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Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds – Universally Accepted Superfood, Almond

A Daily intake of 5 soaked almond in the morning is all enough to keep you ceaselessly healthy. ‘Badam’ is the famous name in Indian Origin for Almonds. The health benefits of Almonds are intently long to learn about. There are some popular and essential needs to health which are fulfilled by almonds to 100 percent. The nutritional strength is the major factor that makes almonds a superfood.

Top 10 Benefits of Almonds for Health

In this article, we compiled the uses of almonds derived from every corner of health concern to nourish our skin, blood, hair, and overall health.

Initially, let us go through the information of vitamins in almonds, nutrients in almonds, and derive how almond nutrition is above many other natural foods. This gives a glimpse of why they are so expensive.

Almond Nutrition

Almonds Nutrition

The below encryption of details about almonds is for the weight of almonds at about 150 grams or a bowl of the amount.

  • Energy: 850 kilocalories
  • Fat: 12-15 grams; Sugars: 6-8 grams
  • Fiber: 20 grams
  • Iron: 5-7 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 3 grams
  • Protein: 30 grams
  • Calcium, Magnesium: 400 mg each.
  • Potassium: 1100 mg
  • Phosphorus: 700 mg
  • Vitamin E: 40 mg
  • These values do not have an error rate of ± 1% of absolute values but rounded off to near whole numbers.
  • Vitamin B2, Copper, Sodium: Limited levels are yet filling the purpose.

Technical features of these above ingredients include the same old beneficial things, advantages for cells, blood circulation, etc. Thus to reach the folklore, scientific content has no more life. We can go through the badam benefits in daily life which are equally admired by every person who anticipates a healthy life. However, as time demands, a little of the biological information is inevitable.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds

There are around hundreds of inter-connected health benefits of almonds. Any healthy nut/ingredient is after almonds in the list of its beneficiary strength to the body. It takes quite a time to go around each one of the uses of almonds. So, we technically managed somehow to compile them into a reasonably compact article. Take a look.


There is no need of special mention for the contents of almond nutrition. The contents of almonds are at much high standard than any other similar food. All the benefits of almonds clearly appear to result by the nutrients it has, and it is quite a fact.

Almonds contain phytic acid, which is the culprit of the day. This retards the consumption of some of the minerals added to our food. But this won’t be effective and even unavoidable as every food ingredient almost contains it.

The nutrients unaffected by phytic are quite marvelous in their jobs, it is a universally accepted perfect health ingredient for your hygienic and immune health.


Antioxidant strength of almonds benefits us with anti-aging effect and also helps to prevent cancer. They are present in the outer layer, i.e., brown layer of almond.Usually, people remove the skin of almonds before eating by thinking it doesn’t contain any useful nutrients. But, it’s a false assumption, it has no bad effects rather it promotes many benefits.

A compulsion to be observed before eating them is, they must be soaked at least for about 6 hours. Benefits of almonds are best drawn when they are soaked well and the eaten along with the layer, but not removed, which may remove many other nutrients needed resulting in wasting the health benefits of almonds.

Antioxidants relieve us from oxidative stress, which leads to cancer due to cell damage.

There are clinical proofs for the reduction of the stress in smokers. Regular consumption of badam benefits a lot in this scenario; but it doesn’t indicate that you are allowed to smoke like as you’d do in the past, the damage with smoking is inevitable. But the side effects of it are prevented a little bit.

Diabetes, Blood Sugar Control, Cholesterol

This is an obvious result expected from this kind of fiber-rich food. Almonds are very low in carbohydrates as you see in the chart of nutrients in almonds.

Diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure are so interlinked that anyone of the defect results in the other two. Almond has a perfect solution for it. Benefits of almonds include these three heads along with heart-health majorly.

Healthy fats, protein, are abundant in almonds. This asset makes it further beneficial to use almonds if you have diabetes.

Magnesium has a big room here, also plays an efficient role in blood pressure regulation. It is not a less intake if you go on taking the daily recommended value, i.e., 2 ounces of almonds. Not always need to be exact, you can get them from external meals too. It is much advantageous if you consume almonds as they contain other nutrients too, with unique merits.

Diabetic people are most deficient in magnesium, which is indeed a needed ingredient for natural metabolism to go healthy and maintain the insulin levels and its performance in line as well. This is successfully done by nutrients in almonds, not limited to the single one, magnesium.

Even though if you are perfect with insulin levels, and no diabetic symptoms have been observed in you, there is no assurance that you are safe in the future too. This is because of the present day’s diet scenario and environmental circumstances. So, one has to be in the steady lane of making a healthy and systematic diet that regulates the metabolism avoiding the disorders like deficiency of minerals and nutrients.


It is not a special header to elaborate on heart protection with almonds. All you need for a healthy heart also are health benefits of almonds regarding cholesterol, Blood pressure.

Antioxidant-effect promoted by the vitamins in almonds, especially Vitamin E reduces risk to the heart. The unsaturated fats, protein, potassium are also helpful in bettering the heart functioning.

Reduction in oxidative stress is also required for a healthy heart. Heart functioning is one of the miscellaneous benefits of almonds combining the regulation of fats and blood pressure.


Cancer Prevention

Almonds have an equal advantage as detoxifying beverages for the action of cleansing the body. Also, digestive system gets activated by the fibers. Fibers in the food make the body to react well to it and are very easily digestible. As a combined effect, cleansing of the entire metabolic path and the digestive system takes place.

To add a positive note, there are researches to prove fibers show the resistance to cancer-generating cells, especially colon cancer.

Breast cancer is prevented by phytochemicals, E Vitamin. These are the contents through which badam benefits us with cancer protection to a major part.

Calorie Count

With almonds, mainly hunger is reduced. Fibers and protein are most helpful to increase food satiety.

Daily intake of 50 grams of almonds will bring down all your hunger, make you feel full. This results in lesser calorie intake causing weight loss and fat reduction too. There are several types of research to prove this ‘satiety’ produced by almonds is true.

Calories reduction is a significant advantage which underlies all the benefits of almonds, yet it has a major part of the history made by almonds.

Carbohydrates in almonds are also in the least amount to take this advantage more ahead.

Almonds for Weight loss

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

Almond is good for health in numerous aspects. And this is that one miscellaneous case, yet it is the key for its usage.

The weight loss application with almonds is quite sensible. It just doesn’t lower the calories and fats, but the nutrients of almonds are hard to break, not all, but 10-15% of them. This makes the enzymes and gastric acid tougher to break the cells of almond, thus improves the metabolic functionality.

Hunger-fighting properties are the key to almond weight loss. Nuts are always a boon humans regarding metabolic conditions. They create great detox effect as the primary property along with cleansing the body out of fats every time.

Mental & Physical Activeness; Brain-Functioning

Muscle strength is developed if you take almond or almond milk regularly. This is due to the proteins present in them. Proteins not only just better your metabolism, but they also repair tissues and ligaments when injured.Muscle improvement also causes fatigue strength to develop in your body. On the whole, almonds are highly effective in maintaining the body in their unique style.

Almonds are rich in potassium too. It brings an electrolytic property to the system/body that helps in improving memory. Though the treatment looks a bit stranger, it is all a fact that potassium promotes the electrolytic property of brain tissues.

Athletes find much usage of almond milk as they need a physical outfit to be perfect all the time. In such cases, badam health benefits prove that they do not limit themselves to a particular regard. Benefits of almonds cover a large area of health issues and body maintenance.

Thus, the statement as almond good for health is not that limited, and the effect is immensely newer as you go on finding.

Also, brain growth nutrients are abundant in almonds such as riboflavin, L-carnitine. Cognitive functioning is improved by phenylalanine, a chemical which boosts the brain.

Gives Strength to Bones and Teeth

Magnesium and phosphorus are crucial for improving muscle and bone strength. Tooth decay is perfectly prevented with the nutrition profile of almonds.

Fractured bones and tooth cavities are treated very well with badam. Benefits of almonds are so wider in their range that it has every nutrient to protect our body organs and cells in some, or the other way.

Almond for skin

Almond for Skin

Regular consumption of badam benefits skin in a way. But Almond for skin is adequately benefited by almond milk and almond oil.

There are few soaps which include almond milk and oil has an excellent reputation for what it does to your skin.Skin complexion is garnered to a finer stage with regular usage of almond.

Right in Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy Time

Almonds contain folic acid; this improves the newly born babies’ congenital disabilities. It also cures any problems found in babies in the womb. For newly born children, tissue development, cell growth are the primary essentials.

A pregnant woman is highly recommended to take almonds in high amounts. A folic acid supplement is a must for them. Badam, which is a perfect substituent for this.

Children born with neural tube defects need almond, regular eating of which may cure the problem. An underdeveloped neural tube can be cured by the vitamins in almonds. This kind of severe health issue also has a solution at almonds. This can be considered as best of badam health benefits.

These are the excellent health benefits of almonds that you can blindly depend on. It is no more a fictitious thing that how almond good for health is. You can always choose it even when you are not feeling well with some common health issues. At those times, almonds come very handily.