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Home Remedies For Rosacea – Some Amazing Ways To Obtain A Clear And Smooth Skin

If you are someone with a very fair complexion, acne and blemishes are the first things to get noticed on your face, but it is high time for you to be aware because it could also be a condition called Rosacea. Read on to know more about rosacea symptoms and various home remedies for rosacea.

Home Remedies for Rosacea to Eliminate Ugly Scars and Blemishes

We all crave for a clear, glowing, baby soft skin which is devoid of blemishes but it is seemingly impossible for you to maintain a healthy and smooth skin texture as our hormones and blood vessels do not co-operate with our efforts in preserving the purity and freshness of our skin.

But, you need not stress upon it much because you are not alone in this battle. Rosacea is a common skin condition that troubles many middle-aged men and women and more particularly, those who have a fairer skin tone.

What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a commonly occurring skin disorder which mainly affects the central part of the face, apparently the cheeks and area around the nose. The affected area of your face appears rosy, blushing, or extremely reddish in color. But, you need not worry much, because these amazing home remedies for rosacea are going to reduce the redness and make your skin tone much clearer and explicit.

The persistent redness on your skin is mainly because of the escalation in the flow of blood levels underneath your skin that makes it evident and showy on your face. However, there are various factors which amplify this condition and once you get to know the cause behind the persistent redness, you can opt for some natural remedies for rosacea.

Do Not Rush For Immediate Self-Medication

Whether it is a small rash or itchiness, acne or lesion, or any other kind of dust allergy that triggers redness and makes your face appear rosy and pink, do not be in a haste to immediately subside your condition because an immediate self-treatment may worsen the condition. You could first patiently comprehend your problem by paying attention to the symptoms and then opt for the natural remedies for rosacea mentioned in this article.

How To Distinguish Rosacea With Acne And Other Skin Disorders?

Rosacea is often confused with the most common skin problems like acne, eczema, skin allergies, and rashes, but here we give you a clear distinction of rosacea from other problems and ultimately guide you on your major question of how to treat rosacea naturally.

Rosacea is caused because of dilated blood vessels and while rosacea can affect people of all skin kinds, men and women with a fairer skin tone are more likely to become the victims, because, when a small blush can make their skin appear reddish in color, an increased flow in the blood underneath their skin can easily make it evident on their face.

Rosacea Symptoms

  • Persistent redness in the affected area
  • Small reddish bumps or lesions around nose or cheeks
  • Noticeable, eminent blood vessels around the nose or another infected area.
  • Men affected with rosacea develop a condition called Rhinophyma, which is recognized by an inflamed and swollen nose (usually much larger than the original size)
  • Unusual thickening of the skin

Irritation and swelling of eyes associated with a burning sensation, the condition known as ocular rosacea.

You can easily distinguish between eczema, psoriasis and rosacea because, while the former two are linked with dry, scaly skin and appearance of teardrop-shaped or rather much wider spots which can occur on any part of your skin along with a continuous itching sensation, the latter is easy to recognize based on the above-mentioned rosacea symptoms.

Factors Which Trigger Rosacea

While the occurrence of rosacea is not in your hands and is believed to occur if the problem runs in your family, you need to be careful so that various other factors mentioned below do not amplify your condition.

Exposure To Sunlight

Since your skin is highly sensitive, being exposed to direct sunlight may further highlight your symptoms causing a dense pigmentation to flare up on your skin. To reduce the impact of sunlight on enhancing your skin condition, you can protect your skin by covering it with a scarf or a muffler, so that you won’t get exposed to intense and direct sun rays

Cosmetics That Are Not Skin Friendly


Application of cosmetics to a sensitive skin can have a huge negative impact on your skin, as your skin has already been tainted with a reddish appearance. Certain cosmetics which are free of chemicals can, however, help you in concealing the redness and make your skin appear neat and attractive, but you need to be wise in choosing the type of cosmetics that are favorable for your skin and match your skin texture.

Stress Levels Can Also Cause Rosacea

Stress Levels Can Also Cause Rosacea

You think you lead a normal life? You just need to take a break and try to realize the amount of stress that you are undertaking in an attempt to balance your work life, personal life and social life.

You may not notice it but, the so-called stress is responsible for some of the chemical and physical changes that occur in your body and ironically, rosacea is one such consequence of the chemical reactions that occur in your body because of stress.

Some Beverages Including Tea And Coffee

Some Beverages Including Tea And Coffee

If you are seriously looking for rosacea cure, you need to understand that some foods and beverages can trigger rosacea symptoms and this is because these foods and beverages result in the dilation of blood vessels.

This immediately becomes evident on your face, thereby enhancing your situation. Therefore, it is essential for you to cut down on some foods and beverages like dark chocolates, alcohol, red wine, coffee, tea, hot peppers, garlic, fish oil and spicy foods.

Some Exercises That Cause Overexertion

Yes, a few exercises can very well trigger rosacea, but that does not mean you should shy away from working out and keeping yourself fit. There are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow to keep yourself fit and stress-free.

Make sure you opt for some simple exercises that do not make you gasp and pant much heavily. You can choose swimming as your mode of exercise as it helps in keeping you in a good shape and at the same time, controls your body temperature keeping you sane both physically as well as mentally.

Social Anxiety Triggers Rosacea

It is a boon as well as a bane to be born with a much fairer skin tone because sometimes a simple blush or a small situation of embarrassment can bring up a tinge of reddishness on to your cheeks making you feel much embarrassed.

Social Anxiety Triggers Rosacea

Social awkwardness or social anxiety can also enhance or worsen your situation but, you can stay away from this by putting your mind at ease whenever you enter a social gathering, by just feeling comfortable in your own skin and doing what you really love to do.

Menopause Can Cause Annoying Flare-Ups On Your Skin

Menopause Can Cause Annoying Flare Ups On Your Skin

Menopause in one such complicated stage, where your body undergoes a lot of physical adaptations, that can literally make you go nuts in no time, and rosacea is one such skin condition that can add up to the annoyance and irritability that you undergo during your menopause stage.

But you can reduce the impact of rosacea on your skin by following some of the below-mentioned home remedies for rosacea. Stay in cool temperatures, avoid drinking hot beverages and also avoid the consumption of foods that are overloaded with extra spice or hot peppers.

Rosacea Natural Treatment -Home Remedies For Rosacea That Have A Soothing Effect

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils work the best for any kind of skin problem, especially for rosacea natural treatment. You can massage your face with the following essential oils if you are looking for some best home remedies for rosacea because these oils are responsible for a wide range of activities such as controlling excessive oil production, reducing the inflammation, reducing the acne on skin and for soothing the irritation on the skin.

You can use the following essential oils as one of the best rosacea treatment

  • Chamomile oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Helichrysum essential oil
  • Rose Otto essential oil

You need to make a patch test before applying these oils directly on to your face, as they may cause irritation to sensitive skin. To make a patch test, you need to mix a few drops of this essential oil with some amount of carrier oil and apply this on your hand or your elbow.

If you do not notice any kind of irritation, you can continue using this for rosacea cure by massaging this oil over your face and leaving it overnight. Ensure that you mix any of these oils with the carrier oil before directly applying it over the affected area.

Aloe-Vera For Rosacea Natural Treatment

Aloe- Vera is the best medicinal herb with some countless medicinal properties. To make the most out of this amazing plant with some amazing healing properties, you can start growing this plant at your premises and utilize this for diverse health benefits.

Aloe Vera For Rosacea Natural Treatment

For using Ale-Vera as one of the home remedies for rosacea, you just need to extract the gel from the aloe plant and massage this gel over the affected area. Let the gel remain on your skin until it gets dry, after which you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Turmeric Face Mask – Best Rosacea Treatment

Turmeric is an age-old medicine, that has cured numerous health problems internally as well as externally, which is why we can give an assurance to you that this will work as the best remedy if you have been looking for ways on how to get rid of rosacea.

Turmeric Face Mask

You can prepare a turmeric face mask using some ingredients like lemon juice, curd, rose water and turmeric. Mix these ingredients well and apply a thick layer of paste over your face.

You can let it remain on your face until it gets dry and later wash it off with lukewarm water. Apply this at least two times a week for better results.

How To Treat Rosacea Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar works the best as an exfoliating agent as well as the best remedy for reducing the redness and blemishes. To use apple cider vinegar as one of the most effective home remedies for rosacea, you can mix a few drops of apple cider vinegar with some amount of water. Dip a cotton pad or cotton ball in this solution and rub this gently over your face.

How To Treat Rosacea Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Let this remain on your face for half an hour so that, apple cider vinegar gets properly absorbed into your skin. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. You can apply this three times a week.

Chamomile Tea To Eliminate Spots And Scars

Chamomile tea works the best for providing you with acne free skin and it gives you a smooth, fair and glowing skin. For an effective use of chamomile tea for skin, you can add a few chamomile flowers to a vessel of boiling water and wait until the water absorbs the essence of these flowers.

Chamomile Tea To Eliminate Spots And Scars

Use a sieve to separate the flowers from the resultant liquid and let it cool to room temperature. Use a cotton ball to apply this mixture on to your face and let it remain for 15-20 minutes. You can rinse it off with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer that suits your skin tone.

Honey For Rosacea Treatment

Honey For Rosacea Treatment

Since rosacea shows the symptoms of redness and inflammation, you can use honey which can act as one of the excellent home remedies for rosacea because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Moreover, honey helps in tightening your skin pores, thereby preventing skin dryness and acne breakouts.

You can apply a layer of honey, over your face and let it remain for 20 minutes before you rinse it off

If you are already suffering from lesions along with the redness and inflammation, refrain yourself from using honey as one of the natural remedies for rosacea, as the thick texture of honey may worsen the condition.

How To Treat Rosacea Naturally? Quick Tips For Rosacea Cure.

1)    Apply sunscreen to your face to prevent the sun rays from having a direct impact on your skin.

2)    Avoid the use of excessive cosmetics. Know which kind of cosmetics and moisturizer suits best for your skin.

3)    Say no to spicy foods as they can amplify your condition.

4)    Meditate daily to reduce social anxiety and nervousness

5)    Keep following the above-mentioned home remedies for rosacea, to see the best results within no time.