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10 Best Double Chin Exercises to Tone your Cheeks and Face Fat

Are you one of those who do not find comfort in fatty faces? Are you into any of the treatments which didn’t work out? Now, this is the obvious page that you needed these days. This day, we present you the best working and most effective double chin exercise which tone your face to a splendid beauty. There are many weight loss exercises which may also work on your body but may not be equally working for the face toning. But with the face exercises and some smaller home remedies, you can even turn your chubby cheeks appealing.

Double chin exercise to tone

Why Does Face get Fat?

The face may get fat from genetic reasons or by food habits. The fat that comes from birth may be called as a natural one, which includes chubby cheeks, round attire of face, etc. They have no health issues to be there on the face, but the fat that comes by our habituations is the artificial one, which should be treated for health and also for beauty.

Increasing age simultaneously with the lack of adequate consumption of fat in the face may also result in sagginess in the face, particularly in the chin. Excessive weight also is a major reason. You can find excellent working food styles that work for weight loss, including the concern for the face. These can be easily toned with casual face exercises; you do not have to go for any medication or surgery even on a serious note, i.e., where the problem goes on increasing.

Need to Reduce Double Chin

Chubby cheeks appeal to be cute at times, but only until some age. After young age, you don’t want to be the same cutie child as you were in the amateur days. For this typical reason, some of us may try to get rid of chubby cheeks. On the other side, some people look charming with the chubby cheeks too. However, it is all the matter of public appeal or personal choice.


Coming to the artificial fat that enters on our face by our ignorance towards health, it results in an adverse effect as a menace to the public, regarding appearance, i.e., Double Chin. It looks absurd when you turn to get them in the face in a finite duration of time. Now here is a clear need for the treatment for double chin reduction, but the style of therapy needs not be a thorough medication as many facial exercises are available which can readily cure at any level of the growing fat.

We provide you the list of good practices that are proved to be working out well in getting rid of double chin and also to give you a pleasant look, which makes you a genuine health conscious in progress with their results.

Find out the best face toning, double chin exercise list for the brightest results you could ever get through other means.

Facial Exercises for Chubby Cheeks

Blow Balloons

Blowing balloons help you get rid of chubby cheeks much faster of all the ways. Try blowing air into balloons thoroughly with your muscle so that your cheeks expand for about 10 times each day. After a week, you can easily observe a significant change in your cheeks.


This is one of the best facial exercises for cheeks to get rid of fat and for being healthy too. Technically, this has a great advantage over your muscles, skin, and fat control. It retains the elasticity of your skin which is as an anti-aging treatment.

Rotate the Tongue


To reduce fat, rotating the tongue is the powerful facial exercise. This is quite a simple one. Rotate the tongue inside your closed mouth in circular movements both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. It should be repeated for about 15 times consecutively in both the directions. See that you touch the upper front end of the mouth while rotating the tongue. This face exercise gives instant results very much; you can observe the change in your cheeks weight even at a shorter attempt.

Chewing Gum

This one is a popular thing to get rid of chubby cheeks. Chewing gum in health point of view is known for its fat reduction ability. Chubby cheeks are flattened very much with chewing gum.


Chewing gum has a great potential to burn the fats from cheeks, and also it’s a good double chin exercise. The only considerable thing is to see that the chewing gum is sugar-free. This exercise done for 20 minutes, twice each day will slim down your face within no time. This is due to melting of fat cells in the cheeks.

Preferably chew the gum for 30 minutes if possible, also if you have sound cheeks.

Smiling Fish

Now, the current excellent remedy is to protect your skin’s health too. It not only reduces the accumulated fat in the cheeks but also improves the strength of the cheeks. Around the chin, the lower part of the cheek is perfected with this trick.


Suck in both the cheeks and make a fish face, then try smiling with the same posture. Stay trying to smile for at least a count of 10 seconds. Then repeat the thing again. This will show a yielding result in reducing the chubby cheeks within a short period.

This one is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of chubby cheeks.

Face Stretching

This one can be listed into one of the facial yoga exercises. Stretching your face reduces the fat in the lower cheeks, which indirectly causes double chin reduction. It also leads to strengthening the facial muscles like smiling fish does, releases tensions, and also cheekbones are sculpted.


The procedure is much simpler, but upon extensive/longtime practice leads to unwanted bone twinge/pain in cheeks. Open your mouth big, stretch your tongue out, try touching your chin with tongue. Hold it for about 10 seconds. Repeat this for several times and after a few days, you can find the strong improvement in your cheeks strength and also reduce double chin.

Face Massage

This one is also an effective treatment of the facial exercises for cheeks. The fat reduction, sculpt, and face toning are extraordinarily executed with it. Face massage works out well as a double chin exercise as well with its complementary results.


General face massage has got a lot of natural advantages to help us. Rubbing with Wheat germ oil, ginseng oil will additionally help in proper blood circulation to the cells, which controls the fat growing on the face.

Excess fluid that is accumulated in the face makes the face appear swollen, also cause double chin. With proper face massaging action, you can comfortably reduce double chin, also slim down the cheeks to a perfect toned shape.

Massaging is the prominent action in body exercising. It has a method here while you apply some ingredients on the face.

  • Apply Wheat germ oil on the face, neck, cheeks, wherever the face has the excess fat and swelling.
  • Move your hand gently pressing in one direction, preferably upwards, towards the ear. Repeat the action or 5-6 times.
  • With your fingertips, tap the cheeks from the ends of the lips to ears area. Repeat this for 10 times as it is a smoother and gentler action.
  • Now the Double Chin Exercise, Move your four fingers except thumb along the jaw end line. Apply firm strokes this time for about 5-6 times.

With such above massaging actions, you can undoubtedly find the anticipated results in a couple of weeks.

Exercises for Double Chin:

Lift the Chin

Chin Lift is a prominent facial exercise in double chin reduction. It doesn’t just only reduce your double chin but also improves your skin strength and muscle strength at various places around the face like jaw, neck, and throat.


But chin lift is the exercise that is to be done as mentioned; no other parts should be included other than lips.There is no restriction whether you stand or sit while practicing the exercise. And it has the simplest procedure of all.

Lift your head upwards facing the ceiling. Keep looking upwards and move your lips up like as if in a kissing posture. Stay in this position for about 5-10 seconds and then relax. Repeat the exercise as many times as you can for about 10 minutes at the maximum. This also works as one of the facial exercises for cheeks, as it has an effect over all the face area.

Rolling the Neck

Again an effective double chin exercise is here. This particular practice is similar to facial yoga exercises. It provides the ease of face toning, jawline strengthening, and also toning the neck muscles to appropriate shape. Rolling the Neck is also helpful in relieving the stress as it should be done within a rhythm of breathing action when it is performed as a yoga practice.


Wrinkles and sagging of skin are most reduced by this method and skin under the neck is tightened healthily.

It is also not restricted to the position of standing or sitting, but keep your spine straight and head normally. Now tilt your head to lean on the adjacent support of your body, and rotate your head slowly and gently in line with a chin so that it makes a complete rotation in a circle. Now trace back the same path with counter direction and complete the circle,

Keep your spine straight and do not lift the shoulders up. Do it for 4-5 minutes daily which reduces all the fat under the neck in a minimum of 15 daytime.Rolling the Neck has many organic advantages regarding other health perspectives; also it is considered to be the best way to get rid of a double chin.

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Jaw Dropping/Releasing

Jaw drop results in a perfect jawline strengthen the cheekbones, finally gives an attractive look over your past attires. It is entirely in your hands to improve your beauty, that too in natural ways.Coming to the need of getting rid of a double chin, jaw release has fruitful reviews.

Be in a straight posture, may it be sitting or standing; move your jaw in a manner that you are eating something with your lips closed. While doing this, maintain proper breathing, like you do in a breathing exercise. After this, open the mouth and put your tongue twisted out laying its edge on bottom teeth. Now again breath in and out for a few seconds. Repeat this whole procedure 10-15 times at one go. Nonetheless, it too has perfect results as the above two in double chin exercise list.

Lip Pulling

Lip pull is also a type of facial yoga exercises; it has almost similar advantages to that of jaw release. It stands equivalent to the other three exercises for double chin.It lifts up the face muscle along with strengthening of cheekbones and maintains an attractive jawline, but on a continual practice only.

Lift your lower lip with the forward movement of the jaw, facing upwards, keeping the body posture straight, as in every case. This may make you feel tensed physically; but after 10-15 seconds, you can relax.This builds up a perfect jawline, which is an essential step for double chin reduction. Repeat this for 10-15 times at one go for the effective results.

This is the compact presentation on double chin exercise and facial exercises to get rid of chubby cheeks. We hopefully think that you have got some benefit through this means, we expect some feedback and suggestions from you.