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Elevating the Nutritional Value to Your Body with Benefits of Watermelon

Whenever summer arrives, our mouth gets watered to taste the red-sweet-fruit watermelon. However, the watermelon’s ancestor is not the way we think. It’s a wild fruit tastes bitter being hard and green flesh. We consume it by enjoying its juicy flesh and, Are you aware of the benefits of watermelon? Many of you don’t, I hope so. You may listen that it cools the body or balances the heat condition within the body but what else do we have? The exploration part continues in the later sections. Few say that before expelling to Mediterranean or Europe, it is originated in Africa, but it’s an unsolved mystery. Watermelon began its journey or growth back since 4000 years in Europe and these contain 90% of water.

Benefits of Watermelon - A Power Back Show to the Body's Fitness

We find much percentage of Lycopene content in tomatoes but scientists say that Watermelon has much more Lycopene content than those of tomatoes. Lycopene is not just an amino acid, it is an acid that regulates the bone and cardiovascular health. Watermelon has the citrulline content that’s proven recently through the studies. This delicious-sweet-fruit contains citrulline 250mg in a cup. The good thing about watermelon is this citrulline is converted into Arginine that restricts the growth of fat cells in the body, sounding great right? Let us now explore more on the benefits of watermelon!

An Antioxidant Rich Fruit

Human beings generally face the stress caused by the oxidants which are an oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs by having a deal with DNA and proteins and is a bump to our body so we need to be aware of it before it can cause any damage to our body. So the way out is having antioxidant-rich foods. Watermelon and its juice have a reactive mechanism that will drive out the oxidative stress and lower their concentration in the body. This is a pretty good stuff, right? Benefits of watermelon are out of bounds and this is one of the impacts caused by consuming the watermelon.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Blood pressure

“Come On, Not Again,” you may think so as you’ve heard many foods those regulate the blood pressure but the fact should be presented before your eyes according to your requirements. Many of you aware that Hypertension leads to heart ailments and other attacks to the body. Even watermelon benefits on blood will not end up here. It blocks the veins and arteries to get harder which in turn prevents from blood clots or what we can name it as Atherosclerosis. The blood vessels will begin to dilate as the watermelon converts Citrulline into Arginine as it is a vasodilator. Watermelon has a smooth working and it maintains so with the blood. Have watermelon diet to regulate the blood pressure as you wished to see.

Decrements Resistance of Insulin

The word insulin itself gets our thought on diabetes and type-2-diabetes is another cause of resisting the insulin. As the generation of insulin starts, body cells will prevent the insulin to enter into them and there’s only one-way path to cure of insulin resistance and that is to make the insulin to flow into the blood vessels, I mean, making them less resistant. This means the cause of diabetics will be minimized as watermelon for diabetics already rhythms by the studies.

You may get worried on the point that it’s a bit difficult but easy than you think. How? Well, watermelon is raising its hands to get you off from the insulin resistance which is one among the major benefits of watermelon for health.

Soreness of Muscles versus Watermelon

Obese people or the people who are feeling that they’re gaining the weight, they most likely try to adapt a change in their lifestyle. The change is making out workouts to melt their fat or to stay healthy. But sometimes, muscle soreness breaks our time for exercises with pain remaining for longer hours. Watermelon benefits shine on the muscles making them concrete and flexible. Watermelon drains off excess lactic acid from the bones recovering the athletes in a faster way.

Watermelon Diet Vanishes Kidney Disorders

Kidney Functioning

Kidneys get polluted with the toxins and Watermelon, more than water it has potassium and calcium those will vanish the toxins in the kidneys adding a healthy nutrition to them. The processes of cell differentiation and in the regulation of functioning of cells, watermelon takes its seat in the body reducing the risks associated with the kidneys.

Again the proper functioning of kidneys is regulated by the water content present in the fruit. Benefits of watermelon are boon to the health and I’m sure you would love it from now if you’re not!

Watermelon Benefits – A Killer of Cancer

Cancer Fight

A dietary fiber engulfing in the watermelon is Lycopene and this shields the body from cancer cell prevention. You may question, “Is there any evidence?” Yes, Watermelon diet interrupts the cancer cell formation and regulate the functions of blood cells. Hence, watermelon is a killer of cancer. Lycopene is an arrow that destroys cancer.

Though you may have heard the treatment for cancer, during initial stages lycopene present in the watermelon will lower the chance of incrementing cancer. What else required to the diet when the benefits of watermelon stabilize most of the body functioning!

Cardio Health with Watermelon


Cardiovascular diseases are most common in the present generation. The cholesterol increment in the body constitutes to 12 % of occurring Cardio-vascular diseases. This LDL cholesterol has to be minimized in order to protect your body from diabetes and other heart-related diseases. Each day is a challenge to fight with the diseases and again Lycopene present in the watermelon ranks up to regulate the cholesterol in the body. 40% reduction of heart diseases is only controlled by the watermelon that has enough lycopene content.

Role of Watermelon in Macular Degeneration

As the age tag tags you, you’ll be more prone to the eye diseases. Vitamin A is the root source for the eyes. Vitamin A deficiency will lead to macular degeneration and xerophthalmia. The epithelial cells are affected if proper Vitamin is not injected. Watermelon places a step forward with the content of lycopene that has Vitamin A which surround and prevent epithelial cell vacuolization. Cataracts and other eye-related diseases are kicked off by the intake of watermelon. As watermelons reduce oxidative stress and carotenoid rich, they help you from macular degeneration.

Eradicating Asthma with Watermelon


As the years are passing by, Asthma attacks children and adults in the ratio 9:7 (in terms of percentage). Asthma became a frequent attack to many individuals. Bronchi are sensitive to the dry air for the people who are suffering from Asthma leading to difficulty breathing. Vitamin C kills the Asthma as it maintains the healthy flow of air and makes lungs effective to the air. Watermelon covered with Vitamin C and it eradicates asthma from the body making you feeling ease. Benefits of watermelon are never going leave the body with any type of diseases or imbalances.

Attachment with Digestion


Inadequate liquids intake or improper food may not be good for the belly occurring digestive problems. The fiber-water-rich fruit cleans up the digestive tract in a quicker way promoting the health. The improper digestion paves to constipation and other gastrointestinal problems. Benefits of watermelon is a crush for a clean and healthy digestive system.

Benefits of Watermelon for Skin

Preventing skin from aging is the job of Vitamin C and E. Collagen is responsible which is produced with the help of these vitamins that maintain a healthy skin. UV rays damage the skin cells if the skin is exposed for more time and watermelon manifests the power of it in shielding the skin from damage. Watermelon for skin has a much importance.

As the saying goes, the outside beauty is structured what you put inside of your body. So the benefits of watermelon also cover the bodily element, Skin. Temperatures are getting too hot and too cold, for this climate the best suitable therapy is having watermelon diet.

Benefits of watermelon for Hair Growth

Healthy Hair

Hair fall, hair damage, and bald head are the reasons individuals come up with which is troubling a lot. The reasons could be many associated with hair damage and the best supplement for hair growth include Ascorbic acid and Vitamin C. The hair follicle growth is promoted by enriching your body with Vitamin C and for that watermelon comes into the play. Just like human never satisfies on fulfilling his wishes, benefits of watermelon just goes on and on.

Weight Loss Therapy – Watermelon

Weight Control

As we discussed earlier, watermelon fruit astonishes the internal organs by playing itself as an agent in reducing the fat with 90% of water in it. Blocking the alkaline phosphate that’s responsible for fat accumulation under the skin’s surface, arginine in the watermelon will block this enzyme reducing the chance of accumulation of fat in the body. As fatty acids breakdown to carbon dioxide and water, the fat deposition is lowered in your body. Why too late to have the tasty fruit and enjoy the benefits of watermelon!

Spinning Protection to Nerves and Muscles

Potassium is needed to get a spinning protection to the muscles and nerves. Though watermelon doesn’t speak first, it has a qualification in potassium content that elevates your nerves and muscle efficiency. Nervous breakdown is a common phenomenon that comes up in many of the individuals and watermelon promises to cure such type of nerve breakdowns too. Potassium is the main tool that defines the contraction and expansion of the muscles. The impulses present in the benefits of watermelon are just boundless. Trust me, a worthy fruit for a worthy health.

Defensive Food for Inflammation

The watermelon nutrition till now is one side and from now is the other side. It’s the best anti-inflammatory food that boosts up the immune system. Watermelon diet makes it eligible to your body in preventing you from inflammation by the presence of lycopene and their conversion to Arginine. This is a possible diet to cure problems associated with inflammation. Then, have a taste of it without getting a delay!

Beats the Sun’s and Body’s Heat

Watermelon vitamins and the water content in it will defend the heat externally as well as internally. Formation of blisters associated with heat is lowered by the intake of watermelon. Go and have a watermelon to enrich the body with hydration beating the heat.

A Fight with Gums

Safeguards the gums and gum-related diseases such as periodontal inflammation, bleeding of gingival and other diseases. This is done by the help of Vitamin C present in the watermelon. The watermelon nutrition is an efficient way of treating your body’s health.

Scurvy Treatment with Watermelon

Again deficiency of Vitamin C paves to the Scurvy symptoms those form in the body. Watermelon nutrition treats the scurvy by enriching the body with sufficient amounts of Vitamin C. Monitor the vitamins and minerals with the help of watermelon diet.

So we end here after collecting all the information on benefits of watermelon. What else do you need when the watermelon only has these many uses! Pull a fresh watermelon from a nearby fruit shop and self-treat the body wounds and diseases. Hang on, Take care of your health before you look into other life’s challenges or priorities. Health is all that makes up and only then you can do what you need!