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Acupressure for Ear Infection Treatment – Cure Ear Pain without Medicine

There are a lot many causes of ear pain but knowing the right cause & taking up the right action can put a complete end to the pain and give you a permanent relief. Acupressue for ear infection treatment is something that one can try when all the other remedies fail to give relief. The major cause of ear pain is an ear injury, infection in ear or inflammation in the ear! 

But, most of the cases of ear pain are found with other reasons which seem irrelevant. Sinusitis, Teeth damage, primary stages of throat cancer, tonsillitis, and many other different diseases cause ear infection symptoms very often. 

To discuss the details of earache remedies it goes longer and longer. We move onto the easier treatment, i.e. acupressure, which is also natural and safe.

Ear Infection Treatment - Acupressure Treatment to Cure Ear Pain

Acupressure treatment is one of the most prominent alternative therapy which has gained worldwide users for centuries now.

We have treatment for 50 serious ailments of our body with acupressure and acupuncture. Both are indivisibly similar in the background science and the treatment after the application.

But the approach is the only thing that separates the two. Now the topic of the day, earache is a typical problem for the treatment of which we are going to study the acupressure techniques as natural earache remedies.

Briefing the Ear Infection Symptoms

The infection in ears is majorly seen in children due to improper maintenance of ears as they are unaware of how sensitive their ears are.

It is not that adults are completely safe from it but they can withstand the pressure which might go unbearable with the children. So whoever it may be, the pain and intensity of ear infection are the same, what differs is the bearing capacity.

Acupressure Points for Ear Infection Treatment:

This list of acupressure points is gathered from Traditional Chinese Medication which has unproven theories by latest scientific approaches.

Yet the treatment done by these acupoints for any body ailment stands perfect symbol of naturality and effectiveness.

Earache, as it is discussed, is a minor problem creating sharp pains in the ears interrupting our day severely. This is observed in children when the ear infection symptoms go beyond the control of natural remedies.

For this problem, the first two choices(On Hands and Ears) of acupressure points for earache treatment are highly effective and user-friendly, so go with them as long as you are comfortable to practice on those points.

Acupoints on Hand

Finding these solutions is very helpful for sensitive pains like an ear infection. Earache relief is attained by applying firm pressure on points which are located somewhere else on our body.

This helps in avoiding the pain near the ears during the treatment. It is more helpful for children as they are more sensitive towards pains.

There are a good number of acupressure points on hand for ear infection treatment.

1. Triple Burner or Triple Energizer Channel

Triple point Channel pressure point

This channel of three acupoints on the either hand relate to ear infection symptoms. The first point of the triple burner channel is located on the intersecting point of two lines that pass as the tangents of the nail of the fourth finger of both hands.

The joining lines touch the top edge and the outer edge of the ring finger. This point seems to be hard to locate, see the image for easy reference. Use moderate pressure for the ear pain

The second point is found if we move the finger straight up the finger to the hollow in between fourth and fifth fingers.

Use a bit more pressure and more time on this point. Keep your fist loose and apply the pressure on this point for better treatment. Also, use your thumb for effective impact for earache relief.

The third acupressure point for an earache on hand is right after the knuckle on the same line of the channel.

The offset between second and third points is about just 1-2 cm. Push both the points towards each other for further treatment. It gives enhanced treatment for ear pain.

2. Union Valley

Union Valley pressure point


Union Valley or Large Intestine 4 point is the most common acupressure point in entire Traditional Chinese Medication.

This point can soothe lot many serious diseases with simple treatment. Ear infection treatment finds one of the easiest solutions with union valley point.

Union Valley point is located in the fleshy region of intersection of thumb and index finger. The point is stimulated with the help of two fingers from both sides of the palm.

Use thumb to press on the point and other couple fingers below the palm. Start with circular motions of the thumb and then slowly increase the concentration of the force on the point.

Acupoints Near the Ears

There are 5 points in the ear region which work for ear pain relief. These points are highly prominent and suggested by the experts internationally.

3. Ear Gate

Ear Gate pressure point


Ear gate is the key point for earache relief. It directly helps in curing ear pain by the stimulation of life energy within no time. The point is exactly located in front of the ear lobe on the upper part of the ear.

Stimulate the point for five minutes using the index and middle fingers. The point is not just an earache remedy, but it can cure a lot of problems as a headache, toothache, inflammation, etc.

4. Listening Palace

Listening Palace pressure point

Listening palace is more crucial than the ear gate as it has more sensitivity towards hearing.

The point is also sensitive physically as this point is tenderly located near the ear. It is right below the ear gate, a bit inward in the pit of the region, which only opens when we open our mouth wide.

You can find the point if you rotate your finger for a couple of times in the region.

Ear infection treatment is achieved very well if we carefully carry out the pressure and motion.

Many ear-related problems like hearing problems, ear pain, jaw pain, and also ringing in ears(tinnitus). Headache treatment is also one of the application apart from the ear infection remedies.

5. Reunion of Hearing

Reunion of Hearing pressure point

This pressure point for ear pain treatment is again on the channel of above points near the ear lobe.

Reunion of Hearing is located below ‘Listening Palace’ which works for similar health benefits as the above two do. Additionally, it cures dizziness and itching in the ears.

6. Wind Screen

Wind Screen pressure point

The wind screen is located on the ear directly. It is on the smoothest part of the ear below the ear lobe.

It is a sensitive point which shouldn’t be applied more than a gentle amount of pressure. It is more useful in ear infection treatment in a natural way but with the aid of slight pressure, unlike the previous ones.

The point has too many advantages which are unrelated to ears also. It relieves an earache, jaw pains, throat infections, toothache, and spasms too. Earache relief is one of the common benefits of wind screen point.

7. Leading Valley

Leading Valley pressure point

Leading Valley is a peculiar point when we consider other medical issues. Upon heavier usage of medicines, we may have no other alternative to get rid of the disease as well as to get rid of the side effect caused by that overdose.

Above the ear, a two-finger-widths up, we find this leading valley point. Along with ear infection treatment, this point relieves stress also.

You can also get rid of vertigo, eyesight problem, nausea, tinnitus, heaviness in head and ears, etc. On the whole, from above all points, Leading Valley stands as the most versatile pressure point.

8. Wind Pool

Wind Pool pressure point

One more versatile point in the list, Wind Pool. It is located on your neck at two locations with an offset of 2 inches on both sides of the neck bone. This is an interesting point which works for earache relief and head-related problems both at once.

The point helps in curing vertigo, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, and many irritating problems which may be minor in intensity but irritating as hell.

9. Bigger Stream

Bigger Stream pressure point

Please do not perform the treatment at this point if you are pregnant.

The point is located behind the ankle’s tendon, in the depression of the ankle on both legs. This astonishingly relieves a toothache, tinnitus, and additionally pain related to ear infection symptoms.

10. Hundred Convergences

Hundred Convergences pressure point


Now we arrive at the most important point in every spiritual system of the globe.

It is not 100 diseases that are cured with this pressure point but it has millions of advantages when we stimulate this point but related to ear infection treatment and headache treatment, we mention a complete list of those problems.

The location is in the center of the top of the head. The problems cured by stimulating this acupoint are vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness, heaviness in the head, and anxiety. Neurological disorders, emotional weakness can be overcome very simply with this treatment.

Activate this point using two thumbs with sensible firm pressure. Take help of an expert or another person to do this for you.

Simple & Easy Tips to Get Rid of Ear Pain 

Trying Acupressure may help you in the treatment since it is a scientific method of dealing with the energy lines but there are some additional tips. 

A Hot Compress

If the pain is especially being caused due to inflammation and infection, treatment with hot water bags or heating pads can reduce the pain and give you a soothing effect! 

You can buy the heating bags online at best prices. All you need to do is press them against the painful region several times a day. 

2. Cold Compress

Before directly applying the cold, ensure that the temperature that you are about to apply is bearable. 

To apply a cold compress, collect some ice cubes in a cloth and wrap them tightly. Press the cloth against the painful region to alleviate the pain.

A hot compress is usually preferred to a cold compress since the later might cause discomfort rather than a relief! 

3. Distract yourself from the pain 

One of the smartest tricks to get away from any kind of pain is to distract oneself by getting involved in refreshing activities. 

You can play mindful games, have a chit chat with your close friends or indulge in your favourite hobbies to distract your mind from the pain. 

4. Consume Anti-inflammatory foods

Anti-inflammatory foods like garlic and onions can help you get rid of the bacterial infection if there is any.

It further boosts your immunity and stabilizes your overall health. It is recommended to consume a clove of garlic every day to reduce ear infections. 

With this list of ear acupressure points and these easy to follow tips, one can get rid of ear pain naturally without much application of ear pain remedies and medicines. 

But knowing the cause of the pain and consulting your doctor is important before directly applying the home remedies. Acupressure for Ear infection Treatment