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10 Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise – Why Aerobics Is The Best And How It Improves Your Health?

Have you ever wondered how much your life changes after enrolling yourself into an aerobic session? Well, you definitely will soon after you recognize these benefits of aerobic exercise and how much of an impact it does have on our busy lives!!

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

We have enquired people of all age groups who have joined aerobic sessions and gathered a list of 10 benefits of aerobic exercise and how they help in raising your spirits and benefit your overall health.

You will be much surprised to know the benefits of aerobic exercise for weight loss!

Why Choose Aerobics Of All Other Workouts?

Gym workouts, Yoga, swimming are, of course, versatile in their own ways but do you know what makes aerobics stand on the top of all these? Read on to know.

The best of the reasons why I would choose aerobics over other forms of exercise is

1)    Gym workouts aim in toning and strengthening your body muscles but aerobics benefit your body more than this. Below is the list of 10 benefits of aerobic exercise.

2)    Yoga, gym sessions or any other form of workouts can seem hardcore. You cannot simply relax while exercising. But aerobics does not really make you feel that you are really working out.

3)    Since aerobics involves dancing, it improvises your body language. You will work on improving your body movements without seriously aiming for it.

For A Change! Join Aerobics And See The Result For Yourself.

If you have ever asked your friends about their personal experience who have joined a gym, they will pour out their grievances and you are the first to make fun of their efforts in bodybuilding. You obviously have to, because you are their best friend.

There is one such friend in your group who dreams of flaunting that perfect curves, enrols herself in gym classes, only to skip the classes and start her routine from the very next day.

Wait! Are you that friend? If yes, don’t worry. It has become a new trend to join the gym and skip sleep at home and you are not alone.

Ditch your gym schedule and join an aerobic session. Show your friends how you can lose weight and gain a perfect posture so that you can easily fit into any new dress that you have ever fantasized about!

In fact, joining an aerobics class can also have these nine additional benefits apart from weight loss. Let us dive into the benefits of aerobic exercise and understand what it does to your body and mind.

What Are Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise On Your Health!

Sweatshirts, tracksuits and a pair of sports shoes. Buy yourself a couple of these and you are all set to hit your aerobics sessions. You know what is the best part of aerobics? You can move and groove your body in synchronization with the tune and music that is being played.

What could be the best way of relaxation other than moving and grooving to the sounds of your favourite beats? While you get deeply involved in enjoying the music and relaxing, you will also experience these 10 benefits of aerobic exercise.

1. Aerobic Workouts Are A Great Stress Reliever

Aerobic workouts are a great stress reliever

In such a busily advanced world, there is no doubt that you undergo immense stress. You could simply get busy in meeting your deadlines, but your workplace is a prime cause for the emergence of stress. If you neglect this, it can land you in certain serious mental conditions like anxiety and depression.

No matter how old you grow, you are still a child at your heart! An aerobic session is a place that helps you interact with people and have a gala time. It makes you forget your stress-related professional life.

The prime reason why most people prefer aerobics to other forms of workouts is that it can unleash the joyful side of theirs and cheer them up. Aerobics being a stress buster is my most loved benefits of aerobic exercise.

2. Aerobics Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Aerobics Boosts your self confidence

You know how to love yourself and make your life a happy space to live in? Introduce a new activity into your life. It could be anything. This is the best possible way to learn and grow, to live your life to the fullest. You can include a new book in your list, paint something, pour your thoughts out or dance your heart out.

But you know what is wiser? An activity that serves multi-purpose. A simple activity that can save your time, boosts your self-confidence and also benefits your overall health.

Aerobics is one such wonderful activity that increases your self-confidence and also brings the following changes to your health.

3. Improves Your Curves

Aerobics Improve your Curves

Aerobics help you in losing your body fat and tone your muscles, which will bring in those perfect curves but curves really don’t matter much. In fact, the only curve that should matter to you should be the curve on your lips. Your beautiful smile.

But, if you still crave for those perfect curves, I would suggest you join an aerobics session.

If you cannot afford to go out and enroll yourself in one of those sessions, you can also rehearse and practice the moves by watching some online tutorials. There are also some videos for the beginners which you can pause and take your own time to learn.

But as you need consistency, the only way to push yourself towards commitment is really take an initiative, keeping in mind the benefits of aerobic exercise on your health.

4. Reduces The Risk Of Chronic Diseases

You know what most people fear after they realize that they are getting old? Wrinkles? They are unavoidable.

Aerobics for Chronic Diseases

But the thought and probability of getting attacked with chronic disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders are what gets most people on their nerves. Because chronic disorders are never leaving and you have to live and fight with the chronic disorders throughout your life.

Joining aerobics can reduce the chances of making you susceptible to the attack of these diseases because the root cause of most of the chronic diseases is the lack of physical activity.

Since most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is advisable to give your muscles some physical movement to keep the chronic diseases at a bay.

5. Keeps Your Mood Active And Alive

If you are under a false perception that exercising only brings the desired physical changes in your body, it is time for you to realize that exercise is also going to do a lot to your brain.

aerobic exercises Keeps your mood active and alive

Studies have shown that those who exercise regularly are mentally active throughout their day. This is mainly because your brain releases the following chemicals when you exercise which is one of the most peculiar benefits of aerobic exercise.

  1. Endorphins
  2. Serotonins
  3. Dopamine
  4. Norepinephrine

Your brain can stay active when there is a release of these chemicals and the best way to release the chemicals is performing exercises such as aerobics.

6. Regulates Blood Circulation Throughout Your Body

Aerobics Regulates blood circulation throughout your body

Do you feel fatigue, shortness of breath or weakness soon after performing a physical activity? It is an indication of a lack of proper blood circulation throughout your body. Cold hands and digestive problems are also an indication of poor blood circulation in your body.

These symptoms though minor can cause a great discomfort. Practising aerobics is going to promote a proper blood circulation throughout your body and help you get rid of these problems.

7. Impact on Your Skin Health (Acne Removal)

Impact on Your Skin Health (Acne Removal)

Whatever could be the reason for your acne. The overproduction of sebum by sebaceous glands or hormonal imbalance. The reason can be diminished because aerobics is a kind of physical activity that helps in reducing the production of sebum and regulating a proper hormonal balance.

If stress has been causing your acne, it is evident that aerobics curbs your stress levels which is a great way of controlling acne and maintaining your work and stress life.

8. Reduces Insomnia

Reduces Insomnia

If you are insomniac, you could be envying those people who fall asleep soon after they lie on the bed and close their eyes.

While the whole world is fast asleep, you lay on the bed contemplating and regretting about each and every mistake that you have committed so far throughout the journey of your life.

Depression and anxiety are the two main causes which lead to difficulty in sleeping. Aerobics help in reducing these symptoms, thereby helping you get rid of insomnia or inability to sleep.

9. Improves Your Muscular Strength

Spending a considerable amount of your time in the gym is not the only way to build your muscular strength. You can be resistant to any kind of injury only when your muscle strength is strong.

Improves Your Muscular Strength

The best way to tone your muscles and make them strong is to practice aerobics. You should keep in mind that, there should be a consistent practice if you have been looking for a perfect result.

Your muscles could ache during the initial stages of practice. Make up your mind to never give up and you will soon be able to witness the result because aerobic exercise benefits body like no other workout really does.

10. Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise For Weight Loss

Weight loss may seem difficult, but it is no magic! You just have to look for various ways to burn your calories. Keep a check on your calorie intake and calories being shed to achieve weight loss.

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise For Weight Loss

However, the number of calories that will be burnt by aerobics will depend on the weight of the person. If a person weighing 68 kgs practices aerobics for about one hour, he or she will be able to shed 600 calories.

If you have been seriously looking for weight loss techniques, note down your weight, join an aerobics class, buy a calorie calculator and make a note of the calories being burnt.

How Much Of Aerobics Do You Need Per Day?

The time that you are required to invest in practising aerobics depends on the range of activity that you are going to perform, whether it is moderate or rigorous.

Moderate range of aerobic activity – Spend around two hours and thirty minutes.

The vigorous range of aerobic activity –  Spend around one hour fifteen minutes.

Basically, you can spend one hour of your time to practice aerobics, either early in the morning or during the evenings if you weigh around 65 kgs. You can estimate the time that has to be invested in accordance with this, but it is usually recommended to spend around one hour.

Is Aerobics Suggested For Elders?

Aerobic exercise benefits body in numerous unimaginable ways and are so wonderfully feasible for people of all ages, you can see the aerobic centres which have been set up especially for elders.

Is aerobics suggested for elders

If you have your grandparents who have been subjected to a restricted physical activity, you can suggest them to join the aerobic sessions, so that it enlightens their mood and brings a kind of liveliness and zest into their lives.

However, they can choose the range of aerobic workout whether it is vigorous or moderate based on their capacity to work out. Here is the amount of time that they can spend practising aerobics.

Older Adults

Vigorous aerobic activity – Twenty minutes – Five days in a week

Moderate aerobic activity – Thirty minutes – Three days in a week

Learn Aerobics. Learn Some Great Dance Moves!

Though there are several ways to stimulate your physical senses and sweat, which is a great way to remain in shape, most people consider joining aerobic sessions because it is the most refreshing and relaxing way to unleash a hidden dancer in you.

You need not be a dance pro. Some nice and gentle moves are all you need to burn some calories and enjoy your sassy moves!

There is a peculiar significance associated with aerobics and it’s time for you to recognize the benefits of aerobic exercise when compared to any other form of workouts.