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Benefits of Yoga: A Spiritual Practice to Master Mind and the Senses

Technologies and handheld devices are the root cause for unpleasantness. Every one of them is becoming a slave to the technology being away from the inner peace. The man is ruled by the frustrations, anger, temptations, and egos breaking the bonds with the family members and with himself. You tell me, how many people do you know who are spending the time to reconnect themselves? How many people do you know who are on the path to gain control over the senses? Very few, right! Benefits of Yoga are not only limited to the internal parts but also external.

Yoga A Spiritual Practice that Regains Body & Mind

Yoga is a boon to the mankind to know about the human science and mind’s psychology. Yoga is a journey into the cave of peace that connects the man to every part. Yoga deals with the four elements: education, intellectual, spiritual, and peace. According to the ancient scripts, there are around 3,00,000 yoga poses and yoga types. The ultimate aim of Yoga is to attain freedom from the manly resources by connecting with the self and balancing the body.


Yoga originated from the Sanskrit name ‘Yuj” meaning joining. The join of the self with the supreme self or the excellence path that joins you with inner peace. The benefits of yoga retain the health of the body as well as the mind. The Yoga won so much importance by the declaration of 21st June as International Yoga Day. This is because 21st June is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. So this day is made as an International Yoga Day by Narendra Modi in the UN assembly in the year 2015.

By the way, what is yoga good for? And how does Yoga improve health? The much of the information on Yoga and a complete guide is given in this context; from yoga for beginners to the yoga for advanced. Physical exercise could cure one or two but Yoga aids each and every part once you involve into it and practice. Many coaching centers are emerging out to teach yoga and yearly approximately 1 million people are becoming trainers to teach yoga and to inject the concept of yoga to the people minds.

Yoga isn’t a one night stand to become a master. To attain mastery and perfection in Yoga one needs hours and hours of practice as it is a slow paced process. Certain care should be taken while performing few yoga asanas as they could result in muscle disturbance. As the body will be stretched, if proper care is not taken, severe sprains or muscle pains may occur. As a beginner, you must start yoga by a trainer. The basic warm-ups must be needed to perform yoga. These flex your bodily nerves and muscles and support you to perform Yoga asanas. Let me tell you the benefits of yoga in our day-to-day life.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Every day our ears echoed with yoga and this has been a deep rigor practice. Nowadays everyone is willing to get coached. So what exactly motivated the people to practice yoga? Why are the people going crazy with this spiritual practice? Is it connected with science? Let’s evaluate the yogic benefits scientifically and spiritually.

Benefits of Yoga for the Inner Core

Mastery over Pain

In the daily defined routine life, we endure with pain. Sitting for long hours pains back muscles, legs, and thighs. If you’re continuously writing or typing, the neck muscles may get pain. Daily Yoga makes you achieve mastery over the pain. During starting stage of asanas, the body pains will be severe. As you practice so you reduce the pains and you’ll be controlling them as long as possible.

Rate of Metabolism

Consistency in yoga will balance the rate of metabolism which establishes control over the hunger. Due to acidity, we may feel hungry multiple times, yoga does it all by regulating the acidity.

Blood Circulation

The bending postures serve the blood to flow from top to the bottom including the brain. Especially, downward facing poses will make the blood to flow into the head, even making the blood pressures to normal. The other advantage in accordance with blood circulation is pulse rate. A standard pulse rate is maintained within the body.

Respiratory and Cardiovascular Crunches

Yoga is a wonderful medicine for heart-related diseases and respiratory organs. Yoga for a healthy heart is coached and practiced which is considered as a major element. The breathing exercises will reduce the problems like asthma, thyroid problems, throat infections and other disturbances in the rib cage, lungs, other respiratory organs and cardiovascular problems.

Nerve Treatment

The stretches in Yoga will build nervous system so strong and the sprains, sciatica, neck nerves will have the minimal probability to get affected.

Benefits of Yoga for the Outer Core of the Body


Oxidants will be forming within the body, yoga detoxifies human body enabling the skin to prevent from aging.

Energy and Sleep Control

Many people have dizziness for a long time and as they wake up they don’t come out of that so soon. Yoga practice removes dizziness from the body gaining balance.

Weight and Awareness

Yoga poses or the main benefits of yoga is weight loss and weight gain. These help you to burn the fat under the skin’s surface. Another point is an awareness on the functioning of body parts. The feel of pain during yoga triggers the awareness on the body parts and how they’re actually behaving within the body is known. Weight and Awareness on the body are major benefits of yoga balancing life.

Build Emotional Architecture with Yoga

You may have tried various methods to get free from the emotional architecture but the feelings are bursting out! One of the best ways to have a control on your feelings is Yoga. This art controls the release of hormones those are reasons for the negative expressions and slowly standardizes them.

Feelings like stress, depression, overwhelming and over exciting, mood, anxiety, and sadness will get shrunk by this ancient practice. You may be wondering how it might get hold of it. As I mentioned above Yoga is a cave of peace, the pleasantness calms down all the feelings and maintains peace in the overall body.

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Concentration, focus, the power of imagination, creativity, memory, self-control, mind-body connection are the primary replications that yoga performs on. Why the yogis went for rigorous practice since years? It’s because of their desire to establish control over senses leaving bodily desires and always attaining the peace. Their only aim is to attain the permanent and infinite peace without falling in the distractions and diversions. The primary benefits of yoga lie in gaining control over emotions.

Other Benefits of Yoga: Disease Prevention & Symptom Handling

From the basic headaches to the complex diseases, yoga benefits all by rejuvenating the body and mind. Migraines are most common these days to the many individuals. Yoga is for the health, to the health and there’s nothing can be cured so are the migraine headaches. Meditation, pranayama, and other few asanas related to the brain will minimize the problem of migraines and in the long term, this will be cured completely.

Yoga maintains sugar levels minimizing the occurrence of diabetes, relieves arthritis, heart-related problems and Alzheimer’s controlling the symptoms initially. The sex related problems, allergies on the skin, constipation will vanish. The yogic structure will not only concrete the physical but also inner parts and psychology of the mind. The digestive, intestinal, and nervous system is optimized by the yogic practice. There’s much curiosity on benefits of yoga and what does yoga do! I hope you’ll walk in the path of peace.

Beginner Yoga Exercises

Warm-ups are the most natural to start – either with a gym or with yoga. Yes, there are warm-ups in Yoga to get your body ready for asanas. Let’s see what could be the warm-ups in Yoga.

Yogic Jogging

The primary warm-up, to begin with, is Yogic jogging which is three-style variant:

First, stand still placing your hands on thighs. Bring two hands close to your chest fisting them tightly. Start jogging at the same place by fastening your leg movements.

The first variant is jog forward. Lift your legs up in the forward direction by slowly increasing the movement of the legs returning to normal jogging.

Backward jogging is the second variant where you need to raise the legs such that the angle of your feet should touch the back muscles and again come back to normal jogging.

The final variant is the sideward movement of legs. As you’ve done backward, similarly jog by raising your legs towards the hip bone part.

Count to 10 in each case and return back by jogging slowly. Once you’re done with these three variants stop it and relax by breathing. Bend forward by placing hands on the knees and exert the air outside. While exerting the air outside with mouth, the abdomen or the stomach part should shrink to inside. After this exercise, just close your eyes and feel the pain where it is occurring for 30 seconds. This warm-up is as equal to as running and sweats your body. Slowly pace up yourself by increasing the count day after day.

Side Bending

Bending Side To Side

Take your right-hand through sideways and bring the shoulder part till it touches the ear. Now bend towards left side keeping left hand idle and stretch yourself as long as possible. And immediately repeat the process with the left hand by bending towards right-side keeping right-hand idle. Alternate this process for 10 times and this impacts pressure on hip bones. Take a 30 seconds rest closing your eyes by feeling the pain.

Backward and Forward Swing

Stand still with both hands together bend backward with a medium stretch by breathing-in and forward by breathing out. While bending forward you must not bend your knee caps and try to touch your forehead to the knees and hands to the ground. Continuously swing backward and forward for 10 times later coming to the normal position. Have a 30-second break closing your eyes.

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Shoulder Rotation

Rotate the shoulders clockwise and anticlockwise by placing the palm fingers opened on the shoulders. This stretches the back muscles and relaxes them.

Half Sit-ups

Half Sit-ups

Stretch your arms straight to your shoulders and do the sit-ups half way down. It’s better if you make it to 15 and is a little difficult task to do as thighs become painful.

Rolling Exercises

Rolling Exercises

Lie on the mat stomach facing the sky in a relaxed position. Slowly fold your legs and bring legs closer to the chest. Lock them with both the hands and roll to alternate sides. Stop as soon as you complete 15 on each side.

Soften yourself as you complete sideway rolling. Now with the same position, roll forward and backward. Push yourself on to your legs and then back, which will be a continuous rolling process. This should be done 15 times in either way. Take the initial position and relax.


Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation

Over the decades this ritual is being practiced which is a salutation to the Sun God. There’s a belief that performing or practicing Surya-namaskar would optimize mind and body’s health relieving from all the types of diseases like cancer, thyroid, back-aches and headaches, diabetes, and disturbances in daily life.

There’s a psychology behind the every step in Surya-namaskar and a name for it. The perfect benefits of yoga are the salutations performed to Sun God with Yoga as a base.

Join both the hands together and come to a namaskar position. Make sure that the position of the hands do not change when you place them on the floor as you go for next asana. If you’re a beginner, start with 11 cycles and slowly increase the speed not the number with a medium stretch.

Hastau-uttasana (Raised Arms Pose):

Hastau-uttasana (Raised Arms Pose)

From the Namaskar position slowly bend backward raising the hands above your head by taking the breath & by keeping both the legs together. A booster of digestion functioning. As you breathe in, the lungs health is improved and abdomen muscles get stretched.

Padau-Hastasana (Hand Under Foot Pose):

Padau-Hastasana (Hand Under Foot Pose)

From the Hastau-Uttasana position, bend forward by releasing the breath in such a way that the forehead must touch the knees while the palms touching the floor. For few people, it may not touch but you need to stretch without bending your knees. This gains body balance, minimizes spine or sciatica problems, and digestive-related problems.

Ashwa Sanchalan asana (Equestrian Pose):

Ashwa Sanchalan asana (Equestrian Pose)

Place your left foot back by stretching and bending the right knee without changing the position. Place your palms on the floor raising head up by taking the breath. A good control on nerve balance is obtained by this yoga pose.

Chaturanga Dandasana (Four Limbed Star Pose):

Chaturanga Dandasana (Four Limbed Star Pose)

Now place right foot backward and make sure that both the legs and hands are in parallel. Stretch the legs to the extreme by releasing the breath.

Shashankasana (The Hare Pose):

Shashankasana (The Hare Pose)

Bringing forehead to the knees, scalp touching the floor and stretching hands towards palms is the position of Shashank asana. Sexual disorders, pelvic muscles, and positive mind is attained with this yoga pose.

Ashtanga Namaskar:

Ashtanga Namaskar

Pointing seat upwards without touching the ground, the rest of the body must touch the ground stopping the air breath. As eight joints will touch the earth, this is named as Ashtanga Namaskar.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Inhale deeply and raise the chest part up placing palms on the mat. “Bhujang” means Cobra so hence it is called Cobra Pose.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose):

Downward dog or the Adho mukha svanasana

Exhaling, lift the hips up facing down which forms a hill like pose. This will be equal to inverted ‘V’ shape. The foot must touch completely on the ground.

The nine, ten, eleven and twelve steps are the first four steps in reverse order. Starting with 11 cycles with medium stretch slowly pace up yourself and by chanting 108 Sun God’s salutations, 108 times these Surya-namaskars are executed.

The above stated all are the fundamental yoga poses and warm-ups those stretch your body more than the limits empowering and training up the body for the next stage of asanas. After Surya namaskar, the body is engaged with Shavasana and “om” kara is enchanted. Omkara carries the vibrations of ‘akara’, ‘ukara’, and ‘makara’. These three are enchanted and mind is trained to be in peace and calmness.

These basic asanas are practiced about a week and then every asana in Surya-namaskar is performed for about 6 minutes. This activates nerve and body-balancing eliminating the brain’s distractions and worries.

Yoga is an ocean of peace, the more you go deep the more you will be stable in terms of health, in terms of spirituality, in terms of pleasantness. There’s nothing that will be escaping from Yoga and is an antidote to pessimism. Advantages of Yoga are salutations to the Sun God which are the benefits of Yoga boosting one’s health in every perspective.

The next stage asanas or the Yoga poses are defined below:



Come to kneel down pose on the heels stretching your feet. Sit for about 10 minutes.



Straighten the legs in a sitting position and bring right heel to the left hip. Now place left leg before the knee of right leg keeping left hand above the left leg’s thigh to the side of left foot. Take a back support with the right hand and turn your neck towards the left side. Repeat the same with the other leg.


Being in Shavasana, lift the body with the palms which look like a half-wheel pose. Be in the pose as long as your body cooperates and come back to Shavasana slowly.


First rest yourself with back facing the roof and fold your legs. Hold the legs with hands and slowly lift the legs and face balancing on the stomach.



Meditation is a part of Yoga which is the true process of connecting with the self. Benefits of Yoga are invariable with that of meditation. This can be observed by thorough practice. It takes hours and hours to just concentrate on the breath and once you’re into the core, your mind stays focused all the time in your life. Never it gets distracted or tempted to minute things. There are many types of meditation. This is a breathing exercise performed after all the asanas and is a pre-final stage of Yoga.

Deep Relaxation Technique

A magic technique that makes your body lighter and better. You will be said to imagine your soul floating in the air leaving the body and this makes you feel good about every inch of our body. Also, in this technique, you must concentrate on the muscles and nerves where it is impacted while performing asanas.

Asanas are practiced very slowly under the supervision of a trained master as it might result in other pains if not executed properly. Yoga always keeps our mind fresh and optimistic eliminating negative energies from the body. Benefits of Yoga originate as you practice them daily. As said in Bhagavad-Gita, Yoga is a Journey to the self, through the self and for the self.

Practice yoga daily, educate yourself on your body and live a peaceful life!