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How Black Coffee Benefits For Weight Loss? – Here Are 6 Ways That Will Startle You

Tired of drinking green tea for a healthy lifestyle? Haven’t your friends and peers acknowledged you about black coffee benefits for weight loss? Now, it’s your turn to enlighten them with the magical properties of black coffee, a trendy beverage that is making people lose their minds.

black coffee benefits for weight loss

The next time someone asks you the secret for your weight loss, be prepared to say that your secret behind looking gorgeous is black coffee!

The Trendiest Coffee That Makes You Lose Weight

Black coffee for weight loss!? Well, we would rather prefer other best methods like diet plans to lose weight because they sound quite rigid and worthy enough to give a good try.

But not many are aware how much of an impact does a regular coffee have in losing weight.

When there are 12 different varieties of coffee viz. latte, cappuccino, espresso and so on, why is it that people have been preferring black coffee for weight loss?

Here’s is the answer. These amazing black coffee benefits for weight loss will speak up for themselves.

Black Coffee Benefits For Weight Loss – 6 Ways In Which Black Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

One fact that is quite impressing about black coffee is that we do not add any sugar or cream because we do not want the calories in sugar or cream to cause a weight gain.

We are absolutely planning for a sugar-free, super healthy drink and that is not it, there is a lot more mechanism that happens in our body that supports weight loss when we drink black coffee.

Here are six amazing effects of black coffee on weight loss

1. Black Coffee Burns Fat

Black Coffee Burns Fat

A temporary weight loss may not help in you in the long run because unless the excess fat in the body is not reduced, you are not said to be experiencing a healthy weight loss.

This is the main reason why most of the people opt for liposuction, the process which involves the removal of fat from the body.

Well, you need not opt for such a risky option. Be patient enough to understand that weight loss is a slow and steady process and that including black coffee in your diet helps in a gradual reduction of fat content in your body.

All the credit of decreasing the fat content goes to caffeine which is the main stimulant present in coffee. A regular cup of coffee may also contain caffeine in it, but a great reason for considering black coffee for weight loss is that it is devoid of additives like sugar and cream.

2. Black Coffee Boosts Your Metabolism


A common statement that may catch your attention on any random website is that metabolism controls your body weight. But how is it practically possible?

To put everything in simple terms, metabolism is the rate at which the activities like digestion, circulation, excretion or any physiological activity takes place in your body.

It is a general fact that higher is your rate of metabolism, higher is the number of calories that you are going to burn which will eventually decrease your body weight.

Exercise can increase your metabolic rate which is why it is more commonly recommended for weight loss.

But you can effortlessly increase your metabolic rate if you decide to relish 2 cups of this healthy drink per day which is why it is best recommended to drink black coffee for weight loss.

3. The Role Of Antioxidants In Weight Loss

The role of antioxidants in weight loss

A general misconception is that green tea is a great source of antioxidants. But you will be amazed to know that there are around a thousand anti-oxidants that have been identified in the coffee beans and surprisingly, these are only present in unprocessed coffee beans.

The antioxidants in these coffee beans can increase up to a hundred more in number when they are roasted.

One important anti-oxidant that is present in coffee that aids in weight loss is chlorogenic acid. It helps in reducing the production of glucose (which is a type of sugar) in the body.

Black coffee for weight loss has become such a buzzing topic because of the presence of antioxidants in it (more particularly, the presence of chlorogenic acid).

4. Curbs Your Hunger Pangs

Curbs your hunger pangs

Hunger makes us eat more and we may surpass the limits of consumption without our knowledge. One smart way to lose weight is to fill your stomach with something that might reduce your appetite.

Interestingly, black coffee increases your metabolism which eventually reduces your hunger levels, helping you reduce the quantity of consumption.

5. Helps You Shed The Extra Calories

Helps you shed the extra calories

Fitness freaks are very well aware that maintaining a healthy weight means being very particular about the number of calories.

Basically, the number of calories that you have been consuming should be less than the number of calories that you are aiming to burn.

The reason why I can assure you that black coffee is that one coffee that makes you lose weight is that black coffee burns the extra calories by increasing your metabolic rate, thereby helping in an easy weight loss.

6. Black Coffee Reduces The Water Content In Your Body

Black coffee reduces the water content in your body

It is essential for you to know whether the excess weight in your body is because of the calories or due to the excess water content in your body because the process of weight loss becomes easy only when you know the underlying cause and work hard to diminish that cause.

Good news is that black coffee for weight loss is much effective for any type of cause because it can easily work on various causes for overweight such as excess fat, too many calories, or excess water content in the body.

Drinking black coffee makes you urinate more, thereby reducing excess water from your body.

Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss? How Far Can You Rely On It?

Black coffee is undoubtedly the best drink that can be recommended for a healthy weight loss because apart from showing the above-mentioned amazing results on your body, black coffee has other potential benefits which have been mentioned later in the article.

Another factor that makes black coffee a perfect choice for weight loss is that it helps in reduction of fat content in the body, assisting in a permanent weight loss.

It acts effectively in multiple ways by reducing your appetite, reducing the number of calories and escalating your metabolism.

It is completely safe to rely on this healthy beverage for a lifetime as long as you do not overdo the consumption.

Caution – Know The Exact Dosage!

Consuming 2-3 cups per day is considered safe for weight loss. Overconsumption of black coffee can show some side effects such as irritability in the stomach, associated with insomnia, nervousness, nausea, anxiety and heartbeats that may seem irregular.

You can also consume 4 small cups of black coffee per day but ensure that you do not consume than that.

How To Make Black Coffee? – A Simple Way To Make Your Morning Lovely

Get ready to brew a fresh cup of black coffee every day and enjoy the benefits of black coffee for weight loss.

It is much advisable to relish black coffee early in the morning on an empty stomach to enjoy the maximum black coffee benefits for weight loss. Here’s is how to make black coffee

  • Heat a cup of water and bring it to boil
  • Add a tablespoon of coffee powder to this. Prefer the best variety of powder for a good taste.
  • Wait until the water absorbs the essence of coffee powder (approximately 2-3 minutes) and turn off the flame.
  • Pour the coffee into your cup and be ready to savour this on an empty stomach before you hit the gym.

Note – If you wish to enjoy a sweet flavour, you can add a teaspoon of honey to this, but avoid adding sugar to it since it may increase the calories which in turn causes a weight gain.

Other Advantages Of Black Coffee

Apart from some excellent effects of black coffee on weight loss, there are other potential advantages of black coffee on the overall health which makes it highly recommendable.

Here are other significant impacts of black coffee on your overall health.

1. Makes You Smart And Spontaneous

Makes you smart and spontaneous

Having 2-3 cups of black coffee in a day can increase the working capacity of your brain and make you smart and spontaneous.

This is because coffee contains the substances which are psychoactive or psychotropic in nature which improves your mood and enhances your thinking capacity.

They majorly act on cognitive functions of the brain such as learning, memorizing, reasoning and grasping knowledge and information.

2. Prevents Any Kind Of Liver Disease

Prevents Any Kind Of Liver Disease

Studies have proved it that drinking black coffee can slowly help in healing the damage that has been caused due to excessive alcohol consumption. This happens because of a substance that is synthesized during the digestion of coffee in your stomach.

Paraxanthine is the chemical substance formed during the digestive process that helps in fighting the most common liver disorders such as fatty liver disease (occurred in no relation to alcohol, cirrhosis (caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol) and liver cancer.

3. Keeps Your Stomach Happy

Keeps Your Stomach Happy

A happy stomach keeps your mood happy! If you have been suffering from a frequent irritability in your stomach, black coffee can act as the best remedy to keep your tummy clean and happy.

This is possible because black coffee helps in eradicating all kinds of bacteria and other toxins from your body and cleanses your stomach.

People who have a habit of drinking this healthy drink are said to urinate more which is not only the reason why people prefer black coffee for weight loss, but it also makes the digestive process much easier because of the caffeine present in it.

4. Black Coffee Reduces The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Black coffee reduces the risk of heart attacks

If you have already been diagnosed with any kind of cardiovascular disorder, it is best to consult your doctor before consuming coffee because it is quite difficult to assess the consequence of drinking black coffee for people undergoing treatment related to heart problems.

Nevertheless, researches have proved that people who drank black coffee on a regular basis were seen less affected by heart attacks.

5. Black Coffee Improves Your Resistance

Black coffee is a rich source of antioxidants which help in reducing the risk of various diseases. Antioxidants help in protecting your body from free radicals, the substances which may damage your healthy cells.

Try drinking black coffee early in the morning to see the reduction in various illness and diseases.

6. Reduces Stress And Makes You Happy

Reduces stress and makes you happy

People who have a regular habit of drinking black coffee are said to stay away from depression because black coffee helps in elevating your mood by increasing the levels of dopamine.

Also, black coffee acts upon the hormones like noradrenaline and serotonin and increases their activity which helps in reducing the stress levels, thereby reducing the chances of depression.

7. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

Insulin sensitivity is very essential for preventing the onset of diabetes because the risk of diabetes reduces when your insulin hormone is effective in converting the blood sugar levels into energy. The sugar when not converted remains intact in the blood causing diabetes and obesity.

An experiment conducted on mice proved that insulin sensitivity increased in the mice that were fed with black coffee.

8. Decreases The Risk Of Gout

Decreases The Risk Of Gout

Gout is a disorder related to the joint pains that are essentially caused due to the improper metabolism of uric acid which causes the acid to remain in the blood in high levels. It is the accumulation of uric acid in the joints that causes swelling, redness and pain in the joints.

Consumption of black coffee helps in alleviating the levels of uric acid in the body, which gradually provides a great relief from the painful symptoms of gout.

Bottom line

Black coffee benefits for weight loss in 6 different ways, acting on your fat reduction, burning off extra calories, increasing your metabolic rate and reducing the levels of hunger.

Other advantages of black coffee on overall health apart from weight loss make people gulp down 3-4 cups of this healthy beverage, early in the morning.

For a change, try drinking black coffee and share your views on how it impacted your health.