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Health Benefits of Black Beans and Side Effects You Should Know

Black turtle beans, commonly known as black beans have a history of 4000 years. They belong to legume family which is known to be earliest farmed plants. They are believed to be the staple food of early people and are grown by indigenous people North and South America.

Benefits of Black Beans

Brazil which grows black beans more than any other countries have given important place in Brazilian Food Pyramid. Recent research linked intake of beans prevented type II diabetes and several types of cancer.

While the history is so promising, the benefits of black beans are equally promising. Also, it is easy to benefit from black bean nutrition as they are quite affordable. They are a very good source of fiber, protein and vitamins and minerals for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

If you are having 100 grams of black beans, 60% of daily fiber and 40% of protein are supplied to your body. Additionally, black beans also provide iron, magnesium and vitamin B6 which makes it a superfood. If you shifting from meat to plant-based food, black beans are the best replacement for high protein intake.

Studies have proven that black beans nutrition helps in protecting one from heart diseases, diabetes, weight gain and certain cancers. It helps in protecting from short term and long term ailments.

Benefits of black beans which are rich in nutrition include :

Controlling Diabetes

The fiber in black beans is not just any fiber but soluble fiber which helps in preventing type 2 diabetes. It improves the insulin tolerance and lowers the overall blood sugar levels.


Fiber also helps in enhancing existing digestive system. The effective digestive system will ensure that body absorbs all the necessary nutrients for the body. It will also improve the functioning of the liver and this will help in removing excess sugar from the body.

Added benefits of black beans are that these are healthy carbohydrates which is safe for people already having diabetes. It will make sure that blood sugar does not spike during the digestion process.

Cardiovascular Health

Black beans contain minerals like potassium, iron, and magnesium. These are helping in maintaining your heart in healthy mode. The iron in black beans helps in the production of red blood cells which eases the work of heart.

Potassium has a direct effect on cholesterol as it lowers the sodium level in your body. The soluble fiber in black beans helps in accumulating various unwanted substances in the colon and flush them out of the body.

Improves heart health

Black beans with brown rice can be considered as the super combination for keeping your heart happy. They prevent thickening of the artery walls which might cause severe heart issues. IT also helps in lowering the blood pressure and ease the blood flow.

So, consumption of black beans will make sure that heart stroke, heart attack do not come close to your heart.

Prevention of Cancer

Recent studies show that consumption of cooked black beans lowers the risk of colon, lungs, liver and breast cancer. A research done by Michigan State University on animals showed that 40–70% of colon carcinogenesis is reduced in rats that are fed with beans.

It is observed black beans contains compounds called Flavonoid and Phytochemicals which are observed to effectively prevent the formation of cancerous cells in our body.

Fights Cancer

Folate plays a vital role in DNA synthesis and repairing and it is present in high amount in black beans. It prevents the formation of damaged cells in DNA mutations.

Black beans have antioxidant properties. Formation of cancerous cells is caused by multiple reasons but to prevent the occurrence of damaged cells, antioxidants play a vital role. Again the combination of black beans and brown rice is to be noted as they are high in antioxidants with free radicals.

Time to include them in the diet!


The benefits of black beans include the presence of a very rare mineral called Molybdenum. Recent studies have shown that molybdenum has a promising effect in reducing impotency and erectile dysfunction.


It is observed that Molybdenum will help in increasing energy during sexual activity. It prevents the disorientation in some people by detoxifying the acidic compounds which are present in daily food intake.

Nervous System

As discussed black beans are high in Folate and vitamin B9 which are also helpful in maintaining a healthy nervous system. The vitamin prevents the occurrence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Nervous System

The amino acid is an essential compound which nervous system thrives on. Black beans also contain amino acid which protects the nervous system from various disease attacks.

Healthy Bones

As mentioned above, black beans are rich in minerals which help in maintaining bone strength and structure.

Strong Bones

Copper and zinc help to build the bone structure. Potassium in black beans helps in maintaining optimum water balance and healthy joints. As we all know, calcium is a very important mineral for your bones to be healthy and scarcity in that will leads chronic bone issues. Black beans do some good work with providing a small amount of calcium.

But salt consumption should be kept in check in our daily date. If the salt amount in the body is high, it will lead to calcium excretion through kidneys. For a good bone health, salt intake should be less than 2300 milligrams in a day.

Weight Loss

Numerous studies have shown that inclusion of plant-based foods like black beans has reduced the risk of obesity and improving energy. Black beans along with fruits and vegetable in your daily diet will provide sufficient dietary fiber

weight loss

Dietary fiber is well known for it effective weight loss as it creates a sense of fullness and reduces appetite which ultimately reduces the caloric intake.

Since black beans are unique foods which are rich in both rich in fiber as well as protein, your muscle mass is also well taken care of. The protein in black beans if taken on cup a day will provide 30% daily protein need.

Good for Pregnancy

The importance of Folate needs to be addressed here as well. Brain and spinal cord development of the fetus are promoted by folic acid which is formed from folate while entering the body. It can prevent the birth defects in the baby and observed to be improving baby’s intelligence.


During pregnancy, red blood cells are required in high numbers because they help in bones and nervous system building. Since black beans are rich in iron they can help to provide the required amount of red blood cells. It is important to make sure that mother and the baby do not suffer from iron deficiency.

 Prevents Premature Aging

When skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays it produces enzymes which breakdowns collagen and elastin, which causes wrinkles. But we cannot escape the sun. Luckily, black beans contain Anthocyanins which prevents the premature aging.

Premature Aging

The interesting aspect is that plant produce Anthocyanins to protect themselves from Environmental hazards like severe climatic conditions, ultraviolet rays, and cold temperature.

Apart from other health benefits of black beans, making you look ageless is also an additional benefit it offers.

Long Lasting Energy

It is very important that you provide right type and amount of carbohydrates in the form of whole, refined, legumes so that blood sugar levels are stable. Beans contain a form of complex carbohydrate called starch which is slowly digested by the body without spiking the blood sugar levels.

So, Black beans can be considered as the healthiest beans for diabetes patients to get long-lasting energy.

Different Recipes for Black beans

Though the benefits of black beans answer the question: Are black beans healthy? and make it a compulsory inclusion in your diet, it is also necessary to make it tasty to enjoy the food. You can take black beans in combination with other foods which can please your taste buds.

Black bean soup

Black bean soup

This soup can be prepared by taking the dried beans and soaking them overnight. You might also want to cook it on the stove for ample time. Also, add some veggies to flavor the taste. Do not forget to skim some vinegar which is what makes this soup mouth savoring.

Black Bean Burgers

This is an addictive recipe which is a deadly combination of health benefits of black beans and a delicious meal. You may not feel that you are missing out on junk food. That’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

Black Bean Burgers

The ingredients in homemade burgers include beans, bell pepper and onions mixed with sausage. If you are a meat eater then adding an egg mixture will also prove to be a tasty affair.

Salmon Black Bean Salad

Salmon is a great source of unsaturated fats which are healthy fats your body loves. It is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. When combined with black beans you will also get a good amount of soluble fiber in your body.

Salmon Black Bean Salad

It would make a great weight loss diet without making your body starve for healthy food. Include this salad in your diet and it would make a great snack bite option.

Side Effects of Black Beans

Cramping is usually the effect of overdoing the fiber intake. Fiber moves directly through your system and if your intake is more than the recommended amount, it might result in painful cramps.

Bloating and gas are the primary reasons people move away from black beans. Stool changes and stomach distress are observed too much of black beans are taken in the diet.

Constipation will be reduced as the fiber in black beans will make sure that food is moved along the intestine. But too much is too bad because it might result in diarrhea. And if you are not taking enough liquids it will have counter effect resulting in constipation.

Weight gain occurs if you take other carbohydrate-rich foods along with black beans. The calories in black beans are noticeably high which needs monitoring to avoid unexpected weight gain.

Considering the benefits of black beans, USDA’s Food Guide gave it a top priority in the food pyramid. Though they have side effects (less intense), black beans are still considered as the healthiest beans.

Water is the savior in case of eliminating side effects. Drinking plenty of water or fluids will help in moving fiber content through digestive tract eliminating the problems of constipation and cramping.

Also drinking plenty of water will ease the liver functioning and it will indirectly boost metabolism preventing weight gain.

Now that you know the health benefits of black beans, get a tin of black beans and experience the healthy changes in your digestive tract while making sure that you taking plenty of water along with.