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Health Benefits of Watermelon Juice – Summer Drinks for Health

Watermelon, a perfect thirst relieving drink, is here to get you familiar with the fruit with enormous health benefits. As any summer drink has its significant advantages for health, watermelon is ready to surprise you with its baggage of benefits for you. Let us go with the solid impact of watermelon juice nutrition and the wide range of benefits of watermelon juice regarding health.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Juice – Summer Drinks for Health

Before knowing the watermelon juice health benefits, let us find out some contributing features of the fruit for its popularity in taste and healthiness.

About Watermelon Juice:

Watermelon has 92% of water in its weight. It gives prominence that a fruit of water can be an excellent summer drink, also a detox drink with its various other ingredients.

It is sweeter too with the limited amounts of other parts. And the sweetness of any fruit is natural sweetness. It is the main advantage for any fruit, so with the watermelon.

One other property of watermelon is the reflection of its taste in the color. The red color of the fruit is because of the carotenoid present in it, named ‘lycopene.’

Lycopene also aids in major health benefits of watermelon juice which you are going to discover with this presentation. If you are an unconventional food lover, i.e. who loves the food by its nutrients and minerals, from now on, your brain says lycopene immediately when watermelon comes into your mind.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Juice:

Star of the day is ‘lycopene.’ Out of the many hydrating, skin, health benefits provided by watermelon juice, almost half of the advantages are due to the lycopene’s presence.

1. Benefits due to Lycopene: An Appropriate Antioxidant

Out of all, watermelon juice is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, which are significant needs for a healthy body, in summer especially. Lycopene stands on top of all the antioxidants put together.

The antioxidant effect leads to tremendous changes in the body.

Resistivity for synthesized chemicals

The antioxidant property has a strength to defend the chemical effect on the body due to pesticides in the food used in the cultivation of our food.

The toxic effect due to the pesticides can be minimized by the organic foods to prefer. Watermelon benefits us in this regard with its excess content of water. It is due to the profound effects of detox and antioxidant properties of the water.

Adrenal glands

The adrenal cortex is also affected by the oxidative stress. Though the glands lie in the kidney region, adrenalin hormone has a vital role to play in our brain’s activity.

Atrazine, a toxic compound which can destruct the adrenal cortex, is well-controlled by the lycopene. Atrazine gets energized by the pesticides used for food cultivation.

Watermelon juice nutrition shows the detox properties which helps in controlling this severe effect on the kidneys and whole body.

2. Headache, Nausea

Headaches are caused by oxidative stress, and also some chemical compounds.

Headache, Nausea

Some of the irritating problems like sweating, facial pressure, nausea, and headaches caused by Mono Sodium Glutamate, can be effectively cured with lycopene in the watermelon juice diet.

3. Cardiovascular Treatment

These are the benefits of watermelon juice because of the lycopene’s presence alone. There are other rich nutrients which make the fruit an immense beneficial health ingredient.

Heart health is highly impacted by the free radicals. Lycopene is super-effective in controlling the free radicals.

Also, the vitamins of watermelon juice show the impact of the reduction in risk of heart stroke.

4. Many Neural disorders

Antioxidant property in foods is merely a boon, which turns the watermelon juice benefits more profound.

The MSG, Mono Sodium Glutamate acts as an excitotoxin in the brain. It causes cell death, which is a severe alarm of damage in brain functioning. Other reasons for neuropathic pains may be different, but the remedy remains same. Watermelon juice benefits us to reduce it with frequent consumption.

5. Cancer Prevention

A part of chemotherapeutic agents, medicines have some interactive capabilities with lycopene. They can show the impact in curing the disease.

Cancer Fight

Breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and some skin cancers initiated by wrinkles can be cleared off with regular consumption of this fruit. Better start a watermelon juice diet to control any free radical effect to carry out natural filtration of the toxic material from the body.

6. Eyes’ Health

Oxidative stress can cause damage to your eyes. The cataract development, commonly known as the vision blur arose out in the eyes can be reduced by the lycopene, or it can delay the progression.

Generally, adults of age more than 40 face the macular degeneration in eyes, the loss of vision clarity. Lycopene can stop this effect with its anti-inflammatory properties.

There is no relation between this treatment of Watermelon juice’s nutrient, lycopene and the vitamin A, which is another major aid for healthy vision. The treatment and the diseases are quite distinct.

7. Bone Strength

Bones need calcium and vitamins for no doubt. But the free radicals impact and oxidative stress on the bones should be dealt with some strong fighter, which would be clearly the lycopene. The cell death i.e. apoptosis, caused in the damage can be cured simultaneously with the treatment.

The benefits of watermelon juice are thoroughly extensive and strong that they enormously cure the health disorders in many aspects.

8. Hydration

Watermelon’s water content is 92%. There is no question over how it could suffice our body’s requirement of water. So, watermelon is an excellent hydrating agent than any other fruit


And this point is the basic one of the watermelon juice health benefits. It also implies the watermelon juice calories are in the lowest level due to high water content.

9. Anti-Inflammatory

The chilling and sweetening effects of the fruit can describe this portion of benefits of watermelon juice. The fruit has already been explained to have extraordinary antioxidant properties, similarly, gives an anti-inflammatory effect for health. Many problems like autoimmune, asthma, arthritis can be controlled to a large extent with watermelon juice or raw fruit.

10. Kidney & Liver Functioning

Liver’s operation capabilities are highly sensitive towards the pollutants. With regular exposure to carbon tetrachloride, and other hazardous substances can quickly cause liver damage. Any industrial products polluting air can quickly show the impact on us. Kidneys, brain are also simultaneously influenced with the liver.

Kidneys have to be cleansed thoroughly with strong detox foods as they have to flush out the toxins all the time. Uric acid, upon the unhealthy activity of detox agents, causes stones in the kidney. For this, we need to keep an eye on our diet and drinks that they must contain some anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agents. The watermelon juice health benefits become broader with this activity of regulating the post-digestion systems.

11. Blood Circulation

Better blood flow needs amino acids. They are abundant in watermelon. Citrulline, a strong amino acid, which relaxes the blood vessels in circulation are abundantly found in watermelon.

A tired day can become cheerful with watermelon, due to the reduced stress on blood flow. Citrulline gets converted into arginine, which is the most important amino acid. For the people who are deficient in arginine must take watermelon juice diet for the compensation.

12. Cure for Asthma

Asthma can be cured with sufficient intake of vitamins C, D, and E. Difficulty in breathing can be cleared off by vitamin C.


Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and lungs health. Immune system progress is a second level treatment for any health problem.

Minerals like magnesium are required for asthma prevention.

All the above nutrients are available in watermelon juice abundantly.

13. Muscle Soreness

Muscle pain is seen in some weak bodies or in those who practice exercises occasionally. Soreness is a stiffness caused in muscles due to over-stressed body exercise.

Watermelon has citrulline; it cures the pain in muscles when you consume the juice right after the workout. Athletes get more benefited as they have to follow strenuous workouts regularly.

14. Pregnancy

All health conditions can be cured in one or the other way as per the severity of the condition. But the pregnancy should be dealt with utmost care as a whole new human body is going to be formed.


The women face many minor health issues right from the beginning of the pregnancy. Morning sickness, heartburn, vomiting, swelling, cramps, varicose veins are the most common problems that disturb the health of a pregnant woman. They are rather the symptoms of the growing child in the womb. But a healthy diet to maintain the body well, regular practice of exercise can get you out of these problems preventing their severity in future.

Unhealthy eating patterns lead to the mediocrity in the child’s nervous system, immune system, and brain. Watermelon assures the prominent health condition to maintain the metabolism and provide a good quantity of vitamins.

15. Weight Loss

Losing weight with fruits is the treatment followed from the ages. Watermelon does this job so easily. Watermelon juice calories are the least compared to any other fruit.

Weight Loss

High amounts of vitamins, electrolytes give an intense energy to the body in the absence of any bad fats and calories.

Also, rich water content causes in the lesser intake of food by giving an apparent feeling of filled up. Watermelon can also melt the fats with the activity of its ingredients. Benefits of watermelon juice include weight loss as a by-product with all the above watermelon juice benefits due to combined detox effect.

Watermelon Juice Nutrition:

The Juice is always a better option to choose over the raw fruit. It provides a ‘whole’ benefit of eating rather than when fed the raw chunks shared among the people.

We get more nutrients from the same quantity because of the thorough blending, which enhances all the nutrients to become perfectly uniform.

Watermelon Juice Nutrition

The contents of the watermelon juice are mentioned per 100 grams of weight.

Carotenoids: (303 micrograms)

The beta-carotenoids are rich in watermelon juice. Amino acids, which are essential for proper digestion, are also super-rich in this tropical fruit.

Carbohydrates: 8grams

Sugars are of 6 grams portion; fibers are 0.5 grams

Watermelon juice calories are usually 30% of its full weight.

Fats: Almost zero

Protein: 0.7 grams


Watermelon has good amounts of vitamins A, B, C, D, E.

  • Vitamin A – 4-7%
  • Vitamin B – 13%
  • Vitamin C – 10%
  • Vitamin D – 4%
  • Vitamin E – 2%


  • Calcium: 1%
  • Iron: 2%
  • Magnesium: 3%
  • Potassium: 2%
  • Manganese: 2%
  • Phosphorous: 2%
  • Zinc: 1%

Lycopene: (5 micrograms)

Lycopene is a special mention, as you can see in the article how benefits of watermelon juice are enriched with its presence.

The major part of watermelon juice nutrients is responsible for controlling cancer-causing cells, skin disorders, and heart problem. A ripe fruit has more amounts of flavonoids, carotenoids, and other metabolizers.

With the knowledge of contents and the benefits of watermelon juice, we hope that you will be nourishing your body with the beautiful foods of nature like a watermelon from now on.