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Enrich Your Body with The Supplements of Antioxidant Rich Foods

Antioxidants foster the body from catastrophe elicited by the free radicals. This catastrophe results to the bodily diseases and cancer. Also, these antioxidants prohibit cell damage. Oxygen is the vital part of our body and it ponders chemical responses that metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that are the source of human energy. The consumption of antioxidant rich foods solves dietary problems. The exposure of free radicals may be caused due to:

Antioxidant Rich Foods Best Intake for Enhancement of Body Functioning

  • Calorie burning and releases enzymes for breaking down the complex molecules absorbed through food.
  • Breakdown of medicines
  • Pollutants

These free radicals also lead to cancer, heart diseases, the decline in brain function, and immune system. The free radicals are encompassed with oxygen and this causes oxidative damage.

Accommodating vitamins A, C & E, minerals such as Lycopene and Selenium in antioxidants form a healthy body and weakens the disease spectrum.

Foods high in Antioxidants:

Goji Berries:

Goji Berries

Goji berries are high antioxidant rich foods and onset for vitamins and minerals. Goji Berries have Vitamin A & C, zinc, fiber, and iron. These berries incorporated with essential amino acids. One among best health benefits of antioxidant rich Goji berries includes boosted the immune system and flu protection, weight loss, Blood sugar regulation, reduce heart ailments, decrease in arthritis pain.

Wild Blueberries:

Wild Blueberries

The leader in antioxidants are wild blueberries. Compared to ordinary blueberries these are 2x times richer in antioxidants. Apart from antioxidant, wild blueberries prevent from aging of the skin and its shine. These are best antioxidant fruits that engage our body acids and safeguards from free radicals.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate

The positive impact on your health and subordinates the heart disease is dark chocolate. The sugarless dark chocolates are made with cocoa and are a powerful source of antioxidants. Regulates blood flow and blood pressure is minimized, cardiovascular diseases can be reduced and protects your skin from the sun.



Pecans are high antioxidant rich foods and the buttery and crunchy flavored nuts those cure the digestion problems, weight loss, upgrades immunity, delay in aging, hair growth and prevents loss of hair. These are also high antioxidant foods that could be added to any foods you eat.



The content of antioxidants is highest in Artichokes. Improving brain’s efficiency and complimentary to the liver functioning and bone health. Artichokes also channelize metabolism and cholesterol.

Elder Berries:

Elder Berries

The scientific name for these berries is Sambucus nigra and are best antioxidant foods which are black in color. Safeguarding cardiovascular, respiratory organs and tissues, Immune system, diabetes and bone inflammation will be cleared up and maintains effective health and body.

Kidney Beans:

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are the antioxidant rich foods that take the shape of kidneys. Leveling of blood sugar fights with diabetes, weight loss is the benefits of these antioxidant foods.



Urinary infections, diseases associated with cardiovascular muscles, dental problems such as a toothache are disentangled and this will be done by the injection of antioxidants into the body.



Potentiality of antioxidant, defensive against endothelial dysfunctions, puts on weight, normal clotting of blood is the exclusive effects of blackberries.

Cilantro (Coriander):

Coriander leaves

Cilantro is a rich source of Vitamin C, K and A. Pain and Inflammation, anti-fungal properties are the major advantages of this Coriander or seeds. The green looking Cilantro detoxifies and is the best antioxidant to be included in the diet.

These are the antioxidant rich foods that reduce free molecules of oxygen in our body. Now there are Herbs which will play a dominant role in our body.



Cinnamon is the first herb suggested for antioxidant rich foods to add into your diet. Mixing Cinnamon with honey and turmeric powder and applying them to the skin reduces pimples, skin shines and gets prevented from the rays of the sun.



Cloves have antimicrobial properties, fighting with cancer and guarding the liver, headaches and other few digestion problems are controlled. 2-3 cloves on a day would stabilize your health and immune systems. The bone density is maintained by the cloves.



It is a perennial Herb that helps in Dandruff reduction, ameliorates skin conditions and is a rich source of dietary antioxidants. Antibacterial properties, muscle pains, toothache, bloating, are elevated by this Oregano.



Turmeric is considered as the great antibiotic and helps in stopping of blood flow during heavy injuries. Also, turmeric prevents cancer and it is a natural herb that solves 80% of bodily problems. Many antioxidant rich foods are added with turmeric because of its essential antibacterial properties.

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The cocoa gets rights the Bronchial Asthma, Obesity, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health. Also, it boosts the mood and treats constipation. Cocoa is the good source of antioxidants.


Cumin seeds

Cumin is generally roasted before putting into food and widely used in Masala and spice powders. The boil treatments, skin itchiness, control of body heat and burning sensation, anemia, asthma, and many more exterior and interior health problems are resolved. These always involve the free radicals in some or the other processes and act as antioxidants.



Basil has high nature of Beta-Caryophyllene used to treat arthritis and reduces swelling when treated with basil juice or oil. The richness in antioxidants in this herb makes it one of the best foods to have in your diet.



The National Library of Medicine has stated that consumption of Ginger treats nausea, appetite loss, and vomiting sensations. From Ancient India the medicinal value of ginger has never been got down and till date, it’s maintaining its quality.

So the intake of foods high in antioxidants in your diet charges and restores your health. Have the proper diet with these foods and live a healthy life.

Deficiency of Antioxidants:

The human body becomes delicate if proper nutrition isn’t provided. Any deficiency leads to multiple health issues or disorders in the bones. The antioxidant deficiency in the body causes:

  • Fatigue
  • Impoverished Memory
  • Skin and hair damage
  • Improper blood clotting and blood flow
  • Cell damage
  • Heart and lung diseases
  • Negative impact on liver
  • Irregular mensuration cycles

Vitamins and Minerals in Antioxidant Rich foods:

The abnormal intake of best antioxidant foods could result in fatal diseases. As specified above, antioxidant rich foods have vitamins and minerals. Let us explore in brief about them.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is the powerful antioxidant and fat soluble enzyme. Functioning of neurons, anti-aging, bone building, gene regulation, clear and healthy skin are all the wealthy benefits of Vitamin A. Some of the best sources of Vitamin A are eggs, milk, carrots, squash, spinach and other leafy vegetables.

The deficiency of Vitamin A leads to pancreatic disorders, blindness and diarrhea will be materialized.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C

L-ascorbic acid is another name given to Vitamin C which is a water soluble. Vitamin-C involves in protein metabolism, connective tissues, and wound healing. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, kiwi fruits, green pepper, broccoli, strawberries, sprouts and other vegetables and fruits carry a major percentage of vitamin C. Vitamin C will be evaporated when it gets cooked. Hence Vitamin C foods should be taken directly

Regeneration and repairing tissues, productive absorption of iron, neutralizing effects of nitrites are the functions carried out by the Vitamin C. The syndrome of Vitamin C causes Scurvy, gum inflammation, weakening of connective tissues, and other bone-related diseases. Smokers, Boiled milk fed to infants, intake of limited food varieties, and people with chronic diseases have the rate of occurring Vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin E:

The unified name for a group of fat soluble compounds with unique antioxidants is Vitamin E. The vitamin E takes eight different forms and have diverging biological activity. The immune function of Vitamin E delay the chronic diseases allies with free radicals.

Nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals are the great source of vitamin E. The deficiency of vitamin E results to the peripheral neuropathy, ataxia, skeletal myopathy, Christic fibrosis, and inability to produce bile juice from the liver into the tract of a digestive system. Heart diseases may occur frequently if sufficient amount of Vitamin E not supplied.


The chemical that occurs naturally in the red colored fruits and vegetables is Lycopene. It is a pigment present in the carotenoids that is found in watermelons, pink grapefruits, apricots, and pink guavas and profoundly high in tomatoes and tomato products.

Lycopene is consumed by the individuals in order to reduce the heart diseases, decent artery functioning, breast, lung, bladder, pancreas cancer is limited. Also, to treat the papilloma virus Lycopene plays a vital role and asthma could also be treated.


In comparison with other foods selenium is taken in small amounts as it maximizes the rate of metabolism. Fertility, thyroid related problems are lowered by the selenium foods. It also fights against the viruses, defends heart diseases and symptoms correlated with asthma are lowered.

Regulation of thyroid function is the main task of selenium and nowadays the thyroid problem has been so common among the people. The foods with selenium include eggs, sunflower seeds, fish, chia seeds and mushrooms. Rich antioxidant foods contain selenium and lycopene.

Benefits of Antioxidants:

So till now, you’ve known the antioxidant rich foods, vitamin and mineral deficiencies present in these foods. Now let us know about the health benefits of antioxidant foods.

Skin benefits:

Every year the temperature is rising and the ozone layer is depleting allowing UV rays to fall on the earth. If the skin is exposed to these rays, it gets damaged and there’s a chance of burning sensation. This is due to photo oxidative where the generation of free radicals take place and affects cellular lipids, proteins, and DNA. Hence, by the higher oxidative stress resistant foods the damage to these will be reduced.

Support to Immune System:

The whole immune system can be negotiated by the origin of the single oxygen molecule. Vitamin E destroys the production of single oxygen and safeguards the immune system without causing any effect to it.

Protective layer to heart:

The frequent doses of antioxidant rich foods will keep cholesterol in limits which are a reason to block the arteries or veins that supply blood from and to the heart. High diet of flavonoids would lower the risk of heart problems to 65%


Development of cancer tumors within the body takes place with the free radicals damaging the DNA. The carotenoids present in fruits and vegetables kick off the cancer tumors and forms a protective layer around DNA.

Complication of Diabetes:

The antioxidant foods break the chains of diabetes occurrence and level the sugar liquids in the body. Diabetes will have a profound impact on the body which would lead to other health problems but antioxidant foods minimize completely.


The best defending champions from affecting our brain are Vitamin C & E. The clotting in the brain or birth of calcium or protein stones will be caused by insufficient consumption of antioxidant rich foods.

Eye Vision:

We spend more than 8 hours in front of digital devices which affects the retina of our eye and weakens it. The antioxidant foods maximize the sight and delay the occurrence of eye sight in the early ages.

So have antioxidant rich foods and regulate your body with proper dietary supplement foods. “Have a healthy life because health is the crown on well person’s head that only ill person can see”, quotes Robin Sharma. Have Healthy Life.