cold green tea is said to be some more efficient, as some of the body’s energy gets consumed in warming up the tea.