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Nutrition, Calories and Health Benefits of Grapes

Grapes are one of such fruits which carry many aberrant and adorable, unique signatures of Almighty with such a precision and accuracy of perfectness, taste, colors (varied), shape and of course the juice!

Nutrition, Calories and Health Benefits of Grapes

Grapes: Perfection Level: GOD

It may be quite difficult to think that grapes carry a high order of importance in nature, but it is that they do! For example, let us take the story of “Fox and Grapes,” since that we are but are less concerned with the moral of that fable, or their shape and all, but, rather we are far more interested in the grapes nutrition, calories in grapes and their health benefits.

Grapes are the warehouses of a variety of nutrients, vitamins and primarily they are the juiciest available to a vast scope of colors, tastes, and sizes. A bunch of grapes is supposedly the best way to let your body receive Vitamin C in the primary.

Now that we know that we are here to talk about grapes the sweet and sour, the undeniably juicy and the refulgent colored, we shall now reveal to you some of the few things that make grapes a lead to the health-conscious YOU, to choose them above all. Grape nutrition has been a major question and has raised many eyebrows on the calories in grapes. Well we shall try to address few of such questions, majorly:

  • Grapes Nutrition
  • Calories in Grapes
  • Most importantly – benefits of grapes!(On Whole)

Grape Nutrition:

Grapes are bombs, find it unacceptable? Yes, they are bombs, but, not of cyanide, etc. but of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Oh the taste, sour and sweet! Did you get it? Vitamin C!  Grapes are like Samaritans of your health bible. They offer you considerable amounts of–


Vitamin A:

as a vital vitamin for proper vision, we all take in vitamin A, in various forms, but, less adequate compared to the past generations, our food habits and most importantly our lifestyle. Vitamin A is primarily present in Leafy vegetables, apples, carrots, Grapes, Coming to grapes about 2% of the grape nutrition is mainly composed of vitamin A.

Vitamin C (25%!!):

The citric vitamin, Vitamin C, is of great help in keeping our bones, gums, other parts of the body together and serves our body by guarding it against the scary disease, Scurvy. So it is important that we take proper care about Vitamin C. Yes, you may wonder why bother about Vitamin C as most of the fruits and foods supply the needed amounts, that’s true, but what about the amount of supply? A bunch of grapes would give you a guarantee a minimum of 25% of Vitamin C, from the whole nutrition that it provides. Won’t such a promising thing be a great benefit as it comes with another bunch of bomb nutrients?

Vitamin D:

The Vitamin of the dawn light, Vitamin D, is a great binder and strengthener of bones. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes rickets and other bone related Vitamin D plays a dynamic role in absorbing the minerals from food into our blood and body. It facilitates the absorption of calcium and thus helps our bones to be in proper shapes. And who wants to stand in the dawn light for our body to generate Vitamin D? Or who wants to go fishing and get sharks and cod and make Vitamin D out from their intestines and guts? Instead wouldn’t you be happy to sit at home and eat a bunch of grapes and get the benefits of grape nutrition? So buy grapes!

Vitamin K:

Though you are well aware of what A, B, C, D might do to your body, little is known about Vitamin K and much little to ourselves. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps primarily in the blood clot! Vitamin K is also undeniably vital in building strong bones, preventing the cardiac problems, Oh, so you know it now, never the late, but wherefrom would you get it? Grapes, the easiest solution to almost all.

Vitamin B-6, B 12:

To talk about B6, B12 we need to understand that, they all belong to a different water-soluble family. So varies their properties. They are key elements and vitamins of essential nutrition. Deficiency of which causes many problems related to bones, heart, Childbirth, Lack of B12 causes severe numbness in muscles, loss of red blood cells, etc. Grapes are powerhouses of Vitamin B, they give more quantities of Vitamin B6, B12 and hence makes then a mandatory in your diet.

Salts and minerals:


Although your intake of vitamins is a significant concern, adequate intake of salts and minerals is far more important. It is necessary minerals such as magnesium are present in optimum levels in the food you eat as they promote the biochemical reactions happening inside your body. It also plays a crucial role in muscle contraction, nerve transmission, energy production, nutrient metabolism, blood coagulation, and in cell and bone formation. Grapes contain about considerably 5mg of this in about every 100 grams of grapes you eat.


Though portrayed as evil in manipulating the blood pressure levels, it is an essential element of blood pressure control system and regulates the function of muscles and nerves. It also plays a significant role in the inter-neural transmissions and inter-neural activities. But as anything in a limit is a resource, Grapes offer sodium and potassium just as much as your body needs, i.e. 2mg / 100 grams of grapes.


The bone-maker essential, calcium, is also found in grapes but not as much as a human body needs, but, it is found at a higher concentration than sodium and magnesium. About 14 mg of calcium can be dug from grapes.


The color-adhesive pigment of blood and the important part of protein, Hemoglobin, iron serves in delivering oxygen from lungs to the entire body and thus prevent it from falling apart. Grapes have but have less iron to claim but still are a better part to consider.


The primary electrolyte that functions similar to sodium but is of far more use to the human body as Potassiumis vital to heart function and plays a central role in muscle contraction and skeletal strength, muscular function and normal digestive. Grapes offer about 190 mg of potassium.

And a lot more as – fiber, sugars and lot more! All the kinds of grapes, the blue, green, purple, black and red share these vitamins along with specific add-ons like antioxidants in the black/purple grapes.

With all those perks grape health benefits are far higher than to its competitors. When we speak of benefits of grapes we must not forget the fact that grapes aren’t just the juicy fruits we eat, we can also account for the raisins! Do you know that grapes when they shred their water content to a maximum of 15% we term them as raisins? Coming to raisins, they are little peculiar in their superiority against grapes because of antioxidants that are enormously huge in raisins.

So grapes, raisins, their nutritional attributes and values, all put together we must say that grapes are good promoters of nutrition and inevitably carry a lot of benefits.

Quick review on grape nutrition:

  • Solid sources of vital vitamins and rare minerals
  • Low sodium levels makes it good for people with Blood Pressure issues
  • Red, blue, purple, black, and green all are the same Grapes of the house berries, king of Fibre and the first vitamins, protector of the Antioxidants and the minerals.

Since that we have seen the vitamins, minerals and all we are now going to throw light on the sugars or calories in grapes.

Calories in Grapes:

Let’s  not beat around the bushes, but to be clear, we all must understand that almost all fruits, most of them, they DON’T carry much of calories not because mangoes, bananas, and few others are the arch rivals of those on a diet to shed weight. Instead, these natural elixirs, grapes are rich in fiber, water, and minerals.

Coming to calories, where do we get them from? Where is the idea of finding jelly oils and carb-fueled meat? Nowhere! If you ever want to find calories, dig for sugar, the sweet of the fruit! That is fructose, which is in its atomic form and is instantaneously absorbed by our body, after a little processing.

So coming back to grapes, how many times have you eaten a grape and seriously didn’t find it to be sour? Well can’t say that, but, the sure thing is grapes carry with them almost nothing. Nothing at all. They bring you lots of minerals, water but zero cholesterol!

Well though they carry little of sugar, the fructose, the suitable type, it is very low, as low as 90 calories! Is that a big number? Reconsider eating grapes the next time you eat and dessert and think of calories in grapes, maybe then, we shall shift to better fruit-diet be it red grape nutrition or purple grape.It is almost as beneficial as having a something to eat and all the time and get the delight of its taste, its juicy nature, its bombful nutrients and yet have nothing to worry about calories! What would you such a thing? On earth, we all call it grapes but may be in heaven it’s called “Amrit,” the “elixir.”

Quick Review:

  • 67 calories in grapes(100 mg) is not at all a worry because when we eat 100gm chocolate, we get about 540 calories.
  • Grape nutrition is bolstered by the absence of calories and cholesterol.

Now that we know they carry almost no calories we shall now see what benefits it brings to those who take seriously on grape nutrition.

Health Benefits of Grapes:


When was the last time you heard of green tea? Or something that could burn out your bad cholesterol or at least prevent your body sugars from turning to bad fat but don’t you think that bringing green tea, brewing it, straining away those tea leaves, adding sugar cubes and again washing the cups? Uff! That’s a lot of work! Isn’t it? And just now here we have a better way of getting antioxidants along with a lot of other things. Grapes are found to have resveratrol and flavonoids in abundance, the two primary antioxidants that are any diet-man’s concern. So, you might now say that benefits of grapes are good to know, but I already take grape wine, and grape juice and hence I acquire most of it! Isn’t it that simple? The answer is, yes you do get, grapes are not only about your grape nutrition, but it’s also more about the fiber, diet, taste and importantly its more about enjoying the god’s gift, nature in its truest form!

Weight Loss:

Weight Loss

To shed weight, you should eat foods that give you more fiber and burn your residing fat and supply you with great floods nutritious content and also must serve to fulfill your hunger.That’s exactly where most fruits fail to deliver you the best but grapes! They meet all your dietary constraints and serve the purpose of weight loss.

Blood Pressure and Heart health

Blood pressure

Grapes are recommended for those who suffer a severe high blood pressure to negate the effects of sodium and thus helping you maintain in a healthy state. A cup of Green grapes serve you about 175 milligrams of potassium, red grapes benefit us by the same by providing nearly 290 milligrams, and black grapes nutrition gives us 200 milligrams of the same. It must be understood that heart’s health is often affected by the cholesterol and is low if your dependence on grape nutrition is more as the calories in grapes are far than what you may call it as considerable.

Blood Sugar and Diabetes


As the insulin levels remain untouched these grapes, though are sweeter in taste, they carry with them fructose which is harmless. So people with diabetes can have a diet which relies upon grapes.



Many individuals who suffer from a terrible breathing trouble accompanied by serious inflammation and narrowed down air-way to lungs from the nose, filled with mucus is called Asthma. So coming back to mucus, grapes cure this problem by obliteration of mucus causing bacteria. Grapes are good even with such high levels of water content.

Bone Health:

As Grapes contain sufficient amounts of Vitamin D, B12, and minerals like calcium they help us keep our bones safe without making them into parts.


Alzheimer’s, constipation, indigestion and lot others stay at bay when there is grape in your diet, eye related problems, etc. are scopeless if you are on a healthy diet with grapes. It also helps with aging, metabolism, immune system and neural related issues.


Grapes are beneficial to us as they have –

·        High amounts of Vitamins

·        Adequate levels of minerals

·        Rich in fiber

·        Low calories

·        Great Taste