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8 Best Home Remedies for Dry Cough – Herbs, Vegetables, Nuts as Medicines

A cough is a general phenomenon of exhaling the phlegm and mucus from the throat. It is a regular practice that should be done on a daily account. This is because our body always produces such phlegm, accumulation of which may push us into the hazardous scenario. A dry cough is a different problem from a normal cough. It is an infection caused due to various viruses in the nose and throat.


What Actually is a Dry Cough?

There are two different coughs; one is a productive cough, and the other one is a dry cough. A productive cough is the one happens in our daily life; it is a sudden exhale of gunk that is accumulated in the parts of the throat, lungs/chest. This is a natural cough which should not be controlled/suppressed as the phlegm-like material should be cleared off from the body frequently which we do daily at the time of brushing.

But the second one is the culprit. We should not let this cough continue. In most cases, what causes a dry cough is an exposure to the dusty atmosphere, allergens. Also, when it tickles randomly in the throat, it indicates the symptoms of a dry cough. It might sometimes be the after the result of a cold.

What Causes a Dry Cough?

Like a productive cough (conventional one), dry one doesn’t produce any mucus. It’s also called hacking cough, which is a tendency to get rid of the irritant that tickles the throat.

Dry coughs are promoted due to the overexposure of ill-healthy environmental conditions, cold, other flu. Diseases like tuberculosis(T.B.), asthma, lung infection/cancer may also be a dry cough causes sometimes.

You can recognize this cough while you observe the symptoms of chest pain, itchy throat, persistent cough with no mucus, congestion, etc.

Smoking also is one of the biggest dry cough causes. When suddenly a non-smoker starts to inhale the smoke or habituates the regular smoking, he/she has a high probability to get a dry cough.

A persistent cough, which is a consequential problem of dry coughs create a lot of challenges for lungs functioning, respiratory systems, etc. These should never be neglected as it is the after effect of some life-threatening diseases and also the initiation of severe health issues.

Dry Cough Medicine

Dry persistent cough is not a general ailment that you can ignore it for as long it doesn’t disturb you much. We need to react to it whenever it seems attacking. Otherwise, it may result in highly serious problems in other terms.So, it is no harm in choosing any powerful scientific medicine, but only on the mandatory situations. As soon as the cough attacks, you should consult the doctor, however. As per the doctor’s suggestion, the treatment has no harm, and you can retrieve your health back.

But when you realize there are side effects of the medicine you are taking due to some health problems you previously have. Other reasons being your body does not support the medication that you are taking. In this circumstances, there are the best-suggested home remedies for dry cough which also show their healing effect on other issues you suffer from.

Firstly, let us explore the medication to a shorter extent.

  1. There is no such evidence that a cough has medicine, though some people find they are helpful. It is only safer to use the dry cough medicine in the case of adults and children more than 6 years old age. Even in a minor fraction of adults, cough medicine has no existing proof of working.
  2. Children under the age 6 are only suggested with lemon, honey, and milk, etc. There is a less chance of curing with the conventional medicine against a dry cough in children.
  3. Here is an intriguing problem with the dry cough medicine. In most of the cases, if you are already on some medication due to other health concerns, then there is a chance for a lateral hazard if your body is unsupportive/less resistive. This is where the importance of home remedies for dry cough pitch in to resolve the issue forever.
  4. Along with the medication suggested by doctors, which includes syrups, you can also opt for steam inhalation, suggested teas which improve the pace of cure for a cough.
Possible Side Effects

To specifically mention, there are no side effects considerable with a dry cough. Usually, with pholcodine and diphenhydramine, there is a chance of constipation and drowsiness. They are not so immense to deal with. Moreover, the effects are only observed in few cases, not all.

So, final statement on side effects of cough medicine is it’s all perfectly alright using it, but to a very point where you need it mandatorily. Otherwise, you can just try these dry cough remedies at home with no ill effects in future and also help your health to improve its metabolism by injecting such relevant organic material.

Top 8 Home Remedies For Dry Cough

As always, we are herewith the list of home remedies for dry cough treatment, which are the simplest to use. No complexity in preparation, application; no need to buy an extra material other than at your grocery store.

We suggest you to follow them on the notion of advantage, but when the dry cough is severe on its business, the remedies for persistent dry cough may not work out. Then it is purely in the hands of doctors. So, as of now, assuming the disease at the very initial stage, the suggested cures for cough are made.


turmeric to treat dry cough

The best bet for this kind of health problems like persistent dry cough, continuous illness with metabolic actions is ‘turmeric.’ It has enormous organic values which can track your body into a line of perfect health condition at no cost. The ultimate advantage of turmeric is, it has no bad effects on your body.

Methods to Use:

  • Add turmeric powder to hot water of a bowl, add black pepper. Boil the thing again for just a couple of minutes. Add a tablespoon of honey.
  • Drink the mixture after brushing daily, this will show a tremendous improvement in your health, especially, persistent cough is brought down, and it is a healthy cure for a cough.
  • You can also add up cinnamon sticks for flavor and also to create a detox effect in the body. Detox treatment is a great need at this time of a dry cough. To state extensively, accumulation of foreign material is the primary cause of coughs and all.
  • You can simply roast the turmeric roots and grind. Add some honey to water. Have it twice a day.
  • Add a spoon of turmeric to any herbal tea, and carom seeds to water separately. Heat the water until it reduces to half of its volume. Add some honey to this water and mix up both herbal tea. Have this herbal solution each session, find the result that you cure a cough in a week or two.

Ginger Helps in Effective Blood Circulation

Ginger is also known for its detox reaction. There are ginger root teas available with readymade recipes which offer best health conditions irrespective of which problems which have faced earlier. They have 100% proved betterment solutions to your metabolism.

Methods to Use:

  • Crush the ginger pieces into even smaller pieces. Put them in a bowl of water and heat it up.After boiling, you get an excellent natural detoxifying drink which consists a ton of health awaiting your permission to get into your body.
  • This ginger solution, upon consuming 3-4 times a day, shows very good results to persistent coughs, and even to congestion.
  • A bit of lemon juice and honey also help in retrieving from contemporary inflammations along with a persistent dry cough.
  • A dry cough is reduced rapidly if you just dare a bite of ginger root on and off, but throughout the day. It is no big deal if you once taste it, and results are at rapid speed.


Garlic shows the antimicrobial effect on the body, which is a perfect fight executed by home remedies for dry cough treatmentBoil some water and add 2,3 garlic cloves in it. Add some honey, also a tsp of oregano after cooling it to room temperature. This will get you rid of cough symptoms, also help in breathing better.

Chew a clove crushed with a pinch of honey. This will work like magic. To make this magic your own things, add garlic to each of your diet contents. Many diets upon the inclusion of garlic and ginger become even more useful in natural herbal treatment to respective health issues.



Onion is the most simple one of home remedies for dry cough; Cut a slice of onion and breathe the vapours of the onion deep into your lungs. This works out very for dry cough effectively.

To use it otherwise, make juice from the onions, add honey to it. Drinking it daily is no threat to one’s health.

Or, add honey and onion juice of equal amounts and swallow the solutions. Do this at least twice a day. This will make the throat smooth and avoid the tickling, which is a very first symptom of dry cough.

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Milk & Honey


Upon persistent coughing, there is a chance of chest pain. Milk and honey mixture does the job of relieving the pain well.Before going to sleep, it is better to drink hot milk added with honey.

Plain honey is most useful in soothing the throat and retard the dry cough causes, i.e., bacterial effect, virus infections, etc.

Carrot Juice


The home remedies for dry cough is not just with herbs and spices but the nourishing elements of vegetables also add medicinal values for easy dry cough treatment.

Carrot contains many healthy minerals and vitamins which support the body condition to resist persistent dry coughs. Carrot juice for health has a lot of advantages with it which can be elaborated to a mile length in detail.

Make a clean juice from a couple of carrots, add some water. Add honey to it for extra benefits.Drink this juice each session until the problem gets to some cure level.



This is the best of the home remedies for cough as it not only controls the cough symptoms but also develops the immune strength of the body which is more needed when a person is attacked by a virus infection.

The given solutions/home remedies are not only useful for cough treatment but you can even use it as a daily routine by having it with an empty stomach. It will help in keeping the stomach cleanse always with regular detoxification. Surprisingly, this happens with almost every ingredient mentioned in the home remedies for dry cough.

Soak 5-6 almonds in water overnight. Have these soaked almonds by draining water.  Or you can paste them into a smooth one and add butter to it. Eat this 4-5 times a day to get rid of cough quickly. Do not remove peel to retain the fiber benefits. Peel improves the possibility to treat inflammations.



Lemons are most used for the cure of inflammations, and they supply the essential Vitamin C, which fights infections, which go unrecognized due to a slight attack of bacteria. These things become so severe when they are shown up.

Methods to Use:

  1. Add honey to lemon juice in 2:1 ratio. Drink this solution more than 4 times a day. This works like a dry cough medicine, i.e., a cough syrup.
  2. Also, you can directly have a glass of lemon juice with honey in it. Add cayenne pepper to it for better treatment for cough, especially.

Preventive Measures to Cure Dry Cough

These are the simple list of ‘to do’ things that help you get rid of dry cough more rapidly when followed along with the dry cough treatment.

  • Maintain the hygiene while eating, going out; clean up your hands thoroughly immediately after sneezing or coughing. This helps you avoid the increment in the bacteria population with the progression of the disease.
  • Better to avoid cold foods and deep-fried foods.
  • Try giving some height to your head to neck part while sleeping with pillows.
  • Do not eat much at night.
  • Do not smoke, strictly.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages.

These partial preventive actions retard the growth of bacteria and help in quick healing of the disease, but only when the dry cough remedies are exactly followed.

Hence, these are the home remedies for dry cough and the necessary knowledge that ought to be known by a common health conscious person in general. When you observe the coughing persist for more than a week, doctor’s consultation is inevitable.

Hoping this article on home remedies for dry cough, its causes and treatment came to your help; we expect reviews and suggestions for the improvisation of our information and knowledge. Do comment below and help us in presenting the better by the day.