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Know the Best Home Remedies for Toothache, Causes, Effects and Symptoms

“Ouch! I have got a severe toothache. I am unable to bear it, let us go to a dentist nearby” is what an individual says on the occurrence of a toothache. This pain is most common in today’s world and 80% of them are getting affected and having toothache problems. Do you know the common reasons that pave the way for the pain? Consumption of too cold drinks or by eating abnormal food abnormal chewing of the food causes a toothache. You’re just running or consulting a dentist without giving it a thought just because your tooth is aching!

Do you know that there are best and easy methods for getting toothache relief & problems? There are best home remedies for toothache and that’s where Ayurveda has come into vision. Have you ever gave a thought of how could you get a sigh of relief through Ayurveda? You may go for high-end treatments such as replacement of teeth or other ointments and creams, which would be temporary in curing and there’s more chance for side-effects. So here we cure our tooth with Ayurveda that’s going to treat permanently.

Home Remedies for Toothache Causes, Prevention, Symptoms

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Toothache Causes:

Now, here we are about to know the exact toothache causes and toothache symptoms and later emphasizes on home remedies for toothache. Now, let us have a look at it.


Breakdown of teeth or enamel chipping that opens the teeth enamel and bacteria enters into enamel which causes infection on the tooth which results in toothache problems.

Tooth trauma:

“Trauma” is defined as severe pain and tooth trauma refers to severe tooth pain. Do you know how this pain arises and affects our tooth? The accidents we met with and the injuries happen while playing sports hurts enamel of tooth which causes severe pain.

Misaligned teeth/Impacted wisdom teeth:

Teeth that are misaligned ruptures with other teeth and produces toothache which is another toothache cause.

Temperature Sensitivity:

As described above, the consumption of too hot/cold drinks impacts nerves present on the tooth and hence will lose resistance. Therefore, the toothache occurs.

Improper Brushing:

This is observed mostly in children of age between 3 to 12 years and few cases are observed among adults. Improper brushing degrades the concreteness and supply of calcium to the tooth. Hence tooth pain originates. Also, the odd smell comes through the mouth which affects inner organs.

The occurrence of Swelling:

Sometimes due to injuries or the infection caused on the tooth, the swelling occurs. The immediate action people would be doing is applying ice directly onto the skin but this increases the toothache and the pain goes higher and higher.

Gum Disease:

There are various types of Gum disease that affect tooth. These include Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Have a glance on figure to know more about classification.

Gum disease


The mildest form of periodontal disease is Gingivitis. The gums will become red, swell, and starts bleeding. The other cause of Gingivitis is by inadequate oral hygiene. Further aspects include smoking, aging, stress, and deficiency in nutrition, hormone changes, pregnancy and other factors.


The next stage of Gingivitis is periodontitis. In the later stages, a patch originates below the gum line and toxins are produced by the bacteria which irritates the gum. Due to this the tissues and the bone that support the teeth breaks and destroyed. Hence, teeth could be removed permanently once it becomes severe.

The other forms of periodontitis include:

Aggressive Periodontitis:

Briskly loss of attachment, bone eradication, and familial aggregation

Chronic Periodontitis:

There occur burning and irritation in the tissues of tooth and loss of attachment occurs. This occurs predominantly among adults but can occur at any stage.

Periodontitis as an appearance of diseases:

The diseases or infections arise in heart, respiratory organs and diabetes are associated with it.

Necrotizing periodontal disease:

Necrosis of gingival tissues results in this type of infection. Also, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone lead to this disease.

So these are the major causes of a toothache and one must be prevented for not been affected their tooth. Are you waiting to know how could you cure those aches at the home itself and what to do for a toothache? The following remedies help you to get rid of severe toothaches.

Toothache Symptoms:

  • Continuous and throbbing pain
  • Swelling and pain when pressure is applied
  • Fever or a headache
  • Effect on internal organs
  • Ear and eye pains
  • Pain while eating or chewing food
  • Nerve pains while having cold drinks or sweets

Home remedies for toothache:

The other side of severe toothache remedy or home remedies for a toothache which will make your teeth stronger are described below and is an easy way of your toothache treatment:

Baking Soda:

Baking Soda

Take a pinch of baking soda with lukewarm water and gargle in the mouth for 2 minutes. Do it 5times every morning and brush your teeth properly. The baking soda relieves you from the pain and the bacteria vanishes due to the chemical present in baking soda. At first, baking soda tastes odd but the impact of it on your tooth extricates toothache problems.

Cure with Salt (Sodium Chloride)


Take some crystallized salt and rub it onto your teeth. The salt starts acting on the affected areas it is concentrated and then wash your teeth. Even the salt creates burning sensation or we can say it as terrible pain but strengthens your teeth permanently. This is the best severe toothache remedy and cures it within one to two weeks.

Neem (Azadirachta Indica)


Vepa(Neem) is again one of the best remedies that cure a toothache. Just take a 20cm neem stick and brush with it regularly. As neem is antibiotic, it improves the condition of your teeth and optimizes temperature sensitivity. This is followed from the ancient days till date and cure for toothache.



Turmeric powder plays a vital role in curing toothaches. Mix a thick paste of turmeric by adding water to it. Apply this thick paste on the affected tooth and after 5 minutes wash with salt water which vanishes the pain within minutes. As turmeric is antibiotic, at the beginning, it creates burning sensation but solves a toothache clearly.

Lemon and Salt

Lemon & Salt

In summer, due to body’s heat, the heat holes begin within mouth which indirectly attacks tooth. This can be simply cured with lemon and salt mixture. The citric acid and Sodium burns the heat holes and covers the skin.


What’s Acupuncture

The final best practice to get rid of toothache which will be cured for a long term is Acupuncture. Acupuncture therapy is an ancient Chinese treatment that’s continuing in the modern world. The art of treatment in acupuncture is associated with pressurizing/pressing the nerves present in hands and legs. For toothaches, pressing the nerve that joins the index finger and thumb at the back of your hand reduces toothache if it’s at the beginning stages and a sigh of relief can be observed.

Clove oil

Clove oil

The natural aesthetic element present in Clove oil desensitizes and applying a drop or two relieves you from the pain temporarily.

Peppermint Tea Bags:

Peppermint Tea Bags

Similar to Clove’s oil action, wet, used peppermint tea bags deprives the sensation of toothache and if bleeding occurs, tea powder stops the bleeding and reduces the pain you’re suffering.

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Grind the garlic and make it into a soft paste. Put on the garlic paste on the affected area and wait for few minutes. Wash your teeth thoroughly and the pain would be relieved.

Toothache Preventions:

The following precautions help to avoid the further occurrence of toothache:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with lukewarm water by applying fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Restrict yourself from sugary foods, soft/hard drinks, cakes, cookies, ice creams.
  • Abruptly avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, and drug usage.

Therefore, now you’ve known the best home remedies for toothache and from severe to a normal toothache can be cured. And, your dilemma of what to do for a toothache will be cleared. Practice these home remedies if you observe any toothache symptoms. This is the finest of all the treatments that can be done at home. Follow the Ayurveda, live healthy and stay healthy.