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The Benefits of Swimming – Can It be a Permanent Replacement for Workouts?

Losing weight and toning your body remains a major aim almost everyone whenever it comes to maintaining a fitness regime. The improvement of muscles, toning of the muscles and shedding off overall weight from the body thus becomes the target of a number of people, and this is the time when almost everyone responds to their gym membership.

Benefits of Swimming

But do you know there is something apart from the gym that can help you achieve all these fitness goals? The benefits of swimming are many, and swimming is one such activity that can help you to fit into the perfect and the most desirable body frame that you have always been wanting to fit into. Swimming for fitness provides a full body workout along with a minimal risk of injury and hence it serves as the best choice for all kinds of cross training.

The many benefits of swimming make it one of the most popular fitness activity that is performed by the people all these days. In fact, a number of athletes recommend their people perform swimming over weightlifting in order to stay toned and fit without bothering much about their stamina and money. Swimming is an amazing way using which you can work on your entire body as well as cardiovascular system. Swimming for health helps you to burn as many calories as running without any negative impact on to your joints and bones.

Health benefits of swimming:

As stated, swimming is an excellent workout activity that works on your entire body, thereby keeping it fit and active. The advantages of swimming are many. Below listed are the major benefits of swimming for your entire body.

Swimming works on your whole body:

Swimming works

One of the biggest benefits of swimming is that this workout isn’t just restricted to the fitness of a particular part of your body, but works on your whole body ranging from head to toe. Swimming helps to increase the rate of your heart without giving much stress on to your body. Swimming also helps to tone your muscles. The best swimming workouts further help you in building strength and overall endurance.

Swimming for fitness works on the inside as well:

Weight Control

If your muscles are getting a good amount of workout, your cardiovascular system too is making the most out of the deal. Swimming helps to make your lungs and heart strong. According to various studies, regular swimming also helps to reduce the risk of death and hence keeps you fit, young and healthy.

Appropriate for the people with injuries:


Swimming for fitness is also appropriate for the people who suffer from the problems such as arthritis, disability, injury and various other issues that make the high impact exercises difficult to perform for them. Not only this, the advantages of swimming also include reduction as to the pain and improvement as to the recovery from any kind of injury.

A good option for the people with asthma:


One of the greatest benefits of swimming is that it is considered to be a good option for all the people who suffer from the longing problem of asthma. The breathing exercises that are included and related to swimming help you to expand the capacity of your lungs, using which you can easily gain control over the process of your breathing.

Advantageous for the people with multiple sclerosis:

multiple sclerosis

Swimming is also a good pick for all the people who suffer from the problem of MS or Multiple Sclerosis. The water during swimming tends to make your limbs buoyant which further help to aid them during all the exercises.

Swimming cuts calories:


Of all the important health benefits of swimming, the best one is the activity of swimming for weight loss. Swimming is a very effective way using which you can burn a number of calories from your body. Regular sessions of swimming help to shed the extra amount of fat accumulated in all the wrong places and hence help to keep your body super fit as well as super toned.

Swimming induces good sleep:

good sleep

Another important benefit of swimming is that swimming fights with the longing problem of insomnia and helps you to sleep well. Swimming helps to boost the overall quality of sleep, thereby keeping the problem of insomnia at bay and helping you with a good night sleep. Swimming is also considered to be a good choice for all the elderly who are looking forward to improving their sleep.

Boosts the mood:

Boosts the mood

Swimming is a great stress buster. The people who suffer from regular bouts of dementia are usually recommended to swim on a daily basis. Swimming and all other kinds of aquatic workouts are psychologically advantageous for all the people who suffer from dementia. Thus, a regular session of swimming accelerates the mood.

Helps to manage stress:

manage stress

Just like the activity of swimming treats the problem of dementia, the same swimming helps to manage your levels of stress and keep all kinds of depression and anxiety at bay. A number of people consider swimming to be their stress buster and merely going into the water helps to switch their bad mood into a positive one. Swimming is potentially powerful to improve your mood.

Safe during pregnancy:


Another great benefit of swimming is that it is considered as safe during pregnancy. In fact, swimming is considered to be a healthy activity for all the mommies-to-be. Swimming during pregnancy helps to keep your body toned and hence you can avoid the stretch marks to build up. At the same time, swimming during pregnancy leads to the brain development of the baby. However, you must always consult with your doctor before stepping into the pool during the peak hours of your pregnancy.

Great option for the kids too:


All the kids require a minimum 6-minutes of aerobic exercise in order to keep themselves fit and healthy. Thus, nothing serves better than the exercise of swimming. Swimming is a great recreational activity not only for the children but for the adults as well. Swimming doesn’t even feel like working out and hence prove to be a good option for all the kids to remain fit and healthy.


Another major benefit of swimming is that this activity is very affordable in nature. Swimming is one really affordable exercise if we compare it to other forms of exercises such as cycling, working out in a gym and many others. A number of pools offer a very reasonable rate to join in. Not only this, various public places such as schools as well as other fitness centers offer free hours of swimming.

How to begin with the practice of swimming?

To begin with, the practice of swimming when you’re an amateur learner, it isn’t a great deal. This sport is a fun and advantageous activity for a number of people that tends to increase the overall fitness level. You are only required to find the nearest swimming pool located nearby your place of residence and to further register yourself into the same.

You will need to buy a good and a comfortable swimming costume along with a pair of swimming cap as well as goggles in order to avoid unwanted contact with water. Various public pools are very nominal as to their fee structure which is what makes swimming a very affordable fitness activity. Once you have successfully registered yourself for the swimming club, nothing could stop you from learning the fine strokes and becoming a pro at the same time. You can also learn various swimming workouts for beginners at these clubs under the inspection of the trainers.

Swimming tips that you must know:

Following listed are a few general tips about swimming that you must be aware of right before stepping into the pool:

  • The first and the foremost thing that you must take care of is to know how to swim. Many people dive into the pool without even knowing the initials of swimming. You must never do that and should learn swimming before diving into the pool.
  • Swimming requires a safe environment to be chosen. Thus, select a healthy and a safe environment where you can swim freely without any unwanted perturbation. Also, you must make sure to swim under the supervision of the trainer if you are a naïve to the concept.
  • Like all the other exercises, swimming also requires a good warm up and stretching. Thus, forget not to warm up a little followed by stretching all your muscles and joints before you get inside the water.
  • You must also take a note of keeping yourself hydrated before or while swimming. Take a number of fluids in your hand and sip them regularly in order to keep yourself active throughout the activity. Also, you must avoid eating heavy food before jumping into the pool.
  • If you are a beginner, you must not overdo with the activity of swimming for some time. Remember, you are just starting it out and hence you must not get overboard with the same.
  • You must consult your doctor if you haven’t involved yourself in exercise for a longer period of time before picking up the activity of swimming.
  • Don’t forget to treat yourself with a lot of sunscreen cream as well as a lotion before stepping into the pool as the chlorinated water could damage your skin and make you look tanned.

Best swimming workouts:

Apart from a number of health benefits of swimming, there are some of the most amazing swimming workouts using which you can tone your entire body to keep yourself fit and look amazing. These swimming workout for fitness are easy to follow and can be performed by one and all.

Flutter Kick Drill:

This swimming workout is easy to perform. You are merely required to hold a kickboard in front of the body at the length of your arms. Tighten the core muscles and try to flutter kick or dolphin kick in the same position, right across the length of the pool. You must learn to focus on the flexing of your foot at an angle of past 90 degrees. You can try various alternative kicks for this workout namely, frog kick, butterfly kick and the flutter kick itself.

Breaststroke and Butterfly Drill:

These kinds of strokes for your body help to improve the endurance and speed as it engages your core muscles and keep your core strong. Breaststroke swimmers are recommended to practice one arm pull for every three different leg kicks. Alongside, all the butterfly swimmers are recommended to perform the same pull for every three different dolphin kicks.

Water Running:

Water running is called as aqua jogging and this workout tends to serve a cardio running which is high in terms of its intensity. The water during water running should be beneath your neck. You can also indulge your arms into the activity by adding hand paddles. This is going to tone your biceps as well as triceps. Remember to always keep your back straight and your arms a little bent at your elbow. Perform three different rounds in a 5-minute interval.

Water Crunches:

Water crunches refer to nothing but targeting your abs using a greater range of motion inside the water. The water crunches are one of the best workouts for swimming. You are required to float in the water using your back which should be perpendicular to the side of the pool. You must have your legs up from the knees, such that your body falls flat into the water. Make the use of the abdominal muscles such that you pull your upper body up as much as you can. Perform three sets of 20 reps each.

The many benefits of swimming must have convinced you to enroll yourself in the nearest swimming club for toning your body and having a lot of fun. Swimming is joyous, advantageous and an engaging activity that promises you a number of perks for sure.