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Let the Anti Inflammatory Foods Decide What They Have to do in the Body

Foods never lack in their nutrition to be delivered to the body. One or the other, for every minute problem, there are anti inflammatory foods which play a vital role in reducing these problems. Anti inflammation is a process of strengthening the immune system in order to reduce the chances of swelling, bleeding, and have a scope to fight with other foreign organisms. When there are no foreign invaders to fight with, the immune system damages its own tissues resulting in inflammation. This is what causes inflammation.

Optimize yourself by Anti Inflammatory Foods & Get the Most From Them

In the daily scenario, each food we consume has bacteria, so immune system fights with it. The cases reported being more during the past two years. Even though the swelling and redness around the wounds must be cured, so for that, anti inflammatory foods and its diet is a must. The inflammation can be observed by redness, warmth, swelling, and immobility around the affected part. If any of these result in any part of the body, the body brings the cells of immune system, nutrients, and hormones through a biochemical process that disperses cytokines which are meant to be proteins known to exist in the body as a sign of an emergency.

Types of Inflammation

What causes inflammation? Well, based on its categorization inflammation occurs. Inflammation is of two types – Acute Inflammation and Chronic Inflammation. Tonsillitis or appendicitis, sprain, skin scrape or skin cut, nail that’s infected, acute bronchitis, and sore throat causes Acute Inflammation. Self-healing is a phenomenon of acute inflammation.

Whereas Inflammatory bowel disease, auto immune diseases those include asthma, allergies, and Crohn’s disease is what comes under chronic inflammation. There may be many reasons that chronic inflammation may occur and few among them include smoking, over consumption of alcohol, being obese, no bodily exercises, and stress will lead to this type of inflammation.

Whatever may be the inflammation, all need to be done is balancing body’s healing capacity. I know what you’re waiting, but first I’ve evaluated the basic knowledge you need to have i.e. causes and symptoms of inflammation. There are foods, don’t miss out here; what I mean is an anti inflammatory diet that helps in anti inflammation. Let’s go onto the core track of foods that you need to have! Inflammation, a root cause of most of the diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, and arthritis, and to all these a common denominated solutions is having anti inflammatory foods.

Anti inflammatory foods are addressed to the inflammation to boosting the health completely. Due to overreach, the lymphatic system begins to attack body tissues where a leaky gut is formed by the autoimmune disorder. The resistance of insulin gets attacked by the inflammation on diabetes. A re-establishment of your health, to maintain its arrows to the diet you’re going to have and, anti inflammatory foods execute it all.

The way of old time treatment will never go in vain. A restoration to your health by consumption of anti inflammatory foods twice in a day relieves you from the symptoms. Here we travel into the healthy foods to get rid of inflammation.

List of Anti-inflammatory Foods:

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables

The flavonoids of anti inflammation are restored from cell damage by having green leafy vegetables in your diet. The anti oxidant rich foods, green leafy, are reputed as builders among other anti inflammatory foods. These are rich in Vitamin K that guards your brain against stress pressure protecting you from the deficiency of Vitamin K

Bok Choy

Bok Choy

The other call to Bok Choy is Chinese cabbage which has bagful amount of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. In Bok Choy, the phenolic substances get hold of 72% and this has hydroxycinnamic acids those rummage free radicals. Fuel this Bok Choy into your body which is a great anti inflammatory food that actually wipes off your sufferings.



All time optimization on top levels of cholesterol and heart disease, and listed as one of the best anti inflammatory foods is celery. Celery can take any forms: seed or extract or ground; this combats with infections caused by the bacteria by the presence of potassium and other vitamins. A mix of potassium and sodium sourced foods to your body, which will be an excellent anti inflammatory diet, flushes out toxins while engulfing body with nutrients.



Another permanent marker that signs on our body eliminating the change of occurring inflammation. This turns out to be a great deal by repairing tissues and regularizing inflammation levels. As the deficiency of magnesium bonded with inflammation, it’s an excellent anti inflammatory diet. A balanced diet eliminates excess calcium and magnesium from the body flushing inflammation. Link up your body with the beets by protecting it from forming of calcium or kidney stones.



Broccoli’s health benefits will never restrict to one point. We’ve seen what broccoli can do and you may ask me, “Is it a good anti inflammatory diet?” Of course, the content that specializes Broccoli is a high presence of potassium and magnesium. A powerhouse of antioxidants that lower bodily stress. Especially, its impact will be more on chronic inflammation minimizing cancer risk. The vitamins, carotenoids, and flavonoids together make broccoli one of the best among anti inflammatory foods. Over boiled broccoli doesn’t fit in a half boiled mode maintaining optimal health from inflammation.



An outstanding anti inflammatory diet, Quercetin, which is a beneficial flavonoid keeps inflammation ringing the bell. Quercetin in blueberries (also present in citrus and olive oil) defends inflammation and in this point, blueberries are best anti inflammatory foods. The gut leak on the wounds or diseases is lowered by the anti-inflammation properties of blueberries. A memory booster and monitoring the hormone levels is what blueberries are worth for, says a study. A belief by the scientists that this is one of the anti oxidant rich foods, it shields stress caused by the free radicals liming the inflammation.



A bond of quercetin and bromelain, a flavonoid, and a digestive enzyme is supplemented to the body. This fruit is a protocol for anti inflammation. Ability to modulate and tune the inflammation by these two enzymes roll out the benefits of pineapple. Pineapple’s craze itself is a great choice as it is a massive anti inflammatory diet. You can never compromise on your health and trust me, a delicious food for a healthy diet.

Heart’s health is modernized and the other angle of bromelin is that it fights with blood clotting by building a wall between platelets in order to protect them from sticking each other which is another factor for heart strokes. Pineapple is stuffed with vitamins C and B1, manganese, potassium, and phytonutrients those destroy the condition of illness.



The essence of fatty acids to the body being the potent of Omega-3-fatty acids that relieves you from inflammation in a consistent path without any external medication and is most preferred anti inflammatory diet is salmon. Kicking the chronic diseases by playing a team lead role on the brain’s performance and behavioral function are specialized fields of this salmon.

Bone Broth


Sulphur, Calcium, Silicon, Magnesium, and other contained minerals get shrunk into the blood as that fast; contented with sulfates of chondroitin and glucosamine, these reform inflammation into proactive health. Joint pains, arthritis and gut leaks is what bone broth esteems among the other anti inflammatory foods. With the amino acid percentage, glycine and proline help in quick heal from gut leak securing the cell walls.



Walnuts are signaled with phytonutrients enabling a shield to defend from cardiovascular ailments, a syndrome caused by metabolism and type-2 diabetes. Walnuts can be topped on the anti-inflammatory foods or salads, else grab a handful of nuts and enjoy the snack times! These are enriched with omega-3 acids those build a wall to prevent you from inflammation blast.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

What can we say about the herbs and oils those standardize bodily conditions? Coconut oil is one such in anti inflammatory foods that it doesn’t give any share value to the inflammation A replacement of coconut oil in place of refined oil in daily lives could solve the inflammation puzzle. From arthritis to osteoporosis, coconut oil serves its purpose. Being an oxidative relief element, coconut oil is a natural therapy to empower health condition.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds

Chia seeds have an advantage in dealing with inflammation. Though there are fatty acids in our food, natural treatment recognized as a preliminary benefit to the body. Chia seeds have omega-3 and omega-6 acids those maintain the body balance. Empowered with alpha linolenic and linoleic acids, mucin, strontium, vitamins like A, B, E, and D, and minerals like Sulfur, niacin, manganese, iodine, thiamine, and iron, these reverse the phenomenon of inflammation. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure are perfectly stabilized lessening atherosclerosis by regular consumption of chia seeds.

Flax Seeds


An inflammation diet, having rich content of omega-3-acids and phytonutrients are the benefits of flax seeds. Polyphenols present in flax seeds maintain balancing of hormones, probiotics growth in the gut, and boost the health condition. These fight against the inflammation of the stomach by cleaning the digestive system tract.



Curcumin is the primary element and is a journal of anti inflammation. The anti inflammation markers will go mild by the presence of this element in the turmeric. Turmeric is an ancient recipe used in many foods that also prevents from cancer.



A modulator for the immune system and a brain health booster is ginger. Ginger warms up the body which breaks down the toxins those are accumulated in the organs. A great inflammation treatment and an Ayurvedic principle is Ginger.

These are the foods that fight inflammation in our day-to-day life. Try these foods and never check the taste, just eat them as they’re and observe, a great impact on your body with inflammatory diet. There are few foods those you need to avoid the re-occurrence of inflammation symptoms while you’re having a strict diet. Let me list the foods that cause inflammation:

  • Sugar
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Fried foods
  • Refined flour
  • Dairy foods
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Artificial Additives
  • Saturated foods
  • Conventional grain-fed meats
  • Processed Meats
  • Gluten
  • Over alcohol consumption
  • Trans-fat foods
  • Fast food

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These foods also reduce the inflammation of the heart. The daily diet of these foods balances the immune system leaping the body conditions. So follow the natural remedies for inflammation and be in health conscious. Have a healthy meal and release your problems in the open air relieving yourself.