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14 Benefits of Cantaloupe – Perfect Melon Fruits for This Summer

Many summer fruit drinks are available to relieve from thirst and problems caused by dehydration. But cantaloupe can bring you a great immune system which prevents many serious health problems. You can find the benefits of cantaloupe fruit and its juice working for a lot of diseases as a treating agent at their mild stages, which makes the fruit most desired food in summer.

Benefits of Cantaloupe – Perfect Melon Fruits In Summer

A Word on Cantaloupe Benefits

Fruits and vegetables are the best medications for life on Earth. There is no such sophisticated and hygienic healer of health problems like them. Cantaloupe might have been a seasonal fruit, yet the importance cannot be left over. From the cantaloupe nutrition to health benefits of cantaloupe and the curable diseases by it, everything about the fruit is stupendous.

Some of the health problems that are effectively averted by cantaloupe are obesity, heart problems, vision problems, minor menstrual problems, etc.

Cantaloupe Nutrition Facts:

Cantaloupe fruit is from Cucurbitaceae melon family. Cucumber, squash fruits are also from the same family. It shows all the health benefits of the family with immense effect. The extra cantaloupe benefits for skin and some other issues will be explained with the aid of its nutritional facts.

Cantaloupe Nutrition has amazing contents of minerals, potassium, magnesium, and the vitamins A, C, B9(folic acid). Here are the cantaloupe nutritional facts per every 100 grams of its weight.


Calories 34 mcg
Protein 0.8375 g
Carbohydrates 8.1625 g
Fats 0.1875 g
Omega-3 fats 437.5 mg
Omega-6 fats 37.5 mg

Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamins and Minerals Content per 100 grams
Vitamin A 169.1 mcg
Vitamin C 36.69 mg
Vitamin B1 43.75 mcg
Vitamin B3 .7312 mg
Vitamin B6 75 mcg
Vitamin B9 21 mcg
Vitamin K 2.5 mcg
Copper 43.75 mcg
Potassium 267 mcg
Magnesium 12 mcg

With this knowledge of cantaloupe nutrition, we can easily get to know how the benefits of cantaloupe work.

Health Benefits of Cantaloupe:

1. Heart Health

Mineral strength is the key for any health ingredient to protect blood health and heart health. Potassium mineral in the body tackles hypertension better than any other nutrient, which is a major composition of minerals in the list of cantaloupe nutrition facts.

Heart Health

Blood clotting is a regular problem for those who lack adenosine, which thins the blood while functioning around the heart. Vitamin B9, folate, can prevent heart attacks, which is also a rich content of the cantaloupe.

2. Immune System

Cucurbitaceae fruits are known for their detox properties and anti-inflammatory properties. They eventually improve the condition of resistivity in the body by activating metabolism and increasing the population of white blood cells. It is done mainly due to vitamins A, C.

Immune System

Vitamin C controls the free radicals in the body as a direct effect. The free radicals cause many sicknesses regarding health and also skin. Aging effect on skin becomes inevitable if we lack vitamin C content. Cantaloupes give the refreshment required to defend problems caused by weather disorders seasonally. For many health benefits cantaloupe stands for because of this immune system strengthening.

3. Weight Control

Regarding weight control, all the cucumber family fruits share equal importance. All of them have fiber-rich, low-calorie nutrients. If you want to lose weight just upon diet, prefer cantaloupe for faster results.

Fiber-rich foods are often bulky. As an additional factor, water is too high in cantaloupe. These factors in combination make you feel full after eating, causing you giving up on overeating and snacks. Digestion takes place slowly and calmingly, making our tract work healthier and lose any of the fats remaining in the tract. Weight control and digestion enhancement are the combined benefits of cantaloupe.

4. Cancer

Cancer these days has become a bigger, common issue for at least a tenth of the world’s population. But we have rescues through many foods, cantaloupe benefits this in the first place.


Main reason behind the cantaloupe’s strength for preventing cancer is its beta-carotene and vitamin C. They control the free radicals which may promote cancerous cells to grow. This cancer prevention is the vital point in the benefits of cantaloupe.

5. Lungs and Asthma

Lung protection is immensely needed for the smokers. Asthma has many cures viz. Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupressure, etc. But the lungs once affected cannot be drawn back to original situation anymore directly.


Even if you got to get the smoke because of your companions, you need the protection for your lungs. The only way to do it strongly is to take vitamin A-rich foods. How much ever precautions you take for the rescue, there is no use if you do not quit smoking instantly.

Coming to Asthma treatment, citrus fruits have great abilities to prevent asthma. Cantaloupes are no less useful than the citrus ones. Moreover, unique advantages of vitamin A and beta-carotene are present in here. Lung protection and asthma are the most substantial health benefits of cantaloupe.

6. Eye Health

Glaucoma, retinal problems are way too regular to be cured with foods. But relieving from eye sight problem naturally is something to talk about. Even though eyesight doesn’t make a severe effect on a person’s health, the reason behind the special mention of the problem is, the after effect of relieving eyesight problem is immensely adorable than the other eye disorders.

Benefits of cantaloupe are not only refreshing but also versatile. Beta-carotene in the cantaloupe contributes to the production of vitamin A, which in turn, gives a clear vision. The cataracts are reduced by this process, which enables the clear eyesight.

High vitamin content is always helpful for cataract prevention, thereby for eyesight.

7. Menstruation Problems

Like many other summer special fruits, cantaloupe can get rid of your menstrual cramps, rather quicker than all those. It’s the severe one from all the cantaloupe health benefits.

Cantaloupe can clear menstrual problems to a great extent, in which cramps/pains are the important ones to get rid of. Regulation of menstrual flow, menstrual induction are sometimes needed in particular cases. Cantaloupe can help you out with its rich vitamin C.

8. Pregnant woman


Cantaloupe benefits for health cannot be left out in this case of pregnant women. They mainly need the folic acid for the cell growth in the child in the womb. It also cures neural tube disorders in the fetus, if any. Folate enables the cell generation, also the cell maintenance. Excess sodium in the body gets flushed out as and when needed with good consumption of cantaloupe. This can relieve us from the water retention, i.e. accumulation of excess water in the circulatory system.

9. Stress

Stress could be anything, either physical or mental or emotional. The only way you have to get rid of stress is to have a precautionary healthy food, much before its attack. But with the kind of lifestyle we are living, children are also prone to stress, in either way. Then, initial relaxation could be the detoxifying foods.


Cantaloupe minerals, potassium, magnesium, enhance relaxed heart functioning. They provide oxygen in necessary amounts to the brain, which is the greatest stress reliever.

SOD, Superoxide Dismutase, is abundant in cantaloupe, which relieves high blood pressure, thus depressurize the veins.

Oxidative stress results in cellular death. By eating cantaloupe regularly, you could be out of the damage.

10. Digestion

Cucurbitaceae foods are known for their treatment for stomach related problems. Digestion regulation is the most prominent one in the benefits of cantaloupe.

The stomach very much needs the cleansing effects of cantaloupe. The melon fruit gives the necessary cooling action too. Because of the high fiber content, bowel movements are regulated and keep the stomach and digestive tract healthy. The fibers in cantaloupe can effectively prevent colorectal cancer, caused by severely damaged bowel movements and other digestive issues.

11. Toothache

It is a minor health benefit from the bag of cantaloupe health benefits, yet it has its role to give you a healing action.


Take the cantaloupe skin in water; boil the skin of cantaloupe to a thorough cooking. Strain the water after cooling. Rinse your mouth with this water for relieving from a toothache.

12. Healthy and Glowing Skin

Water is the great requirement for skin health. Water keeps the skin hydrated, regularly detoxified. Thus, rejuvenation of skin is done from the inner layers of skin by regular consumption of cantaloupe. Rejuvenation of skin is done effectively due to the high contents of vitamin B, choline, and betaine. Softening of skin and hydrated skin are the primary benefits of cantaloupe consumption.

Healthy Skin

Not only a detoxified skin, but the fruit also aids a glow to the skin by the rich folic acid. The treatment causes the effective regeneration of cells on the skin.

The elasticity of the skin can be retained only through healthy, nutritious foods. No other medication could do it as better as foods do. Using cantaloupe for skin health can show these desired results at the earliest.

13. Skin Disorders

Vitamin C clears the free radicals in the skin layers, which prevents many skin disorders, wrinkles, dark circles, freckles, etc.

Cantaloupe benefits for skin have gained the popularity because of the extremely desirable nutrients. Collagen production gets real pace by the use of cantaloupe for skin, which retains skin’s elasticity and gives an anti-aging effect.

14. Hair Growth and its Health

Cucumber family foods, water-rich foods promote healthy hair usually. But the hair loss problems are effectively solved by cantaloupe melon, because of the good vitamin B content.

Healthy Hair

Benefits of Cantaloupe extend to direct application to hair and skin. Lemon is the most important ingredient regarding hair growth. But cantaloupe benefits for skin become wider than that of lemon because of this peculiar vitamin B, which is unusual in hair applications.

Vitamin B gives quick treatment for hair loss and effectively gives a start for stronger hair growth.

Cantaloupe is a great conditioning agent when applied on the hair. You can use it directly in your hair. Mash cantaloupe to make a paste. After shampooing, apply the paste to hair, leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off after 10 minutes.

There are assured results for healthy hair with the cantaloupe hair treatment.

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Cantaloupe Tea and Seeds

This is an extra benefit from the cantaloupe by-products. Make a cantaloupe tea using a lemon, ice cubes, cantaloupe syrup. Try not to add sugars as they distract the intent of the drink. Also, the necessary minimal sweetness is added by cantaloupe itself.

Cantaloupe tea is a great diuretic agent.

Cantaloupe seeds, when eaten upon crushing, can give relief from the intestinal parasites. They take form because of ill-healthy diet, digestion. Along with indigestion, cough and fever can also be cured to some extent by this treatment.

Now that we have understood the extraordinary benefits of cantaloupe for health and skin start your summer crash diet with the melon as the primary food. Regular consumption of this fruit has no harm for health.