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The Benefits of Walking Daily – Simplest Form of Workout

Are you the one who suffers from various health issues such as pain in the joints, heart problems or muscular pain on a regular basis? Do you often experience bouts of stress and depression? Do you categorize yourself under the category of those obese people? If yes is the answer to all the above-listed questions, then there is one solution to end everything that you have been suffering from i.e., WALKING.

Benefits of walking

The advantages of walking

The benefits of walking are many. Walking is one amazing and easy-going exercise which treats a number of problems like the back of its hand, thereby keeping you fit, healthy and motivated. Walking exercise and walking for fitness surely make your body structure in a perfect shape, moreover walking also regulates the internal system of your body and hence keeps you active throughout the day.

A number of health professionals have recommended the exercise of walking over running as the same is considered to be a low-impact exercise which goes very easy on to your heart and joints and keep you healthy. The benefits of walking are many, you are merely required to coin out the best ones for yourself.

Talking a walk daily or power walking is like a boon for your overall health – there is always a good chance to keep your doctor away. From helping you in losing the access fat out of your body by burning the calories to distressing your mental pressure and lowering down your blood pressure – going for brisk walking daily has a number of advantages that you aren’t even aware of.

Walking is considered to be a number one exercise by a number of doctors as well as fitness experts. This is because walking doesn’t require a lot of extra efforts – all you are required to take care is with your routine and to set walking as one of its highest priorities as walking for health comes with a number of plus points.

Your physical activity doesn’t need to be a complicated affair. Something as easy as power walking or brisk walking benefits your body like no other exercise.

  • The benefits of walking help you in maintaining a healthy weight for yourself.
  • A regular session of walking prevents a number of conditions from aggravating such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and many others.
  • Walking for fitness help to strengthen the overall formation of your body.
  • Walking helps to improve your mood.
  • Walking also helps to improve your coordination and balance.

Thus, in short, walking exercise does a number of wonders for you. The faster, farther and frequent you walk, the greater benefits it serves you.

Is walking a good exercise? (How it works):

Walking can surely be termed as the simplest form of working out. The benefits of walking are numerous. Walking can be performed anywhere and everywhere – you are just required to inculcate it into your daily routine. Moreover, the mechanism of walking is considered to be beneficial for your overall health and fitness.

Is walking a good exercise

Walking helps to improve your heart rate and makes your heart strong. At the same time, walking helps to regulate your blood pressure and making your bones strong. A proper walking session also gives you a good posture as you keep your head high and body straight. These are the most common benefits of walking daily.

Benefits of Walking:

Whether you are walking for fitness or walking for weight loss plan, the advantages of walking are adequate in number. Following are considered to be the major benefits of walking:

Improves heart health:

Improves heart health

One of the most common benefits of walking daily is that walking helps to improve the health of your heart. A number of studies have claimed that walking is the most fruitful exercise for all the sedentary individuals as it helps to reduce the risk associated with heart and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, inculcating a 30-minute walk into your daily routine wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Walking exercise aids weight loss:

weight loss

Walking is a great exercise which can help you in losing a lot of weight. Hence, if you are obese or if you have put on a little extra weight in all the wrong places, a regular session of walking can easily help you out. Various walking exercises such as power walking also aid in weight loss.

Regulates blood pressure:

Regulates blood pressure

Walking is considered to be a boon for all the people with a high blood pressure as regular walking helps to lower down your blood pressure to a certain extent. Various researches have claimed that if you walk 10,000 steps per day for 12 days, your blood pressure will drop down to a significant level and your stamina would be increased. Even if you are not able to complete the target of 10,000 steps per day, you shall walk for 60 minutes a day in order to keep your blood pressure normal.

Fights Cancer:

Fights Cancer

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of cancer and a regular walking exercise makes sure to ward off these diseases from entering your bloodstream. Walking helps you to lose weights which eventually reduces the risk of cancer in the body. At the same time, walking also becomes helpful for all the cancer patients as it reduces all the side effects of chemotherapy. Walking also lowers the risk of breast cancer in women. This is one of the most important health benefits of walking.

Improvement in circulation:

Improvement in circulation

Not many people are aware of the fact that walking can increase the level of intelligence of a person. Walking helps to supply the required amount of glucose and oxygen to the brain which further helps your brain to function better. Besides, walking also helps to decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol that clogs your arteries.

Reduction as to the risk of diabetes:


Diabetes has become one of the most common forms of disease in today’s lifestyle. Walking exercise makes sure that it keeps diabetes at bay. In fact, a number of researches have concluded that walking 3,000 – 7,500 steps a day helps in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and hence keeps you internally fit.

Strong Bones:

Strong Bones

If you indulge yourself in the activity of a daily walk, your bones will never become weak. The low-impact walking exercise helps to prevent the loss of bone density which in turn reduces all the risks of fracture, osteoporosis and various injuries. Also, strong bones help to improve the overall structure, posture, stamina as well as balance of the body. Walking regularly helps to prevent the problem of arthritis as well.

Walking for fitness helps to strengthen muscles:

strengthen muscles

One of the common benefits of walking is that it helps to strengthen your muscles. A regular session of walking helps in toning and strengthening your muscles and preventing all kinds of muscle loss. Regular walking is considered to be a great exercise for the muscles of your leg and back.

Steps to develop a daily habit of walking:

It is evident now that there are a number of benefits of walking and therefore you must inculcate the activity of walking into your daily routine. Is it becoming difficult for you to add your walking habit into your daily routine? Here’s how you can develop a good habit of walking:

Set a daily target:

Walking for fitness comes with a number of health benefits. Thus, in order to get into this good habit, you must first set a target for yourself. Start by taking 8,000-10,000 steps on a daily basis as it is considered to be a decent goal for walking. Start with baby steps and as soon as you get comfortable with this habit, you are free to add more to it. Setting targets will make this habit and ingrained routine.

Plan a 30-day Habit Challenge:

You must have heard of the 30-day habit challenge or 30DHC as it has become one popular trend in the recent times. The trick is simple: if you challenge yourself to do something each and every day for a total period of 30 days, you will make it into a habit. This step will help you in achieving the health benefits of walking at the earliest.

Keep a log:

You must learn to keep a log on a daily basis. Make the use of a spreadsheet, notebook, website or even a digital app. Track your daily walking and challenge your every record to make a new one. Set goals on a daily as well as weekly basis. Track your result and try to improve with each passing day.

Set reminders:

Apart from keeping a log as well as a track of your habit of walking, you must also be firm on setting the reminders to walk. Set reminders on all your electronic devices like mobile phones and computers. Welcome a break if you are too tired to walk, but don’t stop.

Buy a Pedometer:

Keeping a log of walking in order to check your progress and growth has become an easy task now. Thanks to the concept of a pedometer which has made a number of things easy. You can easily buy a pedometer from the market and make it do the task of log-keeping for you. Choose from a variety of pedometers and let this activity of walking never stop.

Increase the habit of incidental walking:

Incidental walking is considered to be the walking that is performed by you on a daily basis. This walking refers to nothing but from point A to point B. Do you know there are many health benefits of incidental walking as well? The best thing here is that you need not take out time especially for walking, as you are doing it knowingly or unknowingly. Moreover, you always have the choice of adding a few more steps into your incidental walking habit.

Make walking a fun affair:

The best thing about walking is that you can make it a fun affair. Switch on to your earplugs and walk while listening to your favorite music. Walk to the places that you like the most such as gardens, parks and the places full of natural beauty so that you can make the most of both – walking as well as your indulgence in nature. Walking is not only about gaining fitness, it is about attaining positivity as well.

Get a pair of sneakers:

If you have decided to make walking your daily habit, you must make sure to remain as comfortable as you can while taking a walk. The best thing you can do here is to treat yourself with the best shoes. Cushioned walking shoes remain the most comfortable pick while walking. Get the best pair of sneakers in the best brand and get ready to fetch the best benefits of walking.

Socialize while walking:

If walking is still becoming a daunting task for you, you can always make the most of the option of socializing while taking a walk. This factor will also help you to stick to your plan. Thus, a nice stroll with your friend does no harm. You can talk a walk and talk about the good things at the same time.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Keeping yourself hydrated is the ultimate mantra of overall fitness and you must not forget it while walking as well. Stay hydrated and increase the intake of water during and after walking. You can also substitute water with some good energy drinks.

Reward yourself:

Now that you are done to sticking to the plan of walking, it is the time to reward yourself for achieving and accomplishing all your goals. Pamper yourself by going shopping, watching a movie or just hanging out with your best allies.

The health benefits of walking clearly exhibit the importance of walking into your daily routine. So, what are you waiting for? Start with taking a few baby steps and stick to the plans of walking for a good health has become a treasure today.