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Best 15 Benefits of Sugarcane Juice for Healthy Metabolism

Sugarcane juice is the direct extract of the most nutritious sugarcanes stalks. There are many other products in utility with sugarcane namely sugar, etc. Now, what is so special in this raw sugarcane juice? What qualities are there in it which are quite absent in the other products of it? How the benefits of sugarcane juice make it a favorite summer drink for many? Let us find out.

Best 15 Benefits of Sugarcane Juice for Healthy Metabolism

Sugarcane juice uses are quite a lot to make out a list. It’s all because of the nutrients and minerals of it which make it a wonderful sweet juice and sweet product, which is contrarily benefiting us being a sweet.

The ayurvedic applications of this juice are enormous. If at all possible, we will be readily presenting you this most beautiful science of medicine ‘Ayurveda.’

Sugarcane Juice Nutrition:

Let us briefly know the contents and sugarcane juice nutrition levels.

Sugarcane Juice for health

  • Sugars: Sucrose. It does not need insulin for metabolism.
  • Vitamins & Protein: None except B1, B2 i.e. Thiamine, and Riboflavin
  • Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium.
  • Calories: 40 calories per one serving
  • Fibers: 13 grams per one serving in a raw sugarcane stalk, but not in juice
  • Flavonoids: Reason for all the benefits of sugarcane juice

Note of Caution:

It is alright to consume sugarcane juice for health every day. It is healthy to have it in right quantities. But see to the process of preparation.

Hygiene is a large concern of sugarcane juice today. Do not simply have 3-4 glasses of juice and feel you have got abundant nutrients and health.

Traces of dangerous diseases like Leptospirosis, Chagas disease have been found to be caused only due to lack of hygiene in the making methods.

Prefer iceless, natural squeezing processes for better health.

Unfortunately, pesticides are used in the cultivation of sugarcanes. We could not find out them just by looking at them. If one wants a higher security for his/her health, they must get the stalks directly from the farming lands.

Benefits of Sugarcane Juice for Health:

Health benefits of sugarcane juice are enormous, and in distinct, they cross over a hundred. But to be concise and brief, we wound up them biologically interconnected and made them into a crisp 15.

Instant Energy Drink

The thirst quenching drinks are the most popular ones chosen in summer times. But sugarcane juice benefits are all along the year. It can boost you up with the instant energy one needs upon exhaustion.

Opting for soft drinks for the instant energy is no better in these uncertain days because the advantage of instant energy is readily beaten up by sugarcane juice and the drawbacks of those drinks directly affect the body without a chance to rectify.

Nobody can deny the fact that sugarcane juice does an excellent job than the other cold drinks and soft drinks.



Treating dehydration with water is common. But the raw sugarcane contains water about 40-50% of its weight. In addition to this, the nutrients we discovered help a lot more than water. The composition of sugarcane juice benefits us in regards to antioxidant, skin issues, digestive issues, and much more. The best way we could get rid of all these problems is to hydrate our body all the time. Hydration effect to other issues can show you a lot of benefits which you can see on the benefits of water article.

Antioxidant & Detox

The antioxidant property is the most mainstream quality demanded from any health ingredient, and sugarcane juice is no exclusion.

The flavonoids, phenolic compounds make the juice an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiviral, anti-tumor ingredient. Thus, these incredible properties cover many of the mentioned sugarcane benefits for health below.

Detoxification is carried out by the antioxidant bodies in sugarcane. More than water, sugarcane juice can detox the body from toxins with its added minerals and nutrients. It is the most natural detox drink for anybody in need.

Strengthens the body

Upon regular consumption, the anti-inflammatory characteristics, and the ability to be resistive to many issues are provided by sugarcane juice for health. Various parts of the body individually get benefited with the sugarcane juice. Stomach, muscle, eyes, kidneys, brain, also the sex organs get the detoxified and healthy nutrition, thus experience a pleasant metabolism.

The calcium and phosphorous present in sugarcane give strength to bones and teeth.

Constipation/Digestive system

Digestive tract gets cleansed, and the pH levels of the stomach juices get balanced with regular consumption of sugarcane juice. The potassium provided by the sugarcane juice benefits us with the improvement of digestive system’s health. Stomach infections get reduced to much lower levels.

With all these benefits of sugarcane juice, constipation gets prevented as a whole result. Regulation of digestive acids is the main reason for this advantage.

Weight Loss

As already discussed, the natural sugars, which are digestible and anti-diabetic provide body an active metabolism. The fat melting property, in turn, helps in controlling weight and stops the obesity. Benefits of sugarcane juice have this excellent by-product, which has the equal importance as many significant advantages.

Weight Loss

It can reduce the bad cholesterol too. The fiber content of the sugarcane juice is way more than the carbohydrates and fats of it. It’s a huge advantage for an energy drink.

Diabetes & Blood sugar levels

Diabetes is risen by the glucose levels accumulated in the body. Sugarcane contains sucrose. So, we can all reap the health benefits of sugarcane juice with no hesitation even if we are diabetic. Too much of its consumption also creates problems, so, better take it in limited levels.


Glycemic index is also lower for the raw sugarcane juice. It helps in reducing sugar levels further. The sugars in the sugarcane juice are different from table sugar. Sucrose in sugarcane does not require insulin for metabolism because it gets digested in liver than the small intestine. It is an indirect cause for the control of blood sugars in the body.

Jaundice is controlled by sugarcane juice consumption because it can regulate the glucose levels in the body. It is not the cure for the disease, but a reducer. Diabetes, Jaundice are the parallel benefits of sugarcane juice.

Immune System

Immune System

The immune system needs no technical information for better understanding; because we have discussed it all in the headings around. To our surprise, every benefit of sugarcane juice in some way relates to the strengthening of body mechanisms. With this peculiar thing from sugarcane juice health benefits, we conclude it is a great immune booster.

Sugarcane juice for skin

Skincare from sugarcane juice benefits also surprises us! There are many advantages with sugarcane juice for skin. The juice has the essential anti-aging properties. It can remove dark spots, wrinkles, etc. at the initial stages with regular consumption.

The treatment with alpha hydroxyl acids does the job of adding the skin a glow.

Skin is exfoliated with the juice better than any other cream. Simply dealt here, but this one line treatment works wonders on the skin like excellent benefits of sugarcane juice.


There are huge chances for the removal of pimples and acne with the same treatment mentioned above. You can use sugarcane juice in fuller’s earth treatment, or multani mitti if you are an Indian, for the removal of acne.

Treating Acne

Apply the fuller’s earth on the face and keep it for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with cool water. Pimple cure is an immensely effective one of the sugarcane juice benefits.


Raw sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature, without any added ingredients. It provides stomach and digestion system a healthy atmosphere to work well through the digestion process, and it carries the digestion juices well in the tract. So, consuming raw sugarcane juice in a thirsty noontime works much better than carbonated water or a soft drink.

Kidney and Liver Health

Kidney functioning and liver functioning are interrelated. Alkaline nature of sugarcane juice benefits for health regarding healthy digestion, and also for better execution of liver, kidney functionalities. The electrolyte balance is a must for kidney’s health, which is one of the major sugarcane juice uses.

Kidneys are additionally benefited due to the nutritional values of sugarcane juice. The saturated fats are quite absent in the juice, and low sodium is another reason behind this effect. Urinary infections, burning sensation while urination can also be cooled down with this juice. It’s one of the finest health benefits of sugarcane juice.

Kidney stones, sexually transmitted diseases, prostatitis find cures as sugarcane juice health benefits.



The mineral strength is too high in sugarcane juice. The flavonoids make the super drink of sugarcane juice for health. They, in combination with minerals, make the juice alkaline and control many cancerous cells promoting prostate cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Dental infections

Tooth decay has got a treatment with sugarcane juice. The enamel, an important substance on the teeth is recreated with the minerals of sugarcane. The treatment for tooth decay also covers the problem of bad breath. These benefits of sugarcane juice stand surprisingly amongst all.

Along with the teeth, the bones, and the skeletal system are strengthened with sugarcane juice consumption.


Cleanses Wounds

Wounds are cured by certain sugars! Isn’t it strange? But it’s a fact; sucrose can heal severe injuries too. Sugarcane is rich with it for our boon. Also, when applied to the wound, sugarcane juice gives better results.

Wound treatment is a special one of the sugarcane health benefits.

Sore Throat

A sore throat can be rescued effectively by sugarcane juice with lemon juice added. Vitamin C is however fondly available in lemon. Also, it is rich in sugarcane juice. That’s how sugarcane juice uses for health become extensive in many areas of natural treatment.

Sore Throat

To clear a sore throat, sugarcane juice nutrition is readily efficient with its antioxidants. It can take control of infections due to viruses and bacteria, which thereby can cure a sore throat.

One Extra Last Note: Sugarcane during pregnancy

Sugarcane during pregnancy has a positive response. Pregnant women are recommended to take the juice to conceive the child faster and better.

The vitamin B9 in sugarcane and folic acid save the baby in the womb from the birth-time diseases. The children are assured to be perfectly healthy if the women take sugarcane juice during pregnancy. The ovulating problems are also reduced a lot by sugarcane juice effectively.

With this knowledge on nutrients, uses, and benefits of sugarcane juice, you can make use of its excellent healthy properties. God bless!