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Benefits of Green Tea – Does it Work on Your Overall Health or Just Weight Loss?

Addicted to tea? You have a better alternative. Addicted to coffee? There’s something that beats it. Addicted to smoking? You can replace it with even more effective tranquilizer. But keep coffee and smoking aside, why? Do we need to avoid tea? Isn’t it a normal beverage of the day? No! an addiction has no favors to do for the body, even though it is the normal hygienic food.

Green Tea

The advantage of addiction can be reaped when you have superfood/a highly nutrient food in your bag. One such extraordinary agent for your health is our today’s topic, i.e. Green Tea. The health benefits of Green Tea are enlisted here with elaborated details on its excellence of nutrition and medicinal properties.

Green tea has a lot of excellent healthy features to help our bodies work at a whole new different energy levels. We have many drinks, herbal teas, juices for the same health purpose. But the green tea is the most renowned beverage in the entire category. The strengths of green tea nutrition are very powerful to enhance our health in various aspects.

What is Green Tea?

Green Tea is a herbal tea. It is made out of leaves, Camellia sinensis. Unlike the conventional teas, green tea is made in a raw form.

The leaves are taken into hot water and made their nutrients get mixed with the water. As soon as the tea gets its emerald green color, green tea is said to be ready. It is the easiest of all to prepare.

But this is not all to learn about green tea. The distinct benefits of green tea for our bodies will define what is green tea and its uses for health.

Contents of Green Tea:
Nutrient Characteristic
Vitamins B2 Skin’s elasticity, Mucus membrane
B9 Prevents Neural Tube defects, arterial sclerosis
Calories & Fats Very mild amounts
Vitamin C Antioxidant, mucus membrane maintenance, skin protection
Vitamin E Antioxidant. For skin health.
Catechin Antioxidant, Anti-hyperglycemic. Reduces blood cholesterol, cancer growth.
Theanine Blood pressure control, Anxiety reliever
Caffeine Diuretic. Useful for Alertness, Stamina
Flourine Prevents tooth decay
Chlorophyll Prevents odor

Most of the health benefits of green tea are due to its antioxidant properties. And entire list of its benefits will be drawn from the green tea nutrition facts.

Health Benefits of Green Tea:

Consuming green tea for 4 to 5 times a day is absolutely harmless. We can have as long as we wish to maintain the health in its peak. The benefits of green tea for various purposes are explained here.

5 Most Popular Advantages of Drinking Green Tea:

  • Heart

Heart protection is the most significant advantage with green tea. People habituate more when they get to know they have a weak artillery or circulatory condition.


The exact purpose of drinking green tea might be different in particular cases but every aspect of green tea usage is linked to heart health, which will be cleared to you in the following paragraphs.

Green tea, with its rich antioxidants, can protect blood and heart health from oxidative reactions. Arteries become wide with the intake of green tea. LDL cholesterol(Low Density Lipoprotein) is potentially melted with the reactions of green tea constituents.

This effect has a significant impact in preventing atherosclerosis, which is a major cause for blocking arteries. Thus, the cardiovascular risk will be highly reduced by green tea.

  • Diabetes

Contribution of green tea for diabetes control is proven in many ways. The fiber content of green tea is one big asset for health. It promotes effective digestion and thus enhances the performance of insulin in the body.


Along with mobilizing fats, mobilizing sugars also is a major act of green tea. It is mainly with the catechin and antioxidant strength of the tea. A person diagnosed with diabetes can also consume green tea for a better health.

  • Cancer

The benefits of green tea are highly interlinked. The stroke prevention and fat control are collective advantages of green tea. And the digestion and cancer defence is also an invariable effect of having green tea.

Anti-Cancerous Properties

As known for its great anti-inflammatory effect, it instinctively prevent cancerous cell growth in the body. Anyone can drink green tea for this matter of preventing cancer as everybody is prone to cancer these days due to the involvement of hazardous environmental conditions and usage of such ingredients in foods.

Not just digestive/gastrointestinal cancers, but cancers like breast, colon, lung, skin, ovarian, pancreas, etc. many can be prevented with strict intake of green tea.

Cancer prevention has an additional benefit of improving immune strength. Improving the resistive power of the body will not only retard the growth of cancerous cells but also can improve our health in several aspects like combating minor inflammations and ailments like irritability, anxiety, depression, etc.

  • Weight Loss

Weight Control

Weight loss is highly reputed factor in the entire uses of green tea. More than cancer and cardiovascular diseases, weight loss is the top application of green tea.

How Did “Green Tea Weight Loss” has become a phrase?

Is it all true that drinking a tea can turn your belly to a zero size? The answer will be an absolute NO! But then how could green tea be that famous world over? There is some technique required to use it.

It is an art to have a control over our bodyweight. When you’re on a green tea diet or you’re just having green tea hoping your weight should come down, there are few things to be understood

  • Green tea is an agent that prepares our body to an excellent condition.
  • An analytic view says, Green tea benefits are up to activating the body for proper healthy weight loss. But without any practice or a diet, any herbal tea/superfood becomes helpless.
  • It creates a suitable atmosphere in the body to lose weight instantly as soon as we start the diet or any weight loss regime.
  • Benefits of green tea will, of course, be working greatly along with enhancing weight loss. But the tenderness of the body must be utilized to make the program successful.
  • Being on a weight loss workout or diet plan can however do its job. But the green tea’s activity on body particularly when you are on a diet will help us lose weight very fast than expected.

There are several factors that support weight loss with green tea. Few fundamental effects like metabolic activity, fat mobilization work in the primary levels of your weight loss program.

Not only melting the fats, intake of green tea also promotes the generation of fat burning hormones in the body.

Apart from fats, gastritis is one big threat that causes overweight. Green tea also combats this problem. Obese people can have green tea multiple times a day without any doubt on side effects.

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  • Digestion

Green tea is well-known for its anti-inflammatory treatment on the body. The interesting part here is, digestive inflammations are more powerful disorders in the body, which can be handled by green tea with great potential.

Colitis, Crohn’s are few infamous, yet widely attacking digestive disorders which can be inhibited by the actions of green tea. Best benefits of green tea are drawn when you be on a proper green tea diet. It helps us in relieving from many digestive problems at once.

Gastrointestinal problems, other digestive disorders like bowel syndrome, indigestion, and constipation, are defended by regular intake of green tea.


How much ever is green tea healthy, we always should keep a check on how our body responds to various diets and food habits that we usually overlook. And about green tea, the benefits of green tea discussed above are completely generic, they work for everybody. But the thought of blindly taking green tea cannot be leisured completely as its dosage and process of preparation have major impact on the uses of green tea for health purposes. Therefore, having green tea is not all. Be it the desire of becoming fit or for any health benefits like curing inflammations and disorders, a blind dependency on green tea may not be the rescuing factor. We should work on foods and healthcare along with it.

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Other Benefits of Green Tea

The most popular uses of green tea are all mentioned. They are the top preferences of people which pivot the habit of taking green tea.

Now let us move on to few important health benefits of green tea that are equally significant as the above advantages.

  • Brain Health & Brain Functioning

The cognitive ease gets enhanced with the consumption of green tea. There are many researches that prove the benefits of green tea on brain health. It controls the anxiety and improves the calmness and peacefulness of the brain.

Green tea is mere an antidepressant for those who really need it.

Also, green tea works well in improving brain condition physically. The blood vessel growth in brain gets boosted which is an interesting phenomenon as the brain’s total health is reflected by the circulatory conditions. Any organ of the body is judged for its healthy level with its deal with good blood.

  • Immune Power

Immune strengthening powers of green tea are not properly explored yet. But when an ordinary body experiences the beauty of green tea in terms of resistive power towards infections, inflammations, flus, etc. the situation turn in favor of the body. This factor is an absolute strength to our immune systems.

  • Dental Health

If you have tooth decay, go for green tea. Maybe, it may not cure our disease completely but its medicinal properties give great strength to our dental health.

It improves your dental hygiene with powerful antioxidants which proves green tea to be on top of herbal drinks. We can choose green tea as our primary beverage as soon as we recognize any gum infection or a tooth infection.

  • Skin

Uses of green tea for skin are very peculiar. Green tea is not a skin ingredient though, it has significant use to improve our skin condition.

Healthy Skin

Skin’s elasticity, aging factor on the skin are majorly improved by green tea.

Other benefits of green tea on skin health are curing pimples, clearing dark circles and tanning, etc.