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Home Remedies for Heartburn – Take Your Upper Stomach Out From the Danger

Heartburn, seeming like a misnomer, is not something related to your heart. It is a problem which occurs in the stomach. It attacks because of the forced back push of the stomach acid in the stomach up into the esophagus, i.e., the food pipe which creates a burning sensation in the lower chest.

After reading this article, you’ll know about the heartburn symptoms, few heartburn remedies, and also the medicine for the heartburn. So if you’re looking for heartburn treatment, then you’re at the right place.

Home Remedies For Heartburn Cure

What are Heartburn Symptoms and How do you Identify them?

Let us briefly understand the heartburn symptoms. These symptoms may be varying from person to person, but however, few most commonly occurring heartburn symptoms will be stated below.

  • ‘Pain in the lower chest as soon as you eat some food’ is the primary point of heartburn symptoms; this is because the food contents of the stomach are pushed back to the food pipe which causes this pain.
  • Heartburn symptoms also include the change of the voice, that is called hoarseness
  • A sore throat and then severe cold.
  • When you do some work with your body like walking or bending , you’ll be experiencing chest pains. This is one among the serious heartburn symptoms; you have to consult the doctor if the pain is severe.
  • You’ll also be experiencing pain while swallowing food, and also burning sensation in the throat.
  • Sweating will be more, and then the pain comes when you eat some food.
  • Hiccups happen much often. It is one other main point of heartburn symptoms.
  • The sensation of a lump in the throat.
  • Sometimes there will be a heavy pain in the upper abdomen.

So, if you’re experiencing some of these then, they have to be considered as heartburn symptoms. Identifying the basics of the problem is the important task because only once you identify the problem, you can run to a solution for it. It is different from a heart attack, but the person with heartburn sometimes tends to have much pain. So you have to follow some natural remedies for heartburn in order to get rid of the pain.

Food That Causes Heartburn:

  1. Sometimes if you don’t follow a proper diet, it leads to the heartburns because its food which makes a man life. So you have to follow a proper diet to stay healthy. The food that causes the heartburn is fatty food, spicy food, and then having a big meal at once because anything of too much is always bad.
  2. Smoking and drinking alcohol also plays an important role in the heartburn cure, quit smoking because it kills. This will create a breathing problem also, which will make you weak and drink alcohol especially red wine is the one other heartburn cause.
  3. Eating too many chocolates or raw onions also causes

So the consumption of food also plays a significant role to maintain a healthy life. There are too many natural remedies for heartburn which you can follow for a better and quick heartburn cure. Let us briefly study and understand the remedies for heartburn and how to cure heartburn.

How can you get rid of heartburn?

There are many remedies for heartburns, which can help you in getting rid of it. You’ve to start following them to remove heartburns from your life. So the natural remedies for heartburn you can follow are given below;

Don’t eat before going to bed; it will not help in the proper digestion and then leads to a sharp burning sensation in the stomach. Avoid tight-fitting clothes; let your body have some space.

Always avoid eating fatty foods and spicy foods; this is one important step in heartburn treatment to you because the spicy and fat food is the main cause of the heartburn. If you’re suffering from heartburn, the time has come to say a no to smoking and drinking, or else you’ll be packed up soon. You can simply follow the remedies of heartburn at home which will cure your problem, and if that doesn’t happen, you can go to a hospital for the heartburn treatment.

Medicines: As Remedies for Heartburn

What can you do at your home itself to get rid of heartburn? Yes, there you go, my boy! You have an answer when the heartburn symptoms appear you have to follow few home remedies for heartburn to stay healthy. So the tips or the few natural remedies for heartburns are briefly explained below.

Drinking Milk


Drinking milk twice or thrice a day will be helpful in buffering the stomach acid. Even if you’re allergenic to milk, do prefer having it twice a day because they help a lot in the neutralizing the acid and will give heartburn relief. It is strictly advised to consume milk twice a day, and skimmed milk is recommended. Don’t go for low-quality milk, because it’ll lead to complications because of the spread of the virus.

Increase in Fluid Intake

Consume more and more juices which will help you in the heartburn cure and also give an end to the burning sensation and reduce the pain in the lower chest.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Also a spoon full of sodium bicarbonate, this being a base content will neutralize the acid reflux and then give a full stop to the burning sensation in the stomach.

Almonds help you too!


Almonds Make a habit of eating almonds. provide rich nutrients and also help in the heartburn cure.

Chewing gum

The solution with chewing gum sounds funny but the habit of chewing the gum is a proper remedy that enhances stomach activity. It’s just not for the attitude but it will help in the proper digestion, the salivary glands produce saliva while you chew the gum and they help in the proper digestion and also will be helpful in the heartburn treatment.

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

Since it is difficult to eat ginger raw, it is advised to grate them and then mix them in smoothies or some drinks like ginger tea and sip it. Ginger being a solution for various health problems also has an important role to play in the heartburn treatment. It has many anti-inflammatory properties which help in the natural treatment of heartburn. You can also make ginger teas.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables

Eat more and more vegetables like cauliflower, green beans, and broccoli. They help in maintaining the proper digestion of the food because they can be easily digested. Also, will give you the energy to fight back against heartburn because of the highly rich nutrition, plays an important role in the heartburn cure.

Fruits without citrus

Consumption of fruits is considered to be always a beneficial way to health. This is the one among the other natural remedies for heartburn. Fruits without citrus like watermelons, papaya, apple, and grapes are considered to be a heartburn medicine in our terminology without having the need of eating tablets for heartburn treatment. But just following these remedies for heartburn, will help you come out of the burning sensation and will give you a heartburn relief.

Foods with Healthy fats

 Many foods with healthy fats support our body condition. Olive oil, walnuts, and dry fruits are few examples. They help in maintaining a healthy body and also provide good nutrition.

So, these are the natural remedies for heartburn you can simply follow at home for the heartburn cure. It is not a big problem to worry about and spoil your brain thinking about it. You’ll get cured if you follow these heartburn remedies by identifying and recognizing the heartburn symptoms. After reading all these remedies for heartburn, you must be clear about the heartburn treatment. And you are also clear with what heartburn symptoms are and how to get rid of the heartburn.

What is the medicine for heartburn?

In order to get rid of the heartburn, all you have to do is follow the heartburn remedies, and once the heartburn symptoms appear you have to follow and set up few rules like said earlier. The medicine for heartburn in the heartburn treatment is;


They help in the buffering of the acid reflux which will give an end to the burning sensation and the chest pain. However, if the pain is serious, you’ll have to consult a doctor as soon as possible without neglecting the heartburn symptoms.

Medicine for Heartburn

 Simply go to a medical store and buy esomeprazole, omeprazole or lansoprazole. You have to use them twice a week for fourteen days. These drugs are all available with prescriptions in the store. But before using this medicines, it is advised better consult a doctor. You’ll be in the no need of any painkillers especially.

So with this, you are clear with medication or the medicine for heartburn. But before using these medicines, do consult your doctor.

How Long Does it Take for A Heartburn Cure?

It generally takes 30-60 minutes time for the heartburn cure after the use of antacids. They go and fight with the acid reflux and buffer the acid content in the stomach. Heartburn is not a life-threatening issue but if left untreated will lead to complications. So all you have to do is identify the heartburn symptoms and start following the natural remedies for the heartburn as the initial heartburn treatment if not cured then surely meet a doctor. It may take a day or more than two to get back healthy. Concentrate on your diet; don’t eat everything you’re not a cow.

Heartburn during pregnancy:

If the heartburn symptoms are found during the pregnancy, so much care has to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the baby. This is because heartburn during pregnancy hurts the baby. You should be following all the natural remedies for heartburn to make sure the safety of the baby. The heartburn symptoms during pregnancy include feeling unwell all the time, and loss of appetite. The heartburn symptoms also include a sore throat and burning sensation in the throat and the lower chest. So much of care has to be taken during this period, and all the heartburn remedies must be strictly adopted for the sake of the safety of both mother and child. But there is nothing to worry because this is not a serious issue. Consulting doctor once or twice in a week is advised for the women undergoing pregnancy for extra care.


Heartburn is not a serious life threatening issue, but however, chronic heartburn symptoms will lead to severe conditions. Heartburn only causes because of the inappropriate diet mainly, so don’t overeat or eat spicy food and all and open the door for the heartburn. Stay safe and healthy and take care of yourself. But if the heartburn turns out to be unbearable it’s better to see a doctor as soon as possible, never take chances because you got just one life and it’s not worth going soon. Not last but learn to RESPECT YOUR BODY AND STAY HEALTHY.