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Health Benefits of Cardamom – A Wonder Spice To Bring 17 Amazing Changes To Health!

Queen of spices! This is what a cardamom is called. Health benefits of cardamom are so surprisingly awesome, you will regret not having included this spice more often in your foods and beverages. Whether it is the tempting aroma or alluring sweet essence, here are some amazing benefits of eating cardamom – the magic that lies in tiny seeds that come enclosed in the green pods.

benefits of cardamom

Right from helping in a good dental hygiene to aiding in an easy digestion, there are numerous other health benefits of eating cardamom that we have gathered to enlighten you about the greatness and importance of this wonder spice!

Health Benefits Of Cardamom – 17 Amazing Impacts Of Cardamom Uses

Before disclosing to you some astonishing cardamom health benefits, I would like to disclose one simple fact that many fail to notice. Have you ever come across black or white cardamoms at your fields or nearby stores?

If you have ever wished to make the most out of the cardamom benefits, it would be wise on your part to choose the green pods since they are an indication of a much superior quality because these are harvested as soon as they are ripened. Black cardamoms are given some time before harvesting which is why they lose their authentic aroma and flavor whereas green cardamoms retain their freshness.

A Small Tip!

You can, for a confirmation, inhale the aromas of both the green and black cardamoms and you will be able to feel the richest essence being emitted only from the green cardamoms.

Elaichi is what a cardamom called in India, which is the second largest producer of this amazing spice. Let us explore some surprising elaichi benefits.

Benefits of Cardamom:

1. How Cardamom Benefits Heart Health?

How Cardamom Benefits Heart Health

As an adult, your heart should beat seventy-two times in a minute. You can go for a regular health checkup every once in a while to assure that your heart is functioning efficiently and as per the required rate.

If your heart beats have been found to be irregular or do not match the required speed, don’t worry! Including cardamom in your regular diet is going to help you in the maintenance of a healthy heart.

The fact that 100 grams of cardamom contain 229 mg of Magnesium is one of the most remarkable cardamom benefits because the presence of magnesium in cardamom is what regulates your heartbeat.

2. Cardamom Health Benefits For Nausea


If you have ever experienced nausea, you will know what a real inconvenience it can create within you. Viral fevers or food poisoning can create a lot of chaos inside your body and one symptom that can show up more commonly is nausea.

People who undergo surgeries can very often experience the symptom of nausea and such patients are helped to get relieved from nausea by making use of the benefits of cardamom.

Grounded ginger, cardamom added with required amounts of essential oils forms a smooth paste which when rubbed over the neck relieves the person from nausea.

3. How Cardamom Tea Benefits A Sore Throat?

How Cardamom Tea Benefits A Sore Throat

Winters do not usually come alone and they bring some problems like a runny nose and sore throat that is accompanied by an irritable cough which can be annoying and cause you a major discomfort. It is during such times that you can make the most out of cardamom tea benefits to obtain a great relief.

To prepare an aromatic and special flavored cardamom tea, you just need two to three cardamoms to make this tea medicinal and aromatic.

Boil a cup of water in a saucepan and add crushed cardamom to this water along with one teaspoon of tea powder and one teaspoon of sugar. Once you see the emergence of bubbles, you can add two cups of milk to this and let it steep for about five minutes.

You can make a habit of relishing this tea once in a day and you will soon witness yourself getting rid of the cold and sore throat and obtain the most out of the benefits of cardamom.

4. Cardamom Tea Reduces Blood Pressure

Cardamom Tea Reduces Blood Pressure

Hypertension has become a major problem among the elderly. If you have someone in your family especially your parents or grandparents who suffer from a high blood pressure or if you yourself have been suffering from this problem of hypertension, you can make a habit of relishing a hot cup of cardamom tea and you will be amazed to see an amazing regulation in the blood pressure levels.

Cardamom tea is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which is why cardamom tea benefits in a proper regulation of blood pressure levels.

5. Cardamom Aids In An Easy Digestion

Cardamom Aids In An Easy Digestion

Do you grab on an extra bite every time you come across any delicious dish that you cannot resist to eat? You may be able to gratify your uncontrollable cravings but it is the immediate consequence of indigestion that makes you suffer.

Don’t worry! All you need is a warm cup of cardamom tea to comfort your upset stomach. You will be able to get rid of all the uneasy symptoms like nausea, heartburns, bloating and loss of appetite that are caused due to indigestion.

To make the most out of the health benefits of cardamom, you just have to make cardamom tea one of your evening drinks and you will just have to wait until a few hours after relishing this drink to see yourself active and free from indigestion and its troublesome symptoms.

6. Black Cardamom Helps Asthma And Bronchitis?


Difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath and wheezing are the primary symptoms of asthma that cause a major discomfort to the people who suffer from this breathing disorder. The congestion of airways is what majorly causes this trouble.

A regular consumption of cardamom helps in reducing the congestion, thereby relieve the asthma patients from the symptoms making them feel better but it does not, however, help in curing asthma completely.

Black cardamom also helps in thinning of mucous membrane which helps in reducing the symptoms of inflammation. So, this can help those people suffering from stomatitis(2).

7. Cardamom Helps To Reduce The Loss Of Appetite

The Loss Of Appetite

Your cravings for the delicious foods increases only when your digestive system functions effectively and one of the best health benefits of cardamom is that it helps in the production of digestive enzymes and a daily consumption also helps in increasing the production of saliva.

If you have ever been feeling sick and not been able to enjoy the taste of your favourite foods, you can chew the seeds of cardamom occasionally to get your taste buds back into the form.

8. Cardamom To Prevent The Risk Of Cancer

Cardamom To Prevent The Risk Of Cancer

The more antioxidants rich foods you take, the more will be the chance to prevent yourself from being attacked with cancer. The presence of free radicals damages your cells and if the number of free radicals’ increase, the continuous damage to healthy cells may lead to cancer.

Apart from including antioxidant-rich foods in the diet, you can increase the intake of some spices like cardamom to keep yourself safe from being attacked with cancer.

Cardamom tea, foods and desserts prepared out of cardamom should be given the first priority!

9. How Cardamom Benefits Immune System?

How Cardamom Benefits Immune System

Did you know that cardamom contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties? Apart from these, the fact that this spice contains abundant amounts of vitamin C helps in strengthening your immune system.

This is one of the significant health benefits of cardamom which persuades us to use this spice more often in our dishes and delights.

You can just for a change try including cardamom tea in your diet to see what an amazing impact it has on keeping you away from various infections and diseases.

Also, a change in climate causes a lot of chaos in our body! Make a habit of a regular consumption of cardamom when a season is about to end if you wish to stay unaffected because of seasonal changes.

10. Cardamom Helps You Sleep Better

Cardamom Helps You Sleep Better

The major cause of insomnia and a lack of proper sleep in most of the adults is the continuous stress that they undergo in their daily lives. Studies have proven that thiamine consumption can help in reducing the stress levels and result in a happier and sound sleep.

Thiamine present in cardamom also helps in enhancing the functioning capacity of the brain and help an individual to learn and memorize much quicker.

If you have been looking for the ways to utilize the health benefits of cardamom for reducing insomnia, you can simply mix some crushed cardamom in water and drink this, instead of preferring cardamom tea as this can activate your brain cells and not let you sleep.

The next time you find yourself laying in bed, getting lost in a galaxy of thoughts, you know what to do!

11. Cardamom For Weight Loss

Cardamom For Weight Loss

Did you know that certain types of fat can help in burning energy and aid in weight loss? Yes, you have read it right. Fats that help in weight loss!

Our pineal gland naturally produces a hormone called melatonin which is usually known as a sleep hormone and recent studies have proven that this hormone is also responsible for the production of “beige fats” which have the capability of burning down the energies and help in an effective weight loss.

By choosing to balance your weight and keeping it in control, you will be able to protect yourself from some major health disorders like diabetes and PCOS.

Try drinking freshly brewed cardamom tea once in a day, after your meals as an effective tip for weight loss!

12. Cardamom Tea Benefits For Skin & Delayed Ageing

Cardamom Tea Benefits For Skin & Delayed Ageing

Consuming those foods and spices that are rich in antioxidants will undoubtedly help you in acquiring a smooth and lovely skin tone because they reduce the skin inflammation and also delay the process of ageing.

Apart from being rich in antioxidants, cardamom also contains anti-bacterial properties that prevent your skin from being prone to various dust allergies.

Cardamom Face Mask For Soft And Glowing Skin
  • This face pack is so easy to prepare, you will just need five tablespoons of cardamom tea, one tablespoon of honey, and one tablespoon of almond oil.
  • You can refer “how cardamom tea benefits a sore throat” that I have mentioned above to know the preparation of cardamom tea.
  • Take five tablespoons of this tea and mix it with one tablespoon of almond oil and honey to prepare a face pack.
  • Apply this mixture all over your face with the help of a cotton pad and leave it undisturbed for half an hour. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and moisturize your skin.
13. Benefits Of Cardamom For Hair

Benefits Of Cardamom For Hair

Have you ever tried using cardamom powder for hair? Here is why you must immediately try using this amazing spice for hair growth. Cardamom contains a considerable amount of zinc in it which is the main precursor for a healthy hair growth along with some healthy essential oils which are responsible for the growth of shiny hair.

You can increase the intake of zinc supplements for repairing your damaged hair and at the same time make the most out of the health benefits of cardamom by using cardamom powder for hair growth.

How To Use Cardamom For Hair?

Take three to four cardamoms and crush them to prepare a fine powder. Mix the powder with a cup of water and use this mixture to wash your hair before shampooing your hair.

Cardamom uses are not only restricted to dietary benefits, but you can also use this to strengthen your hair. You can follow this remedy twice in a week for the best and effective result.

14. Cardamom Improves Blood Circulation

Blood Circulation

One of the most predominant benefits of Cardamom which is the presence of antioxidant properties and rich amounts of vitamin C helps in the proper flow of blood throughout your body.

A persistent fatigue, cold hands and feet, headache and pale skin are all the symptoms of lack of proper blood circulation throughout the body, all of which you can surpass by consuming cardamom on a daily basis.

The best way to let a proper flow of blood throughout your body is to consume cardamom tea on a regular basis.

15. To Improve Sexual Health And Cure UTITo Improve Sexual Health And Cure UTI

The presence of aphrodisiac properties, the property which increases the sexual desire is one of the most peculiar health benefits of cardamom which makes this, the most commonly utilized spice for the improvement of sexual health.

Cardamom Milk To Cure Premature Ejaculation

You can mix the ingredients of crushed or grated ginger, finely crushed cardamom powder, crushed almond powder (of soaked seeds) and add a pinch of saffron to a cup of hot milk (cow’s milk is much recommended) and consume this on a regular basis to get rid of premature ejaculation.

Cardamom is also used as a remedy for various sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea and cystitis.

16. Cardamom To Reduce Joint Pains

Cardamom To Reduce Joint Pains

The anti-inflammatory property of cardamom is the best property of this spice which is why it is used for reducing the joint pains that are essentially caused due to inflammation.

A frequent muscle spasms associated with weakness and dehydration are more common to occur in elderly people as the muscular strength decreases with the increase in age.

Drinking cardamom tea can very effectively relieve you from the problems of joint pains and muscle spasms.

17. Cardamom To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Did you know that the chewing gums that you use as mouth freshening agents contain considerable amounts of cardamom in them? A special aroma that is associated with a unique and distinct flavour of cardamom is what makes this spice one of the best ingredients as a mouth freshening agent.

You can make a habit of chewing the seeds of cardamom soon after you finish your meals to prevent bad breath.

Cardamom Side Effects

1.5 grams of cardamom per day, which is approximately equal to five to six cardamoms per day is the recommended intake. Make sure that you do not exceed this amounts to prevent any minor side effects like nausea, giddiness or vomiting.

Cardamom benefits are so vast and amazing; cardamom side effects wouldn’t bother you much unless you consume the spice in excess amounts.

Who Should Avoid Eating Cardamom?
  • Pregnancy – Nausea is the most common symptom that pregnant women face but you must strictly refrain yourself from consuming cardamom as this may lead to miscarriage. You can consult your dietician to prepare a list of foods that will help you deliver a healthy baby.
  • People suffering from gallstones – You must essentially avoid the consumption of cardamom if you have been diagnosed with the presence of gallstones as they may aggravate the pain and discomfort.

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Bottom Line

You can make the most out of cardamom benefits, a simple ingredient that lies at the corner of your kitchen racks and you need not really put in much efforts. Simply savouring a warm cup of cardamom tea on a regular basis is going to fetch you the above-given 17 remarkable elaichi benefits.