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What Will Magnesium Deficiency Lead to? Foods High in Magnesium Answer

A sports bike begins to heat up the track as soon as we get ready for it. The masterpiece of engine oil and the petrol engine will drive its performance. As we start to race we feel bike’s energy and enthusiasm goes up in us. So the driving force behind the bike performance and mechanism is mainly oil. The shift in the clutch and the calibration of brakes will completely go well through oil. Human body is one such kind of a bike where without the minerals or vitamins we can’t drive this body further. One among those minerals is Magnesium. Foods high in magnesium will frame up the body in such a way that you’ll feel like all the enthusiasm is within you.

foods High in Magnesium

It’s been very common these days to prefer tablets than having foods high in magnesium. Many individuals lack to have nature-printed vegetables or other recipes and are opting tablets which they think are an easy way to get high sources of magnesium. Overall, if magnesium content goes high, then probably the side effects will begin.

“Internal performance of organs forms the splendid appearance of the body.”

A mobile phone may look astonishing with its color but if internal performance doesn’t make sense who would buy it? Every organ in the body has significant concentrations of magnesium. Magnesium mainly pushes enzymes to an active state and the action of copper, zinc, vitamin D, potassium, and other nutrients are only regulated with the handful support of this mineral.

The body acquires its structure through bones. A comfortable bending of the body is structured with the sophisticated sources of magnesium. But what if this driving force lacks in the body? Deficiency – Simply to say. Firstly, symptoms will arise, and slowly the rust of problems will start internally as well as externally.

However, there comes an illness and you can think of yourself that the illness will lead to the magnesium deficiency. The conditions which lead to the deficiency of magnesium include gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, pancreatitis, kidney associated diseases. The chance to get lower magnesium is pretty high other than mentioned.  Too much of the coffee, alcohol, salt, or soda in the body could impact the magnesium levels in the body.

Foods High in Magnesium will Deficit the Body with Illnesses:

Magnesium composition is almost 60-80% in the bones. So want to know about foods high in magnesium? Let’s start then:

1. Avocadoes:


A total of 7% of magnesium concentration is available in the avocados per 100 grams. Potassium along with magnesium tunes the body to maintain perfect bone density. Avocadoes are the foods containing magnesium and are much healthier to the body.

2. Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate

It’s better to have 6-8grams of plain coco-concentrated chocolate forming over 60% could actually delight the brain in an advanced way to increment memory power. This way, one of the foods high in magnesium will strengthen the body.

3. Cashews:


Cashews are the magnesium rich foods. A High-fat diet is a big culprit and obesity creates suffering. So to entertain the healthy body, cashews help through doping up the magnesium within this semiconductor i.e. body.

4. Tuna Fish:

Tuna Fish

Again never go for canned tuna as it has salt concentration. Eat fresh to have high levels of magnesium. Tuna fish enters the list of rich sources of magnesium.

5. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green Leafy Vegetables

The magnesium rich foods chart adds dark green vegetables and raw consumption will tremendously illumine body with magnesium.

6. Pumpkin Seeds/Sunflower seeds/flaxseeds:


These seeds will join the list of foods high in magnesium as foods have much concentration of zinc. Zinc dissolves in the blood only through magnesium’s help. Just like phone needs an OS to run, similarly, zinc needs OS of magnesium to function.

Still, there are few magnesium rich foods and you could opt them as well.

    Tofu

    Whole grains

    Legumes

    Wheat Bran

    Oat and Wheat flour

    Bananas

The list of magnesium rich foods successfully now float in your mind. Go for foods than tablets. Because tablets may have side effects and never think that medicines can easily replace foods.

What Does Magnesium Deficiency Lead to?

Among women, lack of magnesium can easily be discovered if heavy menstrual cycles occur. Even stress and excessive sweating will decline the levels of magnesium in the body. It’s better to check the levels of magnesium in the body frequently.

What Does Magnesium Deficiency Lead to

The fourth abundant mineral, magnesium occupies itself in the body to shape the bones and to carve the inner functioning of the organs. Magnesium builds many tissues, bones and enzymes if intake is appropriate; and it breaks everything if an imbalance is found. Thus, the imbalance breaks the levels of magnesium in the body giving rise to symptoms. From Asthma to Cancer, magnesium will break out the deficiency symptoms. Before stepping to know about the association of the mineral with other parts, let’s know about magnesium deficiency symptoms.

“No” to Foods High in Magnesium is a “Yes” to Magnesium Deficiency



Do you know why few people will hold nebulizers in their hand? A nebulizer has magnesium and they inhale it such that asthma gets controlled. A clinical study has been conducted among the children who aged between 11-19 years and adults aged between 18-70 years of age. The results stood reversible. Children found fewer levels of magnesium in their body when compared to adults.



Depression comes if depression of magnesium is noted. Serotonin levels may drop down through the inadequate supply of magnesium. Magnesium is so effective than tricyclic antidepressants in order to lessen the enemy of depression in the people suffering from diabetes –a study showed.



Another study which included more than 2,000 people proven that high supplements of magnesium through foods high in magnesium have cut down type-2 diabetes. Also, blood sugars get controlled and people attacked with diabetes have got insulin sensitivity.



Cause of tenderness and pain in various parts of the body is known as fibromyalgia. For this, 25 people are kept under observation. People who have taken magnesium and calcium in high doses for 2 months have found no symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Arrhythmia or failure of heart:

Arrhythmia or failure of heart

A fall in coronary heart disease or heart failure resulted in the magnesium-deficit people. Magnesium maintains normal rhythm of the heart and foods high in magnesium would turn heart attackers into ashes.


Why do many doctors recommend fruits or low-fat diet? It’s because these have higher concentrations of magnesium and hence it maintains lower blood pressure. Indeed, magnesium mixed with Riboflavin (vitamin (B2) has shown much impact on blood pressure than consuming only magnesium.



Many of the doctors would recommend having magnesium sulfate powered intake. But, this will not stand long to cure your migraine. Only magnesium has a combat power to attack a migraine.



In order to defend yourself from osteoporosis, it’s precious to

–    Maintain supply of Calcium, Magnesium, and vitamin D.

–    Have a well-balanced diet

–    Do exercise most of the time

Eclampsia or preeclampsia:

Preeclampsia is defined as the spike in blood pressure in the third stage of pregnancy. To some extent, eclampsia can be prevented with the help of magnesium concentrated foods.

Premenstrual Syndrome:

Magnesium levels in the body will serve women from the occurrence of PMS symptoms which include insomnia, bloating, leg swelling, and Breast pain.

Colorectal Cancer:

The tumor in the colon and rectum obviously affect the body in a gentle way. So have foods high in magnesium to get away from colorectal cancers.

Other symptoms:

    Anxiety and Agitation

    Nausea

    Hyperventilation

    Poor Nail Growth

Bond of Magnesium with Other Minerals:

Before knowing the foods high in magnesium or any other aspect, it’s a basic thing to give brain knowledge on what has magnesium and its nature in the human body.

The Magnesium’s Magnificence:

The average intake of magnesium is 360mg/day. After entering into the stomach, magnesium places its foot into the blood through diffusion process and even in the bowel. Kidneys will monitor the levels of magnesium internally and excess magnesium will be excreted. Magnesium bonds with calcium to show its positive impact on the formation of bones.

The protein synthesis happens in the brain and without sufficient levels of magnesium, the enzyme utilization will not happen. This leads to oxidative stress. The detoxification process remains critical to magnesium’s greatness. More than 300 enzymes involved in the biological functions of the human brain. So magnesium helps it and thus supporting cognitive health.

“Brain without Magnesium is like a ball with no air.”

You can’t play the ball without air in it. Similarly, the brain doesn’t play its role daily if magnesium lacks in it. Are you not able to recollect the one which you saw or listened to? Well, hippocampus region directly correlates to long-term memory. Here comes magnesium and strengthens the potential of the hippocampus. Short-term memories primarily associated with the prefrontal cortex area and magnesium, however, strengthens synaptic nerve – used in response transmission.

A lack of sources of magnesium intake would affect your learning skills. Researchers conducted a test and examined their abilities to learn swimming. The suitable supplements of magnesium have shown quick learning while the rest took some long time to make it. So magnesium takes part in biological processes of the body. Here is a quick list of what magnesium does to the body.

    Synthesis of proteins

    Sugar control in the blood

    Nerve functioning

    Release of neurotransmitters

    Regulation of blood pressure

    Energy metabolism

    Glutathione production

Vitamin D Weds Magnesium:

Vitamin D Weds Magnesium

In fact, magnesium deficiency factor is derived from the vitamin D. You can say vitamin D becomes passive if there are no adequate levels of magnesium. A hormone called calcitonin developed with magnesium and is a nutrient that helps the metabolism of vitamin D. Let’s have a brief according to the findings of journal Magnesium Research:

    Helps in the metabolism of vitamin D

    Magnesium activates cellular enzyme activity through vitamin D utilization

    Immune system builds stronger with the influence of vitamin D in collaboration with magnesium.

A Statement of Caution:

Have magnesium through foods to avoid any ill-effects. Indeed, problems arise when you exceed the intake 360 mg. The most commonly observed illness is diarrhea. Supplement body with proper levels of magnesium by having foods high in magnesium and stay away from internal organ function deficit.

Hope you got a hopeful benefit from this article which you hoped what magnesium does to your body is hopefully determined.