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Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea – An Addictive Organic Beverage

Dandelion is a plant with sharp leaves, they are called as toothed leaves or spikes. But still, we, however, find ways to have it in our diet because of the dandelion health benefits. Generally, dandelion root tea is made and consumed. The dandelion root tea benefits are way high for health as well as for beauty. It is a coffee substitute, which is made from the root of the dandelion plant. They also taste similarly like coffee. Having a cup or two cups of dandelion root tea in a day will give you various health benefits and let you live peacefully away from all the diseases or infections.

Versatile Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea


So with the root of the dandelion plant, we make dandelion root tea which has got many health benefits. Let us briefly discuss the dandelion root tea benefits.

Dandelion Root Tea Health Benefits for You

Dandelion root tea health benefits are in a big count. Let us briefly discuss them in the following and I’m sure after reading this dandelion root benefits you’ll start having dandelion root tea immediately from now into your diet.

  • It helps in increasing the urine output and will help in reducing the water content in your body and will clear out all the toxins and impurities in you. This is because dandelion root tea acts a diuretic thing.
  • The dandelion root tea health benefits also play important role in the strengthening of the liver health, it will make your immune system strong and help you from preventing various infections. It also helps in increasing the flow of the bile juice in the liver. Dandelion root tea detoxes the liver and will help you in maintaining your liver health.
  • It also helps in the easy digestion by providing a soothing feel to the digestive system. It will help in increasing the appetite and also will reduce the chance of constipation in you.
  • The benefits of Dandelion root tea helps in preventing the infections in the urinary system, it will increase the urine output and clears all the toxins in your body. Dandelion tea which releases antitoxins will help in preventing these infections.
  • Also, Dandelion root tea benefits in maintaining bone health by providing a rich source of calcium. This will help you in increasing the strength of your bones and also the growth of the bones. So even if you reach 60 on age, your bones will be strong still by starting to drink dandelion root tea every day.
  • The benefits of Dandelion root tea towards diabetes also. It will help people suffering from this problem by maintaining the sugar levels in the blood. By increasing the urine output, generally, the sugar content is pushed out of the body and will help in treating diabetes.
  • It helps in clearing the liver problems and also helps in maintaining the liver health.
  • The benefits of Dandelion root tea help in fighting It is a preventive measure for cancer because prevention is better than cure.
  • Dandelion root tea uses are in the treatment of jaundice also. By maintaining the liver health, it will help in detoxing your liver and recover back quick.
  • Dandelion root benefits in the lowering of the blood pressure and to maintain blood pressure. This is because of the presence of fiber in the dandelion nutrition.
  • Having dandelion root tea daily will help you in preventing constipation because of its good digestive properties.
  • They also help in the formation of the red blood cells, which is used to treat patients with anemia.
  • All these benefits of dandelion root tea are because of the antitoxins and lute Olin in the Dandelion root.

With all this we must be clear about the dandelion root tea health benefits, there are many which we have known and there may be many which we never knew. So after reading all this, don’t you feel you should start having dandelion root tea daily? Maybe yes to maintain your health.

Now moving to the dandelion health benefits in beauty care;

Dandelion Root Tea for Skin:

Dandelion helps in curing various skin diseases caused by many viral of bacterial infections. The dandelion sap, which is also called as dandelion milk is applied to damaged skin. The sap has many properties which will kill the bacteria or fungal infections and help you in quick recovery. But make sure, this sap is not in contact with your eyes. It will harm your eyes and sometimes you may even lose sight. This is the home remedy for many skin problems. So there are few beauty tips about dandelion root tea for the skin. Let us discuss them briefly;


Treating Acne And Pimples

Generally, teens suffer from this problem due to many hormonal changes in the body at that age. They will create many toxins which will come out of the sweat glands of the body along with the sweat. But dandelion produces antitoxins and also acts as a detoxifier and helps in curing acne. It will also help in the quick healing of the skin because of the presence of vitamin C in the dandelion root. So with this, you must be clear about the dandelion root tea for skin benefits. They really work, so think about it and start working on it.

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Dandelion root tea will also enhance your skin, the skin will start glowing from inside. This is because of the presence of many antitoxins in the dandelion root tea. It will purify the excess oils in your skin and remove the dust particles and acts as a cleanser to your skin.

This is considered to be one best benefits for dandelion root tea, so you better start having this tea.

Where do you get Dandelion Root Tea Powder?

Dandelion root tea bags are available in the market or the supermarket closer to you. You can add up some honey to the tea and then drink it for better taste. Honey also provides a rich source of nutrition to the body. So by drinking this dandelion root tea, it will provide you many health benefits which we have discussed in the above. So with this, we are clear about where we get dandelion root tea powder and also how to make it. Just mixing up with hot water and drinking. It’s easy, not a tough task. So wear your shoes and run to the nearest supermarket.

Let us Discuss the Dandelion Nutrition:

After looking at the dandelion root tea health benefits, you must be clear that dandelion provides you with a rich baggage of nutrients. Let us briefly discuss the dandelion nutrition.

These are a number of nutrients present in 100gms.

Name Amount in 100gm
Calories 25
Sodium 42mg
Potassium 218mg
Vitamin K 535%
Iron 9%
Magnesium 5%
Vitamin A 111%
Vitamin C 32%
Calcium 10%
Dietary Fibre 7%

This is all about dandelion nutrition, it provides you with a good source of nutrition with the help of all the vitamins and minerals in its nutrition. With all these properties, benefits of dandelion root tea are considered to be more. So make sure you have dandelion in your diet. You can eat it raw, boiled or dried and make a tea.

Dandelion Root Side Effects:

Not everyone is potential to have dandelion in your diet. Few people are allergens to dandelion. If you start having symptoms like running nose, fever and itching after you have dandelion root tea, then it is advised to not take dandelion root tea once again. Meeting a doctor and telling your problem will help in confirming what is actually wrong with you. So with this, it is clear that there are many benefits of dandelion root tea as well as includes the side effects also.

Dandelion Root Weight Loss Treatment

Dandelion root being diuretic will reduce the water level in the body. It increases the urine output, so all the impurities are pushed out of your body and then this will help in maintaining the cholesterol levels also. Alongside of the numerous benefits of dandelion root tea, weight control stands as an asset. You will be observing changes in the first week itself after the start of the tea in your diet. Once you start feeling you have been losing weight add up workouts to that, this will help in quick weight loss. This is the dandelion root weight loss treatment.

What did we Learn from the Article?

After reading this article you must be clear about the benefits of dandelion root tea. We have clearly studied the dandelion root health benefits and dandelion root uses. It will help you in remaining healthy and staying away from various infections. We have also come across the dandelion root for skin and hair benefits. So with this article, you must be aware of the dandelion root health benefits, so it is important for you to start following a hygienic diet and also rich intake of nutrients. So always stay a step ahead towards your health, cause it’s you who can control your health status.