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Fast Metabolism Diet Plan – Fix Your Metabolism By Following This Perfect Diet Plan

If you are looking for various ways to speed up metabolism, you are probably on the right page because this article consists of a perfect fast metabolism diet plan along with the phases (one two and three) and some simple workouts to brighten up your morning blues.

Fast metabolism diet plan

You could be striving hard to lose your weight or obtain a glowing skin and a perfect hair, but you cannot seriously meet your health and fitness goals if your metabolic rates are too slow. Therefore, the ultimate solution to fix all your health problems is to fix your metabolic rate.

A slow metabolic rate can land you in many problems like a sudden weight gain, feeling lazy and lethargic all the time, various skin and hair problems, and inability to concentrate.

Is One Week Sufficient For You To Follow The Diet Plan And Obtain The Desired Result?

If you have been wondering about how to get a fast metabolism, this diet plan which has been categorised phase wise is going to speed your metabolism rate but do you need to follow this diet plan throughout your life?

Since metabolism is a never-ending process which influences the other factors of your life, a good rate of metabolism is required for you to keep up your energy levels and maintain a healthy life. Therefore, following the plan for one week and getting back to your routine diet may not be useful.

To make the effective use of this diet plan, you can continue following this throughout your lifetime and you can also give yourself permission to munch on your favourite street snacks (not always but only occasionally).

Rules To Be Followed Before You Start A Fast Metabolism Diet Plan

Following a fast metabolism diet plan without knowing the exact cause behind your decreased metabolism rate cannot fetch you any results as long as you try to diminish or suppress the cause. You can try to cure the exact cause and follow the fast metabolism diet plan simultaneously to see the best results.

The reason for your slow metabolic rate could also be the result of your unhealthy habits (all of which have been mentioned in the article) that have eventually decreased your metabolic rate. There is a need for you to cut down on these unhealthy habits if any, while following the fast metabolism diet plan for obtaining the desired result.

Here’s The List Of Causes So That You Can Pick Yours!

Have you ever wondered how some people can easily lose or gain their body weight while others just struggle? The secret lies in the metabolism rate which varies from one person to another. So, before you get to know the exact reason behind why your metabolic rate is slow, let us understand what exactly is a metabolic rate.

What Exactly Is A Metabolic Rate?

There are various chemical processes that take place in your body soon after you consume your food. The food that you eat has to properly get absorbed by your body and has to be broken down into much simpler substances so that you gain energy through various sources of the food that you consume throughout the day.

But, an interesting fact is that this rate at which or the speed at which these processes occur vary from one person to the other and the exact rate at which this process occurs in your body is known as your metabolic rate. You can definitely speed up metabolism by following a fast metabolism diet plan.

Causes Of A Slow Metabolic Rate

Thyroid Disorders

A huge change in the lifestyle and other environmental factors together have increased countless diseases, one of the major disease among them being Thyroid disorder. If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism(low levels of thyroid hormone production), you must be very well aware that your thyroid disorder has been causing you some symptoms like laziness, lethargy, and drowsiness.

You must necessarily take the required medication for curing your thyroid and follow all the fast metabolism diet phases simultaneously.

Certain Genetic Factors

There are certain genetic factors that can influence you and you cannot really do anything to stop yourself from being affected by these factors but you can, of course, follow a fast metabolism diet plan to speed up metabolism.

Age is one common factor because the functioning capacity of your body decreases with age.

You will be surprised to know that the metabolic rate in women is very low when compared to the metabolic rate in men and this is because women comparatively have less body fat and more muscle mass.

Autoimmune Disorders

Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder in which your immune system attacks your thyroid gland because of which you may experience fatigue and a sudden weight gain. Your thyroid gland does not produce enough of the thyroid hormone and since your thyroid hormone is very much required for a quick metabolism, you may experience a slower metabolic rate.

Lack Of Physical Activity

You can improve your metabolic speed only when you exercise because working out can improve the blood circulation throughout your body because of which your heart can efficiently pump the blood to all the organs of your body. A fast metabolism is definitely related to a good physical activity. Eating the right foods and working out is a perfect way to increase your metabolic rate.

Sleep Deprivation And Metabolic Rates

Lack of required hours of sleep can have a direct impact on your metabolic rate as it can reduce the functioning capacity of your hormones. A continuous rest of six to eight hours is very much essential for a fast metabolism.

Stress Levels

If your job or your profession has been increasing your stress levels, you cannot speed your metabolism if even if you follow all the fast metabolism diet phases. You have to make sure that you curb your stress levels in order to increase your metabolic rates.

Stress Levels

Excessive stress levels can directly show a negative impact on your hormones. Since your hormones do not function efficiently, your metabolic rate slows down and you may experience some symptoms like feeling tired all the time, a high blood pressure, or a high cholesterol.

Think Twice Before Starting A Crash Diet

Controlling your immense cravings for delicious food can stop you from gaining those extra pounds or following a long-term diet plan aimed for a weight loss can be good for your health. But diet plans such as a crash diet or a GM diet plan may also disturb your metabolism in the other way around which may even result in a slow metabolic rate at times.

So be careful when you’re looking to quickly lose weight and at the same time if you are fighting for healthy metabolism

Improper Nutrition

Do you consume your meals from time to time and ensure that you never starve yourself, but still suffer from a slow metabolism? The reason for this could definitely be an improper nutrition. Instead of making sure that your stomach is full, you have to make sure that you receive all the essential nutrients through your daily food consumption.

How To Get A Fast Metabolism? –  A Perfect Fast Metabolism Diet Plan For You!

One important thing that is to be noted before you follow this diet plan is that you must stick on to the plan without making any changes or modifications as per your own convenience. Also, you must not skip the work out regimes mentioned here because you cannot simply rely on foods that speed up metabolism.

Fast Metabolism Diet Phases And Foods To Be Included

Phase – 1 to be followed on Monday and Tuesday

Phase – 2 to be followed on Wednesday and Thursday

Phase – 3 to be followed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 1 – Diet To Be Followed On Monday And Tuesday

Phase -1 of the fast metabolism diet plan should contain high glycaemic foods, foods which are moderate in protein and foods which are low in fat.

TimeWhat to eat
Early morning on empty stomachLemon and honey mixed water or Green tea with honey
Breakfast1) One cup of corn flakes
2) A bowl of fresh fruits which could be any of these(Grapes, watermelon, cherries)
One to two hours Before lunchA bowl of fresh fruits or a glass of fresh fruit juice
Lunch1) One or two hard boiled eggs
2) If you are a meat eater, you can include any recipe made of Tuna or Turkey as they are low in calories.
If you are a vegetarian, you can opt for brown rice with black beans or brown rice boiled along with vegetables.
Post lunch (2 hours after your lunch) or
Evening snack
1) All dry fruits more particularly raisins
2) A cup of green tea flavoured with lemon and honey
Dinner 1) Anything cooked with Legumes, beans or lentils as these are moderate in proteins.
You can also have a dish made up of fresh corn, avocados, scallions and spiced scallops.
2) A glass of skimmed milk before you go to bed.
Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 2 – Diet To Be Followed On Wednesday And Thursday

Phase – 2 of diet plan should contain low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein foods and more vegetables.

TimeWhat to eat
Early morning on empty stomachTwo glasses of warm or cold water
Breakfast 1) Baked eggs with avocado or wheat
Kale feta egg toast or simply bacon with eggs
2) A plate of almond and apple butter bites
A bowl of fresh fruits (cantaloupes, watermelons, peaches, avocados)
One to two hours before lunch A bowl of fresh fruits or a glass of fresh fruit juice
Lunch 1) Chickpea spinach salad
2) If you are a meat eater, you can include chicken breast or Tuna
If you are a vegetarian, you can include any dish made up of broccoli and quinoa
3) A cup of fresh Greek yogurt
Post lunch (2 hours after your lunch )1) 10 almonds (soaked for 12 hours)
2) A bowl of fresh fruits
Dinner 1) If you are a meat eater, you can have Lemon garlic baked salmon with asparagus or Chicken fajita sweet potatoes
If you are a vegetarian, you can have zucchini rolls or zucchini mushroom pasta.
2) A glass of skimmed milk before you go to bed.
Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3 – Diet To Be Followed On Thursday, Friday And Saturday

Phase – 3 of the fast metabolism diet plan should contain low glycaemic fruits, moderate protein, moderate carbohydrate and foods with high healthy fat.

TimeWhat to eat
Early morning on empty stomach1) Two glasses of hot water
2) A cup of green tea
Breakfast 1) Scrambled eggs with cheese
Steel cut oatmeal

One to two hours before lunch1)       A bowl of fresh fruits or a fresh fruit juice
Lunch1) Sweet potatoes
2) Any dish made up of legumes like lentils or chickpeas
Any dish made of green leafy vegetables and quinoa
Post lunch1) A cup of dry fruits
2) Seeds like sesame seeds, peanuts or flax seeds
Dinner 1) A bowl of plums, apples, pears and dried apricots
2) A cup of fresh Greek yogurt
3) A glass of skimmed milk before you go to bed

While you follow the diet plans mentioned here that contain foods that speed up metabolism, you need to follow a workout regime that will also contribute to a fast metabolic rate. It is highly recommended for you to try these workouts during the early hours of the morning.

The work out regime mentioned here consists of jumping jacks, wall sits, plank, crunches, sit-ups squats, lunges and butt kicks. Make sure you do not miss out on these workouts.

1)    Fifteen seconds right side plank

2)    Fifteen seconds left side plank

3)    One-minute full plank

4)    Ten sit-ups

5)    Ten seconds wall sit

6)    Fifteen crunches

7)    Ten butt kicks

8)    Five lunges

9)    Five squats

10)  Ten jumping jacks

Bottom Line

Be quick to hit the grocery store and pick up all the ingredients mentioned in the respective phases of the diet plan to start a new diet plan from now on.