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Lower Back Pain Relief with Acupressure Points – Follow Natural Techniques

Back pain is a severe problem of the day. 8 out of 10 Americans are prone to this problem irrespective of gender and age. The lost potential in physical activity could be the major reason for this. But Lower Back Pain is more serious compared to back pain. The lower part is more sensitive in the entire back. It takes much knowledge to try and follow proper lower back pain relief techniques. Exact reasons for lower back pain and its treatment in Acupressure technique is the motto of the article.

Acupressure for Lower Back Pain

Why ‘Lower’ Back is Addressed Here?

Lumbar vertebrae, once got affected, can never be brought back to normal health. The spinal cord is of primary importance in making the skeleton stand and brain to receive the signals from any part of the body. The back pain is majorly caused due to the weakening of this spinal cord and ribs in the back. For an analogy, it is like cerebellum of the brain, which is highly sensitive in the whole brain. Lower back is given such importance here just because more people are unable to sustain life throughout without some or the other back problems.

People with lower back pain symptoms will suffer more than those with a normal backache. The lumbar spine is quite sensitive to pain with the occurrence of any minor problem. We must ensure with a doctor before proceeding to any lower back pain treatment at home. Natural remedies for lower back pain do not cause any harm but homoeopathy, surgical treatments for back pain will definitely show their adversities on the body if the treatment causes any setbacks.

How Do You Get the Lower Back Pain Relief?

Finding lower back pain cure isn’t a big task, but getting it successful on you is utmost tough. 90% of the people claim to have the back pain on even after getting treated. This 90% constitutes the best of the world treatment also. This means, unless we dedicate ourselves to the problem and solution, we are not given the surety to resolve the back pain permanently. Lower back pain relief is more sensitive compared to normal one which is a terrible thing to know. Then how to treat lower back pain with subtle nature and safety? We’re here dear! We have the best natural and least budgeted cure of the world, The Acupressure Technique!

The biggest problem with internal body ailments is that we blindly go for scientific medications which lead us through all sorts of uncertainties from the beginning of the treatment. For any internal problem, we must get the root cause first. Once we realize the issue, we can shoot out the disease with appropriate methods. Lower back pain treatment is no exception here. The only advantage here is, every answer for ‘how to relieve lower back pain’ becomes a solution to the problem without any doubt. We can find the lower back pain relief in simple steps with any proven treatment method. The prerequisite for the best result is to go for natural and suitable methods for each individual. Now, we are jumping to the idea of today’s topic, acupressure for lower back pain cure.

Acupressure for Lower Back Pain:

Acupressure technique is an ancient science of medication(1); despite having unproven for the biological activity happening in the body, it has been receiving tremendously positive acclaims every time it is tested for its prominence.

We can find numerous solutions for lower back pain relief through acupressure and acupuncture techniques. The points upon application of pressure will activate the life energy through meridians in the body which will relieve any kind of a pain in the body. We needn’t try each and every point on the list we’re giving, you can just try a couple of them in which you will find the appropriate one once you start testing.

These are the effective acupressure points to cure lower back pain in utmost natural and safest ways. Try a couple of points and there you go, you can find tremendous improvement in your condition.

Acupressure Points for Lower Back Pain Treatment

In the Region of Hip and Lower Back:


B28 is called Bladder Shu or Bladder 28. This point could be of prior importance for you if are suffering from more than one spinal problem. It cures your hip pain, sciatica pain, and the obvious lower back pain.



It also cures digestive problems with great potential. Constipation, diarrhea, stiffness in the entire stomach and back region can be resolved by stimulation of this point.


The point is located in the line of the lowermost vertebrae, on either side of the spinal cord with 2 inch-offset.


The Kidney Shu/Sea of Vitality point is indicated with B23, also resembling Bladder 23 point. It vitally stimulates the energy through hip bones to give quicker lower back pain relief. We often tend to feel relied on the region of this point when we suffer from acute back pain. We can relieve the stiffness in the muscles by activating this point.



Use mild to medium-high pressure to press on the pressure point for 2-3 minutes.

B23 or Sea of Vitality gives easy relief from fatigue, sciatica pain, problems related to kidneys, and along with the lower back pain treatment. It can also give a cure for earaches, cough, asthma, and sexual problems in both women and men.


The pair of points B23 is located in the middle of the waist in between rib cage and hip bone on either side of the spine, with 2.5 inches offset. You can find the points in the gap between second and third lumbar vertebrae.

GV 4

Governing Vessel 4 is an easy point to locate with reference to the sea of vitality points. This point alleviates your pain exhaustively with firm application of pressure for 5 minutes.


Every pressure point of reflexology works for more than 3 problems at simultaneously, so is the activity of GV 4.

This point is widely used in acupuncture technique for several ailments. They include diarrhea, cold knees, physical and mental stress, depression, etc.


GV 4 point is located at the midpoint of the line joining B23 points. It is also in the middle of the waist coinciding the level of Sea of Vitality points.


B48 majorly works for pain in buttocks and hips. Pain in sacral region, buttocks, and sciatica problems will be relieved in a short time after beginning the treatment.



Use both your index and middle fingers to apply pressure on the point and press sensibly for a medium to a long time, i.e. 3 to 4 minutes. You will definitely feel the lower back pain relief if the points are properly treated. Also, try to get treated with an expert of acupressure to be safe and reliable on the technique.


The pair of points Bladder Vitals is located in the middle of gluteal muscles right in the buttocks. It has an intense potential to cure hip pain at the earliest possible time. But do not be so firm while applying pressure on these points as it is a sensitive location to apply sharp pressure.


B47 point works for lower back pain relief and also for a normal backache and muscle tension relief. This pressure point, Will’s Chamber, also works for diarrhea, back pain, anxiety, breathing problems, and vomiting sometimes.


Depression and anxiety are also cured with stimulation of this point.

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The B47 points are also present in the offset positions of the spine. They are in the same line along with that of B23, B47 points.


B18 is above the line of the points B23, B47. ‘The Liver Shu’ is another name for this point. It works for curing nausea, eye-related issues, jaundice, hepatitis, and depression too.


Stimulate the point with one finger, take your mate’s help for the finger. Apply soothing pressure initially to rejuvenate the back and upper part of the body. Slowly increase the pressure to medium level and continue to rub the area in circles for 5 minutes. This will definitely clear the pain in the entire back region along with quick lower back pain relief.


The B18 point is located 2.5 inches below the scapula inferior. You can locate them on both sides of the spine with an offset of one inch. The muscular spasms in the back region can also be relieved effectively with the stimulation of this point.

Pressure Points Anywhere on the Body:

The points which are physically unrelated to back region can also have an impact on the lower back pain treatment. Few acupressure points for back pain are listed below, which are also prominent in the science of reflexology.

Knee Point

Knee Point

Knee region has a strong acupressure point, B54 which is utilized for many ailments. Lower back pain cure is achieved fast with the activation of this point. We can cure knee pain, stiffness in muscles, and sciatica with Bladder 54. Heat strokes/sun strokes can also be alleviated along with many back-related problems with knee point.


The backside part of the knee is to where you want to locate this point. Locate the middle points of the crease of both knees and press them with a finger for a couple of minutes. The point is also called Middle Crook. Do this with the help of another person as it should be stimulated in standing position.


You need to be in a calm and relaxed posture to stimulate this point. Use moderate to high pressure to activate the point. Start with a smooth massage in the arm-elbow region and slowly focus on the point to apply pressure.

Start with the most uncomfortable location to massage.


Elbow point is located on the arm just after four finger widths from the elbow crease towards the hand.


The Hand point in acupressure for lower back pain is again a peculiar point from the entire acupressure therapy.

Be in a relaxed posture always. While stimulating any acupressure point, be in a resting position rather than in standing or a workout posture. It helps in relieving the oppositely flowing energy through the body.


The point is located in the fleshy area between your thumb and index finger. Press this point for more than 10 seconds and release repeatedly. The point is present on both hands and it can be operated from both sides of the hand.

It works in case of many back-related problems like muscle tension, normal backache, and lower back pain in particular.


‘Bladder 60’ is the point dedicated to lower back pain treatment from the foot region. This point works for the relief of both upper and lower back pain.

If you have swelling in your heels, or sleepy day times, frequent headaches, ‘Bladder 60’ or ‘the Kunlun Mountains’ cures your problems effectively.

Beware, if you are a pregnant, please do not try this point. It may cause premature labor pain.


The pair of Bladder 60 points is located in the dip between Achilles tendon and the anklebone. The points are located in the outer circumference of both feet.