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Eye Twitching Remedies – All About Indian Superstitious Beliefs And Some Simple Remedies

A constant flickering of your eyes can cause a major inconvenience which does not let you accomplish your daily tasks. These simple eye twitching remedies and tips will help in relieving you from the constant uneasiness and give a soothing effect to your flickering eyes.

Eye twitching remedies

What is eye twitching?

Mykomia which is commonly known as eye twitching is a complete involuntary action caused due to various factors which also include stress and consumption of alcohol. You could experience a sudden spasm of your eyelids that can cause you irritation and discomfort but you can very much get rid of this by following some amazing eye twitching remedies mentioned below

While eye twitching is not a real serious problem, a continuous eye twitch associated with other serious symptoms can be an indication of an underlying health condition.

Eye twitching – Not a superstition but a minor eye problem!

While eye twitching is considered as a superstition in most of the Asian countries, there are numerous surprising reasons that you need to unleash to find out the real reason behind your irritable eye twitching.

Let us start by understanding what is exactly happening with your eyes. You could relate with the following eye twitching symptoms to gain a much clear understanding.

Minor Eye Twitching Symptoms

  • Redness in the eyes
  • Flickering that is associated with constant irritation
  • A feeling of your eyes getting strained
  • Teary eyes
  • A slight blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light

Serious Eye Twitching Symptoms

  • Swollen eyes and a persistent redness that does not go away
  • Inability to open eyes whenever you experience an eye twitching
  • A continuous eye twitching that does not stop
  • Muscle spasms and sudden twisting of the area affected by spasms
  • Inability to balance self

Effect of eye twitching on other organs of your body like stiffness in the muscles, inability to speak properly, a constant weakness and fatigue.

When To Consult Your Doctor For A Serious Eye Twitching Treatment

If you happen to experience the above-mentioned serious eye twitching symptoms, there is an immediate need for you to visit your doctor and ask for the required medication or an immediate eye twitching treatment because you could possibly be suffering from the following health complications.

1)    Tourette’s syndrome

2)    Dystonia

3)    Multiple sclerosis

4)    Facial palsy

5)    Parkinson’s disease

6)    Spasmodic torticollis

7)    Corneal scratches

However, if your eye twitching symptoms are minor, there is absolutely no reason for you to worry much.

As there are numerous reasons that cause your eyes to flicker, all you need to do is know the particular cause of eye twitching and ensure that you stay away from what has been impacting you from such a long time.

What Causes Your Eyes To Twitch?

You should consider yourself lucky enough because eye twitching is one such condition from which you can be relieved very easily. A continuous eye twitching is undoubtedly irksome and annoying but you just have to know the cause and change your lifestyle habits that have been causing your eyes to twitch.

In addition to this, you can follow some simple and easy-to-follow eye twitching remedies which have been clearly explained below in the article. Let us first know some of the most common causes of eye twitching

Alcohol Consumption

If you think that intake of alcohol can pull you out of distress and make you forget your life problems, you need to understand that this is only going to give you a temporary relief to your mental health and is going to show a negative impact on your eyes.

Stop Gulping Down Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol can result in dry eyes which eventually leads to a condition called dry eye syndrome. Tear secretion gradually decreases with our age which is why it is much essential for us to protect our eyes from becoming excessively dry.

Dry eye syndrome caused by alcohol consumption could be one of the reasons for eye twitching.

Improper Nutrition

It is very much essential for you to pay heed to your food intake because a deficiency of any vital nutrient or a vitamin can affect the functioning of your organs or muscles. You must ensure that your regular food intake consists of all the required nutrients and minerals.

Improper Nutrition

Eye twitching is usually caused because of a deficiency of magnesium in your food intake. A deficiency of magnesium can weaken the muscles in your body which causes your eye-lids to twitch.

You can just relax and include some magnesium-rich foods mentioned in the article for obtaining a relief from constant eye twitching.

Eye Strain

If you are addicted to the usage of smartphone, you definitely have to restrict yourself by setting a specific time period to use your smartphone because one of the most common reasons for eye twitching is a constant exposure to your smartphone screen.

Eye Strain

But, if you are into a profession that requires you to spend most of your time in front of computer screens, you could be unknowingly subjecting your eyes to immense strain and stress that causes eye flickering.

Effect Of Caffeine

A severe headache or immense strain will instantly make you go for a hot cup of coffee. Caffeine content present in the coffee can increase the release of adrenaline in your body and instantly provide you with a soothing effect. But, you will be surprised to know that caffeine can make your eyes flicker which is why you must not consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day.

Effect Of Caffeine

If you are a coffee addict, avoiding coffee can be a big challenge for you. You can continue savouring your coffee and at the same time follow some eye twitching remedies mentioned in the article to reduce the impact of irritable eye twitching.

Sensitivity To Light

Do you experience inconvenience when your eyes are exposed to a sudden intense light? If yes, you could be probably suffering from photophobia but it is nothing to worry about because it is a very commonly occurring eye problem in a majority of people.

Sensitivity To Light

Since you are not always exposed to bright light, you can relax and follow some simple eye twitching remedies whenever you are exposed to light under unavoidable circumstances.

Lack Of Sleep

As an adult, you could be having too many responsibilities that may disturb your sleeping hours. No matter how busy you get in your life, you must ensure that you get a sleep of seven to nine hours a day. If that feels merely impossible because of your duties, you can at least afford to sleep for five to six hours a day.

Lack Of Sleep

One of the most common eye twitching causes in teens and adults is an irregular sleep schedule. There are some simple eye twitching remedies that include eye exercises and some simple activities that you can perform just before you hit the bed so that you wake up fresh and active the very next day.

Side Effects Of Certain Medications

If you have been undergoing a treatment for any medical issue, one of the possible reasons for eye twitching is the usage of certain drugs. So, there is no reason for you to worry much about the eye twitching caused because of medication because your problem is just temporary.


However, if the eye twitching has been troubling you extremely, you can follow some of the eye twitching remedies mentioned here to avoid the irritability.

Home Remedies For Eye Twitching – How To Get Rid Of An Eye Twitch Instantly?

It may really not seem like a much big problem, but only you can understand the annoyance and discomfort caused because of eye twitching. Getting rid of eye twitching is not really a tough task. All you need to do is spare some time to follow some amazing eye twitching remedies that include the intake of certain foods and some simple exercises that will provide a nice relaxation to your strained eyes.

Let Your Eyes Remain As Cool As A Cucumber

Did you ever wonder why the phrase “as cool as a cucumber” become so popular? Cucumbers are enriched with 95 grams of water content per 100 grams. This pretty much sums up to an interesting fact of why cucumbers are so cool.

Eyes Remain As Cool As A Cucumber

What could be more comforting than using these super cool vegetables as a refreshment to your strained eyes? It works as the best remedy when you use the slices to soothe your eyes particularly right before you go to sleep.

You just have to cut two slices out of a cucumber that has been stored in your refrigerator and place them on your eyes before you go to sleep.

Apply Hot Compressions As A Part Of Eye Twitching Cure

Whether you are at your workplace or a holiday spot, you can definitely spare some time to apply hot compressions to your eyes. All you need to do is carry a washcloth with you and run this under a tap of warm water before you gently press this cloth against your eyes.

Apply Hot Compressions As A Part Of Eye Twitching Cure

You can do this several times in a day to have a positive impact on your eyes. You will be able to feel a sense of relaxation each time you treat your eyes with a hot compress.

Consume Those Foods That Are High In Potassium

Sodium and potassium are the most important electrolytes that function together for the maintenance of a healthy body. There should be a proper check on the intake of these two minerals. Lack of these electrolytes or excess intake of these electrolytes can cause various health disorders.

One of the most common eye twitching causes is potassium deficiency which is why it becomes incumbent on you to consume the following foods that are rich in potassium.

Foods High In Potassium

Increase The Intake Of Foods High In Magnesium

It is pretty much evident that eye twitching is something that is related to your nerves and muscles. A deficiency of magnesium can cause eye twitching because of a weakness in nerves and muscles. You can opt for the following foods that are high in magnesium as a part of eye twitching cure.

Foods High In Magnesium

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Dark chocolate
  • Fruits
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Tofu

Practice These Eye Exercises

The best way to relax your eyes is to opt for certain exercises that can soothe your eyes. You just have to follow the exercises mentioned below as a part of eye twitching remedies.

Eye Twitching Remedies – Some Simple Eye Exercises

Practice These Eye Exercises

Eye Rolling

You can practice this simple exercise irrespective of the place and time. Just relax in a comfortable position. Look up towards the rooftop and make sure that that the whites of your eyes are visible while you do this.

Drop your eyelids to the left corner of your eyes and bring them downwards such that your eyelids are completely focussing the floor. You have to keep your head straight while you do this. Bring your eyes to the right corner of your eyes and continue the rolling up to thirty seconds.

Focusing Your Eyes

You just need a pen or a pencil to practice the focus. Hold a pencil in your hand and make sure that your focus remains on the tip of the pencil. Bring the focus point close to your eyes and move the pencil to a certain distance from your eyes to shift the focus.

Practice this for two to three minutes until you obtain a sense of relaxation.

A Gentle Eye Massage

You can use vitamin e oil or jojoba oil for gently massaging your eyes. All you need to do is rub some oil onto your fingers and massage your eye socket bone with your fingers. Continue the massage for at least two minutes. Gently press the area just below your eyebrows and let your fingers remain in the position for three minutes.

Move the fingers towards your templates and continue to rub and press. Use your thumbs to press the inner corner of your eyes and let your fingers remain in the position for three minutes.

Use your middle fingers and thumbs to gently massage the area of temples until three to four minutes.

Practice this gentle eye massage on every alternate day for an immediate eye twitching cure.

Eye Blinking

Blinking exercise is simple yet effective in providing a deep sense of relaxation to your eye muscles. You just have to close your eyes first and begin to shut down your eyes by tightly squeezing your eyelids and remain in the position for three to four seconds. When you open your eyes, you will be able to sense the relaxation of your nerves and muscles. Practice this for five times a day for obtaining relaxation.


If you have ever meditated, you would be very much aware of palming. You can practice palming right before you open your eyes to a beautiful morning or anytime during the entire day. You just have to rub your palms together until they are warm and then place the palms over your eyes such that your eyes are able to receive the warmth.

You have to make sure that you are gentle while pressing your eyes and not press into your eye sockets.

Some Quick Tips To Reduce Eye Twitching

1)    Make sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep in a day

2)    Reduce the consumption of alcohol

3)    Minimise your time spent before the computer screens, tablets or smartphones to reduce the glare that may cause eye twitching

4)    Drink enough water as dehydration can also cause eye twitching

5)    Soothe your eyes by giving a gentle massage from time to time.

The Superstitions Related To Eye Twitching

It is quite surprising to know that China and India have two contradictory beliefs regarding eye twitching. While people of China strongly believe that left eye twitching brings good luck and flickering of the right eye is a warning sign that something really bad is going to happen. In India, it is believed that flickering of the right eye is an indication for a good cause or a good deed and that the flickering of the left eye is an indication of a bad cause.

Does this really happen in practicality? It’s okay if you strongly believe in these as long as you do not make it your madness because beliefs and opinions are innate and you completely own them. But if you ask me I would definitely suggest you junk the beliefs and start taking serious note of eye twitching symptoms and research more on what causes your eyes to twitch because eye twitching is just related to a slight disturbance in your nerves and muscles but is nowhere related to good or bad luck.

But Do Superstitions Really Impact Us By Bringing Good Luck And Bad Luck?

What is your general perception of superstitions in India? Do you really believe in them and go in accordance with them or do you laugh it off saying these are blindly followed and utterly serve no purpose? It is absolutely okay for you to have a difference of opinion because that is what makes each of us so unique and outstanding. The fact that we have different mentalities is what makes the world so colourful. Otherwise, this world would simply appear boring and black and white.

Well, according to my opinion, some of the ongoing superstitious practices were really set by our ancestors because there was and there is still a real and strong scientific reason behind them.

But it is very unfortunate that we as hypocritical people tend to leave the real cause behind and change the rules and customs according to our own convenience and continue to convince our future generations to believe in the hoax and impractical issues.

Some Real Scientific Reasons Behind Indian Traditions

Putting a bindi or sindoor (a red coloured dot) on the forehead is a very common tradition followed by Indian women. The scientific fact behind this is that the exact spot present between our eyebrows consists of a nerve point that attracts all the cosmic energy and helps in improving blood circulation and active functioning of the brain.

Similarly, when we are prohibited from sleeping with our heads in the northern direction, it is because the concentration of iron in our blood instead of being distributed properly gets assembled in the brain causing certain brain disorders like brain haemorrhage, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

When It comes to eye twitching, you just need to keep aside the superstitious beliefs and take good care of your eyes by following some soothing eye twitching remedies mentioned in his article.