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Beat Folic Acid Deficiency-Have Foods High In Folic Acid!

Folic acid is commonly known as Vitamin B9. It is the vital micronutrient required in the body to make the extra blood during pregnancy. It also facilitates the body in performing various functions. There are many foods high in folic acid content and hence, you can concentrate on your diet to meet the daily requirement of the nutrient!

Foods High In Folic Acid

The deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy can lead to various complications and malformations in the fetus. Hence, most women are advised to take the folic acid supplements and concentrate on the diet as well.

Why Is Folic Acid Important For The Body?

Folic acid is popularly known for prenatal wellness and hence, considered essential during pregnancy. However, there are many folic acid benefits for the body, which can be enlisted as follows:

  • Folic acid is essential for cell growth, regeneration of the cells in the body, etc.
  • Folic acid facilitates the body in Nucleotide biosynthesis, DNA synthesis, and repair of damaged DNA.
  • Folic acid is involved in the maintenance of the red blood cells in the blood and hence, prevents anemia.
  • Folic acid helps in maintaining the sanity of the person by fighting against depression and other neurological disorders.
  • Folic acid is one of the most crucial Vitamins for normal development of the fetus within a pregnant woman.

Folic Acid And Pregnancy-What Is The Relationship?

Folic acid is paramount for the proper development of the fetus during all the stages of pregnancy. Pregnant women are advised to take folic acid supplements and have foods high in folic acid.

Deficiency of folic acid during the stages of fetal development can lead to brain defects, neural tube defects, improper formation of the body and other organs, etc. Well, the good news here is that there are various natural sources of folic acid.

A diet which consists of the foods high in folic acid will have a positive impact on the expectant mother and the developing fetus inside the womb. Most often, women are advised to take the folic acid supplement while they are trying to conceive, so as to increase the fertility and chances of conception.

Since neural tube defects, namely Spina Bifida, are most common during the initial few weeks of pregnancy, women are advised to take foods that contain folic acid as well as folic acid supplements.

Folic Acid Daily Recommended Value:

When we talk about foods high in folic acid, you must first understand the daily recommended quantity of folic acid for the body. The following table will give you the range:

Category Age Daily amount of folic acid
Babies 0-7 months 75 mcg
7-12 months 80 mcg
Children 1-3 years 150 mcg
3-8 years 200 mcg
9-13 years 300 mcg
Above 15 years 350 mcg
Adults Above 18 years 500 mcg


Folate Versus Folic Acid:

Though very nominal difference, you can consider Folate to be the biologically available or natural form of Vitamin B9. It is soluble in water and can easily be found from plant and animal food sources. It is of paramount importance to understand that folate can’t be stored in the body and hence, you need to eat foods rich in the vitamin on a daily basis.

Folic acid is an artificial form of Vitamin B9 or Folate. It can be found in fortified foods such as cereals, folic acid supplements, etc. You can consider the best folic acid supplement to be a synthetic form of Folate.

Foods High In Folic Acid:

The following list will show the foods high in folic acid, which must be incorporated into the daily diet plan, to reap the best benefits for health:

·      Leafy greens- lentils, broccoli, beans, etc.

·      Citrus fruits- Orange, Sweet lime, grapefruit, etc.

·      Papaya

·      Strawberries, raspberries, etc.

·      Cauliflower

·      Cereals

·      Rice

·      Carrot

·      Tomatoes

·      Avocadoes

·      Seeds and nuts

·      Asparagus

·      Corn

·      Celery

·      Beets

·      Liver- beef and chicken

·      Banana

Fruits And Vegetables-High In Folic Acid:

When we talk about foods high in folic acid, it includes a wide plethora of fruits and vegetables, which can be enlisted as follows:

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables:

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

If you wonder what foods have folic acid, then the highest quantity will be found in green leafy vegetables. You can give a boost to your health through the leafy greens, namely Turnips, Collards, Kale, Spinach, etc. About 1 cup of the following vegetables will give you the folic acid content:

Spinach 59%
Collard Greens 55%
Turnip Greens 52%
Mustard Greens 27%
Romaine Lettuce 19%


Among all the vegetables found in the kingdom of vegetables, you can consider Asparagus to be the most nutritious. When you think about folic acid foods, asparagus tops the list. It contains about 75% of folic acid, and Vitamin A, C, and K.



Broccoli is one of the best sources of folic acid. You can consider broccoli to be a detox food when it is eaten raw, or steamed rather than boiled or cooked!

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits top the list of the most favorite fruits by and far! Apart from being excellent sources of Vitamin C, citrus fruits constitute to be the best foods high in folic acid. The following table gives you the list of fruits and the quantity of folic acid found in it:

Papaya 29%
Orange 10%
Grapefruit 8%
Strawberry 7.5%
Raspberry 5%


Lentils, Beans, And Peas:

Lentils, Beans, And Peas

Beans are one of the best folic acid rich foods. If you consume a small cup of the boiled beans or lentils per day, you will be able to meet the daily requirement of folic acid easily. The following list will facilitate in understanding the amount of folic acid in a about a cup serving:

Lentils 90%
Pinto beans 75%
Garbanzo beans 71%
Black beans 73%
Kidney beans 57%
Lima beans 39%
Split Beans 32%
Green Peas 25%
Green Beans 10%


Avocado is popularly known as Butter pea. It is an excellent source of Folic acid, essential fatty acids, fiber, Vitamins, etc. Most people add avocados to salads and sandwiches to boost the nutritional value further!



Okra is well known to the common man as lady’s finger. It is one of the slimiest foods, which is nutrient dense. Okra is one of the most commonly found foods that contain folic acid. From about half a cup of cooked okra, you will be able to meet approximately 50% of the daily recommended value of folic acid.

Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts constitute to be one of the best foods high in folic acid. From just one cup serving of the boiled Brussels sprouts, you will be able to get about 25% of the folic acid, Vitamin A, C, K, Manganese, Potassium, etc.

Seeds And Nuts:

Seeds And Nuts

All the seeds and nuts are one of the best folic acid foods indeed! Both the raw seeds as well as the sprouted ones have striking benefits on the health of an individual. The following table will give the list of the quantity of folic acid in about a quarter cup of seeds and nuts:

Sunflower seeds 21%
Peanuts 22%
Flax seeds 15%
Almonds 12%
Walnuts 23%


Cauliflower is the cruciferous vegetable which is the richest sources of folic acid and Vitamin C. It is very easy to incorporate cauliflower in the daily diet plan, it acts as an excellent addition to any vegetable salad, providing about 15% of the daily recommended value of folic acid.



Beets constitute to be one of the healthiest foods amongst all the vegetables. They are high in antioxidants and act as detox foods. You can consider beets to be the foods high in folic acid, about 35% of the daily recommended value can be obtained from a small serving of the vegetable.



One cup of cooked corn will provide you more than 10% of the folic acid requirement for the body. However, you must aim at using the fresh and ripe ones rather than buying the canned or frozen varieties of corn.



Celery is one of the best folic acid rich foods. You can garnish most dishes with celery and reap the best health benefits of it.



You can give a boost to your folic acid content through the intake of carrots on a daily basis. You can either add carrots to the salads or have the raw vegetable.


Apart from fruits and vegetables, the liver of beef and chicken contains striking amounts of folic acid. In addition to being the best natural sources of folic acid, the liver is also rich in the mineral selenium.



About 1 cup of mashed bananas will contain 11% of the daily recommended value of folic acid. It helps the body in fighting against infectious diseases, maintains the normal nerve functioning, keeps the sugar levels in the blood within range, etc. Apart from being rich in folic acid, bananas are excellent sources of Potassium.



If you wonder what foods have folic acid, then tomatoes constitute to be at the top of the list! They are excellent sources of folic acid, carotenoids, vitamins, etc. while being low in sodium, fat, and cholesterol.

Fortified Cereals:

About 1 packet of the fortified cereals will contain more than 80 grams of folic acid.

Best Folic Acid Supplements:

Although there is a list of foods which are high in the folic acid content, you can try the folic acid supplements in case you are suffering from the deficiency of folic acid. The market is flooded with innumerable products which claim to be the best folic acid supplement.

However, before you go ahead with the folic acid supplements, you must first understand whether you are getting sufficient folic acid or not from the diet! The supplements of folic acid will have both pros and cons.

The folic acid benefits during pregnancy are innumerable, and the deficiency of folic acid can be detrimental to the growth of the fetus. However, it is difficult to judge the effects of the supplementation beyond pregnancy.

You must aim at having foods high in folic acid to reap the best benefits to maintain the overall health of an individual, rather than trying any supplements. So, try incorporating more fruits and vegetables in the daily diet plan today!