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6 Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Water In Ear and Cautious Techniques

It is a slight irritation, rather a discomfort to hold the water in ear entered unwantedly while swimming or bathing, etc. For some people, it is quite common to suffer from this problem regularly. The people who face this water in the ear frequently may be weak to manage to deal with water to prevent it from entering into the ear. Ears are way sensitive to water than any other part of the body. We have to have some intrinsic care to protect ourselves from any future danger.


Our presentation today involves details about the water getting into the ears, Home remedies to be followed, and some precautionary suggestions to prevent water from getting into ears.

Water in Ear

Suffering this state of the fluid in the ear is quite often to the people, and as it continues to be there with us, it irritates, and consequently inflammation is also caused. The ear may get infected if untreated, ear canal is mainly affected in this, infection occurred in the outer ear, and ear canal is called swimmer’s ear.

You can quickly detect water in the ear symptoms as it disturbs you all the time, you cannot hear the sounds well, you do not feel comfortable with water in ear that continuously tickles and stirs the ear throughout.

To figure out the ear’s inner structure, this is how it looks like, ear drum is directly almost open to the air, but through a narrow way. This is what the key to being noted here; you cannot simply ignore water in the ear for any longer time after half a day or more. The eardrum and the total earing capacity may be affected if it is neglected. If at all any pain is started, it is hugely recommended to consult a doctor without delay and not just to try the home remedies on your own.

Why Pain?

The ear may be subjected to constant stirring by cotton buds, any safety pins, thin folded papers, etc.If the water passes to the core of ear, which is very rare to think of, but if at all it happens, then the doctor has to come on his way.

No regular cleaning of dust in the ears may get the water accumulate with itself. This causes the whole eardrum to be covered and causes temporary hearing loss, consequently a slight pain.


  • Do not use cotton buds, safety pins, any other tools that are reputed much to be used; they are all out of the question when it comes to a serious, healthy treatment.
  • Bearing water in the ear throughout a day, one must not think about the treatments at the ordinary level, not even the Home Remedies, just go to the doctor.
  • Do not even neglect this problem, do something immediately after you found water in the ear symptoms, but not the avoidable things like in the first point.
  • Regularly clean the ear canal’s outer part and its area with good quality cotton buds, at regular(no when water has gone into them)
  • Use coconut oil sometimes, this makes the dust in the ears get ductile which can be easily drawn out, or you can choose prescribed ear drops to melt off the hardened dust. This will avoid water to get settled in the ear’s middle part; water easily flows out whenever it gets in.
  • Be a little conscious while bathing, and while swimming use earplugs which close the ears to prevent water from flowing in.

With all this information, let us clearly know how to remove water from ear easily without hurting ourselves.

6 Best Home Treatments to Remove Water From Ear

Here are the easiest and safest ways of getting water out of ear, check them out.

Create Vacuum

This is one of easier way to get water out of ear. Put your palm over the ear and tilt your head downside to the ear suffering. Press the palm inwards the ear to create a pressure difference in the ear canal and pull the water out. Do not tilt the head in the opposite direction, i.e., making the ear upside and let the water go in through the ear. This will cause more suffer.This way of creating a vacuum in the ear gives water a pull to get out of the ear and provides immediate treatment, but this should be done immediately after the water goes in. Otherwise, water stick to the walls of inner ear doesn’t easily get out.

Photo Credit John Stratton

There is another way, use your finger, to create the vacuum. But carefully ensure that you do not have longer nails which may hurt the skin and may even cause infection. This should only be preferred when the palm could not do the job efficiently.Using your finger, by rapid pushing and pulling, you will be able to create the vacuum in an effective manner; this will pull the water out quickly.

A Useful Tip: While you keep the finger inside the ear, give it a semi-firm massage that helps you get the dust out of the ear too. Do this only while moving the finger into the ear, in a single direction(either clockwise or anti-clockwise). This frees the moisture to some extent which betters the hearing instantly.

Blow the Dry Air

Use a blow dryer to pass the warmer air into the ear which blows the water away. It has been not safe for everybody to use the blowers and dryers into the ears always. Be cautious while using and keep a minimum of 30cm from the ear to the dryer to avoid burning due to the high velocity of air.

Photo Credit John Stratton

It works for some people, be noted that you can resist the effect of high-speed air when it flows into the ears. Also, make sure there is enough warmth that you could afford and maintain the suitable distance.

Pass the air across the ear canal, i.e., opening, but not through the hole in the ear. This helps when you are unable to handle the high-speed air, and also water gets lifted away easily when air passes across it to create an apparent centrifugal action in the ear canal. With the warm air, water vapor moves off smoothly.

Tilt the Head

This is a simple one, as everyone does this immediately and involuntarily after getting water in the ear. Just tilt the head sideways facing the ear with water downwards. This is not a mere remedy but a reaction.

Hop on single foot to create draining effect some more in quick time.

Photo Credit John Stratton

While you bend down in sideways, try to widen the canal’s cross section by pulling the outer ear to the side. This also helps in the quick relief. It is not that important to hop on the foot if you could not do it for a long time. But what it takes is a slightly bigger effort and provides more in time relief.

Wipe with a Cloth

Water in the ear removal has several ways, simple and easily defined. This one is another of the kind.Wipe the ear’s outer part with a clean cloth or a soft towel. This clears some of the water remaining in the canal. Hereafter bend the head on the side of cloth and try to get hold of the draining water out of the ear.

Photo Credit John Stratton

Another thing, be cautious that you do not press the cloth into the ear, that’s not the treatment. Just cover the cloth over the ear, and with the aid of hand gently move it around. Pressing the towel into the ear may cause the water to go deeper into the ear. So, be sure you treat your own self with that care, properly.

Lie Down on One Side

The treatments shown in this particular article may appear to be one and the same, but they aren’t. There is a slight difference in them. Just tilt the head to the side of the ear that is problematic. Try to rest in that position for some duration to get more impact. Gravity does it all, No need of hands’ or kerchief’s operations this time. Use a pillow or cushion; it’s your choice but lay down for a countable period to get rid of water from the ear. You can read something or sleep calmly for that period.

If the water gets into the ear in the evening times, this is a better choice of treatment. Sleep to the side of the offending ear throughout the night, there will be utterly no problem of water remaining in the ear.

Chew and Yawn

This treatment can be followed in the times of above treatment simultaneously. Just chew some bubble gum or chocolate while you sleep in the bed to the side.

Photo Credit John Stratton

Otherwise, pretend to chew something like that you are gnawing and tilt the head to the side of the ear that’s free of water and suddenly tilt to the other side, the main one, the problematic ear side. This creates a quick motion of fluid in the ear and gets it drained out. Do not forget to chew something or pretend to chew.

The Eustachian tubes, which get hold of water in ear get free while you chew that the jaws move continuously.

  • Yawning has another similar effect of draining water. You can now instantly experience the popping of something(usually air) out of your ears if you yawn. So, when water stirs around, you can yawn and reduce the effect of continuous disturbance and also may get the water bubble out of the ear at some interference point.
  • Yawning causes breaking up the tension, technically surface tension of the resting water in the ear and cause it to flow by breaking the sticky bonds, adhesive bonds with the skin.

This is not always proved to work, but it’s no danger and completely of positive effect, if any, happened.

Eustachian tubes are also opened through yawning, the better scientific way of knowing that this action works!

Some Cautions

These are not the precautions that you need to make; these are the things that should be reminded and to be followed when it turns dangerous to treat ear fluid to drain out. Also, do not depend on complete home remedy list though they are proved and prominent, as it is just a suggested series of treatments which may not work as good as specialized treatments when they are to be treated in that manner.

Consult a Doctor on the Need

If at all there is a symptom of pain in your ears after water getting into the ear, immediately go to the physician, with no hesitation.

Water stuck in, sometimes may cause infection in the middle ear, i.e., at the back of canal of the ear. This should definitely be treated by a doctor, which, however, cannot be dealt with the home remedies. Water in ear accompanying a pain may be a symptom of famous infection, swimmer’s ear. There are many symptoms for this, find some of them out:

  • Itching sensation in the canal, where you cannot scratch or rub to get relief.
  • The slight pain started initially, but if it increases its intensity when you pull the ear, that’s an indication of the infection.
  • Hearing defect/loss
  • Pus drainage from the ears, green or yellow colored.

The symptoms are the severe stage of casual water in ear problem. So, do not dare to neglect even a single issue regarding health, which in future, may turn adverse to any end.

Dry Your Eyes After Every Water Thing

Do not end up ignoring the water came into the ear after a shower, swimming, etc. Each time, dry the ears by stirring up them with the fingers firmly at the outer part of the ear. At the very initial stage, this works very well that you never get a chance of getting water into your ears.

As earlier mentioned, some people have more tendency, rather say, weakness to water, each time they bath, they get water into their ears. Not to complain, it may also depend on the shape of the ear, if the opening is wider, there is more prone to water. If you are of that kind, then be cautious all the time, as you cannot risk your health at any cost.

No Cotton Buds, Ear Plugs

This was already explained. But when you particularly suffer from water in ear, do not use the things to get relief, even for timely assistance. This causes water not to come out of ear sometimes.

Avoid Headphones also until you get rid of the water. If paining, do not even think about treating your ears in any way. Go to the doctor.

So, this is all about ears and their long-time relationship with water. Water in ear, as this is a regular and common problem for all of us, this article might have got some use for you. Hoping we have got the best information that you needed, we expect you to share your ideas and corrections if any.