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10 Best Benefits Of Oats For Skin, Hair, And Health

The healthiest way to start your day is perhaps through a bowl of oatmeal! There are many benefits of oats as it contains the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Oats are a rich source of fiber and thus help in keeping you satisfied for a long time.

10 Best Benefits Of Oats For Skin, Hair, And Health

In addition to being a very healthy option as a meal, oats constitute to be very beneficial for the hair and skin as well. There are countless benefits of oats, and hence it is a great option to incorporate oats into the daily health regime.

What Are Oats?


Oats is a cereal whose seeds are edible. Apart from the consumption of oats by human beings as oatmeal, oats are also used as livestock feed. Oats are very much different from wheat. Wheat is a type of grass while oats are grown for their seeds. Oats benefits are many over the benefits of wheat.

Health Benefits Of Oats:

General Benefits:

Oats contain high amounts of proteins as compared to other cereals. Oats are a rich source of phytochemicals that help in protection against many chronic diseases. Oats are full of essential minerals, vitamins, folic acid, and thiamin.

Regular intake of oats is beneficial in controlling bacterial infections in the body and retarding their growth. The regular consumption of oats can boost the overall immunity of a person. The oats benefits for health are many and hence it is a very healthy addition to the daily diet.

Anti-Cancerous Properties:

The great amounts of phytochemicals in oats are known to prevent harmful diseases such as cancer, especially breast cancer. Dietary fiber on regular consumption helps in the circulation of estrogens in the female bodies thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Blood Sugar:

Oats are a rich source of beta-glucan which is a soluble fiber that helps in the transformation of food sources into a gel during digestion. The formation of gel during digestion helps in increasing the level of viscosity in the stomach as well as the intestine. The absorption of carbohydrates will be active during digestion by the formation of gel and thus maintains the level of blood sugar well.

Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure

Regular consumption of oats is helpful in controlling the blood pressure. Many people who are under the influence of hypersensitive medication, find effective relieve by proper and regular intake of oats. High blood pressure is very unsafe for the health of an individual. It is, therefore crucial to maintain oats as a part of the daily diet and help in controlling the blood pressure.

Weight Management

Oats contain soluble fibers which help in slowing the process of digestion. The slowing of digestion will help in prolonged absorption of the nutrients from the food, in turn keeping you satisfied for long. Regular consumption of oats is very beneficial in reducing the risk of overeating.

Relieving Constipation:

Oats are a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fibers which aid in the process of digestion. The fibers of oats will work by scrubbing through the intestines and provide relieve from constipation. The juices absorbed in the body through oats will form a spongy texture, making the stool heavy, and increasing the pace of movement in the gut.

Skin Benefits Of Oats:

Oats are very beneficial for the overall health of an individual. There are many benefits of oats for skin, and hence it must be added as an essential ingredient of your skin care regime. Oats help in skin lightening  by improving the skin tone and texture. The market is overflowing with skin care products containing oats such as body scrubs, exfoliating creams, soaps, body lotions, foot care creams, etc.

Skin Benefits Of Oats

The high content of protein in oatmeal is very beneficial in the maintenance of the skin’s natural barrier. Sunburn can be reduced considerably by using oats regularly. Oats help in protection of the skin from harsh chemicals, UV rays of the sun, excessive drying , rashes, and acne.

Treating Acne:

Treating Acne

Acne is a very poor condition which spreads very fast and steals the facial beauty of an individual. Oats is an excellent remedy for treating acne as it improves the skin tone and texture. Application of cooked oatmeal will help in absorbing the excess oil from the acne. It is a great way to protect the skin from bacterial infections by use of oatmeal. Reduction in acne will be facilitated by the exfoliation of the dead skin cells by the application of oatmeal.

How To Use?

Boil oatmeal till it softens well and cool it. Apply on the affected areas and rinse well after 10minutes.

Removal Of Dryness:

Oats constitute to be one of the most efficient remedies for fighting dull and flaky skin, skin irritation, rashes, peeling, scales, etc. Oats are a rich source of polysaccharides which become gelatinous when mixed with water. The gel formation will help in making a protective sheet on the skin and aid in the retention of moisture. One of the most significant benefits of oats is the removal of dryness.

How To Use?

Face masks with oatmeal is an excellent way to help in removing dryness. Mix a mashed banana with one cup of ground oatmeal and warm milk. Apply the smooth paste all over the face and allow it to dry for about 15minutes. Rinse well with cold water and observe a soft and supple skin instantly .

Skin Moisturizer:

Skin Moisturizer

Oats act as a natural moisturizer by helping the skin get rid of the dead skin cells. The beta-glucan content of oatmeal can penetrate deep into the skin layers . Healing of wounds and mild abrasions will be enhanced by the process of collagen deposition in the skin layers by the application of oatmeal. Oats for hair can also be considered to be an important aspect in the moisturizing of the scalp.

How To Use?

Add a cup of milk to two cups of oats along with a tablespoon of honey. Apply the thick paste on the skin and allow it to dry for about 10minutes. Rinse well and feel a freshly moisturized skin.

Treatment Of Chicken Pox:

Oatmeal has natural anti-inflammatory properties, acts as an anti-oxidant, and help in relieving itching. The remarkable properties of oatmeal make it very attractive for treating skin problems such as eczema, chicken pox or poison ivy, insect bites, etc.

How To Use?

Grind oats into a fine powder and pour into a cheesecloth. Use the cheesecloth over the areas of skin infection or irritation. There will be a soothing effect created on the regular application.

Benefits Of Oats To Cracked Feet:

Cracked heal is a very common problem faced by many people, both men, and women. The cracked heals worsen during winters as the atmosphere will be very dry and lacking moisture. It is a great way to get rid of the cracked heals by using oats regularly. You can use a foot pack of oats, honey, and olive oil to help in heeling the cracked heals. You can either scrub using ingredients or apply as a foot pack. The dead skin cells can be removed effectively, and moisture can be locked within the heals of the feet.

Benefits Of Oats To Hair:

Apart from the health benefits of oats, they are very exquisite for healthy hair . The topical application of oats will make the hair soft yet strong. Oats help in exfoliating the skin and aid in getting rid of the dead skin cells. Regular consumption of oats is found beneficial to promote hair growth.

  • Oats act as a natural moisturizer when applied on the hair.
  • Oats help in making the hair shiny and soft.
  • Oats relieves dryness and itching.
  • Oats help in getting rid of dandruff .
  • Oats remove excessive oil, dirt, and sebum which get accumulated on the scalp.
  • Oats facilitate in combating hair loss and promoting hair development.
  • Oats for hair growth promotion is very effective as it fixes the damaged hair.
  • The formation of a layer over each strand of hair helps in acting as a barrier from harsh chemicals in the shampoos, hair dyes, and other hair styling products.
  • The general hygiene of the hair can be maintained by the regular application of oats.

Selection Of Oats:

  • It is best to but oats in small quantities to ensure the maximum benefits from it.
  • Oats are conveniently available in pre-packed containers these days which are easy to open and store.
  • It is best to avoid the bulk bins of oats on the grounds of hygiene and safety.
  • Look for additives while buying oats. It is advisable to avoid oats that contain salt, sugar, and other additives if you are looking at oats for health.

Storage Of Oats:

  • Proper storage of oats is necessary to make sure the product remains fresh and doesn’t lose its flavor.
  • Storage of oats in air tight containers is paramount to prevent it from vermin intrusion.
  • Oats can be stored for 3months in a cool and dark cupboard.
  • For storage of oats above 5months, you must refrigerate the oats.
  • Oats bran contains high quantity of oil, so refrigeration is essential.
  • Oats flour needs refrigeration and must be discarded after 3months of storage.
  • To make use of the best benefits of oats, you must consume fresh oats and discard it within 2months of storage.
Oatmeal For Breakfast:

Oatmeal For Breakfast

  • Many people prefer to have oatmeal for breakfast.
  • The rich content of fibers in oats makes it very nutritious as well as fulfilling.
  • Beginning the day with a hot bowl of oatmeal will keep you satisfied for long and keep you away from munching on unhealthy snacks throughout the day.
  • The benefits of oats for breakfast are many and hence it is a very healthy way to start the day!
  • You can add some tomatoes, beans, carrots or even peas to the oatmeal to make it a delicious treat.

The health benefits of oats make it very popular amongst people these days. Oatmeal can be rightly considered to be a superfood. It is a great selection as a meal as well as a snack. Oats have the unique capability to act as an effective home remedy for many skin and hair problems. It is, therefore important to include oatmeal in the daily routine and extract the benefits of it for the hair, skin, and the overall health of an individual.