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15 Awesome Foods That Increase Testosterone – It’s Time To Become More Manly And Masculine!

Increasing testosterone levels in your body is not really a tough job if you identify the best foods that increase testosterone and include them into your regular diet right from tomorrow! But why is there a need for you to increase the levels of testosterone?

foods that Increase Testosterone

The levels of testosterone in your body determine your manhood and hunkiness! You could only be knowing testosterone as a male sex hormone. But do you know that women also contain this hormone in little amounts!?

Right from improving your sperm production to increase your libido, these easily available foods that increase testosterone can bring some awesome changes in your body and metabolism!

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How to Increase Testosterone Through Foods?
Supplements to Increase Testosterone
How To Increase Testosterone Naturally Through Exercise?
Why are Good Levels of Testosterone Needed?

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally Through Foods?

Though there are various ways to increase testosterone naturally, you can drastically increase the levels if you check on these 15 great foods that increase testosterone levels instantly through a regular consumption.

1. Eggs


The best way to acquire the purest and natural form of proteins is to consume eggs. You have to know that the nutrients are more importantly present in the egg yolks.

Egg yolks contain good cholesterols which are known as High-density lipoproteins. The wellbeing of your sex hormones is determined by the good cholesterol present in the egg yolks.

Zinc present in the eggs though available in very little amounts can help contribute to the development of male health(1).

2. Milk


You can simply make a habit of drinking two glasses of milk per day and you will be amazed to see an amazing development in your muscular strength.

Whey and casein are the two important proteins present in milk that make the bodybuilding process much easy for you.

Also, milk helps you lose all the unnecessary fat thereby bringing a definite and perfect shape and muscle tone to your body.

Foods that increase testosterone, more importantly, contain Vitamin D which is the significant factor responsible for the male hormone production

Milk is the purest source of Vitamin D and the kind of beverage that can be effortlessly included in your diet.

3. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta Cheese

You are lucky enough to find whey protein in the most delicious and scrumptious foods like ricotta cheese! If drinking milk does not appease your taste buds, here is the best and tasty replacement for milk that will make your mouth drool out of temptation!

You can gain 30 grams of proteins by simply consuming one cup of ricotta cheese. What could be a better option other than pleasing your taste buds while acquiring large amounts of proteins at a single go!?

You can enjoy the delicious flavour by consuming it with a ginger-flavoured bread, relish it with scrambled eggs or simply enjoy the taste by drizzling salt and peppers into a bowl of ricotta cheese.

4. Tuna


Tuna is one of the best foods that increase testosterone because 100 grams of tuna contains 69 IU of vitamin D (IU meaning international units) which is much higher when compared to the Vitamin D present in milk and cheese.

If you are a meat eater, you can happily start eating Tuna twice in a week to boost the testosterone levels in your body.

One of the best health benefits of Tuna is that, it is low in calories and high in proteins which helps you build your muscles and lose weight.

Consuming Tuna fish is the fastest and easiest way of increasing testosterone levels in your body.

5. Shrimps


100 grams of shrimp contains 25 IU of vitamin D and shrimps are essentially low in fats which will make you include this variety of seafood into the list of foods that increase testosterone.

Apart from being a great source of vitamin D, shrimps are a great source of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Make sure that you consume shrimps at least once in a week to boost your testosterone levels within a short time.

You can consume shrimps with some healthy veggies like zucchini or spice it up with some medicinal ingredients like ginger and garlic.

6. Beef


There are two prominent reasons for including beef into the list of foods that increase testosterone. Beef liver contains abundant amounts of vitamin D and ground beef which is a finely chopped variety of meat is a great source of the healthy mineral zinc.

100 grams of beef contains 28 grams of proteins which helps in a healthy building of muscles making you look perfectly fit and healthy.

7. Oysters


Seafood is the best sources of zinc which makes them one of the best foods that increase testosterone levels in your body.

If you ever happened to visit a seafood restaurant, you can choose to eat oysters instead of consuming any regular kind of seafood so that you can build your muscle strength in an easy way.

Oysters are the best and natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C and calcium which makes them the best foods to fight cardiovascular problems, to improve bone strength and boost the immune power.

8. Pomegranates


A bowl of fresh pomegranate seeds can show a tremendous positive impact on your health. Pomegranate seeds can help you resolve some major problems related to your reproductive health.

They prevent men from the risk of being attacked with prostate cancer and can also terminate cancer cells from further spreading to other organs of the body.

Drinking pomegranate juice once in a week can increase the levels of testosterone which helps you build your muscles and increase the sperm production.

9. Strawberries


It is really interesting to know how strawberries can increase the testosterone levels. When you are subjected to some stressful situations, your adrenal gland releases a hormone called cortisol whose excessive production can reduce the levels of testosterone.

So, you need to keep the cortisol levels as much as required (not more or less) so that they do not affect your testosterone levels.

Eating a fresh plate of strawberries before your lunch is the best way to increase testosterone and get rid of reproductive problems.

10. Avocados


The more amount of mono-saturated fats you consume; more is the rise of testosterone levels in your body. But there are many other foods that are high in mono-saturated fats. So what is it that makes avocados exceptional?

The fact is that most of the foods that contain mono-saturated fats are also a good source of poly saturated fats.

But poly saturated fats can lower the production of testosterone. The best aspect of avocados is that they only contain mono-saturated fats which is why you must consider avocados into the list of foods that increase testosterone naturally.

11. Berries


What kind of berries do you usually prefer when you are left with the option of buying a bunch of berries? Studies have shown that the health benefits of berries vary according to the colour of the berries that you choose!

The darker the berry, the more is its health benefit. One significant health benefit of berries that makes it the best testosterone boosting foods is that it is rich in antioxidants.

More are the antioxidants; more is the production of testosterone in your body. The next time you visit your market, make sure that you fill your basket with comparatively dark coloured berries so that you make the most out of these wonderful foods that increase testosterone.

12. Onion


It has been scientifically proven that onions can increase the levels of testosterone and the fact came into light when a study was conducted on some rodents that were fed with onion juice.

The study showed that onion juice helps in the increase of a hormone called luteinizing hormone that is responsible for the production of testosterone.

Including onions in your regular diet is quite simple. You just have to chop and fry the onion slices to add a spicy flavour to your main courses.

13. Garlic


Being a member of the Allium family, this highly medicinal spice, as well as the herb, is believed to cure various diseases ranging from some minor ailments like a sore throat to major diseases like asthma.

Good news is that garlic is one of those spices that reduces the levels of cortisol and increases the amount of luteinizing hormone in your body, which is why consuming this spice is the best way to increase testosterone naturally.

14. Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

There is one significant property of olive oil that no other ingredient contains. The presence of a compound called Oleuropein in olive oil makes this oil extra beneficiary and healthful. You can replace your cooking oil with olive oil to witness a gradual rise in your testosterone levels(2).

Be careful while choosing olive oil as there is a huge variance between the olive oil that is used for cooking and the type of olive oil that is used to beautify the skin.

The ability to improve your masculinity is not only bestowed with the foods that increase testosterone, but also with the regular ingredients like your cooking oils.

If you want your cholesterol levels to get converted into testosterone, you can use coconut oil as the cooking ingredient which helps the cholesterol to get transformed into testosterone, thereby increasing its levels.

15. Coffee Before Workout

Coffee Before Workout

If you have been looking for ways to increase testosterone, drinking coffee late in the day can be a bad idea as this can show an adverse effect on the levels of testosterone. The best time to drink coffee is before your work out.

This will boost your energy levels, increase your testosterone levels and help you work out more efficiently. If you have been hitting your gym recently, you can make a habit of drinking a cup of coffee so that it helps in increasing the levels of testosterone.

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Supplements To Increase Testosterone!

While there are numerous ways to increase testosterone naturally, you can consume other food supplements of testosterone and not just the foods that help in increasing testosterone.

You just have to identify the right supplements that can increase the testosterone levels and add them into your diet so that they are an added advantage to your regular foods.

Since these are not the natural supplements and you have to take them orally, you must consult your general physician or a nutritionist before ingesting them directly.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D

You can, of course, rely on the vitamin D tablets to make sure your body gets enough amounts of it, but the best and natural way of obtaining this vitamin is to expose your body to sunlight so that the cholesterol in your body gets converted into Vitamin D.

However, you have to be careful as the mid-noon rays can increase the risk of making you susceptible to cancer because of the strong effect of ultraviolet rays.

Men looking for a surge in their hormone levels not only obtain Vitamin D through foods that increase testosterone but also through the extra supplements that can help them boost their hormone levels.

2. Zinc


People suffering from infertility and impotency problems are advised to increase the consumption of zinc as it helps in improving the reproductive health and reduces the risk of being susceptible to infertility issues.

When a person is subjected to higher stress levels, it can reduce the levels of testosterone in his body. So, it is much essential to compensate the zinc deficiency by taking regular zinc supplements.

You can also find zinc in beans and legumes, meat, various types of seafood, nuts and seeds and other soy products.

3. Fenugreek


If you are looking for ways to improve your sexual wellbeing and boost your energy level to the maximum, fenugreek is the best medicinal supplement that helps in increasing the testosterone levels naturally.

You can follow this simple tip of consuming fenugreek after your regular gym sessions and see how it affects your muscular strength.

You can consume 500 mg of this supplement more particularly after you have had your supper but it is much recommended to take the advice of your doctor before directly consuming the supplement.

4. Dehydroepiandrosterone (Dhea)


The supplement has been named as DHEA since it is one of the hormones that is produced by your adrenal gland and this is one of the most effective supplements to increase testosterone.

The production levels of DHEA decrease with the age, mostly after the thirties which is why these supplements are suggested to the people who have crossed their thirties and who are looking for ways to increase their testosterone levels.

You can consult your doctor to know the exact recommended dosage of this supplement.

5. Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)


One age-old medicine which has its roots in ancient India and that which is believed to cure all kinds of infertility problems is ashwagandha.

Read More: Benefits of Ashwagandha For Health

People have been using this remedy to treat almost all kinds of health problems like stress and anxiety, diabetes, and improve the functioning capacity of your brain.

These supplements are readily available in online retail stores and you can have them reach your doorstep anytime you want, but you have to care a take proper consultation before consuming the supplement directly.

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How To Increase Testosterone Naturally Through Exercise?

Does working out increase testosterone? Definitely yes! Working out can boost your testosterone levels tremendously but not all types of workouts can help in increasing your testosterone levels.

There are some strategies and workout methods are to be particularly followed so as to boost your testosterone.

Here are some awesome workouts that will lighten up your day and more importantly help you increase your testosterone levels naturally but some of these workouts are required to be performed under the guidance of a gym trainer since they are hardcore!

1. Pull-Ups

This simple workout does not require any guidance and training. In fact, you would have performed it several times since your childhood. This could be your favorite!

Pull-ups show a significant result on the upper part of your body, more particularly your shoulders and arm muscles. Here is how to do it.


How To Perform?

You just have to look for a rod or a horizontal pole that is at least 6-7 feet above from the ground.

Grab the pole with both your hands (pole wrapped with your palms) and try to raise your body upwards as much as you possibly can.

Stay in the position for 2 seconds and move back to your normal position (your feet should not touch the ground when you come back).

Practice this at least 10 times at a stretch. You can start with 5 pull-ups a day.

2. Sprinting

Sprinting is kind of running but is so different from running based on the way it is performed and also the way it impacts your overall health. You can just choose an open location or your nearby park to perform sprinting.


How to perform?

Sprinting is definitely not for long distances because of the speed limitations one needs to follow while sprinting.

Set up a target distance of 200 to 300 meters and try to run as fast as you can. You need to maintain maximum speed while running.

You can after several practice days, increase the speed up to 400 or 500 meters. Note that you maintain the same speed (your maximum potential speed) right from when you begin till you end the race.

3. Push-Ups


Making a regular habit of practising pushups can bring a magnificent change to your body. They can boost your testosterone levels (the levels which decrease with the increase in the age).

Pushups are so simple and easy to be practised anywhere, but the best time you can choose to practice them is early in the morning.

You can start with a basic number of 10 pushups a day and gradually increase the number to the 40-50 pushups a day.

4. Squats Using A Barbell

Normal squats can strengthen your thigh and leg muscles but when you perform squats using a barbell, it helps you in strengthening your whole body as you lift the barbell while moving up and down.

Squats Using A Barbell

How to perform?

It is very much recommended that you perform this workout under a proper guidance since it involves lifting of heavyweights.

Lift the barbell and place it on the posterior side of your neck. Perform at least 5-6 squats with the barbell remaining in the same position.

You can choose a particular time (either morning or evening) and motivate yourself to perform the workouts with the utmost energy and enthusiasm so that you boost your testosterone production.

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Why Are Good Levels Of Testosterone Needed?

Our body starts producing this male sex hormone called testosterone (in both male and females) once we hit our puberty but the production of this hormone is more dominant in men and is persistent till they grow old.

However, the levels of testosterone gradually tend to decrease as men age which is why you must look for ways to boost the levels from time to time.

Good amounts of testosterone in your body will help in

  1. Increasing your sperm production and preventing any chances of infertility
  2. To increase male reproductive tissues like testes or prostate
  3. Burning the excess fat content in your body and regulating a healthy fat metabolism
  4. Enhancing and building your muscle strength.
  5. Improving your bone density and producing more number of red blood cells.
  6. Increasing your libido and determining your behavioural traits.

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