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Top 12 Health Benefits With the Black Seed Oil – Superfood Kalonji Seeds

Kalonji Oil is the seed extract from black cumin. This is an introductory article for those who are new to hear this black seed oil. But it has a great fame of curing numerous health issues since ancient times. It is well known to the people in the Middle-East and Indian Subcontinent regions. Though there are other ingredients favoring health in various regards, kalonji was majorly termed in the ancient days that it has the strength to heal any health problem or prevent any disease except life and death emergency issues of health.


If you start searching for any healthy herb or seed, there is no comparison to Kalonji. No other organic material can do the job of black cumin seed oil. If you could not get the kalonji near your area, one such similar substitute for all health problems as an essential ingredient as kalonji is Chia Seeds, which stand on par with kalonji.

In the present article, we shall list out the kalonji seeds benefits, and discuss its vast range of applications.

What are Kalonji Seeds and Oil?


For most of the younger people present day, it needs an introduction. Kalonji is a herb widely used in Ayurveda, also it has got extraordinary working potentials in treating the health problem day to day. Oil is extracted from the blue colored flowers and black seeds produced by kalonji herbal tree. The seeds are called nigella seeds, were famous by the name kalonji in the Middle-East, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. Asian countries. It had great importance in Ayurvedic treatment.

Importance of Black Seed Oil

Kalonji oil benefits are not under a particular category limited to any of heart’s health, healthy skin, bone strength, etc. The seeds and the seed oil have around 100 medicinal components useful for us. Any other herbal seed or ingredient hasn’t shown up to the level of the black cumin in terms of versatility.

Importance of Black Seed Oil

It also has an in-depth potential of disease curability and also develops resistivity in the body. There are organic acids in kalonji oil, albumen sugar; glucoside is the major contents in it.

Coming to nutrient details out of the medicinal components, calcium, sodium, potassium are very rich in black seeds. Fiber is rich in starch free polysaccharide and monosaccharide forms. This ensures the fact that kalonji can become equivalent to many mineral-rich fruits and foods.

Around 15 amino acids are there in kalonji black cumin seed oil. They help in creating more protein content. Carotene is an important ingredient for Vitamin A, which leads to infant growth. Carrot is one such example for rich carotene foods.

There are many glucose forms in monosaccharides of kalonji, xylose, rhamnose, etc. Along with these, unsaturated fatty acids are the ones who are most useful in the treatment and medicinal health protection.

After knowing this rich list of nutrients at one sight in one single element astonishes anybody. It is no late now to start using kalonji seed oil to reap its benefits.

Top 12 Health Benefits With the Kalonji oil or Black Seed Oil

Kalonji oil benefits are unlimited as repeatedly mentioned in the page above. Down the page, there are many proven effective results to the health with kalonji oil.

Here you go, for the marathon of black seed oil benefits with a description of relevant clarifications of how it works.

Hair Loss Prevention

Use black seed oil for the prevention of hair loss after application of some treatment with lemon or any other conventional hair loss preventive measures.  After washing it with an herbal shampoo, apply kalonji oil, only when it gets dried.

Hair Growth

It also shows the great result with mehndi and olive oil mixture as a paste. Continuous treatment for 2 weeks shows definite positive results. Mixing with henna, use the oil once in a week. Baldhead is also treated well with black cumin seed oil.

Diabetes Control and Heart’s Health

This time for the prevention of blood pressure, diabetes, the treatment is a bit tougher. But the solution it comes up with is outstanding as there is no look back once the problem is treated.


To the black tea decoction, add black seed oil in half amount and mix it well. Take this paste twice a day in morning and evening. In a month, there are assured results for diabetes control. Kalonji seed oil benefits along with goat’s milk are far more healthy compared to regular consumption.

It is always better to take goat milk instead of any other milk when it comes as a matter of a healthy heart and healthy metabolism. Mahatma Gandhi of India used to take goat milk during his days of celibacy to get control over the reactions towards worldly pleasures.

Goat milk has got a lot of working potentials regarding the protection of the heart’s health.

Pimples are Cleared

Use a tsp of lemon juice to half tsp of Kalonji for face two times a day. Apply it onto the face gently and clean it off after drying. Skin glow is also enhanced with this treatment.

Get Rid of Pimples

To treat blackheads and whiteheads, in particular, try vinegar with kalonji in the same proportions as a lemon. Acne, blemishes, and pimples at any stage are well treated with kalonji in an organic way, there are proofs for this and may it appear new to watch, though, it’s an ancient product to treat such kind of problems.

Headache Treatment

To treat headaches, migraines, kalonji seeds benefits a lot in natural ways. Rub the black seed oil near the ears and forehead firmly.

Headache Treatment

Also, drinking the kalonji seeds oil benefits in curing headache almost permanently. Suggested amount to be taken in a day is just half a teaspoon, twice a day.

Joint Pains

Joints become weak as the days pass in everyone’s case. No one is an exception in this. To treat them temporarily, kalonji seeds and oil have their own style of treatment with added ingredients.

Take honey and vinegar in a bowl, add kalonji oil to the mixture, apply it onto the joints twice in a day.

Pains in the neck, spine, arthritis are also cured to some extent, but with assurance.

In a cup of milk, take half tsp of Kalonji black seed oil, and drink it once in a day. This has an effective result for arthritis.

Memory and Brain Functioning

Brain functioning

Add a handful of mint leaves to a cup of kalonji oil, boil the leaves with water, then add oil. Drink this soup regularly for 3-4 weeks and watch out for positive results. Brain’s concentration is improved a lot by this method. It is a notable one out of kalonji oil benefits.

Cancer and Tumors

Kalonji can prevent cancers in the throat, intestine, and blood. Added with grape juice, black seed oil benefits are more effective.


Just a tsp of grape juice with half of oil from kalonji seeds benefits in cancer prevention at the rate of three times consumption each day.

Tumors on the body are also cured with kalonji by its application over them. It is suggested to take half a tsp of Kalonji each day to stay away from tumors. It is already observed how important is black seed oil and its advantages for one’s health.

Detoxification is the primary requirement to protect our health from antibodies. Thus, even though kalonji has an equivalent effect on our body, it is no harm to take detoxifying drinks as beverages in daily routine.


Eye-watering is finely cured with kalonji. Also, cataract, redness in the eyes is cleared to a large extent. For any eye diseases, carrots come exceedingly helpful. As always, Kalonji added with carrot juice for eyesight problems shows the result in a faster manner.


Regular drinking of black seed oil benefits in vision problems. The minimum recommendation is two times a day.

Kidney Functioning and Micturition

A mixture of honey, warm water with kalonji is all enough to straighten up the kidney functioning. Also, it prevents the stones formation in kidneys.

Kidney Functioning and Micturition

Sometimes, the pain kidneys are also caused at the initial stages of kidney problems. As a home remedy, try honey with kalonji black seed oil and take it twice a day.

Make a ready mixture of kalonji seeds of 200 grams with a cup of honey. Each time you use it, take two tsp of it with warm water. This has tremendous working results for kidney regulation.

Lacking water in metabolism and dietary routine causes micturition. This happens in filtration stage in kidneys. Better avoid the junk and fast foods while someone is with the kidney functioning problem. This may cause burning in the urine.

Milk that is consumed daily in the home added with kalonji oil and honey treats this problem well on a continuous usage for the duration of one week.

Teeth Strength

The premature falling of teeth, bleeding in the teeth base are observed in some people. Kalonji with curd is most useful in this scenario. The treatment done with curd is similar as Riboflavin. Here, adding kalonji benefits the teeth in preventing swelling. It also reduces the teeth pain.

Teeth Strength

If the pain is severe, rinse the teeth in Kalonji with vinegar mixture. Do this for one week, three times in a day.

Otherwise, before going to bed, keep a cotton ball in the cavities which are rinsed in the black seed oil.  A toothache is almost reduced on the regular application.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss, however, appears in every health ingredient’s list of advantages. But here, kalonji weight loss isn’t similar to those effects.

Weight Loss..

Take the mixture of kalonji oil in a half tsp amount, with the honey of 2tsp, mixed with warm water. Take this mixture daily three times; the results are the easiest and fastest. There is no such simpler treatment for weight loss like black seed oil weight loss, letting us lose weight with all the organic advantages coming on their way like no other ingredient.

This one of kalonji benefits is simply the master of all, which results indirectly in many other advantages. There are many drinks and perfect diet plans for weight loss. But with the inclusion of kalonji seed or oil, the same effect with additional advantage can be achieved.


Piles may appear in a huge number of people these days. This might be due to irregular diet patterns, and faulty food styles.

Black seed oil comes up with a unique solution for piles, take a tsp of vinegar, half tsp of Kalonji and apply the mixture on piles area.

Mehndi leaves, olive oil, kalonji oil mixture also works for piles. Boil the leaves(50 grams) in 250 grams of olive oil and half a tsp of Kalonji oil. Once the mixture gets cooled, apply this paste on the affected area. A decoction of black tea with kalonji oil also has positive results for piles.

Hence, these are the list of vital advantages with black seed oil and its mixtures with some other essential organic ingredients.

As the Kalonji oil is ancient and not so popular over the globe, it might seem stranger to the new ones to look at the very familiar benefits of it how pivotal they are. But, once you start using it, you will definitely realise the beauty of the kalonji oil benefits.