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Surprising Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds You May Have Never Heard Of

It is quite a bizarre to realise that there exist some health benefits of watermelon seeds. As a child, while eating melons, the weirdest fact that haunted us was accidentally swallowing the watermelon seeds and then waking up the next day with a new plant budding in our tummy. This old tale still terrorizes the kids till date. It still terrifies me sometimes.

Health Benefits of Watermelon seeds Surprising Essential Things

Watermelon happens to be one of the most preferred fruits during the sunny summers. What most people ignore however is the fact that the seeds of this hydrated fruit are quite useful in their own way. Like many other seeds, watermelon seeds nutrition has quite a lot of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and proteins.

Like all the seeds, watermelon seeds are normally thrown out for birds. Many health benefits of watermelon seeds are thrown away that way. There are cases where these seeds are used for human consumption. Mostly, they are used in decorating desserts.

In Africa, uses of watermelon seeds oil are found in cooking too. Unlike olden days, the people now have realized the amazingness of these seeds. In fact, there is a high demand for watermelon seeds for health with many varieties. They are present as roasted seed packets or as oil.

Let me introduce you to the most amazing watermelon seeds benefits for health with the help of specific terms biologically.

Storehouse of Essential Amino Acids:

Amino acids are the elementary ingredients for proteins formation. Those amino acids that cannot be produced in our body are known as essential amino acids. Watermelon seeds contain amino acids like lysine, tryptophan, arginine and glutamic acid. These amino acids are needed by the body for normal functioning and production of proteins. Thus, uses of watermelon seeds are as important as the fruit itself as it provides our body with essential amino acids.

Source of Good Energy:

Watermelon Seeds

Unlike some, watermelon fruit doesn’t give extra unneeded calories. Watermelon seeds are mostly made up of unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are a type of healthy fats. These fats do not increase the blood cholesterol level and are thus the source of good energy. Along with unsaturated fats, these seeds contain omega-6 fatty acids which are again essential fatty acids and are required by our body. This is one of the very important uses of watermelon seeds.

Provides Magnesium:


Along with sodium and calcium, magnesium is an important element required by the body to remain healthy. It is needed for normal nerve functioning and muscle functioning as well as a healthy immune system. Along with this, it is needed by our body for maintaining a steady heartbeat and strong bones. Since watermelon seeds have a high level of vitamins and minerals especially magnesium, these seeds are an absolute asset to a healthy diet chart.

Has Multiple Vitamins:

Multiple Vitamins

As stated above, major watermelon seeds benefits are with rich vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B complexes. It has niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, folate and vitamin B6. Niacin and Thiamine happen to be important vitamin needed for maintaining the nervous system. There are numerous health benefits of watermelon seeds due to these vitamins.

Supports Male Fertility:

Supports Male Fertility

Watermelon seeds contain lycopene. Lycopene is a red pigment and is a powerful oxidizing agent. It is present in the fruit as well. According to reports, lycopene helps in the formation of sperms and thus is supports male fertility in case of humans. Watermelon seeds here mainly provide support for a healthy male individual.

Has Multiple Minerals:


Watermelon seeds have magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, potassium, copper and iron. Iron enhances the formation of haemoglobin which is the oxygen carrier in our blood. Potassium is needed for the ionic balance in our body fluids. These minerals are all required by our body in various quantities. Because this requirement is fulfilled by watermelon seeds and due to other variable health benefits of watermelon seeds, there is a high demand for them in the market.

Benefits of Watermelon Seeds for the Health:

Natural Cure for Diabetics:


This is something that should be made known to the general public. There are many useful health benefits of watermelon seeds that are unnoticed by many of us. Watermelon seeds are known to be effective in lowering the level of blood cholesterol to a certain extent in the case of type 2 diabetics. Type 2 diabetics are the type of diabetics which usually occurs in people after the age of 40 and is usually due to high cholesterol levels. Since watermelon seeds are rich in unsaturated fats, they give the much-needed calories without increasing the cholesterol. Thus for those who have recently become victims of this disease, watermelon seeds are the best natural and simple solution for a healthy body.

Negotiates High Blood Pressure:

Negotiates High Blood Pressure

As stated above, watermelon seeds are high in unsaturated fats. Since high blood pressure is caused by the increase in cholesterol level, watermelon seeds again find their use here. They provide the consumer with calories without affecting his blood pressure. Thus for those who suffer from high blood pressure, the best snack is roasted watermelon seeds. Watermelon seeds are, thus, good for human health.

Good for Memory:

Memory Booster

According to some reports, consuming watermelon seeds benefits our brains in sharpening memory. For those who wish to see the improvements, grab a pack of roasted watermelon seeds and pop them in. Make sure you chew them properly though. You will be surprised to see an amazing improvement of your memory power.

For a change, you can feed your children with these seeds so that they perform exceptionally well in their exams.

Good for Sexual Health:

Watermelon seeds Benefits include wellness for sexual health too. The seeds contain lycopene, which helps in the formation of sperms. Watermelon seeds contain quite a few amino acids like arginine and lysine. Arginine helps by boosting sexual power and helps in promoting sexual urge or sexual desire. This is why watermelon has been referred to as natural Viagra because of its sexual urging properties.

Good for the Heart:


Benefits of watermelon seeds are promising in keeping the heart healthy. Magnesium is important for proper functioning of muscle and nerve. It is vital for the functioning of the heart and good for maintaining a steady heartbeat. Along with these, other watermelons seeds health benefits include controlling blood pressure and hypertension.

Arginine, which is an essential amino acid present in watermelon seeds, is useful in treating coronary heart diseases and in this way regulates blood pressure. Omega 6 fatty acid is also good for reducing blood pressure. Keep your heart safe and healthy simply by following this amazing tip.

The Cure for Protein Deficiencies:

Protein deficiency disease like marasmus and kwashiorkor are common in children below the age of 8. For such cases, increased intake of amino acids is crucial. Watermelon seeds are rich in essential amino acids as well as fatty acids. This makes these seeds an excellent natural supplement of proteins. Thus, uses of watermelon seeds for health prove to work well especially with children who cannot digest high proteins.

Watermelon Seed Tea:

Many people might not know this, but watermelon seed tea is a good diuretic. It is helpful in cleaning kidneys and in preventing urinary tract infections. Cleansing of the kidneys is helpful in the prevention and cure of kidney stones. For those who don’t know this recipe, let me help you out:

Watermelon Seed Tea

  • Crush some fresh watermelon seeds or grind them down.
  • Cook them well for a few minutes in a litre of water.
  • This tea can be drunk over a period of two days or according to your preferences.

Watermelon Seeds Benefits for the Skin:

Combats Aging:

Anti-Aging Properties

Benefits of watermelon seeds work on skin with great impact. They contain lycopene which is known to enhance the elasticity of the skin. The wrinkles formed on our faces are due to loss of elasticity of the skin tissue. Watermelon seed oil also contains oxidizing properties which in their own way can keep the skin supple and firm. Thus, watermelon seeds can help keep our skin young and healthy. Watermelon seeds contain lysine which is helpful in the production of collagen. Collagen is needed for the formation of tissue. Thus, watermelon seeds benefits for skin health prove to be promising.

Moisturizes our Skin:

Skin Moisturizer

The skin needs to be hydrated well to maintain its firmness. Watermelon seeds contain unsaturated fats which keep the skin moisturized and, thus, the skin stays hydrated. Consuming these seeds daily can keep you looking young and glowing. Skin benefits of watermelon seeds don’t end up here, but many skin disorders can also be combated with its organic treatment.

Helps in Treating Acne:

Treating Acne

Watermelon seeds oil can be used directly on the face as well. Due to the presence of antioxidants, the oil is useful in treating acne, blemishes and early wrinkles. It also makes the skin fairer and smooth.

Baby Oils:


In the case of oil for babies, benefits of watermelon seeds oil find its own set of uses. Watermelon seed oil is light and doesn’t clog the pores of the skin. This makes it an excellent choice for babies as they need oils that can work in small quantities and can be easily absorbed by the skin.

Watermelon Seeds Benefits for Hair:

Promotes Hair Growth:

Healthy Hair

Hair benefits of watermelon seeds are very profound due to strong copper content which promotes hair growth. Along with that, copper also helps in the formation of melanin which is the pigment in our skin and hair. Thus, watermelon seeds are a useful addition to our everyday diet.

Strengthen the Hair:

Thinning Hair

Watermelon seeds contain proteins which are required for keeping the hair healthy. They contain iron and magnesium which prevent the hair from becoming dull and weak.

Moisturizes Hair:

Moisturizes Hair

Since watermelon seeds contain the essential amino acids, they prevent the hair from breaking due to ageing. The fatty acids also play a role in keeping the hair moisturized and thus the breaking of hair due to dehydration is prevented.  Watermelon seed oil can also be directly applied to the hair. It is easily absorbed and doesn’t clog the pores of the scalp. This can be used in case of an itchy scalp. In addition to this, it can make your hair smooth and soft as well.

How to Eat Watermelon Seeds?

There are many ways of consuming these tiny seeds. You can chew them raw or have them roasted. You can also directly consume the watermelon seed oil with your daily salads. Keep in mind that when you consume raw seeds, you need to chew them properly and thoroughly. The seed coat of these seeds is strong and doesn’t break under the influence of the digestive system. Thus, if you eat them without chewing properly, they may pass out of your system without even being digested.

Other Surprising Ways of Eating Watermelons Seeds!

If you do not like consuming watermelon seeds as such, you can try sprouting them. You can add a pinch of salt to the properly rinsed, dried and sprouted watermelons seeds before you finally munch on these tiny and tasty seeds whose taste is similar to that of sunflower seeds.

Good news is that you need not spend your time in following the whole process. These properly sprouted and salted watermelons seeds are readily available in the online for you.


Lastly, I would like to include one of the major health benefits of watermelon seeds which is how they help in being one of the important sources to boost your immunity power.  so that you wouldn’t toss away the seeds next time you grab one delicious piece of watermelon.

There might be other benefits which might be undiscovered as of yet. So, think twice before you savour this juicy fruit and spit away from the seeds. Rinse, store and save these tiny useful seeds which are entailed with such amazing benefits.

I hope that this article could help show you how and what important benefits of watermelon seeds are.  I have gotten over the childish fear of swallowing watermelon seeds. I hope the same for you.