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Be a self-doctor to Cure Chickenpox with the Home Remedies for Chickenpox

You are said to be suffering from chicken pox if red blisters appear on your skin all over your body. It is caused because of the virus which helps in building up the chickenpox. It will trouble you a lot because you will have to stay bed ridden, but never get low because of such situations; take enough rest and follow the home remedies for chickenpox in order to get relief from chickenpox. It generally occurs in children and can be treated at home itself, so you needn’t worry or get depressed about the problem, just start finding a solution towards the problem. The main problem about the chicken pox is, it is highly contagious that spreads easily through the air. So better to stay at home so that someone doesn’t suffer just because you are in trouble. Let us briefly discuss the home remedies of chickenpox for chicken pox cure.

Chickenpox Treatment at Home Home Remedies for Chickenpox

What are the Signs of Chickenpox- Symptoms of Chickenpox?

Now let us briefly discuss the symptoms of chickenpox in the following. The symptoms differ from a person to person based on their health condition.

  • The most common symptom for the chicken pox is itchy skin and rashes occur on your skin. This is because of the infection in your body, it spreads all over your body and hence these rashes occur on the body.
  • The other main symptoms of chickenpox are the loss of appetite, you will not feel like eating and this will be negative for you to maintain the energy levels in your body because of no food. This will gradually make you sick because the energy levels in your body become dehydrated. So always consider eating food even if you don’t feel like because it will provide you with the energy levels and keep you active and reduce the risks of you falling sick.
  • You will also be experiencing heavy fever and severe headaches at a time. These chickenpox symptoms will trouble you a lot and make you sick. In order to avoid this problem, it is advised for you to immediately start following the home remedies for chickenpox in order to get rid of chicken pox problem.
  • First, these non-rash symptoms show up turning to blisters which appear on the skin which will get filled with fluid raising to the chickenpox.

These are the symptoms of chickenpox, so if you are suffering from these symptoms its better you start following the home remedies for chicken pox so that you don’t complicate it. With this, we have clearly discussed the symptoms of chickenpox and now let us talk about the causes of chickenpox.

What Causes Chickenpox?

We have clearly discussed the symptoms of chickenpox now let us discuss the causes of chickenpox in brief. There are various causes of chickenpox:

  • The major cause of chickenpox is the virus which is responsible for all the trouble, the name of the virus is the varicella-zoster virus which causes the red blisters on your skin and is responsible for the infection. Generally, it occurs from an infected person because of being highly contagious.
  • This VZV spreads from one person to other in the form of saliva or air, that is due to the coughs and sneezes from the infected person.
  • Chickenpox is also caused by getting in direct touch with the fluid from the blisters of the infected patient. So it is equally important for you to behave and act with a person suffering from chickenpox because if you stay careless, you will be staying in the bed for next one month carefully, so yes take care of yourself before it’s too late.

With this, we have clearly discussed what causes chickenpox! You needn’t really worry a lot or get depressed, by following some home remedies for chickenpox, you can quickly recover back from the problem and get back healthy and say a goodbye to the infection. So let us now briefly discuss the home remedies for chickenpox to acquire chickenpox relief.

Home Remedies for Chickenpox for Quick Recovery.

So far we have discussed the symptoms of chickenpox and also the causes. Now let us discuss the natural remedies for chicken pox at home, by which you can recover back quickly from the infection without raising the complications in the problem.

Oatmeal Bath


All you have to do is make the oatmeal into the fine powder and then add some warm water to it. Let the powder completely become soluble in water. Then have a bath with this water, it will help in controlling the irritation and will give you chicken pox relief. By doing this once in a day, you will slowly observe the blisters fading away overcoming the itching sensation and irritation caused by the blisters. This is considered to be one of the important chicken pox remedies to be followed at home.

Raw Honey


Honey because of the various health benefits and presence of the various antioxidants will help you recover from the blisters quickly. All you have to do is apply some raw honey on the blisters and keep applying it as soon as it becomes dry. This will help in removing the blisters and they start healing quickly which will help you in coming out of the disease quickly and also will make sure there are no scars formed because of the blisters formed on the skin. These chickenpox remedies are very helpful in running away from the infection.

Baking Soda, you got Baking Soda!

Baking Soda

Even baking soda plays an important role in chicken pox treatment for blisters. All you have to do is warm up some water for a couple of minutes and then add two to three tablespoons of baking soda in it leaving it for a couple of minutes. After that take a fresh cloth and then make it wet by dipping it in this baking soda solution and then clean your blisters carefully with the cloth. One thing you have to make sure is, the cloth after use shouldn’t be in contact with anyone because they might fall into the risk of suffering from chickenpox. So by following this chicken pox remedies once a day, you will be recovering back very quickly from the disease.

Lilac Leaves (NEEM LEAVES)


Lilac leaves are one best chicken pox remedies you have to follow. They help in fighting the viral infection and give you relief from irritation and itching sensation, this is because of the antiviral property of the lilac leaves. They fight against the virus and kills them which will help in recovering back quickly from the infection. All you have to do is hang these lilac leaves around the patient’s bed or make a paste from this lilac leaves and apply it on the blisters. It will help you in preventing the scars and also give you relief from the blisters. But it is advised to not follow this home remedy for the chicken pox on children below 7 years because they may not be having so much immunity to bear all this. So consult a doctor in this case.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera helps a lot in protecting skin from various infections and provides various benefits towards the skin. It is important among the chicken pox remedies because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties which will help in curing the infections and reduces the risk of the rise in further complications. It also acts as a moisturizer to skin and helps in preventing the scars on the skin.

Brown Vinegar

Brown Vinegar

Even Brown vinegar helps in reducing the irritation feeling and the itchy sensation. This will help you a lot in reducing the trouble from the blisters. All you have to do is keep applying the brown vinegar on the blisters as soon as it gets dry. It will help in quick healing of the blisters and also will be helpful towards preventing scars. So these chickenpox remedies will help you a lot in recovering back quick from the infection.

Add Carrot to Diet


Eating carrots will help you in quick recovery from chickenpox, this is because of the presence of various antioxidants in the carrots. You can either have boiled carrots or simply make a soup from the carrots and have it. Following these chicken pox remedies once in a day for a month will help you a lot.

Take Lots of Rest

Make sure you always take lots of rest and stop worrying about the infection and getting depressed. All you have to think is you are on a vacation but yeah bed ridden, this is because chickenpox is highly contagious, so it is your responsibility that no one gets affected because of you. So forget everything and take lots of rest to recover quickly.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt

Epsom salt will help you in relieving pain and will give you cure for chickenpox quickly. All you have to do is warm some water and then add Epsom salt to the water. And then have the bath with that water, it will immediately give you a soothing effect and relief. So try it out, you can find Epsom salt in the super markets closer to you.

With all these, we have clearly discussed the home remedies for chickenpox and now you must be aware of all the chicken pox remedies with which you can treat yourself at home and reduce the risk of the rise in complications in the infection.

Chickenpox Medication for You!

There are few treatments for chickenpox using chickenpox medication. Let me name you the chickenpox medication in the below so that you be aware of it.

  • Acetaminophen
  • Acetylsalicylic acid
  • Using calamine Lotion
  • Antihistamines
  • Diphenhydramine

These are the chickenpox medications, write them down if you have been suffering from chickenpox and then go to the medical store next to you and ask him for this. He will let you know how to use it and how much dose is needed based on your symptoms. They will help in relieving pain and also will avoid the itchy sensation. But following the home remedies for chickenpox are not alone enough, you need some extra medical attention. If the complications rising are chronic, go see a doctor as soon as possible. Good luck, stay safe and healthy.


Chickenpox is highly contagious that is it spreads easily from a person to person. So always make sure you stay carefully when you are meeting a person infected with the VZV. The virus easily spreads from an air and also when you go to the contact with the fluid in the blisters. So make sure you take some special care of yourself and if you have been suffering from chickenpox start following the home remedies for chicken pox for quick relief and cure for chickenpox.