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Top 13 Home Remedies for Ringworm – Natural Way of Treatment for Skin Problems

Ringworm is a fungal infection, usually seen on the skin over many parts of the body. The disease also occurs on the scalp, feet, nails, and every possible spot on the body. The skin and underneath part of the skin are infected in a way that a significant ring structure is observed through the skin, and that is all fungi. However, there are a good number of home remedies for ringworm, which can help you treat the disease on your own and cure it successfully.


Ringworm is highly contagious, but not life-threatening. It gets severe by time, and because of negligence. It should not be neglected when it attacks the scalp because hair gets dead when a fungus attacks. Here is the enlistment of details about the symptoms of ringworm found at the starting stage and how to treat ringworm at home without scientific medication but in herbal and natural paths.

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What is Ringworm?


  • Ringworm is the skin disease as said earlier. It is widely observed in children, because of the lack of hygiene and health care.
  • The fungus causes ringworm; it affects the scalp, a severe category of ringworms.
  • The scientific name of ringworm is Tinea; It is also called Dermatophytosis. If the fungus attacks on the groin, it is called tinea crusis, if the attack is on feet, then it is called tinea pedis.
  • There are several types in ringworm(1), each of them show different symptoms.
  • The most common symptoms of ringworm are scales and round red patches on the skin. At the initial stage, the patches appear mild, but the itching sensation increases uncontrollably with time proportion.

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Symptoms of Ringworm

Upon the attack of fungus from various infectious routes, our skin primarily gets itched and grows outside into a round shaped red patch. So long it survives, the spot becomes wider, and the center part of itch gets reddish, the outer ring becomes thicker, which is a serious note of disease. These raised edges around fungi on the skin improve fungus survival and gets its life larger in the body.

Normal ringworm is seen within a week after you observe mild itching and red spots on the body. It is better to grab the best treatment for ringworm available and follow it thoroughly before it damages the skin and makes us suffer for a long time.

There are different types in Tinea; they show various symptoms for each kind basing on the spot they attack our body.

  • Hands—Ringworm takes its form in between the fingers and in the palm too. It’s called Tinea manus technically.
  • Feet—This is similar to the manus(happened on hands) but in the toes. This causes thickening of soles and scaling in the feet skin.
  • Body—This is a well-known type(Tinea corporis), which is majorly seen in any random victim of ringworm. Scaly, rough, round skin is formed at any place throughout the body.
  • Scalp—This is quite a dangerous one of all. The ringworm is initially formed as a lump and gets wider in shape as time progresses. This is called ‘capitis in tinea.’
  • Nails—This is like a forbidden symptom of ringworm. If the fingernails and toenails become yellow and thicker, it might be an indication of Ringworm.
  • Groin—Groin area is attacked by an itchy, eroded spot. It also induces pain in the attacked region.
  • Face—Face is no exception for fungal attack. Face skin gets red spots and scaly patches on it. It is called Tinea faciei

Find out the list of how to treat ringworm at home as a pre-cure of the problem before going for medication.

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Top 13 Home Remedies for Ringworm

Here is the best-collected list of Home remedies for ringworm that works exceptionally well to save you from the future skin problems and also give the cure for Tinea. Simplest Remedies for Ringworm are here. We provide you the best available solutions for how to treat ringworm at home. All the remedies are the most simple, yet efficient to show their drastic and best treatment for ringworm.

Every solution given can be applied at home, some might have to be prepared, but they deserve the time they take for preparation, because of the cure they provide, utmost natural and quite efficient.


Saltwater is the best heal for wounds and skin problems. Soak the skin or the affected area in salt water for a period. Add some shampoo or soap water for simultaneous cleansing action. Salt is the best and simplest ingredient in the natural remedies for ringworm.

Remedy for RingWorm

Salt water dries up the rashes and scales over the skin. Sea salt paste is also a good treatment for a skin infection. Vinegar with salt paste is an alternative for normal saltwater.Check the trials that are available to treat ringworm with saltwater. These are common applications of saltwater as natural home remedies to treat ringworm.

  • Method 1:

As mentioned above, the simplest application with salt and water is here. Add a half cup of salt to the warm water in a basin. Soak the ringworm affected skin region directly into the warm salt water for 30 minutes.


This will initially show the healing action of the skin, which is a primary step of treatment. The underneath part of the skin is cured to become fungus free with the reactions of saltwater, which is the ultimate advantage with such simple remedy.

  • Method 2:

This time, sea salt is the added ingredient. Sea salt paste is used as a moisturizer for normal water. The moisturized water, prepared by mixing with little fresh water, is applied onto the ringworm affected area with a scrub for 15 minutes daily.


This mixture of sea salt with normal water is another exceptional useful thing to consider as remedies for ringworm. Sea salt moisturizer gives extra benefit to the treatment by providing the required atmosphere to treat the ringworm.

  • Method 3:

Take salt and vinegar in double proportions, vinegar more and salt, half of it. Mix them to a thick paste and apply to the ringworm affected area, keep it for 5-10 minutes. Repeat this three times in a day to get a fast recovery.


Special use of this ringworm treatment at home is due to the vinegar’s presence. One week of continuous application of this remedy will show the maximum effect that is complete skin cure, but the inside fungus should be treated to a final stage by medication.

 2.Coconut Oil

Use Coconut Oil For Angular Cheilitis Cure

  •  ***Better to use the unrefined coconut oil, let it be the oil squeezed from the coconuts at your nearer oil mill.
  • Better than saltwater, coconut oil comes as the best server for any kind of health issues, especially skin and hair treatments. It is better than salt because of the simple reason that it provides enough medicinal values to protect health that are not with the salt.
  • The fungus is killed by the fatty acids provided by oil, mainly the Lauric acid. It is also antiviral, to save from the infections. Coconut oil gives the medication as the best ringworm home treatment at a very cheaper rate.
  • Coconut oil is also applied to hair for scalp ringworm home remedies, i.e., to cure tinea capitis at home.


  • Massage the oil over the ringworm gently for a couple of minutes, 4-5 times a day.
  • Apply even before going to bed in addition to the massaging times. The overnight effect gives much better treatment which makes the coconut oil to stand out as one of the best and faster ringworm home remedies.
  • Continue using oil to your skin regularly or other purposes also, it even prevents the ringworm from attacking again.
  • Coconut oil gives the permanent solution to ringworms as it reacts with the fungus in the inner layers of skin. Thus, oil is one of the coolest home remedies for ringworm and also other skin issues like natural scaling and tan.

This is said to be a traditional skin care ingredient in the Indian subcontinent since ages. This is the best-known ringworm treatment at home with its great healthy constituents of turmerone, atlantone, and zingiberene, etc.


Skin care is provided by its anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti fungal, anti bacterial properties. Out of many home remedies for ringworm, turmeric stands first because of these above exceptional and properties with most natural touch.

Not only the turmeric powder, but the oils extracted from fresh turmeric give excellent antifungal properties and microbial properties. They treat ringworm in an advanced way to get a permanent cure.


  • A turmeric root, powder or oil, any product of turmeric can be used for the ringworm treatment.
  • Roots are crushed and made into powder, add water to make it paste.
  • Powder of turmeric is mixed with water to turn it into a paste.
  • If the turmeric oil is used, it is the direct application for the treatment.
  • Apply any of the pastes above and keep it for 15 minutes over the ringworm.
  • Wash the paste off the skin with a mild shampoo.


  • Ajoene, an antifungal agent in garlic, makes it a unique application for the current problem.
  • Garlic can cure a lot of varieties of skin infections due to fungi.
  • Simply, a crushed clove of fresh garlic directly massaged on ringworm can show its power of treatment.
  • But some more ingredients like Honey, olive oil added can make the result more effective.


  • Make the garlic cloves, taken a couple, into a paste and add with Honey and olive oil.
  • Apply the paste onto the ringworm affected area, leave it or an hour.
  • Wash it off your skin with water.
  • Repetition of two times a day gives a better result.
5.Aloe Vera

To start with Aloe Vera, it has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties with it, which when used, can perform all round treatments for your body. So, using Aloe Vera will benefit in many aspects along with ringworm treatment at home.

Remedy for Ringworm

In herbal treatments, Aloe Vera has a heroic portion. The gel-like substance in the leaves of Aloe Vera provides the above-mentioned properties to get you relief from the ringworm skin infection.

There is no special preparation or making with the Aloe Vera, simply take the Aloe Vera leaf, cut it, take out the gel from it.


  • Apply this gel onto the ringworm gently and let the gel spread over the infection.
  • After 30 minutes of application, wash off the gel with water.
  • Repetition of two to three times a day gives faster and better results due to the frequent application.

Neem is antifungal, antibacterial. It is mentioned in Ayurveda, an Indian Science of Health that it has many skin infection applications, ringworm is one of such problems. This is one of the finest- age old home remedies for ringworm or any skin infections caused due to viruses or bacteria.


Neem leaves can be chewed directly for health; fungus treatment could become a sided advantage with this, but also, neem oil or neem leaf powder cure skin infections in an organic way.


  • Direct application of neem oil or neem leaf powder with water will, however, give the solution for ringworm treatment.
  • Aloe Vera gel with neem will show more soothing and highly antifungal characteristics and help in the better treatment of ringworms.
7.Tea Tree Oil

One of the most efficient ringworm home remedies is Tea Tree Oil. It is such an effective remedies for ringworm; you should not use it as a mixture of another oil or any ingredient. It is only used as a raw one, which has tremendous antiseptic and antifungal characteristics which can be able to treat ringworm in an effective way to lead to a permanent cure.

Tea Tree Oil

If at all it hurts like irritating by applying a strong one, you can use a diluted one with water. But as long as you wish to use it, try 100% pure Tea Tree Oil.


  • First, clean the affected area and let it get dried completely.
  • With a cotton ball, slightly dipped in the oil, rub onto the ringworm to cover the entire area with the oil.
  • Repeat the action 5 times a day on an average.
  • The dilution should be in half proportions of oil, not more, i.e., do not mix warm water more than double the oil.
  • You can simultaneously visit the doctor for a severe problem without any doubt on following natural remedies for ringworm.

Camphor is the best substituent for treating antifungal infections. It has been used since ages in Asia as an antifungal agent and used to repel insects.

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In the list of home remedies for ringworm, camphor has a special place, it cures a lot of infections by its daily usage, not even as a body application, but a utility, i.e., camphor is used in the everyday world of many Indian families mainly in the religious aspect, but meant for medicinal values.


  • It actively repels fungus, bacteria. These properties make it the best ringworm home remedies.
  • Take camphor powder and apply it onto ringworm directly. You can also mix it with sesame oil or any carrier oil like olive oil or dilution and apply.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times a day for faster results.
9. Grapefruit Seed Extract

A grapefruit seed extract has a white membrane under its skin, which is an antioxidant, the pulp in the grapefruit is antiviral and antibacterial.


These qualities improve the immune system, which indirectly prevents any infections. This could be used on the skin to treat skin infections, thus, preventing fungal growth. Grape seed extract can be used as a raw one or diluting if it feels irritating on your skin.

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  • Mix a tsp of grape seed extract with slightly warm water of a tsp.
  • Apply this onto the ringworm affected area with a cotton pad, repeat this 3-4 times a day continuously for a week; a positive result can be seen with a permanent cure.
10.Raw papaya


  • This is a particular case of preventing fungal activation in the skin. Also, papaya has cures for many nutritional purposes and treatment purposes.
  • When dead skin cells are not cleaned or removed, the fungus may grow in them, papaya removes and destroy them all. This is an indirect way of curing Ringworm by not letting the fungus grow.
  • The enzymes in papaya help in fighting the bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Inflammation and burns are also cured by papaya, with the enzymes called papain and chymopapain.
  • A decent treatment for ringworm is achieved by papaya. Thus it is a side application. But it is not an inefficient worker of home remedies for ringworm; it has a unique advantage with its enzymes.


  • Use green raw papaya pieces to rub on the ringworm. Otherwise, grind the papaya pieces to make them a paste and apply the paste on ringworm.
  • This should be left unmoved after application for about 15-20 minutes.
  • You can repeat this twice a day.

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11. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat Acne

Apple Cider Vinegar is known to be effective for the treatment of ringworm due to its anti-fungal properties.

But, you may have to perform a patch test first so as to determine whether you are allergic to the acid.

It is common to experience a slight stinging reaction when you first apply the acid but a reaction that causes redness and intense burning sensation indicates that your skin is too sensitive to the acid.


Take a few drops of apple cider vinegar onto a cotton pad and apply it on the affected area at least thrice in a day.

You will notice the reduction in the symptoms eventually. You can continue the application until it is totally cured.

12. Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass oil is anti-fungal in nature and is popularly known for the eradication of candida, which is a type of yeast, responsible for fungal infections.

You can either buy lemongrass oil at various online stores at various trusted retail websites or at trusted Ayurvedic stores.

Lemongrass oil is known to be one of the effective home remedies of ringworm since it is antimicrobial in nature. (Antibacterial, antifungal as well as anti-viral in nature).


Take a few drops of lemongrass oil and mix it with a few ml of carrier oil so that it is diluted and the concentration is reduced.

Use a cotton pad to apply the oil over the infected area. Do not apply much pressure. Just a slight rubbing and a gentle pressing will do.

Follow the remedy at least twice or thrice in a day to get rid of ringworm.

13. Licorice powder

Licorice powder is the traditional Chinese medicine the uses of which are wide and extensive in the treatment of various skin disorders.

The anti-microbial properties of licorice powder make it the best remedy for the treatment of ringworm.

Moreover, licorice powder when used effectively can reduce inflammation

No Wrong in Trying Scientific Medicine

There is no complaint on scientific medication regarding this issue. As the disease is because of fungal attack, it is much better to treat them with a hygienic scientific medication, but before reaching a doctor, we better take a smoothing action for the problem so that the remedy by doctor creates a better impact.

The available natural remedies for ringworm are with good response, and also they give natural cures for other similar problems regarding skin, like protecting skin from further severe problems and other infections under the skin.

Importance for Medical Treatment

The scenario seems technically too dangerous that we are in the probe of a severe attack of fungus. However, it is not that life-threatening, not to worry.But when it comes to the natural metabolism and casual health practice, a conscious mind should never neglect this. Upon proper health measures and home remedies for ringworm followed will gradually cure the disease. It is more advantageous if we respond at very initial stages like ruptures, raises, and red patches appeared on the skin.

It is not that best treatment or ringworm is the ‘ringworm home treatment’, you also have to consult a doctor for the needed treatment. This is because, every natural therapy has its own advantages, but no natural therapy can directly fight such serious attacks, we sometimes need to go for a technically better cure.At the same time, if you have dandruff and do not maintain health properly, you should be aware of your scalp and should often check the scalp for any ringworms.

Although we are suggesting technical therapies for the current problem, there are no less home remedies to treat ringworm. They provide the resistance to skin infection and improve immune system towards any such skin diseases.They can even vanish the thing before you think of going to the doctor if the disease is mild to moderate stage.

This is the list of treatments and home remedies for ringworm, which are the most renowned for their working standards. Thefitglobal team always intends to provide the best natural ways of treatments and maintain a healthy life, this is also one such attempt. Though there are a plenty of medications available at the hospitals, it is better to follow the organic way of treatment any day.

Hoping our intention is up to the mark in the current article of natural remedies for ringworm, we welcome you to interact with your opinions with us below in the comment section.

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