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Benefits of Sweet Potato for Health Care and Beauty Applications

Sweet Potato, being a very delicious vegetable, is also a set of many nutritional values and health care benefits. It is very healthy and has very less amount of fat and cholesterol and a good amount of carbohydrates and vitamins. Below are the health and beauty benefits of Sweet potato.

Benefits of Sweet Potato for Health Care and Beauty Applications

Sweet potato also known as Shakarkandi is an all-time favorite seasonal vegetable. Apart from its nutritional and health care benefits, it is a very delightful green that has a broad range of variety of dishes that can be prepared.

Nutrition in Sweet Potato

As we know sweet potato is very rich in nutrition, here are various sweet potato nutritional benefits which account for the best health benefits of sweet potatoes.

A sweet potato is a fiber-rich root vegetable which indicates us it is rich in fiber. It has many vitamins, minerals much required for our daily diet.

Vitamin B6

The vitamin B6 present in sweet potato nutrition has a significant impact on our body functioning.

  1. It converts the protein present into required energy levels for healthy functioning.
  2. It improves the functioning of brain.
  3. It reduces the chemicals that lead to deterioration diseases.
  4. It plays a vital role in the functioning of the heart.

Vitamin C

As we know vitamin C is highly available in citrus fruits, but sweet potato provides an adequate amount of vitamin C required by our body.

  1. It helps to increase the levels of our immunity levels.
  2. It plays a vital role in digestion.
  3. It helps in preventing cold and flu viruses.
  4. Helps in the healthy formation of teeth and bones.
  5. Prevents toxins that may lead to cancer-causing.

Vitamin D

As we know vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that naturally presents in very few foods and sweet potato is one among them.

Vitamin D is a predominant role in the immune system and the overall health of humans. It is mainly available to us through sunlight.

It helps in building healthy bones, regulating nerves’ functionality, promotes healthy skin and teeth. It keeps our energy levels up and maintains our mood swings. It also gives assistance to the thyroid glands.


The Iron plays a vital role in the maintenance of many functioning organs of the body. Many people are facing the deficiency of iron in their body for them sweet potato is a recommended vegetable.

It is the primary source of red and white blood cell production. It gives us resistance to stress and plays a key role in stress management.


Potassium is a mineral that plays a primary role in the muscle and nerves management. The potassium present in sweet potato also works as an electrolyte that boosts up the energy levels and retains the immune system.

It performs all the necessary functions that contain muscle contradiction, reducing swelling and protecting and controlling the actions carried out by the kidney.


Magnesium is an abundant mineral present in our body. It is present in all the foods we take in one among them is sweet potato.

It is required for the heart, muscle, nerve, bone and blood functioning. It maintains the health arteries in our body.

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Sweet Potato for Health Care

Heart attacks

Heart stroke

The homocysteine chemical present in our bodies is one of the cause for the deterioration diseases causing heart attacks. This compound can be reduced by the intake of sweet potato.

Cancer preventing

Cancer Fight

Sweet potato is a vegetable that contains high amount of minerals and antioxidants that help our body to prevent cancer-causing toxins which are highly dangerous.

Cold and flu

Treatment of Viral Cough And Cold

Cold and flu are the common viruses which affect every person in the global. The vitamins present in the sweet potato help in preventing the cold and flu viruses.

Helps in digestion

Helps in digestion

In the human digestive system, the food we intake is broken into small packets of nutrition and energy levels with the emission of some hormones.

As we know that sweet potato is a fiber-rich vegetable that helps in proper digestion of food.

Blood cell formation

Sweet potato plays a key role in the formation of blood cells. The iron present in sweet potato helps in the production of white and red blood cells which are dominant for the proper and healthy functioning of human body. It helps in the rapid healing of wounds.

Reduces stress levels

Avoid Stress

The vitamins present in the sweet potato helps to cope up with the stress. It provides resistance to many diseases and helps the body to remain healthy. It offers body relaxation.

Sweet potato in Beauty care

Apart from the health benefits of sweet potato, there are many other benefits of sweet potato which we can healthily use.

Sweet potato for skin

Sweet potato for skin

  1. The collagen present in the sweet potato produced through vitamin C helps in the elasticity of the skin. The remains healthy for a longer period.
  2. The proper use of sweet potato benefits in regulating oil under the skin and also moisturizes
  3. The regular use improves the texture of the skin and also prevents premature
  4. Dark circles under eyes is a major problem for many people which can be cured by sweet potato.
  5. The dry and cracked heels can cure by the starch of sweet potato.
  6. As sweet potato is rich in vitamins and minerals, the regular intake of sweet potato benefits with healthy skin retainment.

Sweet potato for hair growth

Sweet potato for hair growth

In the present day, the highly polluted city having healthy hair has become a major problem. The out products available are filled with chemicals so for natural treatment, and fresh maintenance sweet potato can be used.

It helps in the healthy growth of hair, the vitamin A present processes this job. Its deficiency leads to many problems leading to lifeless and dry hair also leading to dandruff.

Dietary Benefits of Sweet Potato

The modern daily life has left us with having a lot of junk food resulting in an abrupt increase of fat and calories in the body. Sweet potato being a fiber rich food is very nutritious and is 0% fat vegetable.

The people who want to maintain their diet should include sweet potato as part of their balanced daily diet.


The sweet potato is a versatile vegetable; we can cook, bake, steam, roast and do anything and can be had in anyway. The cooking of sweet potato also results in enhancing some of the minerals and vitamins present in it.

There are many number of ways we can cook and prepare delightful dishes in a healthy way.

Apart from all these the plus point is that it does not cause any blood sugar levels. As a quality, it is sweet to taste, but it does not increase any blood sugar in the body linked to the abrupt fat gain and tiredness.

So, as we have these many benefits of sweet potato, do try to add them to your daily diet for healthy body growth and maintenance.