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Natural Treatment For Any Pain In The Body – Acupressure Points

Acupressure is an ancient study treating the pains in the body through self-relieving techniques. It has huge similarity to the hypothetically ancient Egyptian or Chinese pain relieving technique Reflexology. Reflexology deals with the simple maps on hands and feet indicating reflex points of different organs of the potent points on the surface of the body, through which bioelectrical impulses get transmitted to the body. Acupressure studies the corresponding organ, thus relieving the pain in the organ. The points discovered are called acupressure points.

Natural Treatment For Any Pain In The Body

Acupressure Vs Acupuncture

There are 14 invisible long lines called ‘meridians’ present throughout the volume of the body. These lines contain flow energy, which is believed to flow through the body connecting all the organs and activating them with this energy.

The meridians have around 800 acupressure points or potent points which have the responses related to various parts of the body. Depending on the connection, the treatment is sought with a firm finger massage. Massage might also be carried out with palms, elbows, feet or specialized equipment. The same is known as acupuncture technique when the treatment is performed with the aid of hair-thin needles.

Blood flow is boosted up by the needles. When the hormones are released due to the neurochemical activity of needles on the acupressure points, brain’s activity is also energized. Acupuncture has as many customers as acupressure does.

There are many therapies like acupuncture and acupressure, famously known as Asian Bodywork Therapies. All the studies found the very bases in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupressure for Pain Relief

Acupressure therapy entirely aims at the pain relief. All the pain relief treatment do not have the ease in treatment as reflex therapies have.

The mild pressure inhibited to the meridians stimulates the brain to receive the pain at a slow rate through the spinal cord. Also, the pressure created releases number of endorphins, which help in bringing the pleasure and euphoria to the brain, thus relieving the stress without much notice.

It is also described as the relieving of blocked energy from the joints or locations of pain, allowing more blood and oxygen to flow to the particular point. This activity causes muscle relaxation, and healing is quickened.

Any unhealthy environmental change or illness can be easily adapted to the body upon using acupressure for pain relief. Tension and stress are efficiently cured with a one hour massage, and it also aids the deep, healthy breathing. Acupressure points for many types of pains are readily available in the study.

Healthy blood circulation leads to the carriage of more nutrients and oxygen to the painful regions. This brings a great harmony into the body, thus long lasting quality-life.

Acupressure Mat

Acupressure treatment for back pain, neck pain, joint pains is carried out on acupressure machines. Often insomnia is also treated with them. The machines give a vibratory sensation to the acupressure points, which activates the life energy in the meridians. The treatment is all the same when compared to hand massage therapy.

Machines are expensive, by the way. Also, they do not give the natural transmission of energy passage. Also, automated devices aren’t suitable for many people’s health conditions. This leads us to use some natural and simple substitute, an acupressure mat.


Usage of acupressure mats is dead simple. You can lay them on beds, floors, or any other places wherever you choose. Just lie down on the mat, and take a nap for about 30 minutes, not less than 20 minutes. This helps in detoxifying the body, any other impurities, if present. There are many benefits with acupressure mats in the regard of treatment.

Acupressure points become active when you are on the mat; this will improve the level of treatment you are undergoing by acupressure therapy.

Acupressure mat provides many of the acupressure uses with just a single nap. Sleep will be harder at first but becomes soothing after a couple of moments. Take deep breaths while you are on the mat. This helps in adjusting yourself on the mat quickly. Drink water heavily after getting up from the mat.

Benefits of Acupressure

Acupressure therapy has also found some of its applications in beauty and love making sciences. Not only it improves our immune systems, but also gives spiritual healing, thus improving our ability to do the tasks more positively. Let us learn the benefits of acupressure in various fields of health.


The whole point of your search and our writing is for pain relief. There is no need for special mention on how acupressure pain relief becomes the primary concern. But we have a special mention how this treatment leads to the benefits listed below.

Improved blood circulation, relieved muscular tension enables an intense relaxation. Many acupressure point formulas give treatment for mental stress, muscular pain, disorders, trauma, and emotional stability.

Back care

Back care is a special benefit of acupressure therapy because it has a cure for pains in all the regions in the back. Upper back is treated effectively than the lower.

Take two or three tennis balls in a sock and lie down on it. This enacts the muscles and acupressure points so that oxygen and blood circulation are bettered. Acupressure uses are profound in curing the pains in the back of the body. Spinal adjustments become more easy and effective with the relaxation.


Chinese widely used the acupressure techniques for natural beauty treatments. Increased muscle function, blood circulation gives a fine tone to the facial connective tissues and muscles. Wrinkles, fine lines on skin gradually get removed off with proper acupressure technique.

Finger pressures, facial exercises relax the muscles and relieve the facial congestions. Toxins are eliminated from the skin with this treatment. There is also a psychological use of acupressure, as when you start to feel better with other uses of it, you start to feel emotionally well too. This brings an involuntary beauty onto the face. This change can never be brought on by conventional beauty care treatments, medications.


Acupressure pain relief covers many categories of pains, and one such notable pain is the emotional damage. Technically, emotional pain is caused due to physical disorders, which we do not observe usually. Our moods indirectly depend on physically stimulating hormones, which could also be treated by physical means.

The release of muscular tension gives restoration to the flow of ‘qi’ through the meridians. On the whole, acupressure for pain relief doesn’t limit itself to being just a bodily treatment, but an overall upgrading of one’s self.

Benefits of Acupressure become wider when we talk about emotional balancing. This enables a person to become active in his personal and social circumstances, also improves one’s mental abilities to handle life.


Fertility is improved a lot through acupressure points’ activation. Not only that, cultivation of sexual energy in one’s body, which promotes arousal, sexual endurance through the activation of life energy is also possible.

There are researches and books published on the impotence, infertility, sexual frustration, which found acupressure treatment to be the solution. Acupressure comes into practice even while the lovemaking activity; it involves the dynamic energy of love and attain the spiritual corners of lovemaking.

Who Can’t Have Acupressure?

In general, acupressure applies to anybody who wants to take it. But, a few exemptions are serious for which, acupressure isn’t very fruitful. Health concerns arise if random treatment is adopted for every pain.

  • After a physical surgery, one is not recommended for acupressure pain relief There might be excessive activation of body blood cells, which ruin the physical condition of the damaged part.
  • In a similar situation, after chemotherapy, during pregnancy, it is better to avoid acupressure unless suggested by a doctor.
  • In the case of motion sickness, while taking spinal anesthesia, acupressure works out of track if skillful treatment is not given.

Acupressure Points

Meridians start from fingertips and connect to the brain. They interlink each organ of the body along the path. They have the reflexive points for each organ connected through flow energy, which is responsible for the acupressure pain relief.

Best Acupressure points are listed out for quick understanding of acupressure technique basics. There are about 800 acupressure points for various pains. Here, we present you with few of them.

GV 24.5

Eye strain has an acupressure cure at this point GV 24.5(Governing Vessel 24.5). It is often called the third eye point, as it is believed that there is an eye of wisdom we can observe when we attain heights in spirituality. Thus, GV 24.5 stands out as one of the best acupressure points.

gv 24

The Method of Treatment:

Close your both eyes and locate the acupressure point GV 24.5, on the spot between the two eyebrows and above the nose. Using the middle finger, press this point for few seconds to one minute. Practice this every day till you see some improvement.

Along with the eyestrain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, sinus problem, congestion, headache treatment are the other applications.

  • As it is known that this point has a spiritual importance, emotional and spiritual benefits are also assured.
CV 17

CV 17 is the Conception Vessel, also termed as the sea of tranquility.

CV 17

The Method of Treatment:

Locate the pressure point at the breastbone, just above the four finger-widths of the bone’s location. Apply pressure with the thumb knuckles, with both the palms joined; thumbs positioned up.

Keep your spine straight and have an upright backrest while doing the treatment. Also, take slow deep breaths while performing. Do it for a few months to see best results.

  • Calmness in mind is improved. Anxiety, nervousness, depression, and many other emotional imbalances set right to a healthy state with this acupressure point.
  • The immune system will be boosted up.

Pericardium 6(P6) is considered to cure nausea and vomiting. Various severe reasons previously described, viz. motion sickness, post-surgery, pregnant, post-chemotherapy cases cause nausea and vomiting. P6 pressure point cures them with no harm. A headache, chest pain, constipation, etc. are also cured using Pericardium.

p6 acupressure point

The Method of Treatment:

Locate the point at the three finger-widths below the base of the palm, in between the two tendons. Use an acupressure band around the acupressure point, or the two fingers, index, and middle press them for a couple of minutes. Repeat as many times as you needed for the pain relief.

LI 4

Joining the Valley is famous for curing headache. Relief for Toothache is also found with this pressure point. In addition, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, hangovers, constipation are also cured.

Li 4 acupressure point

The Method of Treatment:

Location of LI 4 is in the fleshy region between the thumb and index finger. Bring both the fingers close together and press on the highest point of the junction. Do this for a couple of minutes on both hands, and as many as times you needed.

  • During pregnancy, do not try this pressure point.
Shen Men

Reflex therapies help in improving emotional strength. This gives us a capability of getting rid of an addiction or weakness. Smoking is one such strong addiction to those who are addicted to it.

Shen Men relieves anxiety, depression, insomnia, and inflammatory diseases, etc. On this point, acupuncture works well for cigarette repulsion.

Shen Men acupressure point

The Method of Treatment:

Shen Men pressure point is in the upper half of the ear above the apex. Place your two fingers on the point, one on the front side, the other on the back side. Apply steady, firm pressure for a couple of minutes several times a day. This is ensured to give positive results.

Sacral Point

Sacral points are multiple in number. These are useful for relieving menstrual cramps, relaxing the uterus. It treats back pain too. Sciatica is also cured well with this pressure point. The sacral point also energizes the sacrum with the technique. Thus it may avoid ovarian cysts and other similar diseases in future.

The Method of Treatment:

Right above the tailbone, on the sacrum, the sacral points are found. Lie down on the floor with back touching the floor, keeping your both hands one on the other beneath the spine. Apply steady, firm pressure until you feel the relief.

Thus, we conclude the presentation on Acupressure points, how they technically work with an illustration of few best acupressure points, also with its benefits. We hope the article made you understand basics about acupressure treatment and its treatment for various disorders.