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22 Best Health and Skin Benefits of Pomegranate and Its Usage

The delicious fruit that everyone loves to have is pomegranate. Pomegranate is the one with distinct flavors, taste and strong characteristics. Pomegranate, also known as ‘Anar’ in Indian subcontinent, is a delicious fruit rich in many nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid. It has many antioxidant and antiviral properties greater than that of green tea.

22 Best Health and Skin Benefits of Pomegranate and Its Usage

It is said that pomegranate was found in Iran and the brought to Egypt at about 1600B.C. it was not only had as food but also referred to many medicinal values. Pomegranate was also known as the seeded apple in those days.

Apart from all the right nutritional benefits of pomegranate are innumerable regarding to health care purposes. The health benefits of pomegranate can be had in many ways like pomegranate juice, syrup, seeds, custard or nectar. Pomegranate juice helps in treating cartilage damages and protects babies from brain damage during childbirth.

Nutritional values

The nutritional benefits of pomegranate are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and lots of fiber. The fiber content in pomegranate helps in weight loss and promotes healthy digestion in the body.

The pomegranate contains a lot of ellagic acids, punicic acid, antioxidants and omega five unsaturated fatty acids which are helpful in promoting cell regeneration and proliferation. The juice of pomegranate is an impressive source of vitamins A, C, E and minerals like calcium, folates, phosphorus, iron, folic acid, niacin, thiamin, potassium, and riboflavin.

The bitter peel of the pomegranate contains a lot of polyphenols including tannins, catechins, gallocatechin, and prodeliphins. This skin of the pomegranate is used for dietary supplements and food preservatives.

Health benefits of pomegranate

After seeing all the nutritional benefits of pomegranate here are some health benefits of pomegranate which are unknown to many and have a significant impact on health.

Healthy heart

Heart Health

As said it helps in a healthy body it effects majorly on the heart. It helps the arteries to get flexible decreasing the inflammation in the blood vessels. It is the best known to reduce atherosclerosis which is the leading cause of heart attack.

It helps in reducing the harmful cholesterol  and increases the good cholesterol. It decreases the blockage in the arteries and helps in blood flow which in turn keeps the heart healthy.

Cancer prevention

Cancer Prevention

Some nutrients benefits of pomegranate help in preventing cancer attacks. The antioxidants, vitamin A, C and iron in fighting back free radicals and stopping them from damaging the cells. Thus pomegranate prevents many diseases like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

It also helps in promoting strong and healthy immune system.

Maintains blood sugar levels

Although pomegranate contains sweetness, it does not increase any sort of diabetes levels inside the body. It contains fructose which does not increase the blood sugar levels, in fact, pomegranate benefits in decreasing the blood sugar levels.

Healthy Cholesterol Levels


Apart from the nutrient benefits of pomegranate it also can reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the blood. The fiber in the pomegranate helps in digestion and healthy immune.

Maintains blood pressure

Pomegranate juice has the capability to reduce high blood pressure and support it. It even acts as a blood thinner which helps in the healthy blood regulation through the body. It can lesions and inflammation in the body which causes blood clots and helps in the healthy heart and healthy blood flow.

Treats diarrhea

As said pomegranate benefits in secreting enzymes that help in digestion which assist in treating diarrhea and dysentery. Add one spoon of honey in a glass of pomegranate juice and its daily consumption results in diarrhea treatment.

Increases immunity

The antibacterial and the antimicrobial properties in pomegranates benefits in boosting up the immunity system just by fighting back these bacterial and fungal infections keeping a body healthy. Out of all the fruits, pomegranate contains the highest potential to prevent the transmission of HIV.

Prevents anemia

Anemia is caused due to the insufficient amount of red blood cells. As it contains a large amount of iron, it helps in increasing the amount of hemoglobin in the body resulting in an enormous amount of blood cells.

Adding up some candied sugar in pomegranate juice and putting some drops into nostrils is the instant solution for nose bleeds.

Bone improvement


Benefits of pomegranate include in increasing the density of bone strength. The density of bone decreases with age. To prevent this, add up pomegranate juice to your daily diet levels and see the results.

Even giving proper amounts of pomegranate to pregnant women may help the inside child for good bone strength.


Pomegranate benefits in the smooth and appropriate functioning of heart, liver and even the metabolism. It helps in inducing hunger and has the capability to control thirst. Therefore pomegranate juice is recommended in summers .

Helps in digestion

The amount of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber helps in proper healthy digestion. Since it has no saturated fats and cholesterol, it is recommended for weight loss. It also soothes urinary infections and helps in proper liver functions.

Cartilage regeneration

Pomegranate can inhibit the enzymes that are responsible for cartilage damage. It is recommended for the people suffering osteoarthritis, a condition that causes joint cartilage breakdown.

It is said that benefits of pomegranate also include dissolving kidney stones and also curing dysfunction in men.

Pregnancy care

Pomegranate health includes the vitamin and minerals that are required during pregnancy. The folic acid which is the primary requirement during pregnancy is present in pomegranate benefits. The anti-inflammatory property helps in proper blood flow which plays a vital role in a healthy fetus.


It also helps the baby birth with proper weight gain. It prevents the premature birth of the baby or little weight of the child during birth.

Weight loss treatment

Weight Loss

The delicious fruit has the capability to reduce the extra calories. The daily consumption of pomegranate gives you better results without any disappointments. The high fiber helps in proper digestion and helps in case of any hunger. This results in a healthy weight loss.

Skin benefits

Pomegranate helps in promoting healthy skin. It keeps the skin healthy, elastic, smooth and firm. Here are some more health benefits of pomegranate for the skin.

Anti-aging agent

Anti-Aging Properties

Pomegranate helps in reducing the aging factors like fine lines and forehead wrinkles . It is helpful in protecting the elasticity of the skin. It also prevents the hyperpigmentation and brown spots  or dark spots.

Treats dry skin

Pomegranate contains punicic acid and omega three fatty acids that help the skin to retain its moisture and helps the skin to be hydrated. Thus it helps in the soothing dry skin and irritated skin. These are the additional benefits of pomegranate.

Healing scars

Pomegranate plays a vital role in the regeneration of cells. Pomegranate helps in keeping the dermis and the epidermis of the skin healthy. They assist in the production of enzymes that are the causes of regeneration of cells.

It can fasten the process of healing of wounds. Even the sunburns can be treated by pomegranate benefits.

Acne removal

Treating Acne

The main causes of acne are due to hormonal imbalances or digestion problems. Pomegranate being rich in fiber helps in proper digestion and results in acne prevention. It can produce sebum which is the primary cause for oil secretion resulting in acne.

Benefits of pomegranate include the enhancement of proper blood circulation and also helps in the regeneration of cells.

Oily skin treatment

Pomegranate benefits also include the treatment of oily skin. The oily skin can treat by adding up pomegranate into the daily diet. Even the application of pomegranate juice to oily skin can help in its treatment.

Sebum which is the primary cause for oily skin can be reduced by having pomegranate regularly.

Skin inflammation

The benefits of pomegranate include polyphenols and other compounds extract which works excellently than any other ointment or cream on soothing inflammation.

The seeds have the properties to heal quickly. Consuming or applying extracts or oil on the affected area to heal scars shows up an excellent result.  And it does not even leave any sort of scar or mark after healing.

Sun protection

The benefits of pomegranate include the lots of antioxidants which help the body prevent free radicals. This also prevents skin cancer, sunburn or sun damage . It has the properties of ellagic acid and polyphenol antioxidant that avoid the growth of tumors.

Glowing skin

The regular consumption of pomegranate helps in a glowing skin and radiant skin. All the properties in the pomegranate help in skin radiance and healthy skin.

Mix 2 tbsp of pomegranate juice with 1tbsp each of powdered papaya, grape seed oil, grape seed extract and apply all over the face as a face pack. Leave it for an hour and wash it with lukewarm water.

Skin infections

The anti-inflammatory properties in pomegranate help in curing even severe skin infections like psoriasis, eczema. The anti-inflammatory and the anti-microbial properties assist in healing and results in healthy skin.


Pomegranate for hair shows up best results than you expect it to show. Here are the points that define the benefits of pomegranate for hair growth .

  1. The pomegranate does wonders in the case of hair. It helps in strengthening the hair follicles and thereby results in healthy hair growth.
  2. Pomegranate is mainly used in shampoos and conditioners for frizzy hair. The people with frizzy, curly, wavy or detangled hair can have pomegranate to moisturize that.
  3. It helps in adding up shine to the hair. Pomegranate oil is used as a carrier for almond oil  for soft and shiny hair.
  4. The vitamins and minerals in pomegranate help in the nourishment of the hair. It helps in keeping up the moisture of the hair and keeps it healthy.
  5. Heat some pomegranate oil and massage your scalp with it. Cover it up with a towel and let it be for half an hour. Then rinse the oil with shampoo and conditioner.

It helps in keeping the hair nourished due to the fatty acids and strengthens the dull and provides natural shine.

  1. Having pomegranate juice regularly helps in strengthening the hair follicles and helps for people suffering from hair loss.


After seeing all the healthy benefits of pomegranate, here are some ways to add pomegranate to your daily diet.

  1. The dried pomegranate seeds are powdered and are used in meat dishes.
  2. The natural juice is an easy way.
  3. Adding it in foods gives exotic flavors to the dishes.
  4. These can be used to make soups, cocktails, drinks and ice cream.
  5. Employed in deserts, smoothies, drinks which add up the extra flavors to the food.