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7 major Signs That ‘May’ Say your Brain Isn’t Working Well – Dementia Symptoms

Dementia is a condition of brain that shows a collection of symptoms and diseases. Neither it is a disease, nor a symptom, but the condition of both in collection. Normal diseases bone fracture, ear pain, flu, cold will be solved by symptomatic approach. Harmful problems related to heart functioning, kidney functioning, blood pressure/hypertension can be solved with doctor’s treatment or directly at home if the ailment is recognized at primary stages. But dementia symptoms and its few early signs are highly vulnerable to treat and cope with. We shall observe such tricky symptoms and try to get any idea to get a better cure at home in the early stage.

Dementia Symptom

The conditions of brain when a person is attacked by dementia will be explained in the article. We will go with a detailed observation on various types of dementia, along with the reflexes of brain and body at different dementia stages.

Stats to Define its Seriousness:

Imagine not having an organ in your body. Not having brain is death, of course. What about not having some part of the brain? Seems abnormal, right? But the Dementia is exactly such. We lose our brain tissues due to nutritional and biological detriment that occur due to various reasons.

Europe and United States are greatly impacted by Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. The influence of life-threatening diseases is increasing rapidly in both regions.


30% of people who are aged more than 70 years face dementia. Every year, 1 million Europeans are newly developing brain retardation in which half of them are undergoing treatment for dementia. Readily, 850,000 people in Europe are suffering from some type of Dementia.


UK alone is in a severe threat compared to both USA and Europe’s other regions. The major kind of dementia, i.e. Alzheimer’s stands as leading cause of death in UK. Even more alarming is that the disease dementia is growing its magnitude year by year. It wouldn’t be so damaging if it is just for being a cause of death but increasing numbers of victims is the real matter of serious concern.


American population is capable of getting everything faster. It is also proved in inventing new diseases every year. One in three people who are more than 85 years old are attacked by dementia. Over 5 million people are Alzheimer’s victims in USA. Is there a way they can go beyond the disease making culture? Of course, we have a ‘yes’, when we look at so-called ‘underdeveloped countries’ like India, Gulf, and few South-asian countries.

Of course, the world is growing the diseases each day, that is due to becoming monotonic with the most unwanted lifestyles. Finding new eating styles that are healthy in any way will help in avoiding these tricky diseases.

As there is no true cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, we have come up with a basic level information for you to understand the problems faced by the body during the disease along with few strong early signs of dementia.

Before Understanding Anything

Firstly, are we really aware of our brain’s typicality in all the aspects? The activities of brain aren’t limited in one direction. And when it comes to the damages happening at the cellular levels of brain, humans’ understanding about the science isn’t just enough. Pathetically, we are not able to cure any of the dementia-related problems.

And the steepest coincidence here we see is the aging problem. The problem of aging is disrupting the analysis of alzheimer’s and other brain problems. Many aging symptoms like lost vision, poor memory, distinguishing the colors are also the indications of various types of dementia. These indications are mistaken for aging and ignored as anybody would do. But when the people are not yet ready to succumb to the nature due to aging, their disease is killing them slowly with these hidden symptoms. This is the problem of the day concerned to brain diseases, especially the early stages of dementia.

The Major Dementia Symptoms:

These symptoms of dementia explain the condition of the person but not to be confused with aging and any other disease on your own assumptions.

This brief outlook on the signs of dementia discusses how our brains get damaged upon the attack of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Poor memory is the foremost indication of brain being damaged. If we can’t recollect the events and few specific things happened in the recent past, that may be accounted into any normal problem like aging, poor habits of living, etc. But when it happens significantly to somebody like no others face it normally, that is to be seriously dealt by the specialist doctor.

Chaos in Memory

When the memory loss is addressed, other dementia symptoms may also have to be understood. But when a person faces chaos in memory(i.e. forgetting the things in totally random way, not being able to recognize very familiar faces, not able to find the difference between few similar things/events from the past, etc.), that scenario must be considered into the signs of dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Difficulty in Practicing the Routine

While you take up the new charges, it might be harder at the first step, but if yoeel the difficulty in wearing socks, steps in preparing a juice/tea, remembering where is your toothbrush in your home when you wake up in the morning, it is a strict behavior of a person with damaged brain. It is not a harsh statement, but become optimal about the situation and give the required emotional care for your companion to cope up with these types of dementia symptoms.

Abstract Thinking

Dementia symptoms go so weird with the time. The thought process get distorted from being stable, and the personality gets totally unreliable in practical aspects. This means the patient goes out of normalcy and the thinking process runs improperly that makes them come up with freakingly strange thoughts.

E.g. Suddenly thinking about childhood or the history of time at the workplace.

Communication Problems

We can identify dementia stages when we observe the communication problem in people. If it gets too considerable that the language has become big barrier for communicating with people, then the dementia can be figured out as at a significantly dangerous stage.

When a person can’t communicate well with everybody that he cannot find proper words for an expression, isn’t it a horrible situation to live in?


Orientation problem is one more unique sign to identify the disease. When people could not figure out how to ride a bike, or to climb the stairs, it is considered as an orientation problem. So if a person fails to shake his hand with his usual gesture and gets confused, there must be a chance that he’s facing dementia symptoms.

Mood Swings:

This is one more big problem of dementia. It is readily a fact that a person can’t function without a brain, also one cannot feel without brain, which is a known but unrecognized fact. And when we lose some part of the brain, we cannot expect it to happen that we react properly in emotional situations.

Mood swings are a natural thing when hormones get unbalanced in the body. But when we can’t handle the Adrenaline in the body, when we don’t have the receptors and senders of information(neurons) in working properly the body, it is a hard day to accept the life. There you must be putting all your efforts into improving such symptoms and early signs of dementia.

Depression is one other severe impact of dementia disease which is observed at the advances stages of the problem.

When we compare Alzheimer’s disease symptoms with dementia symptoms, almost every indication seems to match with each other but dementia is an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s. However, Dementia has no permanent cure and we have no clue till it shows unique symptoms. Therefore, a thorough check on your psychological activities must be happening after you observe any strangeness in your reflexes.