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Benefits of Cranberries Which you never Knew and Should Be Aware off

Cranberries are the fruits which are obtained from the group of evergreen dwarf shrubs, which has got many nutrients in it. The scientific name is ‘Vaccinium.’ Let us discuss the Cranberries nutrition in the following.

Benefits of Cranberries - Which you never Knew and Should Be Aware off

All About Cranberry Nutrition

There are various health benefits of cranberries, all this is because of the presence of various nutrients which provide proper nourishment to our body. Let us briefly discuss the cranberry nutrition in the following.

Name Amount (in 100gm)
Calories 46
Total Fat 0.1g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 2mg
Potassium 85mg
Total Carbohydrate 12gm
Protein 0.4gm

Due to the presence of all these valuable nutrients in the cranberries, they provide various benefits.

They have no cholesterol content in them and the total fat is further divided into sub systems, it consists of polyunsaturated fat content but no saturated or monounsaturated fat.

It also consists of minerals like sodium and potassium which help in the strengthening of the body. The total carbohydrate content in the cranberries is 12grams, it further consists of dietary fiber of amount 4.6gm and sugar of 4gm. It consists of various proteins which help in providing the nourishment to the body. It contains Vitamin A, D, B-12 which help in providing various health benefits. It contains calcium which will help in the strengthening of bones and the growth of the bones properly. It also contains Iron and Magnesium but in a very less content.

After reading all this you must have been clear about the various nutrients present in the cranberries. The benefits of cranberries are high, there are many. They provide many health benefits as well as used for beauty and skin care.

What are the Health Benefits of Cranberries?

There are many health benefits of cranberries, let us discuss them in the following. All the health benefits of cranberries are listed out below.

  • The health benefits of cranberries help in preventing cancer. It helps in improving the strength of the immune system and then help in fighting against cancer and also is a prevention step. This is because of the presence of essential nutrients in the cranberries which help in providing immunity. It is helpful, especially in the breast cancer treatment.
  • Cranberries help in strengthening the immune system and avoid the risk of suffering from various fungal and bacterial infections. This is because of the presence of antitoxins and nutrients in the cranberries.
  • It also helps in the treatment of brain health problems and is also a brain boosting food which will enhance the brain function. It will help us in remaining away from various infections like cold, flu and then influenza also.
  • Cranberries benefits are also in treating the respiratory problems in the people. It helps in maintaining the health of the respiratory system.
  • The one main other benefits of cranberries are weight loss. They are used in the weight loss treatment process. Cranberries help in removing the extra fat deposits in the body which will help you in losing weight. It is advised to have cranberries in the form of cranberry juice twice a day and in a week you will surely see the change in yourself.
  • When the kidney health gets disturbed and the kidney stones occur, it will trouble the patient a lot and it may sometimes be chronic. So Cranberries help in the prevention of kidney stones and also if they have already occurred will help you in the treatment. The cranberries help in diluting the kidney stone and then is passed away in the output of the body.
  • The blood clots will lead to tumors sometimes; cranberries help in preventing the tumors because of the antitumor properties of the cranberries. This is a chronic problem, but by following this remedy for avoiding tumors. You will be free from tumors.
  • When you don’t maintain your dental health properly then there will be disturbances and you will have dental issues. The teeth will start decaying, but by having cranberries in your diet you can prevent your teeth from decaying and this will help you to come over the problem. This is because the cranberries kill the bacteria because of the antibacterial properties and then help in preventing your tooth to decay.
  • The benefits of cranberries are also in maintaining the heart health and preventing the heart from various problems. It improves the cardiovascular health; this is because of the presence of various antioxidants in the cranberries. The heart is very important and so are cranberries in your diet to stay away from heart problems.
  • The Cranberry juice is helpful in solving or treating the urinary infections. By drinking the juice once or twice a day will help you clean your digestive system also. They help in easy digestion as well as treat various infections. Cranberry juice is your weapon to fight various infections, especially urinary infections. All this is because of the presence of antibacterial properties in the cranberries.
  • Due to the presence of calcium, cranberries help you in strengthening your bones and also help in the bone growth. This will help in strengthening the teeth, so always prefer drinking a glass or two of cranberry juice to remain healthy and stay away from various health problems.
  • The benefits of cranberries are also towards hair, they help in the growth of the hair and also avoid hair loss. One other main importance is they help in preventing dandruff that is a dry You will surely see a change if you strictly follow the cranberries in your diet, you will see a thick hair on you, I’m sure you will be shocked with the changeover. This is all because of the presence of valuable nutrients like vitamins and minerals in the cranberries.
  • Cranberries are also used for treating obesity, this is because they help in removing the extra fat deposits from your body, helping you maintain proper weight.
  • Cranberries also are helpful in treating and preventing Scurvy, it is a vitamin deficiency problem. Cranberries contain a rich source of vitamin C which will help in treating the scurvy.
  • They help in reducing the risks of suffering from stomach ulcers, they are not chronic but they trouble you a lot. So by drinking cranberries juice once or twice a day will help you in treating ulcers in your stomach. This is one main hack tip and the benefits of cranberries.

After reading all this you must be clear about the benefits of cranberries towards health, not only for health but the benefits of cranberries are applicable to skin also, let us discuss them in the following. So it is very important to have cranberries in your diet because they help in maintaining your health and prevent you from various health problems.

What are the Health Benefits of Cranberries for Skin?

We have discussed the health benefits of cranberries earlier, but there are many other benefits and beauty tips with which you can enhance your skin tone and also prevent your skin from various infections. Let us discuss the use of cranberry for the skin.

Provides You with Anti-Aging Skin Benefits

Anti-Aging Properties

The benefits of cranberries play an important role towards the skin, they help in enhancing your looks irrespective of your age. They provide you anti-aging benefit which will help you to preserve all your looks with yourself. This is because of the antitoxins and then the various rich source of nutrients in cranberries. It will help the skin to remain hydrated , fresh and also glowing.

Skin Glow

Glow facial

Cranberries help in providing a glow to the skin, they help and enhance your skin tone from inside that is tissues and help your skin to glow. This will make you look attractive, so if you have been to beauty parlors for skin glow and failed many times, here is the key for all you guys. Start drinking cranberry juice once or twice a day and all the benefits of cranberries which we have discussed are at your door step.

Prevents Wrinkles

Prevents Wrinkles

The cranberries help in firming up your skin which will avoid wrinkles on your face with age because the wrinkles start coming when the count of age keeps becoming high. So by following few remedies like cranberry juice, you will reduce the risk of suffering from wrinkles. It also acts as a moisturizer for your skin. Cranberry for skin has got various benefits which you never even, imagined!

Helps in Treating Acne and Boils on Skin

Helps in Treating Acne and Boils on Skin

Due to the presence of antitoxins in the cranberries, they help in treating acne and pimples. They are also used for treating the boils on the skin. But you have to prepare a face pack for this, using the cranberry juice and apply it on the affected area and rest for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash your face. But make sure you wash your face properly before applying the face pack so it works properly on your skin. With this, we have studied the benefits of cranberries for skin also and by now you must be clear about all the benefits of cranberries.

What Did We Learn from the Article?

Now you are all aware of the benefits of cranberries, we also studied the various nutrients present in the cranberries in the cranberry nutrition. So after reading that you must be aware of the health benefits of cranberries due to the presence of various nutrients. We have also studied about the cranberry for skin uses. So it is better if you start intake of cranberries in your diet because of the cranberry benefits. Always stay ahead towards health and take care of yourself.


So much of anything is bad always, so don’t over eat or drink cranberries sometimes there maybe few side effects. Take in the required amounts only in order to gain all the health benefits of cranberries. Good luck, stay healthy.