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Bullet Point Show of Atkins Diet Plan: A Quick Start Guide to Start

“Let’s start our daily weight loss plan for tomorrow. What do you say Naina?” “Sure, darling. Even I thought to tell you the same. I just want to set everything right to start out Atkins diet plan. What do you think, Sarah?”

Atkins Diet Plans

“Well, since this is our first plan on fitness, let’s browse for the best possible information or if we are not satisfied with it, let us consult a clinician.” “Sure Sarah. Now it’s already late, let us have a great sleep and we are exhausted so much.”

Later Sarah and Naina haven’t wake up the next day and forgot about their diet plan within less than the time the smoke mixed up in the air. Most of us do the same thing in our day-to-day life. We plan, we think and we discuss but we fail. Why? That’s the magic of brain. Atkins diet plan is not just a simple remedy to follow or implement. It has a lot much to do.

First of all, what do you have in your mind about Atkins diet? I guess it’s 50-50 or maybe you’re not sure or you are not aware of it! A low carbohydrate diet to melt fat under the skin surface. Overweight is a trendy shot in today’s world and gets into the body whoever doesn’t give any attention to their body! Of course, hereditary impact makes sense but foodies – you have to take care of yourself, my dear!

It’s just a cool one to know about the Atkins diet plan. You may have taken many diets and medications to drop down your weight but all pointed to failure. Even Sarah and Naina failed in the same thing. An exact strict plan of action and implementation must be in the modernized lifestyle. Unless and until you do this, you have no chance to reduce weight or to shape up the body you thought of.

More than 20 studies have shown the effectiveness of weight loss. However, another surprising throw to Atkins diet – old studies showed Atkins diet is harmful while new studies proved it’s harmless. What can we believe? So far, we have to say this diet is a welcoming plan to weight loss. When the body is facing the lack of energy, it burns the resultant fats and will force the fat cells to burn. This will reduce the fat hence resulting in weight loss.

Blooming phenomenon to weight loss which blossoms the flexibility in your body can only be achieved through Atkins diet menu. Before moving into it, Atkins diet generally has four phases. Each phase has its own feature and flavor to make it flawless. Foods high in carbohydrates need a break statement while fewer carb foods intake will follow a definite pattern.

So the pattern is a narrow path and if you continue on the same path, you will find a highway of weight loss and happy life. We call these patterns as phases which form a Quadra Shape.

Phases in Atkins Diet Plan:

Unknowingly, most of the carbohydrates enter into your body collapsing the body’s flexibility. So here is your Atkins diet menu in four phases:

Phase 1: Induction

We classify the intake of low carb-diet into 20 grams and 40 grams. Atkins 20 diet plan recommended and regarded as a time-honored way. Success rate on new Atkins diet is higher. The diet has to go for two weeks. Here begins your body’s inaugural towards weight loss.

Add 20-25 gram low-carb to your daily diet and get the most with the best. So now a question shots up in your mind, “What foods shall I take?”

Induction phase will not have to cross the limits in case of diet intake. All meats will give enough protein power to the body and hence lowers the strength of fat cells. Processed or sugar or cold meat will not give a damn to your weight loss. Also, avoid nitrate added meat to meet your bodily standards.

All shellfish and fish will add an extra benefit in the phase-1 of Atkins diet plan. Whatever might be you do with an egg, it comes under low carbohydrate diet. Shun cottage and ricotta cheese while limiting cheddar or cream cheese four ounces per day.

Salad dressings, Spices and herbs, artificial sweeteners, and non-starchy vegetables which include celery, mushrooms, bell peppers etc will cut the fat in the body while downing your weight. So this is an overall performance in Atkins diet phase-1.

Phase 2: Balancing

After two weeks of phase-1, though you find few changes it, the body will not perform to its effectiveness. Dope much more concentrations of vegetables + nuts + seeds + berries + low sugar fruits that equate to some more impact in bringing a change. The frequency of carb grabbing and intake of these foods will make you totally satisfied.

As each week goes by, increase five grams in concentration. Atkins diet Phase-2 comes with a reduction of 10 pounds in weight and when you reach this target switch to Phase-3. Phase-2 Atkins diet plan makes compulsory to continue with phase-1 foods.

Tomato juice, melons and berries, nut butter, seeds and nuts will carry protein content more and more hence resulting in the downfall of the fat empire. Alongside, dairy foods include unsweetened milk and yogurt will shape your body as thin and strong as roots of a tree have. The abdicate nature of human body will not allow going forward but the mind’s presence will make it all! Soon after losing 10 pounds of weight, switch to the next phase, Atkins diet Phase 3.

Phase 3: Fine Tuning

You are almost there to regularize the body condition free from overweight. Simply add 10 more grams to the Atkins diet plan of phases – 1 & 2 and keep on in-taking for two more weeks. Go on with adding 10 grams for every week till you drop more 10 pounds of weight.

Foods in phase-3 in addition to phase-1 and phase-2 include grains of high fiber, fruits – peaches, mangoes, oranges, pears, and bananas will serve the body in fading off the fat. Also, add starchy vegetables here. Carrots, potatoes, corn, peas, beans and squash will squeeze out the fat and squeeze in the proteins giving you a low-carb diet.

Hey, don’t get a shock! After all, it’s your body. So there’s a phase-4 after phase-3.

Phase 4: Maintenance

Now you can stop at Phase 2 or maybe at phase 3 itself. Phase 4 is what you have to maintain during rest of your life. It will give you a healthy life and your daily intake will reach to 80-100 grams. All the foods mentioned from phase-1 to phase-3 will include in this phase.

It’s a traditional diet followed by most of the individuals. But temptations are inversely proportional to the diet we follow. Self-control and discipline must be maintained while following these kinds of diets.

Do you really have a need to follow the four phases of Atkins diet plan? It’s optional. It’s neither necessity to follow nor must! There are few foods which negligence is for sure.

“Why should I avoid the foods?” Well, then here’s an example: Before entering into the exam, you have to follow few rules and regulations on the answer sheet. So what if you break them? Simple to say, punishment. Similarly, body gets a punishment and will have the negative impact if you opt for avoidable foods.

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Foods include sugar, Trans fats, high concentrated carbohydrate fruits and vegetables must be kept away.

Water, green tea and coffee are the best energy drinks. These will have a slow but faster rate of fat burning. Benefits of coffee, as well as green tea, will carve the best. Extending more and consuming less, both ways your body suffers from some and the other illness.

Impact of Low Carbohydrate Diet:

Having lower than 20 grams of carbohydrates will result in ketosis. As I stroked a point, fat burns when there’s not enough energy in the body. The burning process raises the acids in the body called ketones.

Generally, diabetes patients will have ketosis phenomenon in their body. Because diabetes produces insufficient levels of insulin hence equating to the condition of ketosis.  If ketone levels go up, blood acidity rises. The rise in blood’s acidity shows ketoacidosis – fatal condition.

So keep this condition away with good Atkins diet plan.

Another fabulous disaster to Atkins diet will result in some of the side effects.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation

Favorable Proteins:

Phenylalanine in the proteins makes all the show to burn the fat in the body. Proteins have this chemical and do its job in burning the fats.

The Atkins food list shifts your body from being fat and obese to the perfect model. Unconsciously supplemented foods give the outcome to the body as fat and now consciously supplementing foods will give the body a perfect health.

One more thing, less carbohydrates will not only give you the result. You also have to make time to sweat with some moments. I hope you understood what I mean. Exercises give root strength to the human body. Only Atkins meal diet plan will not show you the result you wish.

Perfection is attained with the consistent efforts and consistency comes with consciousness. Your body has the ability to do anything and it is you now to study and shape it accordingly. Give a blow to the fat in your body with a low carbohydrate diet i.e., Atkins diet plan.

Look your body like an eagle to know the health condition of the body observe the differences and changes those influence your body. Now you have known everything on what is the Atkins diet. Illuminate the change within you and act with consciousness to mould the body as you wish. Reach to the extremities and go high in terms of fitness – physical and mentally because after all, life is for you to enjoy. So enjoy it by maintaining health perfection.