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10 Acupressure Points to Cure Cold, Flu – Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Cold and flu are two different illnesses that are caused due to exposure to viruses. A fever is a severe condition of the attack of a virus on the body when we lose the resistivity to tackle the contamination. Cold and flu symptoms are almost similar, and the treatment for a fever caused by both infections is also similar. Acupressure technique is one of the best ways to cure a cold, flu in the symptomatic approach. Let us explore the cold symptoms and flu symptoms together, and proceed to the peculiar treatment with the acupressure points.

Acupressure Therapy Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Cold and Flu Symptoms:

Actual definitions of the diseases cold and flu give you a clear idea of what treatment to do for each of them. Cold is caused by the attack of Rhinovirus and flu is caused by Influenza. Both have similar symptoms of a persistent cough, sneezing, sore throat, stuffy nose, etc. Both viruses exponentially spread in the cold environment and low humid conditions. Thus, both cold and flu cause fevers, the advanced stages of ailments in winter and fall seasons.

Home Remedies for Cold and Flu are much reliable than any medication at the beginning stages. But if we couldn’t manage to get back to normal with those traditional remedies for cold, we must look for alternatives. Acupressure is the first choice to make in such scenario.

However, when a person’s immune system is so weak that he/she can’t come out of illness with the home remedies for cold and flu, they must consult a doctor without any late because the flu might lead to any adverse situation upon advancement.

Acupressure Points for Cold Relief:

Third Eye Point | GV 24.5Gv 24.5

Third eye point is a superior pressure point in Chinese medication. The point’s location has a high prominence in spiritual and hormonal regards. The reason behind people of Indian subcontinent use a Bindi(non-plastic) on the forehead right in the middle of the eyebrows is to protect the point from external disturbances.

Diseases caused by viruses like flu and cold may show some symptoms which are easily curable with the point GV 24.5. Not just physically, we have got many other aspects of health to be regulated by activating this point such as mental health, frustration, mood swings, headaches, stress and anxiety, etc.


Use a thumb to apply pressure on the point. Make sensitive circular motions with the finger on the point for one minute. It relieves stresses on the brain and improves calmness soothingly.

Gate of Consciousness | GB 20

Gate of Consciousness

The ‘Gates of consciousness’ is a pair of points located on either side of the hollow near the base of the skull on the back side. The offset between two points is around 2-3 inches. Press the points using the index and middle fingers simultaneously for 2-3 minutes. Or use both the thumbs by holding the hands tight with other fingers. Apply firm pressure with the thumbs on the points to stimulate the energy.

It relieves various ailments like dizziness, stress in the eye nerves, arthritis, neck pain, headaches, etc.

Union Valley | LI 4

The point’s location is in the valley of roots of thumb and index finger on both the hands. ‘Large Intestine 4’ is another name for this point. There are a couple of points in acupressure treatment which work for versatile ailments.

Union Valley

Large Intestine 4, along with cold, flu, also cures nasal congestion, constipation, toothache, and severe migraines without causing any side effects.

Caution: Whatever may be the case, pregnant women must not try this acupoint. It may lead to unwanted contractions in the uterus which causes huge pain during parturition.

Crooked Pond | LI 11

LI 11 is on the outer elbow region of both hands. Use a couple of fingers to apply pressure on the points. Treat with firm pressure on the points from both the sides of the points for an effective flu treatment.

LI 11

The skin rejuvenation is a special advantage with this acupoint, which is rare to achieve with such a peculiar treatment. Also, serious problems like diarrhea, heart’s health, menstrual cycle problems, malaria, and visionary problems, etc.

You can also improve your immune system strength by regularly using this point for treatment even if you do not have any pain.

Wind Mansion | GV 16

Wind mansion is found in the pit below the skull bone in the back side area of the head. The depression is right below the bump of the skull bone which can be sensed easily using a finger.

GV 16

Wind mansion works out better than the home remedies for cold and flu. It relieves many cold symptoms like a headache, numbness, dizziness, sore throat, and other symptoms like an earache, nose bleeding, etc.

Wind mansion point is a blessing for neurological disorders as it can relieve many ailments related to brain viz. mania, fear, suicidal tendencies, coordination between body and mind, etc.

Elegant Mansion | K 27

K 27

The point is located in the hollow of the mid region of breastbone and collarbone. K 27 point is known for its cure for cold and cough, particularly symptoms related to respiratory issues. Use the two fingers to apply pressure for the cold treatment. Do not use intense force to activate the point but apply mild concentrated pressure for the better flu treatment.

Other uses of the elegant mansion are enhanced thinking capacity of the brain, eyesight improvement, immune system strengthening, etc.

Facial Beauty | ST 3

ST 3


Facial beauty point is the most relevant point for cold and flu treatment. The actual home remedies for cold and flu made with the help of food ingredients treat the fever symptoms by relieving congestion near the nasal passage. By the stimulation of acupressure technique, we will be able to relieve cold symptoms much quicker.

The point’s location is on both sides of the nose with an offset of 2-inches from the center line of the nose. Use this point for curing burning in the eyelids, improving blood circulation, skin exfoliation, tooth pain, etc.

Drilling Bamboo | B 2

Drilling Bamboo points are also in pair located in the pits of eyelids, at the nose bone and eyebrow junction. Every congestion and sinusitis symptom is cured well with the stimulation of drilling bamboos.


Also, headaches and strained eyes get the perfect relief with the stimulation of pressure point. Use mild pressure with your index fingers to massage the point. Make slow circular motions with the fingers for about a minute with slight pressure. Treatment with this acupoint for cold and flu symptoms will be utmost soothing and quicker.

Bearing Support | B 36

B 36

Home remedies for cold and flu are supported by Bearing Support point with its treatment for spine health. The location of Bearing Support is on the upper back side of the body, with an offset of 2 inches on both sides of the spine. Better than cold treatment, flu treatment is carried out faster with the bearing support point.

We have to stimulate the point with the help of tennis balls by lying down on the floor, with the balls in between. You can stay in this posture alternatively or simultaneously depending on your ability to handle the position. But do not go for too long with this posture if it pains.

Welcoming Perfume | LI 20

This is a point located right in the middle of facial beauty points and nostrils. Apply the pressure in a mild amount by making circular motions on and around the point. The advantages with this point are similar to the above points, yet enormous in number.

LI 20


Headaches, sinus, relieving the excess heat, facial paralysis, are the popular treatments with this point.

Hoping the article came handy in your search for home remedies for cold and flu treatment, we conclude the presentation here. Home treatment is always the best for curing the ailments in organic ways.