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18 Essential Eggplant Benefits for Health Which Make You Eat It Every Week

Eggplant, famous for its abundance, yet most unpopular for its rich nutrient values. The health benefits of a vegetable had never been neglected more than this vegetable. Once you go through the immense health benefits of eggplant, you would admit this fact without any hesitation. It could also be made juice for the similar eggplant benefits as a vegetable.

18 Essential Eggplant Benefits for Health Which Make You Eat It Every Week

Eggplant is often referred to as brinjal in its native countries in South Asia, eastern Asia. ‘Eggplant’ name is from the American countries, European countries call it aubergine.  The name is because of the resemblance in the shape of the vegetable with eggs though all brinjals do not have the similar shape. Minerals in eggplant are abundant, which serve major part of the nutrients. Let us have a brief glance on the eggplant nutrition.

Eggplant Nutrition:

Eggplant should be preferred because of its low glycemic index. All the eggplant benefits are attributed to the low fat, low carb, and low GI factors.

Many abundant minerals and nutrients in eggplant nutrition make it an exceptional food. The table you are going to see will turn your view over this underrated vegetable to a positive side.

Nutrient Amount
Calories 35.5
Fiber 2.5 g
Vitamin B1 100 mcg
Vitamin B3 600 mcg
Vitamin B6 110 mcg
Vitamin B9 15 mcg
Vitamin K 3 mcg
Calcium 6 mg
Copper 60 mcg
Potassium 125 mg
Magnesium 11 mg
Manganese 120 mcg
Phosphorous 14.9 mg
Zinc 125 mcg
Sodium 1 mg
Protein 830 mg
Carbohydrates 8.7 g
Sugars in carbs 3.2 g

To start with the benefits of eggplant for health, it has immense curing abilities for diabetes, heart problem, anemia, brain functioning, and many more severe health disorders.

Each of these eggplant benefits is described below with the aid of nutritional values of eggplant.

The Heart and a handful of other problems:

Heart Health

The foremost of all the health benefits of eggplant is its protective strength for the heart. Cardiovascular health is maintained by lowering cholesterol and regulating blood pressure. As eggplant is a good hydrating agent, the heart gets helped by it for healthy functioning. Also, potassium in the vegetable is high, which gives a hydrating effect, also acting as a preventive agent of dehydration consequences.

Healthy maintenance of fluids in the body avoids any disorders in the cardiovascular system. Eating eggplant for health does this job very effectively.

Blood pressure

Reduce Hypertension (Blood Pressure)

Blood pressure isn’t an age-related problem; it is just by the body’s genetic order and eating habits. Also, how one maintains his emotional balance can decide the blood pressure levels to some extent. The bioflavonoids in eggplant control the stress on the body and mind. It results in regulating the blood pressure in veins.


The fatless veggie gives enormous nutrients which are completely free from the bad cholesterol. It contains terpene phytonutrients and nasunin; the antioxidants help in excretion of free radicals and antibodies out of the body. This activity leads to relaxation of blood vessels and enhances the blood flow effectively.

The whole process gives rise to relieve the body from cholesterol with yielding impact.

Weight Loss

Weight loss doesn’t need to be a special mention as we found cholesterol control as one of the eggplant benefits. Losing weight by eating more is, however, a peculiar phenomenon, which is entirely dedicated to eggplant health benefits.

Weight Loss

The least count of calories is the main reason for losing weight by eggplant. Regarding eating, brinjal makes you feel full after its consumption which stops us from overeating. Rich fiber content is another reason behind controlling weight.


Diabetic people need the least starch as they have enough in their veins unused. Brinjal is an ideal choice for them. High fiber content benefits you here again. It activates effective digestion of accumulated fats in the blood cells and muscles. Regulated blood pressure and blood sugar levels avoid any severe effects of diabetes. Diabetes control is one of the principal benefits of eggplant for health, which surprisingly prevents many other disorders in its path of treatment.


These are all the interconnected benefits of eggplant which relate to heart in some way or the other.

Many of the blood and fat things of the food we take cause the eventual failures of the heart and primary failures on hair and skin. This is due to the reason, every nutrient we lack in our food initially stops sending the nutrients to the skin and hair. Let us also know what eggplant benefits can do to out hair and skin as the immediate consequences of its lack.

Eggplant Benefits for Skin:

The rich vitamins mentioned under the eggplant nutrition facts are responsible for the skin care provided by it.

Fair and glowing skin

Dietary fibers and vitamins cleanse the skin layers and cure any pigment disorders and ruptures. Even the continuous exposure to the sun can also be defended by the nutrients of eggplant. As already mentioned, there is abundant water in the vegetable, which is a primary requirement for the cleansing of the skin. It also enhances the glow of skin in an efficient manner.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Clearing off the damages on the skin, thus smoothening the tone is an essential activity of the eggplant benefits for skin.

Anti-aging and Other Damages on Skin

Anti-aging treatment from the list of eggplant benefits needs an extra mention because the treatment is also done by the skin of the eggplant. Do not peel it off while cooking as it contains antioxidants and anthocyanins. They are the primary ingredients of brinjal for providing a younger and glowing look.

Anti-Aging Properties

Flaky skin, dry skin can be soothingly treated with eggplant consumption. Acne, brown spots, suntan can be gradually cured with it. These eggplant benefits for skin are the exceptional qualities which separate the veggie from many other foods.

Eggplant Benefits for Hair:

Stronger hair and scalp

Scalp needs good nutrients and water. Water is of course, abundant in eggplant. It strengthens the roots of the hair. For hair treatment, rub the eggplant’s inner surface on the scalp for 10 minutes continuously. Practice this once a week. After the 10 minutes of rubbing, wash the scalp with warm water and a herbal shampoo.

The treatment of rubbing is effective due to the minerals and vitamins in the eggplant. The nourishment also clears dandruff from the root level. These are the most effective benefits of eggplant for hair regarding natural hair treatments.

Hair Growth

The enzymes in eggplant give strength to hair follicles, which not only gives cleared scalp but also enables faster hair growth. The consumption of eggplants effectively moisturizes dry hair.

Healthy Hair

Also, eggplant benefits the hair by giving a shiny texture, which is a rare feature of foods regarding hair treatments.

Other Eggplant Benefits for Health:


Cancer Fight

To combat cancer and prevent cancerous cells, we have to have a strong immune system. Eggplant benefits for cancer prevention are pretty numerous. It contains phenolic compounds which stimulate white blood cell production at a higher rate. Carcinogenic cells, which increase the strength of cancer-causing cells, are fought out by manganese and nasunin. They help in reducing the free radicals in the body, thus preventing cancer progression.


People who are prone to liver failure or the ones with poor liver functioning are recommended to eat more eggplant. They activate the bile secretion in the liver, which digests the fats in the liver, which is a clearing act of the liver. Liver damage can be cured by many foods and treatments, but this kind of treatment makes the whole eggplant benefits to be an utmost natural and permanently healing.

This is a particular case of curing liver damages and precautionary step to prevent liver failure.

Brain & Memory

Brain strength is much important for many other health problems because the nervous system is the core reflex of all the organs. We can cure this problem with small changes in food habits.

Memory Booster

Cognitive disorders are helped by eggplants a lot. Alzheimer’s, dementia, few cognitive disabilities are tackled well by this vegetable. Nasunin is responsible for this effective treatment of activating brain functioning.

The phytonutrients in the eggplant vegetable enhance the information progress at a faster rate. Cell membranes are protected well throughout. For this, you must be eating the eggplants with skin, the part which contains high phytonutrients and antioxidants.


As soon as your brain gets more functionalizing, your state of mind starts to get rid of many problems. It is like a sensible sedation on your brain. This can lead to the cure of most people’s nightmare ‘insomnia.’

The quality of sleep is improved by the effective functioning of the brain. Gamma-anti butyric acid plays the additional role in the treatment of insomnia.


This problem has got a physical treatment with brinjals. Put a piece of eggplant on the wart completely covering the surface of it. Tape it on the wart and keep it for few hours. This will show a gradual curing on warts, but a simultaneous treatment must be going on for effective and quick relief.

Smoking Problem

Such an incredible advantage is here! Quitting smoking has always been a tougher fight to win upon, for everybody. But if we consciously get the awareness of the tastes, nicotine can be replaced by the nicotinic acid amounts in brinjal. Out of all eggplant benefits, this could make you feel the real pinch of the word ‘benefit.’

Avoid Smoking

You can reduce the dependency of nicotine through the eggplant consumption, but with a little bit consciousness.

Immune System

There are no considerable amounts of vitamin C in eggplant, but the antioxidants, phytonutrients in it can give extensive antimicrobial, antiviral properties, which eventually improves the immune strength of the body. The body is continuously fed with free radicals out of the food we eat, which should be thoroughly eliminated. Therefore, the removal of foreign bodies and oxidative stress accounts into strengthening the resistive power of the body.


Anemia literally means the lack of red blood cells in the body. It is found through the major symptoms like a headache, weakness, fatigue, and sometimes depression. Iron content is the key for all these functions. Benefits of eggplant have an immense effect due to its minerals, in which iron and calcium are more crucial out of many nutrients it has. They give so much boosting for the growth of red blood cells in the body. Also, healthy blood circulation and proper blood composition is possible with regular consumption of eggplant.

The betterment in the treatment also causes the relief from stress and fatigue, which is another important aspect of eggplant health benefits.

Bone Strength

Osteoporosis, a bone embrittlement, is caused due to ineffective diet. Calcium, iron are found well in eggplant. Lack of phenolic compounds also causes osteoporosis and bone degradation. Potassium involves in boosting the calcium content of the body, which, in turn, helps in improving mineral density. Bone strength is obtained through many foods, but the permanent curing effect is only done through the vegetable which takes the benefits of eggplant to use it furthermore.