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Acupressure Points for Toothache – Scientific Technique for Immediate Relief!

Toothache might seem like a simplest problem but it is something that causes immense pain & annoyance! If you have tried several methods but haven’t acquired any relief, acupressure is something that you have definetely missed on. Here are some major acupressure points for toothache & how to treat the pain naturally fast.

What Could Be The Reason Behind Your Toothache?

Knowing the actual reason behind toothache is much more important than the self treatment since ignorance and negligence  may worsen your actual condition.

There are several possible causes of toothache and several more solutions to it. Here is a quick list to let you identify the cause for your trouble followed by the exact acupressure points for toothache relief. 

11 Acupressure Techniques For Toothache Relief

  1. Improper Dental Hygeine

Poor cleaning and brushing of mouth is the majorly identified cause. A Proper dental care, maintaining hygiene in food and cleaning avoids infections in the mouth, thus keeping tooth and their roots stronger.

One simple tip that you can follow to keep the toothache at bay is rinsing your mouth after every meal.

Making a habit of flossing your teeth right before you hit the bed keeps your dental health perfectly alright.

Gingivitis and Periodontosis are the most common gum diseases that may occur due to a poor dental hygeine which might get worsened if neglected, resulting in the loss of tooth.

2. Wisdom Tooth

Most of us develop wisdom teeth in our late teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth don’t make you any smarter as the name suggests!

In fact wisdom teeth cause additional, unwanted problems like unbearable pain, damage to the nearby teeth and nerves, formation of lesions and discomfort while brushing and flossing teeth.

The doctor might perform an X-ray to identify whether a wisdom tooth has emerged.

3. Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is a condition which results in the formation of pus in and around the tooth.

This usually occurs because of a poor oral health or a cracked tooth. An abscessed tooth if not treated, causes the infection to spread to the other parts of your body.

The symptoms of abscessed tooth include redness of the gums, swelling, a high body temperature, pain and discomfort while chewing accompanied by swelling and a bad taste.

Why Choose Acupressure for Toothache?

Though there are several other causes of toothache, the presentation goes around the remedy for toothache with acupressure points.

Acupressure is the scientific way of dealing with the pressure points located at certain specific points in our body – the points where life energies flow.

Treating these points with the right amount of pressure can provide you a great relief. You can visit your nearby acupressure center to get the treatment done by proffesionals.

Scroll down for the different acupressure points for toothache that make a natural remedy for toothache, with no side effects in the long run.

11 Acupressure Points for Toothache Relief:

1. Small Intestine 18 (SI 18)

Small Intestine 18, or the cheekbone hole is the most important point for toothache pain relief. It is located in the middle of the cheek, down from the edge of the eyes, parallel to the lower edge of the nose, as you can see in the figure.

Small Intestine 18 (SI 18)

By activating this point, toothache relief is attained to a great extent. It should be activated by applying steady and firm pressure on both the cheekbone holes with index and middle fingers for minimum one minute. Breathe deeply while you do this. Facial spasms, eyelid twitching, are also treated with the same cheekbone hole along with the toothache treatment. Jaw swelling, TMJ problems are also benefitted by this treatment.

2. ST 6 (Stomach 6)

Stomach 6 point is in the middle of upper and lower jaws, found when the teeth are clenched. It is straight front from the earlobes. It is called Jaw Chariot; it is also of same importance as the cheekbone hole, works as the best toothache remedy.

ST 6 (Stomach 6)

This point is activated by continuously applying pressure with thumb for 1 minute. ST 6 point is an advantageous pressure point to relieve toothache as it can also help in relieving jaw pain, TMJ problem, lockjaw, sore throat, etc.

3. ST 36

Stomach 36 is called facial beauty; it also helps in toothache pain relief so extensively with desired results. Same treatment as SI 18, apply firm, steady pressure with index and middle finger for 1 minute. Take deep breaths while performing.

ST 36

Acupressure points for toothache also offer good cures and remedies for malaria. If a little care is taken at home to avoid the dangerous disease, one will be saved from its attack.

4. LI 4 (Large Intestine 4)

LI 4 or Union Valley point cures many types of pains; it is quite a popular one. It shows the toothache relief very quickly. It is also one of the multipurpose acupressure points for toothache, headache, eye problems, skin diseases, and also works for fever.

LI 4

LI 4 boosts the immune system a lot. It induces labour. Only if wanted, a pregnant woman should practice this point. Otherwise, it is not recommended for them to do the treatment at LI 4.

LI 4 is located at the fleshy region in between the joint of thumb and index finger. Amongst all acupressure points for toothache, this point soothes a severe toothache in the quickest period.

5. TW 13

Triple Warmer 13 is also a pivoting acupressure point to give toothache pain relief. While breathing deeply, apply firm pressure with fingers on the point till the pain is reduced. Along with the toothache treatment, tennis elbow, arm pain, shoulder pain, epilepsy are also treated. Fever, eye problem, thyroid issue are the additional assets of treatment at this point.

TW 13

Its location is slightly below the shoulder, on the outer side of the upper arm, deviating about two fingers’ width from back of upper arm.

6. ST 44

ST 44 is a particular toothache remedy which is applied only when the tooth pain is caused by stomach fire. This means ST 44 is applied for stomach fire. It has a cure for toothache, facial pain, sore throat, gastric pains, eye problems. Stomach 44 successfully treats digestive problems through acupressure.

ST 44

The point S44 is called Inner Court. This pressure point for toothache is closely related to the treatment as it has a whole new sense of cure in the therapy of reflexology. It is located at the junction of second and third toes on top of the foot.

7. KD 3

KD 3 is Kidney 3, which also works potentially as a cure for toothache. Kidney 3 works for toothache relief, when teeth are affected by the deficiency of kidney yin. The pressure point soothes the kidney yin and relieves toothache and facial spasms. KD 3 is located in the gap of medical malleolus, tendo calcaneus.

KD 3

Using thumbs, apply firm pressure for a minute. Not only as a remedy for toothache, it also works in curing swelling of the pharynx, eye problems, headache, dizziness, insomnia, asthma, diabetes, cough, male impotence, irregular menstruation, etc.

8. SJ 2

San Jiao 2 also has prompt results for toothache relief. The point works out by clearing the fire and removing air from the body. It is located at the web of 4th and 5th fingers and is called Fluid Gate.

SJ 2 pressure point for toothache

The point is activated by applying strong pressure for one minute. This acupressure cures a headache, earache, eye problems, sore throat, and malaria.

9. SJ 5

San Jiao 5 clears the fire again and relieves pain soothingly upon application of pressure. This pressure point for tooth pain connects the Yang Linking vessel, which also clears the heat and gives a toothache relief.

SJ 5

It is located in between the radius and ulna, lies on the line of SJ 4 and tip of the olecranon. It cures an earache, tinnitus, arm pain, cheek pain, trigger finger. It also treats elbow pain, neck pain efficiently.

10. GV 14

Governing Vessel 14 is that toothache remedy which shows faster results. It is located at the spinous process and is called Great Hammer.

GV 14

By lowering the head, apply firm pressure for 1 minute, while you breathe deeply. It clears the fire and expels the wind thus, regulating nutritive, defensive energy flow. Yang is also tuned by the same operation. GV 14 is more useful for malaria, toothache, neck pain, stiffness, asthma, cough, fever, cold, etc. Governing Vessel is a severe toothache remedy that works on many other and also with a faster pace.

11. Around the Thumb

The cure for toothache is found around the thumb points. But the acupressure points for toothache should be found by trying with a massage stick. Apply pressure with a massage stick or a toothpick or a ballpoint pen around the thumbnail. Wherever the response is fastest for your body, that’s the point of treatment for toothache on your body. Apply pressure around the thumbnail for few minutes till you find out the point of treatment for toothache.

Around the Thumb

More probably, the points of treatments will be at the end of the nail if the pain is in the teeth of the lower jaw. If the pain is in the teeth of the higher jaw, the point will be found near the root of the nail on the thumb.

Gradually, the pain will go off after a certain time of application. Take a wheat seed or any other seed and band-aid it around the thumb. Press the seed for few minutes, so that point gets activated. This clears off the pain and works as a cure for toothache.

Bottom Line

If you are aware of the wonders of reflexology to any little extent, you can find a vast number of ways that can treat toothache.

Antibiotics, painkillers are the culprits of the day. They exactly manage what you wanted to, but in the long run, your body will become insensitive to those medications.

It is always better to follow natural treatments for any disease or disorder, as long as you do not need the doctor’s advice.

Small problems like a toothache, arm pain, neck pain should be treated initially at home. Unless the problem has any severe issue from inside, treatments like acupressure and herbal remedies can clear the problem from root level. One such successful therapy is Acupressure.

No matter what is the reason for toothache, how severe may it be, just a single acupressure point will treat you the best way equivalent to many natural cures.


Hence, the entire list of acupressure points for toothache relief is within your reach now. It’s time to go for natural therapies for any kind of diseases and disorders as we are aware of the hazardous side effects of scientific medication for smaller problems. From now on, take a step back to get the treatment through medication and try for a natural treatment at the initial stages.

5 acupressure points for toothache