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Benefits of Eating Dates In The Morning -10 Things That Happen When You Follow This Simple Tip

Compelled to drink coffee, early in the morning? I do and yes, I regret it because just like you, I want to satisfy my morning sweet cravings and I can’t help it! But, we could perhaps eat a handful of dates. They are sweet and delicious too. Wondering why prefer dates? Here are some amazing health benefits of eating dates in the morning that will make you consider this yummy dry fruit before you gulp anything down your throat!

10 surprising benefits of eating dates in the morning

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Why Is Morning The Best Time To Eat Dates?

We all yearn to have a bright, energetic and a lovely day and not to miss, the foods that we choose as our day starters have a powerful impact on how our body functions throughout the day!

Dates contain little amounts of all the nutrients that our body needs to function efficiently. Moreover, dates enhance our brain functioning and help us concentrate more. This keeps us energetic and vibrant so that we can have a graceful day! (1)

Considering, following other health benefits of dates and its amazing nutrition facts, the best time to eat dates is in the morning on an empty stomach.

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What Are The Benefits Of Eating Dates In The Morning?

1. How Dates Keep You Energetic?

How Dates Keep You Energetic

Dates are a great source of Iron. Considering Deglet Noor variety of dates would be highly beneficial since this variety contains good amounts of Iron (1.5 mg in one cup chopped) when compared to other varieties.

Intake of Iron is known to reduce the risk of Anemia which may show in the form of symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue and a headache.

More is the blood flow throughout your body, more lively and energetic you become because there is a good supply of blood and oxygen to each and every organ. (2)

What more? Start your day with a handful of dates and get rid of the morning blues.

2. Benefits Of Eating Dates For Heart Health

Benefits Of Eating Dates For Heart Health

Taking the right care of your heart health is essential in today’s world where heart diseases stand the topmost reason for a majority of death cases.

Surprisingly, certain simple tips followed regularly are sufficient to put your heart in a safe zone, away from all the common cardiovascular diseases.

Potassium In Dates Benefit Your Heart

Not to forget, a simple yet most effective health tip of eating dates early in the morning can do wonders in safeguarding your heart health.

Dates are a great source of potassium- a mineral that is vital for regulating your blood pressure. (3)Too low or too high levels of potassium may trigger your heart function.

Dates Reduce Cholesterol

Dates contain good amounts of fibre which can reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL) so as to prevent the risk of heart blockage.

3. Eat Dates To Strengthen Your Bones

Eat Dates To Strengthen Your Bones

Dates contain decent amounts of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Manganese and Iron all of which help in improving your bone health.

Maintaining good bone health is essential for preventing bone-related disorders like osteoporosis and Osteomalacia (both of which are caused due to the deficiency of vitamin D or Calcium).

Apart from the required bone-healthy nutrients, dates also contain Vitamin K which can increase your bone density. Greater is the bone density, greater will be the bone strength. (4)

This reduces the risk of fractures and injuries which might cause a lifetime suffering. Although vitamin K does not play a major role in bone improvement, regular intake is known to improve bone density.

4. Health Benefits Of Dates For Balancing Weight

Health Benefits Of Dates For Balancing Weight

For those who are looking to gain some extra pounds to look healthy, dates are of great use! Dates are particularly high in calories.

Just one cup of chopped dates (which weighs around 147 grams) gives you about 415 calories. Moreover, dates are high in glycemic index which raises your blood sugar levels, leading to a weight gain.

Dates For Weight Loss!

Interestingly, dates can also promote a healthy weight loss when consumed in moderation. This is because dates can gratify your sweet tooth so that you do not consume any junk or sugary foods that might increase your weight. (5)

Dates are also a good source of fibre and help in detoxification which can speed up the process of weight loss. Eating 4-6 dates in a day may be enough to experience a healthy weight loss.

To make the best benefits of eating dates for weight loss, you can have them early in the morning on an empty stomach, right after you floss your teeth.

5. Dates Can Reduce The Risk Of Colorectal Cancer

Dates Can Reduce The Risk Of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer can occur among teenagers and adults but is more common to occur in people who are above 50 years of age.

The exact cause of colorectal cancer is not known but it is known that the damage of cell’s DNA causes the cells to divide rapidly which results in the formation of tumours.

Also, relying on a western diet which is particularly high in unhealthy fats and low in fibre content can increase the risk of colorectal cancer. (6)

We need 25-30 grams of fibre per day and dates contain 8 grams of fibre in every 100 grams which helps in fulfilling 32% of your daily fibre requirement.

6. Dates Can Regulate Periods

Dates Can Regulate Periods

There are numerous reasons for irregular periods and lack of Iron is one of the causes. Hormonal changes which might occur due to unhealthy food choices can also disrupt your menstrual cycle and one of the leading cause of irregular menstrual cycle is a polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Consuming dates solves the problem of menstrual irregularities and also reduces the mentural pain because dates are the best source of Iron. (7)

They also gratify your sweet tooth so that you stay away from unnecessary junk! Exercising regularly and consuming dates simultaneously prevents menstrual irregularities and stabilizes your hormonal imbalance.

The best way to consume dates is to have it along with a glass of milk since both the ingredients are highly nutritious and they help in regulating your menstrual cycles.

7. Impact Of Dates On Brain Health

Impact Of Dates On Brain Health

Ageing is associated with loss of memory! If you have observed your dear ones among family and friends who have been struggling to remember details, you can suggest them to eat dates on a daily basis because dates are known to reduce the further complicated risks of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Dates prevent Alzheimer’s because they suppress the activity of certain proteins called Beta-Amyloids which cause death to healthy and normal brain cells. (8)

Also, dates can improve the skills of learning and memorizing and reduce the feelings of anxiety.

The presence of special antioxidants called flavonoids in dates reduces the inflammation by fighting the free radical activity and enhancing your brain-boosting ability.

Above all, the presence of Iron in dates is known to protect your brain cells and improve their functioning.

8. What Are Various Skin Benefits Of Eating Dates In The Morning?

Not many of us are aware of the positive influence of dates on skin health.

But, considering other external and internal factors that impact our skin health, we may have to follow up with some self-care measures like exercising regularly, cleansing our skin twice or thrice a day and the most important of all, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

One simple remedy that you can add to this list of this skincare regime is eating a handful of dates in the morning.

A. Dates Improve Your Skin’s Elasticity

Dates Improve Your Skins Elasticity

Dates contain good amounts of vitamin C which can increase the production of collagen. Collagen is essential for maintaining skin’s elasticity so that your skin appears fresh, youthful and lively. (9)

B. Dates Can Prevent Sunburns!


Applying sunscreens and taking external care of your skin externally is however essential but you can also choose to consume foods that contain flavonoids to prevent sunburns.

Flavonoids can absorb the UVB radiation which is responsible for causing redness of skin and inflammation.

C. Dates Can Heal Skin Damage And Enhance Overall Skin Quality

Dates Can Heal Skin Damage And Enhance Overall Skin Quality

Skin damage is pretty much evident due to the scars, spots, and blemishes that are persistently visible on our skin. We can choose to heal them quickly by keeping ourselves hydrated and consuming fresh fruits.

Flavonoids in dates are great antioxidants which reduce the oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can damage your skin and delay the process of healing because of the imbalance in the production of antioxidants and free radicals.

Our skin requires more antioxidants and lesser free radicals to remain healthy. Also, the intake of flavonoids reduces spots, scars, and blemishes, thereby improving the overall skin health.

9. Why Should Women Eat Dates 4 Weeks Prior To Delivery?

Why Should Women Eat Dates 4 Weeks Prior To Delivery

Most women take on to the internet to know some best self-care tips to be followed during pregnancy. If you are one of those or if you have someone among your family and friends who are currently experiencing this beautiful yet complicate phase, here is the best advice that you can give them!

A. Dates Can Promote A Natural Labor

Dates Can Promote A Natural Labor

Eating dates 4 weeks before pregnancy can help in promoting healthy natural labour and reduce the contractions because dates can reduce the effect of the hormone called oxytocin which is known to cause labour contractions.

Dates can also speed up the process of labour by reducing the duration of labour. This reduces labour pains because such women go through the labour for a lesser time.

There were various studies conducted on pregnant women where a group of women were asked to consume dates 4 weeks before pregnancy unlike the other group.

Women who consumed at least 6 dates per day until the day of pregnancy underwent the process of labour for a lesser duration and experienced comparatively a healthy labour. (10)

B. Dates Prevent Hemorrhoids

Dates Prevent Hemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids is one of the common complications during pregnancy which is caused due to the swollen and inflamed veins around the anus and rectum of a woman due to immense stretching that occurs due to the pressure and weight on the affected area.

Haemorrhoids can occur due to a lack of fibre intake and pregnant women can combat this by consuming dates which are rich in fibre content.

10. Benefits Of Eating Dates For Sexual Health

Benefits Of Eating Dates For Sexual Health

Though there are various pills that can be taken for improving sexual health, you can choose some of the best natural ways to improve boost your reproductive health since there are no side effects if you opt the natural methods.

1. Dates Boosts Hormonal Production

Dates Boosts Hormonal Production

Dates can increase the reproductive hormones estrogen and testosterone in both men and women which improves the chances of fertility.

2. Dates Increases Sperm Quality

Dates Increases Sperm Quality

Dry fruits, particularly dates are the best estrogen rich fruits which are interestingly essential for improving the sperm quality in men and preventing erectile dysfunction. (11)

3. Dates Increase Libido

Dates Increase Libido

Date fruit is considered a natural aphrodisiac since it increases libido, thereby improving the sexual relationship between partners.

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Dates Nutrition Facts

One cup of chopped dates which is around 147 grams contains the following nutrients.

Vitamins Grams %DV (Percentage of daily requirement that it meets)
Vitamin A 567 IU 11%
Vitamin C81.2 mg 135%
Vitamin E0.7 mg 4%
Vitamin K92.5 mcg 116%
Vitamin B6 0.2 mg 8%
Thiamin 0.1 mg 4%
Niacin 0.6 mg 3%
Riboflavin 0.1 mg 6%
Folate 57.3 mcg 14%
Pantothenic acid0.5 mg 5%
Choline 17.0 mg
Betaine 0.1 mg
Minerals Grams %DV (Percentage of daily requirement that it meets)
Calcium 42.8 mg 4%
Phosphorous60.1 mg 6%
Sodium 30.0 mg 1%
Magnesium 19.1 mg 5%
Selenium 2.3 mcg 3%
Manganese 0.2 mg 1%
Zinc 0.4 mg 2%
Potassium 288 mg 8%
Iron 0.7 mg 4%
Other elements Grams %DV (Percentage of daily requirement that it meets)
Carbohyrdates 6.0 grams2%
Proteins 2.6 grams 5%
Fats 0.3 grams1%

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How Many Dates To Eat Per Day?

While it is true that dates taste absolutely sweet and delicious, eating dates in moderation is essential because excess consumption can lead to overweight.

You can avail the best health benefits of eating dates in the morning if you consume 4-6 dates per day.

As an alternative, you can also discard the seeds, grind them to powder, soak this in water and add the mixture to a glass of milk. Adding a tablespoon of honey to milk makes the best and healthy breakfast food.\

Best & Healthy Ways to Eat Dates

Chopped Dates for Breakfast

Weight loss seekers can prefer oatmeals or salads as their breakfast food, keeping in mind, the amount of energy they provide to sustain for long periods wihout longing for foods & cravings.

One simple tip that you can follow to keep your body nourished with rich nutrients like Iron, vitamin K and Folate is to add dates to your breakfast foods like oatmeals and salads.

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Here is a perfect picture of Dates Nutrition facts and Dates Health facts!

10 Benefits of eating dates in the morning

Bottom Line

Getting to know theese top 10 benefits of eating dates in the morning will convince you to replace your morning coffee with one of these best, nutritious and healthy dry fruits.

Being a high-calorie fruit, dates can increase your weight and keep your energy throughout the day. Interestingly, dates can also promote weight loss!

They can solve menstrual irregularities, improve sexual health, enhance the skin texture, improve heart health, strengthen your bones, reduce the risk of colon cancer and promote natural labour.