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Improvable Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms – Signs at the Initial Stages

Alzheimer’s is not heard by many around the globe. But the severity of its symptoms and spread are quite shocking if we look through statistics. Over 5 million people in the United States are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. It is such a huge number that the total population of America is 320 million approximately. Almost 2% of the population is suffering from one strange disease, it shows the seriousness of the disease.


There are a whole lot of complications in studying Alzheimer’s treatment. Symptoms go unpredictable, brain’s condition worsens, and life can’t be brought back to normalcy after the attack of the disease. In the midst of this reality, let us understand the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease so that we can find any possible cures for it in initial stages.

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s includes many serious symptoms. Memory loss, difficulty in orientation are seemed to be important indications, but they are misinterpreted for the aging symptoms.

The disruption of brain cells, neurons, blood vessels will lead to Alzheimer’s and thereby dementia, a consequential disease of Alzheimer’s. Few hypotheses explain that nutritional turmoil is the primary cause of brain disorders especially related to brain tissues. When the brain doesn’t receive sufficient protein, there lacks the activity of few enzymes and direct protein. This leads to the death of blood vessels, neurons resulting in the brain’s destruction. The shape of the brain will be distorted, sulci regions in the brain become wide and that of gyri become narrower. Ventricles of the brain also become bigger in size. This leads to the irrelevant functioning of the brain, i.e. sending signals to organs and receiving signals. This, in reality, appears along with a lot of problems like usage of language, orientation, and memory(both long term and short term).

These mentioned problems are the majorly observed Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. A challenging regret for therapists is that there is no permanent cure for Alzheimer’s disease. And this is an inevitable disaster in the health world. Let me go into few more details for extended knowledge over its severity. This also gives a better choice of avoiding the ailment much before its advancement.

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?

Disease that Comes with Age

Aging, one of the misleading causes of Alzheimer’s. People ignore Alzheimer’s disease symptoms by falsely thinking that they are due to aging. The major fact in this regard is that the disease gets initiated after the middle-age. This makes us believe that any damage to our memory and remembrance are due to old age.

But there is a chance that they might appear due to the disease’s attack. There are two methods refined for understanding on the age-basis.

Late-Onset & Early-Onset Alzheimer’s

There could be only a genetic factor causing the signs of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms in the middle-aged people. Any other factor that causes Alzheimer’s can attack only elderly people that are 65-and above.

The threat here is the frequency of this disease has gone to peak in past years. One in three people who are 85 years old being attacked by Alzheimer’s.

The meaning of late-onset disease is having attacked by it after 65 years of age. This could be because of many discrepancies in lifestyle, diet routine, or even due to genetic reasons. The genes named APOE-e4, APOE-e3, APOE-e2 are the ones who instigate the disease in our bodies through our precursors. From the three, APOE-e4 is the most common gene that causes Alzheimer’s.

And the other type of attack of the disease that directly comes through genes at gunpoint risk is Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. This is not the risky cause but a determined harm to the brain.

Best Example of the Spread of Alzheimer’s is the Population of USA bears Alzheimer’s as the most common cause of death. This fact complies with the increased average age of the country.

Inflammation of Cells

As any other organism suffers from flu, the brain also has a threat with free radicals. But this time there is a permanent effect due to the inflammation.

Interestingly, Alzheimer’s disease symptoms are found because of the supportive elements of the body, i.e. microglia. Microglia is the macrophage of the brain that flows in the brain’s blood. They can protect our tissues with the immune ability. They destroy the plaques and tangles(remains of accumulated dead neuron cells).

But when they get activated by any autoimmune factors, they revolt onto the cell tissues of the brain causing irreversible infections. They may result in irrelative ailments like kidney functioning, heart functioning,

Problem with Nutrition

The cognitive function of the brain depends on how hygienic and qualitative your food is. The quality here means the richness of nutrients and minerals. When our brain doesn’t receive proper supplements required for its nourishment, the neuron functioning gradually decreases. This may lead to cell death if it continues for a longer time. One may not directly develop the Alzheimer’s disease symptoms but their children may come out with defective tissues.

One of the prime sign of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss. Without having a good nutrition for your diet, you can’t expect to have a perfect memory. When sugars or fats are high in your food, they may cause free radicals to flow through the body. This will increase the formation of plaques and tangles in the brain. It will then lead to Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.


Foods to takeFoods to Avoid
Olive OilWhite Bread
Green leafy vegetablesToo Much of Rice
Coffee and ChocolatesProcessed Meat
Coconut OilPopcorn(Oven-made)
FishProcessed Cheese

Psychological Barriers

After Nutrition, the important factor that causes Alzheimer’s is the damages of brain cells. The damages might be physical or neurological. In fact, without identifying neurological symptoms, we cannot recognize the disease.

Here are few early signs that may let us understand Alzheimer’s has attacked.

  • When we have a chronic headache, hypertension, mismanaged stress(either emotional or physical), and depression, the choice to get attacked by Alzheimer’s is very high.
  • Depression, once you get into serious depression, there is a high probability that you may have Alzheimer’s in near future.
  • Any disastrous physical injury to the brain may cause Alzheimer’s.

Having these issues doesn’t conclude the disease but if there is any lack of nourishment, the situation steeps down to affect the body severely.

The above analytical approach may have concluded many things about signs of Alzheimer’s disease in your brain. We shall go further in discussion on those symptoms to make your understand clear.

Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms:

To quote the Alzheimer’s affected brain, one would say ‘a rotten brain’ in layman terms. A physically destroyed structure is what we see in imaging process of the ill-affected brain. But before going for medical imaging, we can find the symptoms without consulting doctor.

The symptoms we address here seem to show the profile of an underdeveloped brain but it shows the pathetic condition of the patient to have such a devastating problem.

Memory Loss

Losing Memory isn’t an alone symptom here. Confusion in the brain with the things happened in near past is another strong indication for Alzheimer’s.

Memory Loss

Death of brain cells is one proper reason for this symptom. But you may remember them later in time if the neuron condition is not dead but worse in functioning.

But, Aging factor deviates us a lot as stated earlier. We may account these symptoms for old age effect, forgetting your own pug’s name can’t be an ignorable thing.

Losing daily habits, social activities are prior symptoms of memory loss. But in a way, we can identify all these similar signs with Alzheimer’s.

Judgement, Conclusions & Things

We cannot attain a conclusion so easily with an impaired brain. The irresponsibility we see in them just shocks us. And we see it as such because we look it from outside as a casual person.

The judgements from the sick brain come out without even acknowledging safety and clarity. The stability of the mind also will be lost. The confusion prevails at payment counters and other financial contexts. Accounting, Handling money will be totally out of question.

Misplacing the things is one other important indication. Forgetfulness is not the case here. We see them placing wrong things at wrong places that don’t seem to be forgetfulness but a serious thing to note.

Difficulty in Communication & Tasks

‘Vocabulary loss’ is one more disastrous thing to know about the disease’s symptoms. As a word-dependent person, I could not stop hating this disease. With this communicability of the person falls off. It is often observed with them calling the objects by different name. For your notice, it’s not the persons, but the objects that are misconceived.

Problem Solving Skills & Imagery Skills

When they lose the planning, every aspect gets messed up in this sorted lifestyle. When you can’t even remember your spouse’s name, how is it even imaginable to plan the day?

Visionary problems are also common in earlier Alzheimer’s stages. Becoming disoriented is one of the primary Alzheimer’s disease symptoms which is related to problem-solving and imagery skills. To identify colors, to know with which hand to eat, to remember where you are in the conversation and the path you are walking on, all may be harder when you become disoriented.

And if you or your friend who is a victim is an accountant, please get rid of the symptoms as soon as possible. When the disease advances further from the early stages, you cannot get it back to the original state. You cannot even control the disease except improving the symptoms. Alzheimer’s disease treatment is totally out of the question if the brain had started getting infected.

Confusion with Time and Place

In coherence to all the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, we can find this as the central indication. It seems as the most severe and most common symptoms in those who are intensely affected by Alzheimer’s.

Getting lost in the middle of the way, forgetting appointments each and every time are these indications.

Few severe cases of the disease are seen saying that a person has lost in time and came back to see his family, where he felt like he left home the previous day. Such is the power of not having enough physical brain!

Mood Swings

Mood swings, after that of symptoms of hormonal imbalance, Alzheimer’s is that problem to be concerned. We can observe strange changes in their moods in a very short time.

They feel suspicious, anxious, depressed, irritated, and confused. These shifts in moods happen in no time gap. Give them one punt of confusion or annoyance and that’s it, you can leave them in the hell of disruption for next few hours. It is such a disastrous problem.

The mood swings also include unwanted rage, agitation in mind, etc.

Women are observed to have mood changes when they face the hormonal disturbances and its related issues. But the signs of Alzheimer’s disease are quite intense. The impact will be permanent, facing the issue knowing that there no cure is a harder thing to live with.

These conditions are quite peculiar for a person to notice. As soon as we identify any of these so-called Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, we must start initial stage treatment with utmost care and knowledge over the food patterns for Alzheimer’s treatment.

Do not stop anywhere thinking that the disease has no cure, we can improve the symptoms and signs of Alzheimer’s disease if we take proper care.