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Best Way to Avoid Health Disorders – Deep Breathing Exercises

Breathing is the only key of life, ever realized? Maybe no. It’s not food which keeps you alive, it gives you energy but is not the only key to life. Breathing is the key to life because when you breathe you take some air into your lungs and then oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide is pushed out; This is all the science we know. But yes, the air you breathe itself is running your life. Can you stop breathing for a minute? No, you’ll die. So yes all you need to understand is breathing plays the most important role in life. So let us briefly discuss the breathing exercises you should be aware of.

Best Way to Avoid Health Disorders Deep Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises help you in your mind relaxation and give you relief from depressions and give you peace of mind. But if you get affected with flu or cold then it will create disturbance in your breathing. Then you won’t be able to perform the breathing exercises properly, it will create trouble to perform those breathing exercises. So first cure yourself of that problem and then start following these simple breathing exercises to remain healthy?

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There are Few Breathing Exercises which Help in Various Things:

Let us briefly discuss the breathing exercises based on their use in real life situations;

What are Breathing Exercises for Sleep?

  • There a few breathing exercises for sleep which will help you in going to sleep faster. Firstly, all you have to know is these breathing exercises don’t need any additional equipment to do it. All you have to do is follow few tips to achieve the destiny. So when you go to bed, close your eyes and take deep breaths, you have to start taking low breaths that are slow ones and slowly start increasing the breath to be deeper than the previous one, with this it will progressively increase the muscle relaxation. Then you’ll be able to feel your legs and slowly each and every part of your body and try to go to the head and I’m pretty sure, you’ll be sleeping by then. It will be difficult for you in the starting but slowly you’ll be able to sleep early.
  • If you’re suffering from cold, then it is advised for you to use nasal dilators which are generally available for you in the medical stores. Your nasal passages will be open by then so that you can easily breathe through your nose and always make sure your mouth remains closed while you sleep. You may think it is difficult for you to close your mouth in sleep, there are few tips for you for that. Chewing a gum is advised, right before you go to bed.
  • The one other tip for you to go to sleep quickly is when you go to bed, close your eyes and start counting 1 to where ever it stops till you sleep, and add breathes to your counts, that is count 1 and take a breath and then two and a bit heavy breath and continue. You’ll generally be sleeping before the number goes 13 or 14. If you keep up in the practice sometimes it stops at 8. So yes let’s play the game to achieve graduation in breathing exercises for sleep.

What are Breathing Exercises for Anxiety?

  • These simple breathing exercises will help you in relieving stress and anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness in your body, the good breathing exercises are needed to cure this in your body. All you have to do is take some breaths continuously and stop thinking. Concentrate on your breathing only. Then these breaths will send a message to your brain to relax and the brain sends the same message to your body to relax and then will help you in a cure for anxiety.
  • Deep breathing is one best breathing exercise for you which will help in lowering the stress in your head. Taking deep breaths for a couple of minutes in a day will help you to increase your breathing health. Sit or sleep and make sure your legs are away from your hips because the breathing won’t be proper in that position. You can sleep in any other position and then start taking deep breaths. It will divert your concentration in the brain and then you’ll be obtaining a peace of mind which will help you cure in the anxiety or the nervousness.
  • This simple exercise will help you in curing the anxiety in you, all you have to do is wake up early in the morning and I know this is not possible for every one of you but doing this breathing exercise early in morning will benefit you a lot because your metabolism begins right after your sleep. So sit and fold your legs and then make sure your back is straight. Start taking heavy deep breaths, start taking small breaths and slowly increase the breathing and repeat it for a couple of minutes. This will help you in curing anxiety because when you do this properly your brain will get relaxation and then you’ll focus on what is important for you and then what is right for you. There will be no additional stress on you because this breathing exercise will surely cure your anxiety or nervousness.

So by following these simple breathing exercises you can cure your anxiety and lower your stress levels also.

Simple Breathing Exercises for Strong Lungs- Health Benefits

  • These simple breathing exercises will help you maintain your lung health. By following these good breathing exercises, you can help in strengthening your lungs. Take long deep breaths for thirty seconds and then once you’re all comfortable then hold your breath for five seconds and then later do it again and hold sufficient air to stop your breath again for a count of five. This will help you strengthen your lungs and will help you maintain the lung health.
  • The other breathing exercises you have to do is cycling and walking. This will help you open up your lungs and then do consume loads of water because it will help you remain hydrated.
  • Lung exercises help in increasing the endurance of heart and lungs which will help you in using the oxygen efficiently. By following these simple breathing exercises you can strengthen your lungs.

The only good breathing exercise you shouldn’t do is smoking, well that was sarcasm. Smoking kills and will weaken the functioning of your lungs. They’ll slowly bring you closer to death. So think about it!

Breathing Exercises in Yoga for you



The yoga breathing technique is generally named as pranayama. It gives you so many health benefits and is the foundation in your yoga exercises. It is breathing heavily, starting from initial slow breaths to heavy deep breaths. It is also followed by closing your alternate nostrils. This will improve the lung function and you will also be at the base of preventing respiratory problems, check houses for you to stay safe this is one best breathing exercise which you can do at home and it advised to do this breathing exercise in the early mornings after your wake from sleep.

There is also some asana which is performed while doing pranayama, this will give relaxation to your body as well as the brain. Yoga breathing exercise was always considered to be a health benefit. While doing some asana along with the heavy deep breaths they will give you a peaceful mind and will help in your stress relief also. There have been many yoga centers which have been gaining large profits when the health was pushed into the market in the form of yoga. But you can do these simple breathing exercises at home and stay healthy.

Performing each asana for a couple of minutes and then taking a break is advised. With practice, you’ll be able to strengthen your lungs easily and will be free from respiratory problems.



This means breathing heavily once and then leaving it slowly. It is all done through the nose. You should keep your mouth closed when you do this breathing exercise. Kapalabathi will enhance your thinking ability and will help in increasing your mind power. This is one simple breathing technique which has got too many advantages towards health.

Best breathing exercises maybe in your daily routine, which you never knew.



Swimming is the best breathing exercise which you never knew maybe. It will increase your lung breathing capacity. You can also go under water and hold your breath to check your breathing capacity. Slowly you’ll be able to increase the time under water that means your breathing system has already begun to get stronger.



Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises which will help you in increasing your stamina that is the ability to breathe well. It will increase your breathing function also. So start using your cycle if have to travel to the close places.

Workouts or playing some sport.

This will help you in increasing your lung capacity and will strengthen your breathing system. It is always advised to involve yourself in some physical activity so that it will help you remain fit and also the important, healthy. It will increase your breathing capacity and when you sink in an ocean, you won’t be dying first. Well, that was a phrase.

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But when you get affected by cold you might find it difficult to follow these remedies, then you have to start following the home remedies for flu so that you initially fight back against the virus and build back your breathing system. These simple breathing exercises will help you remain fit and free from respiratory problems.

What’d you learn from the article?

So after reading this article, you must be clear about the breathing exercises you should be aware of and also clear with simple breathing exercises along with few yoga breathing exercises. We are also clear about the hobbies you must inculcate in yourself in order to remain fit and strengthen your lungs’ breathing capacity. So the main aim is to be healthy and away from diseases, so why not spend five to ten minutes of time for performing these breathing exercises.