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Flu Symptoms – Home Remedies for Flu Treatment

Flu is caused by a virus, and generally, there is no treatment for the virus, all you have to do is follow some remedies and wait for seven days. This is because the infections caused by bacteria can be cured with antibiotics but not for the virus. We have to make sure we follow some flu home remedies and get well soon. With this article, you’ll be clear enough about what are the flu symptoms and what is the best medicine for the flu.

Flu Symptoms Home Remedies for Flu Treatment

Flu Symptoms – What are the signs of flu?

Flu is caused by a virus, and the virus lasts for four to five days or seven days at maximum. There are no Antibiotics for infections caused by a virus because Antibiotics work only on bacterial infections. But you have to follow some Flu home remedies to avoid complications. Firstly, the important point is understanding the signs of the flu that is, Flu symptoms. Let us briefly discuss the Flu symptoms to be clear about it.

  • The general flu symptoms include coughs, strep throat and also sneeze.
  • The main other sign of the flu is a runny nose or a blocked nose; this causes difficulty in the breathing.
  • Fatigue is one other main flu symptom; it makes the patient easily tired doing no work. The patient becomes ill, and energy is drained.
  • High temperature with chronic illness, this is the worst case flu symptom because it makes the patient completely sick.
  • The Flu symptoms in adults are the same as mentioned above but will lead to serious complications, like respiratory problems and in the worse cases, it will also lead to kidney failure and digestive problems also because of this. It will create a chronic illness in the life of the patient. So stay safe and start following the tips you have to.

So, it is better to consult a doctor as soon as possible and also start following some home remedies for flu. Flu is different from cold; it is dangerous than cold I feel because it can sometimes lead to death also if the patient suffering from flu doesn’t follow some remedies for the flu cure. But firstly identifying the signs of the flu is important because when you want to know the solution first, you have to know what the problem is. So with this, you’re clear about the flu symptoms, say step1. So what are you going to do about it is the next question to be answered.

Tips and Home Remedies for Flu for You!

Once you’re aware that you’ve been suffering from Flu by identifying the Flu symptoms, all you have to do is start following some home remedies for flu. There are few tips which will help you in the flu treatment process just by staying at home. Let us briefly discuss the home remedies for flu now.

Basil/Tulasi Leaves

Basil Leaves

Ocimum tenuiflorum is the scientific name for Tulasi. It is considered to be a holy plant which is generally cultivated in India plays an important role in flu treatment. It is helpful and is an aromatic plant; it doesn’t kill the virus but still avoids in further complications and gives flu relief. Eating Tulasi leaves after properly washing them provides relief from the flu. It is advised to drink warm water with some Tulasi leaves in it.



Honey also plays an important role in flu treatment. It will make your throat way better and will avoid the coughs, which will make the patient feel way better. It acts as a throat relief agent and gives a soothing effect immediately. You can either consume raw honey or else mix some honey in water and drink, according to your comforts. Honey stands as one of the best among natural flu remedies.



Ginger is considered to be a folklore medicine. It has many beneficial effects in maintaining a safe and healthy life. It is a spice, and the scientific name is Zingiber offcinale. It can either be consumed in pickles, but pickles are not advised so you can take them in the form of a cup of ginger tea. It tastes great and also will add up a point in the flu treatment. Ginger has so many benefits for other aspects of health too. It helps in maintaining proper metabolism also.

Try using Vaporizers at home

This gives instant flu relief; all you have to do is covering yourself with a blanket and then use the vaporizer for a couple of minutes. Breathe heavily in and out with your nose and mouth so that the hot air goes in and out. It will clear the blocked nose and also prevents the chance of respiratory complications because flu is a deadly disease which will lead to severe chronic illness, so we have to make steps to fight back against it and remain healthy.

Consume more fluids, be hydrated!


To be hydrated, consume more and more fluids because flu will make you sick and your energy will be completely drained out, so you have to stay charged and in order to stay charged you have to consume more electrolytes. Lemon water would be one best drink you’ll be having because it contains vitamin c which helps in avoiding complications of the virus.

Terminalia chebula

Terminalia chebula 

Terminalia chebula, also knwon as Karakkaya in folklore, is one of the best home remedies for flu because it will help in the minimizing of a cough and cold. It will also prevent the patient from sneezing a lot. Ink fruit looks like a walnut. All you have to do is breaking the ink fruit and then since you can’t consume it like that. Mixing it with water and then drinking is advised, gives instant flu relief.

Take plenty of rest and Healthy diet

Taking rest plays a major role in the recovery from problems. Always maintain proper sleep which will help you sustain and lead a healthy life. The minimum sleep time advised is 6-7 hours. But when you are sick it is advised to have more and more sleep and have a healthy diet.



It might sound funny to you, but yes, peppermints play an important role in the recovery from such ailments. They help in minimizing the cough and give you a soothing effect in your throat which will make you feel much better and will give you an instant but temporary flu relief. So it is advised to always carry few mint peppermints like Vicks and Strepsils. They help you a lot.

And Now, the important and powerful tips to follow.

No Smoking and Alcohol.

Always avoid smoking and alcohol when you have been suffering from these infections, they help the virus to build its team and develop further complications which will lead to worse case scenario’s cause flu can sometimes cause death, it is chronic.

Quit Smoking

By following all these flu home remedies, you can avoid the further complications of the disease however the virus doesn’t go off immediately; they last for a week. Flu is considered to be a common disease, but it is also a serious one and can lead to death sometimes. So if the flu doesn’t wear off even after a week after following the natural remedies for flu, then consulting a doctor is better. If the Flu symptoms are chronic, get yourself checked before it’s too late.

What are the Preventive Measures for Flu?

To prevent the risk of suffering from the flu, there are some preventive measures you have to follow in order to stay healthy. They are not such difficult ones, but just so simple that you can easily follow. Staying away from people active with infections is advised because Flu is contagious, easily spreads from person to person in the air. Always maintain a habit of washing your hands and also avoid shaking your hands with people suffering from cold. Nobody gives a damn, but drinking water in the brass glasses would make you avoid different infections, it’s not a myth but yes science. However, once you are attacked by a virus, it takes a week to get back normal, so I say prevention is better than cure. Also getting a flu vaccine yearly once is advised which will help our immune system to become strong and reduce the risk of getting such diseases. When you are suffering from the viral infections, it is advised for you to sit at home, because flu is highly contagious and spreads easily in air. Your closed ones and family would be at a higher probability of getting the infection too. So stay safe and make sure it doesn’t spread. Don’t be the reason for somebody’s pain.

What is the Best Medicine for Flu?

Now, you are already aware of the flu symptoms and some flu home remedies. So which medicine you have to undergo in order to support flu treatment for you at home. All you need to do is go to the medical store nearby and buy Relenza or else Tamiflu, which will help you in avoiding further complications and helps in the flu relief.There are no antibiotics for flu treatment since it is a viral infection. Antibiotics work only on bacterial infections. But in a week our immune systems become stronger, and the virus goes off. Just make sure you don’t complicate the Flu, and do start following the natural remedies for flu. These medicines for flu help in boosting the immune system to suppress these flu symptoms.


With all the information you must be clear that Flu is a viral infection and the virus goes off by itself within a week because our immune system takes the time to deal with it. By following some home remedies for the flu, you can avoid the further complications and suppress your flu symptoms.

It is not a joke, sometimes flu can lead to death, and the complications of the flu will lead to dangerous and chronic problems. Will lead to many respiratory problems and there will be a difficulty while breathing and when this happens, it will start killing you gradually. Remember, the respiratory system is one important thing for life, not the food is the only thing which puts you alive its air, yes, every breath you take gives you life. So make sure you always take care before it’s too late. The complications of the flu also lead to kidney failure which will result in the problem in the digestive system and the whole body will be dead then. So start following the remedies as soon as you identify the flu symptoms and start following some natural remedies for flu at home to become healthy soon. But if the flu symptoms don’t wear off even after a week, then it’s time to consult the doctor. Being highly contagious it spreads from a person to other quickly so you have to make sure you’re safe equally and your closed ones and others are safe to and to ensure this if you’re up with the flu, stay at home and make some quality time for yourself by following the remedies. With all this, you must be clear about the flu symptoms and some remedies for flu which you can follow at home and also the best medicine for the flu. Last but not the least, have plenty of rest.